5 Best Surge Protector In Australia 2024: Protect Your Home Theater

With the advancement of technology, the number of electronic devices is increasing day by day. Some of them are highly sensitive to electrical shocks and also expensive.

If you want to save your costly devices from arbitrary power spikes, you need a surge protector. A surge protector is useful to protect high-cost devices such as NAS and servers, TV, and home theater.

Whenever you plan to pick the best surge protector in Australia, look at the surge protector’s voltage rating, the number of outlets, cord length, and most importantly, power rating (watts). Don’t forget to consider the budget and the setup also. 

We have picked the 5 best surge protectors in Australia. It doesn’t matter what kind of surge protector you are looking for; we have the best ever selection on the list. So, let’s get started without wasting any time. 

Best Power Boards in Australia a Comparison Table

It isn’t easy to choose the best surge protector in Australia that meets all your needs and requirements. However, which one is right for you? Don’t worry! We’re here to help. Check out the list of surge protectors based on price, performance, and robustness.

We assure you these shortlisted surge protectors are best suited for all your needs as we have tested dozens and finalized these five. Before moving to the best surge protector Australia review, check out the quick comparison table below.

1. WAudio Power Purifier Surge Protector – Heavy Duty, Overvoltage Protection

The unit is integrated with high-range overload protection to save your expensive devices from any electrical damage. The working of the unit is pretty straightforward. The system consists of precise monitoring and a switch. When the current value increases the rated value (15A), the smart switch automatically turns OFF the supply.

In addition, this powerful purifier surge protector is made up of high-quality material, making it a heavy-duty board. It consists of a metal cover with thick aluminum plates inside. Well, what benefit will you get? This robust construction makes it damage-free, even when it falls to the ground. Keep in mind that the outlets include two filtered and six direct powered outlets.

Moreover, you don’t need to worry about the damaging effect of unfiltered power. The attached filters are of high quality, ensuring highly clean and filtered energy. You can use multiple devices at a time, having a power rating of up to 4800W. We assure you that you will get reduced noise, better image quality, clear sound from your amplifier, home recorder, projector, TV, computer, and other household electronic devices. 

The device not only comes with overload protection but also has over-voltage protection that is a plus. It automatically detects irregular, fluctuated, and dangerous voltage and blocks it before reaching your expensive devices. Due to all these reasons, the WAudio devices have the highest spike and surge protection. 

In contrast, there are some imperfections in this unit. The integrated LED is much brighter and can irritate your eyes. Also, the reset button sometimes does not work correctly.

  • Overvoltage protection is a plus
  • Heavy-duty and robust design
  • It ensures clear power
  • Irregularities and spikes blocker
  • Automatic phase-detection system
  • The light from the ON/OFF irritates eyes

2. Belkin Surge Protection Strip – Heavy Duty, Long Cord

There is a huge room to provide a power supply to your electronic appliances on the board. The process is super easy, plug in the AC connector in any household outlet and enjoy using your smartphone, watching TV, and more.

Do you know what the main benefits of having USB ports separate from power outlets are? Let us tell you. This functionality is just to increase your plug-in space. You don’t need to attach the whole adapter of your device, such as a smartphone, plug in the USB cable, and all is good to go.

Moreover, we found this surge protection board best suitable for televisions, cable boxes, stereo systems, and other home theater equipment. The eight direct AC power outlets supply 210V, which is almost universal for every home appliance. Likewise, the unit has two USB ports totaling 2.4 Amp of current. According to us, the charging speed of the USB port is above average. 

Additionally, the unit’s rated wattages are 2400, making it suitable for several devices simultaneously. The unit is heavy-duty in terms of construction and comes with a 2 meters power cord. The power cord length is more compared to other brands with similar specifications. 

Above all, the only complaint about the Belkin surge protector is that it is somewhat bigger. Also, it creates a portability issue with small-sized bags.

  • The best protection for home theater electronic appliances
  • Heavy-duty surge board
  • It is ideal for a wide range of devices
  • It offers massive room for a direct power supply
  • It is rated for industrial standards
  • The power ON/OFF button is of low quality
  • No overloading protection

3. CyberPower Systems Surge Protector – Overload Protection, Compact

Sleek design and compact size make this surge protector an ideal choice for your home appliances’ protection. This premium surge protector has the perfect dimensions and might fit in tight spaces.

Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about the load. The overload protection will turn the device OFF whenever the power exceeds the rated value. Likewise, the board consists of two USB charging ports. These ports provide about 2.4A of current. In our experience, this current value is enough to charge your mobile phone fastly. Hence, it is not just a protector of your sensitive home appliances but also takes care of your precious time. 

Moreover, the power button is easy to handle and also equipped with a red-color light. The small LED light gives you an indication of the status of the board. Besides this, two green LEDs are available on the board named “Grounded” and “Protected”. Both terms are self-explanatory and show the status of ground and surge protection. 

Not only this, but we found this surge protector ideal for all your costly theatre home systems, audio/video devices, and more. It is engineered with the latest MOV technologies that perfectly detect all the abnormalities in the power supply. Similarly, the EMI/RFI noise filter helps reduce the frequency interface with the power supply. 

Subsequently, the unit has some weak points in it. The MDF filtration range is low. Also, the unit is a little bit heavier in weight.

  • It shows the status of surge protection and ground
  • Low attenuation in the signal
  • EMI/RFI filtration is a plus
  • It is a big band for the buck
  • The material looks a little bit cheaper

4. DEAMOS International Surge Protector – Lightweight, Convenient

Ergonomic and portable surge protector, DEAMOS international power board with surge protector is here for you. According to our experience, it is the lightest surge protection board on our list.

The unit comes with a portable power strip and USB ports. The total rated output power for the unit is 2500W, which is enough to power up many devices. The included power cord length is about 1.3 meters, which is the average length. With this latest surge protector, you can supply power to 4 appliances and 3 USB-powered devices simultaneously. 

Protection is one of the important factors for the long life of electronic appliances. However, the unit has multiple protections and is certified by CE and RoHS organizations. The certifications are the witness of its high protection and safety. The protections offered by the unit are surge protection, overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, overheating protection, and short circuit protection. Due to all these attributes, we call it an all-in-all surge protection unit. 

Sometimes people find it difficult to use the functionalities of a surge protector. However, DEAMOS is an easy-to-use device and works only with the help of a push-button. You can take a glance at the status of the unit with integrated LEDs. Furthermore, the unit is designed delicately with well-placed outlets and USB ports.

Overall, the outlets give a more convenient plugin experience and fewer conflicts between the two adjacent plus. Don’t worry! It can also accommodate a large-size adapter.

Last but not least, the only downside is its net power wattage. The net power wattages are less than other similar surge protectors.

  • Useful for both home and office
  • Compact and lightweight unit
  • It ensures the long life of appliances
  • The cable is shorter than expected
  • The plugs become loose after use

5. SANSAI Power Board w/Surge Protector – Compact, Fast Charging

Bring a SANSAI power board with a surge protector and enjoy watching TV, or scroll on your smartphone with peace of mind. The prominent feature is that it offers both the power board and surge protector functionalities. 

Moreover, the board is compact, handy, features four USB ports and eight power outlets. You will not run short of the room to power up multiple devices simultaneously due to the availability of a vast space. The power boards deliver a high value of current up to 4.2A with fast charging features. You can charge your smartphone within a few minutes with exclusive fast charging speed. 

Are you curious about the application of SANSAI power boards with surge protectors? Let us tell you the facts in detail. The SANSAI surge protector board is suitable for mp3 players, GPS systems, Cameras, monitors, game consoles, smartphones, and countless other electronic devices. 

In addition, the board’s rated power is up to 2400-watts, enough to run many electronic devices simultaneously. It supports 230-240V AC voltage that makes it suitable for use anywhere with AC outlets. It comes with a high-quality cord to bear a load of numerous devices at a time. 

Do you want to know the quality of this surge protector? The surge protects the devices from high-spikes current up to 13500 amps that are enough to protect all your household devices. Not only this, but the surge protector comes with extra overload protection.

Lastly, we want to share a weak point of this board. The included power cord is just 100cm long. So, you can’t plug in a far-away power outlet. 

  • Overloading protection is a plus
  • Fast charging speed
  • Wide range of compatibility
  • Right-angled power plugs
  • The board is for both the power and USB
  • The light from the ON/OF switch is annoying at light

Connection Type

Check what type of connection the surge protector offers, such as USB ports, typical sockets, and more. First, make a list of all your requirements and what type of connection you need. After confirmation, go for the one that suits best for your needs.

Light Indicator 

A light indicator simply shows the status or working of the surge protector. When the light is OFF, it means the board is not working and vice versa. However, many surge protectors and power boards have more than one light indication. That light gives the status of many other functionalities such as grounded and protected. In our opinion, go for a unit that has minimum power LED indication and above is a plus. 

Auto Shutoff

Auto shutoff is the newest addition to the latest surge protection units. The auto-shutoff feature turns off the power supply when it detects surge power beyond the threshold value. It saves your expensive devices from any electrical damage. So, check out the auto shut-off feature whenever you are going for the purchase. 

Note: this is not a circuit breaker functionality but functions as a circuit breaker. 

Cord Length

Cord length is another important factor while choosing a surge protector in Australia. First, check the distance between the power sockets and your appliance. After that, go for a surge protector having the same cord length. In our opinion, you should consider a little bit extra length to feed around the corners and table legs. 


The surge protector’s design is an essential and most neglected factor. Firstly, the look and style of the board should be attractive. Secondly, make sure the distance between the power outlets should be enough to keep all the connected switches separate. 


Check whether the board is made up of good quality plastic or not. The high-quality material helps in making the surge protector a robust quality product. Also, it will protect the board from any damage, even fall. 


Last but not least, always define your budget. Check only those surge protectors that come under your budget. Many people think that only costly products are the best. However, this sentence is valid only up to some extent. In our experience, many high-performance surge protectors are available at an economical price.

A Surge Protector Vs. Power Strip

Both surge protectors and power stripe look similar, but they are not the same. According to our experience, a surge protector is safer and more reliable than a standard power strip. A power strip is used to add an extra outlet space. However, a surge protector plays the role of protection against electrical spikes and voltage regulations. So, keep these aspects in mind whenever you purchase a surge protector or a power strip. 

Working of a Surge Protector

The working of a surge protector is pretty straightforward to understand. When you plug in a device in the surge protector board, the device works with the help of consistent voltage. However, simple solid power outlets can’t guarantee you steady electricity all the time. At this point, the surge protector plays a crucial role in providing steady voltage and current. 

A surge protector re-routes the unsafe energy, ensuring that a normal and safe amount of energy is passed through the board. To ensure this functionality, small diodes and other intelligent component-based circuitry are prepared. 

Advantages of Having a Surge Protector

Check out the following advantages of a surge protector in Australia:

  • The home appliances consisting of expensive built-in circuits become safe from any electrical spikes and surges. 
  • They are very easy to maintain and do not have any running costs. 
  • They are effortless to repair and reduce the replacement cost. 

Types of Surge Protector

There are two major types of surge protectors such as primary surge protectors and secondary surge protectors. Let’s have a look at the details:

Primary Surge Protector

Primary surge protectors are bigger and placed with the appliances. They are also installed on the main power line of your house. In short, primary surge protectors protect the whole house electrical appliances from any surge or spikes. 


In such surge protectors, electrical appliances are plugged in. They are portable and detachable anytime. They are not used for the whole house power supply but protect only those appliances that are plugged in. Secondary surge protectors are most common in Australia these days because of convenience and flexibility.


There are many surge protectors available in the market having perfect sizes and applications. However, SANSAI Power Board w/Surge Protector is at the top in Australia due to versatility and performance.

It’s a common question people ask. The simple answer to this question is that every house in Australia has different expensive home appliances. No one wants them to be damaged due to spikes in electricity. To protect such sensitive devices, you must go for good surge protection.

Choose a surge protector depending on the type and ratings of your household appliances. In our opinion, your chosen surge protector should have a joule rating of at least 200 to 400 joules.

Television is one of the most expensive and sensitive electronic devices, so you must protect it from voltage or current fluctuations.

The lifespan of the surge protector depends on the material and many other factors. However, the average lifespan of a surge protector is 3-5 years.

These days, all the companies are trying to manufacture more intelligent and smart devices. Correspondingly, the prices are going high. We always recommend people to go for a robust and best surge protector in Australia. It will not just protect your household electronic devices but also give you peace of mind. 

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