8 Best Universal Remote In Australia 2024: Unlock Future Of Entertainment

Everyone wants to control their electronic devices with just one click, even when far away from home. Universal remote have wireless keyboards and supports many devices at one time. The best universal remote in Australia is multifunctional remotes that can control your refrigerator’s setup, doors, lights, and TV with a single click.

But maybe you have no idea about the best universal remote Australia. You can do all these activities via voice that can support Alexa and Google Assistant. You only need to install the related app according to your device, set up your system, and now you can control all your electronic devices. Let’s explore more about universal remotes here. See our Best Vlogging Mini Tripod in Australia – For iOS and Android Devices

Transform Your Living Space with the Best Universal Remote in Australia: A Must-Have Gadget

People want to buy the universal remote, but they do not find the best one. The reason is that they do not know which one is perfect and fully functional as per their requirements.

We have researched and tested many universal remotes. Following is the brief comparison table of the best universal remote in Australia about all the features and functions. This comparison table can easily check the compatibility, connector type, maximum range, dimensions, and item weight. Let’s take a look at the comparison table and find your best one.

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Also, you can read the complete details about each universal remote in the below section.

1. Logitech Universal Remote Controller – Connect 8 Devices, Easy Setup

You can control your home by using the Logitech Harmony hub universal remote controller. By one touch, all things will be under your control. This electronic remote can turn on your tablet and smartphone, giving you the whole control over the electronic device. For example, you can dim the light, change the tv channel, increase and lower the volume even you can do all these activities far away from home.

Just click the button and enjoy your movie night. This remote control device also suggests your different daily activities. Just click the good night button, and the door will be closed, and the light will be off; now enjoy your deep sleep.

It has universal control. You can skip eight remotes from your life and combine all in it using the different apps for your facility. It will also work with Google Assistant and provide you facilities to work on Google easily via voice.

It is very easy to use. Install the Harmony app on your smartphone and enter the brand and model number in the given box. You can control all devices in seconds. You can control all that, even in the closed cabinets. It delivers the command to the devices which use wifi and Bluetooth.

  • Great value for the money.
  • Amazing entertainment device.
  • All setup is convenient.
  • Certain commands do not perform properly.

2. U1 Universal Remote – Mobile App, Connect 15+ Devices

Suppose you have many gadgets that you control with separate remotes. In that case, you can control all your systems with the U1 Universal Remote with Mobile App. Made with an outstanding design with a bright screen display and a scroll wheel to switch and watch conveniently.

Softabin remote control updated with the advanced and pre-programmed database codes. At the OLED screen display, you can see which device is connected. It also has a motion-activated function that automatically adjusts the auto wake and sleeps brightness.

You can control 15 devices at one time with just a single click. It supports DVDs projectors, TVs, Amazon fire TV Receivers, streaming media players, DVD/Blu-Ray players. You only need to install the Sofabaton Mobile App. Enter the brand of your remote and find it. You can control the entire remote system with just one touch. On the app, there are no confusing buttons or codes to join. 

U1 universal remote control is a macro programmer, one button used for the multiple commands. For example, one is to turn on the streaming player and turn on the TV. But it is not used for the Bluetooth system. You can click the “Reassign the Key” for more functions and buttons. You can customize and create the activities and tasks for yourself.

  • Consume less energy.
  • You can control it with a simple app.
  • Customizable functional macro keys.
  • It can control infrared-based AV devices.
  • No voice control.
  • It has no backlight.

3. Fire TV Stick 4K – Alexa Voice Control, 100+ Channels Subscription

You can watch movies and play music with this Alexa voice remote. Just click and ask Alexa to find it, and the content will appear on your TV screen. It provides you a subscription to popular apps, Disney+, Amazon Music, Stan, watch plus live and sports and news. You can also ask about the weather and tell funny jokes.

It is a very powerful and unique media stick. You can get thousands of apps, for example, 7plus, 10 play, YouTube, and many more. There is no need to install additional apps and no requirement for any cable system. Subscription is available to 100+ channels, for example, HBO, Starz, and Showtime. Besides, you can cancel the subscription at any time.

Alexa voice remote can control the overall electronic system like home lights, TV, and thermostat system. For the Bluetooth connection, make a pair and enjoy music. Just insert the plug fire stick into your TV and turn on the switch of the fire stick. Make sure to connect with the internet for entertainment.

You can get control of all the devices in a single app with one click. Using the power and volume button, you can control the soundbar, compatible TV, and receiver.

  • Enough storage for movies and apps.
  • High voice experience as compared to other streaming media players.
  • It has 2 AAA batteries.
  • It does not connect with the home light properly.
  • All setup is a bit difficult.

4. WeChip Wireless Smart TV Remote – QWERTY Keyboard, Long Range

This multifunction 2.4 wireless air flying mouse remote with 57 keys and a 2.4 GHz wireless keyboard is good for learning. A QWERTY keyboard is also available with gaming keys, multimedia control keys. Wireless keyboard smart TV remote is perfect and suitable for Web TV, Android TV box, HD player, and set-top.

It has an amazing maximum operating distance. You can use this from 5 to 10 meters without any disturbance of signals, and you will not face any direction limit as the cursor operates in any direction.

You can insert a USB in the USB interface adapter to play your favorite program. This smart TV remote has 100% compatibility, supports Linux, Android, Windows, Mac OS, and is suitable for the Mini PC, Smart TV, projector/ HTPC, Android TV box. So we cal call it an all-in-one PC, TV.

You can save the remote and device power because the smart remote has an auto sleep and auto wake features. If you are not using the remote, after 15 seconds, the remote will go into sleep mode, and the blue light will go off. Then you can press any key to wake up the remote system.

With the 3 G sensor and 3 Gyro, you can use the remote vertically and horizontally. You can enjoy the game with flexible control on the convenient smart remote.

It has 45 keys, but all are multifunctional. All keys work well, and you can enjoy your games and favorite programs.

  • Motion detector.
  • Multifunctional and wireless keyboard.
  • It works well with Android box and TV.
  • Rechargeable.
  • Easy to use and control.
  • It does not work with LG OLED TV.
  • Average quality.

5. Broadlink RM4 Mini Universal Remote – IFTTT – 50,000+ Devices

Broadlink RM4 Mini universal remote has updated its version with advanced features. With more database support and compact size, the updated version offers quick response and better performance.

You can control all your devices and appliances with the Broadlink app. For turning on and off the TV, tell Alexa or Google Assistant as it gives you all-over hands-free voice control. 

This universal remote supports 50,000+ IR control devices like TV, Air condition, STB, DVD, video and audio recorder, fan, and many more. IR databases on the cloud are constantly updated and control 98% of IR functions. Learn your remote functions and controller system if you can not match the cloud data with your device model.

Broadlink RM4 Mini universal remote makes your life more easiest you can control home appliances remotely. Set the air conditioner temperature or turn it off, control lights, fan, door, and other appliances at any time, even far away from home.

It has an amazing voice control function. You only need to say, Hey, Google, turn on the TV or ask Alexa to turn off the air conditioner. You can also set the schedule and timer; your devices will turn on automatically according to the time you have set, customized the scene with just a single click. 

It works and supports the IFTTT to let you have more fun. It also supports the Google map to know when you are arriving home to turn on the TV.

  • All setup is extremely simple.
  • Advanced database to control the appliances.
  • It works well every time.
  • IR range is limited.
  • It does not work properly with Alexa.

6. Elago Universal Remote – Remote Holder & Easy Installation

TV remotes get easily lost, which is a very irritating issue, but the Elago universal remote holder mount provides you the holder to keep your remote safe and in one place.

There are two installation methods to mount the holder. There is an adhesive gel pad at the backside of the holder; you can attach it at the backside of the TV and on a flat wall. If your wall is not flat, then the remote holder also has screws to install.

If you are an Apple user, you know well Apple remote is expensive to repair and replace. With the remote holder, you will be free from this kind of problem. Your remote will be safe and secure. The remote holder is a perfect option to gift. If your friends and family have Apple TV, you can gift them an Elago universal remote holder. 

With Apple TV remote 4th/4k, Elago universal remote holder is very compatible. Also, it is used with Elago lighting cables and remote covers.

  • The gel pad is reusable after washing.
  • The sticky gel does not damage the wall.
  • A wired charging spot is available at the bottom.
  • It is made with high-quality plastic.
  • No touch screen.
  • It does not work on bumpy walls.

7. Philips Universal Remote Control – Connects 3 Devices, Color Options

Make your home theater exclusive with the 3-Device Universal Remote. Different color options like black, graphite, rose, and gold is available for you to choose from.

It is made with high-quality material and ergonomically designed for convenient use. It has multi-device control capability, controls 3 devices simultaneously such as TVs, DVD player/Blu-Ray, satellite/cable, Roku boxes, and other streaming media players.

Universal Remote works with all brands like Insignia, Sony, TLC, Sharp, Vizio and supports many audio and video devices. But it can not support the Fire TV stick, RF streaming devices, and Roku streaming sticks.

All set up is programmed and extremely easy for Samsung and Roku TVs. All instructions for the setup are provided in the video; you can solve all the problems by watching the video. Auto-scan system and volume control allow you to up and down the device’s volume no matter which device you operate.  

Remote has the button to open and close the DVD player with DVR functions. A dash button is also available to access the subchannel. You can go straight to the media platform with the one-touch streaming button on the remote.

For the setup, enter the remote code, then press the setup button until the red light is turned on. Press the device (TV) button on and enter the four digits remote code and check if everything is set up correctly or not. You can add additional devices by repeating the same procedure.

  • User-friendly setup.
  • Functions work correctly and efficiently.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Affordable.
  • Code programming is time-consuming.
  • For the Roku devices, there are no key numbers.

8. One For All URC1210 Universal Remote – Easy Setup, Fast Connectivity

It is the best solution if your original remote is displaced or broken. One for all contour tv remote is user-friendly and handy gives your control all over your device.

The setup is very simple and easy. Just read all the instructions from the packaging and copy the functions from your original remote, and set up your device. Universal remote has all codes for controlling all the TV brands. You can easily find your device code. It is not time-consuming; it just takes 2 to 3 minutes. 

You can control all types of television like plasma, LED, and LCD with one for all contour tv universal remote. It is very compatible to works with all brands.

You have easy access to all the systems of your device. Click the Back button to go to the previous program. You can open the main menu screen with the MENU button. GUIDE and INFO buttons provide the program guidance and information on the specific programs. If you want to close, then press the EXIT button. You can use color keys for different functions.

  • It supports a large range of tv models.
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • High-quality material.
  • The menu button does not work well.
  • The button pad is not good.

Light thermostats and smart home function

Before buying, ensure that the universal remote supports the wifi connection, which gives you control over all your technical and electronic devices like home lights, security cameras, refrigerator, and tv. 

Alexa and Google Assistant

If you are going to attach the universal remote with a smartphone, check their Google assistant and Alexa function. Your smart remote will be useless without that function because you can not give the command via voice.

Supportable devices

If your universal remote supports all your devices and works well, then buy it. If it does not support your devices, then you can not take control of all your devices. You should check if your desired remote can supports the devices which you want to operate.

Handy and user friendly

Always choose the handy and user-friendly remote. With the large size and extra small size, you will not be comfortable.


Expensive things have good features and are long-lasting. For example, a smart universal remote is expensive; that’s why it has many more functions. But if you want to buy a reasonably priced remote, it may not have all the premium features. It would be best to decide on the amount you want to spend on buying the best universal remote in Australia, then narrow down the available options.


Turn on the TV. Hold the “Device’ and “Power” buttons on the remote at the same time. Do not release the button until the power button turns on. When the device is on, then release both buttons. Point your remote at the device you have turned on, long-press the Power button, and wait for 2 minutes. It will connect to the device.

Yes, almost all universal remotes work on any TV. You can also use a remote control app. It is available for any device, and you can operate it by tablet and smartphone.

No, every universal remote model can not support Google Assistant and Alexa.

We have mentioned above everything about the best universal remote in Australia. Are you still confused about deciding which is the best universal remote in Australia for you? Here you can follow our recommendations.

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