9 Best Heat Pump Dryer In Australia 2024: Compact & Full-Size Options

Heat Pump Dryer or Heat Pump clothing Dryer utilizes heated air to soak up moisture from your washed laundry.

After absorption, the air is cooled down to eliminate the moisture and reheat again. In the end, the reheated air is used to dry further clothes in the machine. If you live in a cold region of the world and your clothing takes several hours or even days to dry, the best heat pump dryer in Australia might be your perfect choice. 

You can choose between one of the most prominent heat pump dryers, such as a vented dryer, condenser clothes dryer, and gas dryer. However, it depends on your needs and requirements. To make you put little effort into choosing a good heat pump dryer, we have selected ten top-rated heat dryers. All are upfront to minimize carbon emission and also energy-saving products.

This comprehensive guide will cover heat pump dryer Australia reviews and heat pump dryer Australia buying guide. So, let’s dig deeper into the details without wasting any time. 

Best Heat Pump Dryer – Auto-Sensing and Anti-Tangling Features

Everyone wants a reliable heat pump dryer that gently dries the clothes without any issues. However, finding a convenient, affordable, and best heat pump dryer is not a piece of cake, especially when you are a beginner. To assist you in this confusing task, we have picked up the ten finest heat pump dryers. All the selected products have a different budget, quality, brand, sizes, and more to provide you with a diverse experience.

1. Fisher & Paykel Series 9 Heat Pump Dryer – Energy Efficient, Compact

Engineered with the innovative technology which dries the cloth even with low temperature. It consists of 23 fabric care cycles ensuring a quick and de-wrinkle experience. The included steam freshening feature sanitizes the clothes precisely to make them clean and germs-free. 

Furthermore, the unit has a tangle protect technology which perfectly lessens the clothes tangling and gives an even drying experience. The ergonomic dimensions make it lightweight and easy to adjust in tight spaces. We assure you it will not occupy much space in your laundry. The intelligent speed modes further reduce the drying time of cycles. However, you can set your preferences easily with the adjustable options.

With the advancement of technology, brands are focusing on energy-saving products. The good news is that the Fisher & Paykel 9kg heat pump dryer is a class-leading energy-saving product. In addition, this dryer provides the next level of fabric care with intuitive controls and clever dying hints.

You will get the best drying results compared to other competitors’ products. Equipped with a large LCD with a straightforward user interface to choose between the 23 dry cycles. The cycles include hygiene, steam freshen, wool, silk, activewear, and Denim. 

This best heat pump dryer Australia is perfect when you wear the clothes once but want them to freshen up. It eliminates the efforts of full-cycle wash and is a great alternative without detergent. It also saves the ironing time and electricity cost. 

On the other hand, the provided hoses are not long enough, which means you will need a pipe extension if you want to drain somewhere else.

  • It provides extra fabric protection
  • Removes 99.99% bacterial and allergens
  • Low-temperature drying technology
  • Easy to adjust speed modes
  • Advanced air circulation system
  • If the clothing is of thick fabric, it leaves a bit of wrinkle

2. LG DVH5-08W Heat Pump Dryer – Inverter Control, Damage

It’s an efficient product and got an energy rating of 9 stars. It comes with an extended parts warranty of up to 10 years that’s the most among similar heat clothing dryers. Equipped with a durable and sturdy stainless steel drum making it lasting and damage-free. Moreover, the auto-clean condenser helps maintain the overall performance. 

The unit uses a compressor instead of an electric heater to produce hot air if we talk about the effectiveness. How does it benefit? It uses less energy than other conventional vented dryers. LG brand offers you to choose between one of the two characteristics, i.e., Time and Energy-saving. If you want the dryer to dry fast, it will utilize more energy and vice versa when you want to save energy from it. 

LG DVH5-08W offers gentle care on low heat settings and prevents the shrinking and creasing of the clothes. Not only this, but LG always takes care of your health, and this product can easily remove all the ordinary household allergens. The predominant allergens are dust, mites, etc. 

You don’t need to be stuck with complex drum cleaning methods because the dryers impart a high-quality automatic condenser clean function during the process. We found this feature very helpful in maintaining the overall dryer performance. The dual-layer air filter consists of two separate sections to seize the lit from the drying clothes. Overall, it’s the best performing heat pump dryer. 

Besides this, the Wi-Fi connectivity makes issues with connection sometimes. Also, a minimum 4.0 Android operating system is required to connect it with a smartphone.

  • Quiet operation
  • Reversible doors provide an optimal fit for the laundry
  • The dry sensor prevents over-drying
  • Wi-Fi compatibility is a plus
  • External venting is not required
  • It takes a bit longer than similar dryers

3. Bosch WTW87564AU Heat Pump Dryer – Long Lasting, Self Cleaning

Enjoy outstanding consumption values with a long-lasting clothing dryer. Engineered with ActiveAir technology that allows the dryer to work without conventional heating. In this unit, the used heat is heated again to make it useful during the entire drying process. In our experience, this series consists of the most economical and energy-saving heat pump dryers in Australia. 

Furthermore, autonomous fluff-cleaning condensers increase convenience and make it more flexible. It not only protects the clothing fiber but also self-cleans the condensing to ensure high performance. You will be amazed to know that it cleans itself about four times during one cycle. The machine does the job smoothly and drys your expensive clothes gently to ensure protection. 

The auto dry feature ensures the exact level of dryness of laundry you want. The unit will tell you the clothes are dry enough to iron, need more drying, extra-dry, or up for the fold. The intelligent circuitry constantly measures the temperature and prevents high-temperature and shrinking. So, get the perfect dry time with this quality machine. 

We assure you will like its quiet operation and durability. The housing is made to provide an anti-vibration experience to give a more optimal and reduced amount of vibration. The improved insulation makes it noiseless to give you a smooth drying experience for an undisturbed night’s sleep. 

Above all, we have noticed a shallower point in this heat pump dryer. It dries the clothes perfectly but does not soften the fabric.

  • Auto-dry feature
  • Innovative and sensitive drying system
  • Anti-vibration design
  • ActiveAir offers more heat efficiency
  • The self-cleaning condenser is a plus
  • The water reservoir is a bit short of pulling and emptying it

4. Electrolux EDH903BEWA Heat Pump Dryer – Delicate Care, No Noise

It is one of the most-satisfied brands due to customer satisfaction, ease of control, reliability, and, most importantly, affordability. Its sleek design has won a reward because of its compactness and space-saving characteristics.

Get complete careful drying with Electrolux due to delicate care technology. The intelligent sensor ensures accurate drying with precise temperature settings that suit the best for your clothes. The drum rotates in such a way to keep your wool clothing flat to reduce shrinkage.

You can select the silk cycle for silk clothing, and it keeps the shape flat and aloft. If you press the auto-dry button, the unit automatically adjusts the humidity and temperature by sensing the type of clothing in the drum.

Furthermore, the instinctual tumble action assists in drying the clothes evenly and more gently. Your clothes will look fresh and ready to wear again when you just open the door. The machine is gentle on the ears because of its inverter technology and isolated design. So, turn the dryer ON anytime you want without disturbing other family members. 

In addition, the soft-touch drum and its raised circular texture make a gentle environment for the clothing. It minimizes the prolonged contact with the clotting for a careful laundry experience. 

Conversely, the initial power consumption is higher than other similar products. That’s the downside we observed in this heat pump dryer. 

  • Several drying programs
  • Ultimate care with a smooth touch drum
  • Automatic temperature adjustments
  • Bigger reversible door or more clothing
  • The power cord is shorter

5. LG WVC5-1409W Washer Dryer Combo – Steam, Front Load

Provides outstanding performance with a six-motion direct drive. The drives are based on the hand-washing phenomenon to wash your clothes more precisely, just like the hand wash.

Another benefit you acquire is fabric care, just like the hand wash. For this, you need to choose a cycle, and the machine will automatically select the washing motions to provide extraordinary wash. Not only this, but it also takes care of your clothing.

The control panel offers different functionalities such as stepping, filtration, scrubbing, tumble, rolling, and swing. Let’s explain these functionalities one by one. The stepping control leaves the clothing at the upper edge to help loosen laundry and minimize tangles. The tumbling helps get everyday washing needs done. Similarly, the scrubbing helps dissolve the detergent and also removes stains from the clothing. 

Additionally, the machine utilizes “Allergy Care” and “Steam” characteristics to remove the allergens, dust mites, pollen, and bacteria. In our experience, the machines remove about 99% of the allergens to provide you flawless washing and drying experience.

The unit is entirely designed for durability. The front tempered glass door and stainless steel clothing lifters ensure reliability and a long-lasting experience. The quality build makes this unit damage-free and convenient to use. 

In contrast, several drying and washing functions sometimes confuse people, especially when you are a beginner. 

  • 2-in-1 combo
  • Intelligent washing with AI technology
  • Minimizes the allergens
  • Six motions wash technology
  • Remotely start and control programs
  • It uses more water for washing

6. Fisher & Paykel DE7060G2 Vented Dryer – Lightweight, Auto-Sensing

that efficiently dries your clothes and offers multiple ways to install vents. It’s a lightweight machine and weighs only 7 kg making it easy to carry from one place to another. You can even bring it to the laundry, use it, and take it back to the storage room. All this is due to its ergonomic dimensions and lightweight. Also, a single person can carry it without any trouble. 

Engineered with innovative auto-sensing technology preventing over-drying of the clothes. It autonomously senses the moisture level inside the drum and shuts it off. The precise amount of moisture makes your clothing stronger and increases the fabric life. Not only this, but this attribute utilizes minimal energy making it an energy-saving dryer. 

The dryer is integrated with several drying options for every load, such as freshen, heavy, delicate. Just choose your desired type with the help of smart touch controls, and all is good to go. Moreover, you don’t need to hire an expert for installation because of its simple installation. Just follow the manual exactly, and it’s all done. It’s up to you whether you choose the front or back venting options. A mounting kit is also included in the packaging, and also the controls panel can be inverted easily. 

On the other hand, the only tradeoff is that this dryer takes longer than similar heat pump dryers. 

  • Optimized care for clothing
  • Simple installation, you can also mount it on the wall
  • Perfect drying rack
  • Reverse tumbling
  • Full 180 degrees door opening for easy loading
  • ou can’t stop it except pull out the power cord
  • No emergency stop option

7. Simpson SDV656HQWA Condensation Dryer – Anti-Tangle, Reverse Tumbling

This lightweight (6.5kg) dryer is a vented clothes dryer and comes with anti-tangling reverse tumbling action. This feature offers great drying results.

The stainless steel drum does not pick the rust and gives the clothing a smooth. The clothes will not stick with the drum surface and can easily rotate for precise drying. Besides, the SensorDry automatically senses the clothes and humidity conditions and adjusts the settings by analyzing the real-time situation of the drum. We ensure it provides enough heat, which is suitable for the load. 

Moreover, the several settings allow you to choose them according to the load. The large door opening helps to put a heavy load inside the machine without any trouble. Also, you can hang it on the wall if you have less space at home. The easy-to-use rotary dial controls make the setting a piece of cake for everyone. In our opinion, no one will find it difficult to set up the controls and functions. Likewise, you don’t need to buy the other tools separately because the packaging includes all the necessary tools and accessories. 

Further, the auto cool-down feature helps clothes get cool after heat drying so that you will not feel temperature while picking them up from the machine. The included venting kit also gives many options that you can acquire for easy venting. For example, you can choose the venting through the wall and rear reflector as per your needs. Subsequently, the guide includes unclear instructions on which manufacturer should improve.

  • Different drying options
  • Dial and touch controls
  • Great value for the money
  • Easy front and rear venting
  • Lower energy-star rating

8. Haier HDV60A1 Electric Vented Dryer – Auto-Sensing, 7 Dry Cycles

Intelligent auto-sensing technology avoids under and over-drying of the clothes. Likewise, the reverse tumble action ensures that the heat is evenly divided on the clothes to get the clothes dried accurately. The ergonomic dimensions make the heat pump dryer fit into tight spaces. 

Better fabric dry heating with innovative care and flexible drying options provide optimized fabric care. Yes, you can choose between the seven dry programs to get the complete customized drying. 

Moreover, you can also place this best heat pump dryer Australia on the washing machine with the help of included high-quality stacking kits. It places drayer coupled with the washing machine safety. The 2-star energy rating is normal, and we can say that it’s the downside of this product. 

The total number of cycles is seven making the drying process precise and accurate. However, you can also enjoy the extended warranty. The state-of-the-art customer support is always there to help you resolve all issues. It doesn’t matter whether your problem is technical or non-technical; the support team always helps you out. Last but not least, the packaging includes a quick reference guide and user guide to help you thoroughly.

  • Intelligent sensor drying
  • Reverse tumble is a plus
  • Mounting brackets
  • Finder award winner
  • Affordable machine
  • The power cord is not of good quality

9. Electrolux 8KG Heat Pump Dryer – Innovative Inverter, Alterable Door

A high 7-star energy rating and Woolmark Blue certification make this machine trustworthy. Every product is unique, and the same is true for everyone; everyone’s laundry style is different. Therefore, Electrolux has designed a reversible door to adjust it even in tight spaces with easy side-by-side installation.

For your ease, the door direction is also alterable, making it more convenient and flexible. Moreover, the large door size makes it easy to load and unload more clothes for drying purposes. 

The innovative inverter technology reduces the power consumption with isolated housing making it noiseless. You can use it anytime to dry your clothes without disturbing your family. We call Electrolux 8kg heat pump dryer an energy champ because it only provides enough heat for drying clothes. Smart sensors check the overall drying process time by time to make it happen.

Specially designed to give improved energy efficiency and high performance. In our experience, the machine dries the clothes even at low-temperature very efficiently. 

The delicate care technology makes the drum move faster to make the clothing dry properly. On the other hand, we have noted a downside of the Electrolux 8kg heat pump dryer; it does not remove the wrinkles properly from cotton. 

  • Good customer support
  • Sturdy construction
  • Good value for the money
  • You will need a converter to plug in the power supply

Besides the shape, size, design, there are some important points that you need to consider before buying a good clothing dryer. To assist you here, we have listed the crucial points that you should check before purchasing. So, let’s get deeper. 


What if you purchase a dryer bigger than the space at your laundry? You have made a wrong decision. Therefore, you must know where you want to keep the heat pump dryer, such as laundry. Also, measure the dedicated space and go buying the cloth dryer according to the available space. 

Energy Efficiency

If you want to get rid of high-paying bills, choose a heat pump dryer that is energy efficient. It does not take more electrical current to work or also should do its job quickly. Another thing that you must consider is reheating technology. In this characractersitic, the unit re-use the air, reheat it, and then use it for heat drying of the clothes. 


Modern heat pump dryers come with intelligent features such as auto-set temperature, automatic washing of the drum, and more. Most importantly, the Wi-Fi connectivity makes it easy to use without any physical interaction. Therefore, if you want more ease while drying the clothes, go for considering the mentioned characteristics. 


Budget is the most important aspect; therefore, you should fix an amount before purchase. It not only saves your time but also narrows down the number of heat pump dryers. However, you should never go beyond your budget because many brands offer all-in-all heat pump dryers at a very reasonable price. 

Child Lock

If you have little kids at your home, it’s pretty important to take care of them. They can interact with the machine in your absence, and a mishap can happen. Therefore, always buy a heat dryer with a child lock to ensure safety. 


Heat pump dryers use the cool air, heat it, and use it for drying purposes. It’s very helpful in removing moisture, bacteria, pollen, and dust from the clothes. It also helps dry the clothes fastly without any trouble.

Brands are manufacturing energy-efficient heat pump dryers. However, LG DVH5-08W 8kg Heat Pump Dryer with Inverter Control is the most energy-saving dryer on our list.

It would be best to look for the mentioned features while choosing a heat pump dryer, such as auto-sensing, size, lint filters, child-lock, and more. For more info, you can visit our detailed buying guide.

The market is full of intelligent clothing dryers. However, Fisher & Paykel 9kg Series 9 Heat Pump Dryer DH9060FS1 is at the top due to its high performance.

It depends on the usage, environmental conditions, and many other factors. However, a good heat dryer lasts for 5-10 years if used carefully.

To sum up, we have shared all the details about the top-rated heat pump dryers having different shapes, sizes, smart features, and more. In our opinion, heat pump dryers are a good combo with washing machines. Also, heat pump dryers are helpful when you don’t want to wash the clothes without shrinking. We assure you will find our efforts helpful while buying the best heat pump dryer in Australia. In the end, here are our recommendations:

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