7 Best Waterproof Notebooks In Australia 2024: With Waterproof Pen & Covers

Notebooks are important, especially when you are a writing enthusiast. The best waterproof notebooks in Australia will allow you to note down your thoughts and ideas anytime, anywhere, regardless of the environmental circumstance.

Waterproof Notebooks help you write on the page even while raining or taking a bath, it is snowing outside, or there are any other harsh weather circumstances. 

Nowadays, you don’t need to worry that your notes will ruin due to water interaction. The waterproof notebooks keep all your writing safe, even in water, coffee pills, sweat, washing, and other liquid interactions. 

It does not matter whether you wish to go for an outdoor adventure or like to write while taking a shower; Australia’s best waterproof notebooks are always there to help you. Therefore, we have picked up seven top-rated waterproof notebooks for you. This guide is all about waterproof notebooks and important buying considerations. So, let’s get deeper!

Best Waterproof Notebooks Australia Comparison Table

There are a lot of waterproof notebooks available in the market which are specifically designed to save your important notes. They will not ruin, even after any liquid interaction. In short, you get rid of the stress of saving notes and the quality of your notes.

To help you out, we have shortlisted some of the top waterproof notebooks in Australia after testing many to save your time and efforts. So, let’s move further within no time. Besides, you can see their important specs in the comparison table below.

1. EMT Vital Notebook – 3-Pack, 140 Pages/Notebook

Specially designed for the experienced or the first responders in their fields. Each notebook consists of 70 sheets that are equal to 140 pages. In our experience, this notebook provides you enough room for making notes of important information.

As you know, every professional medical representative always carries a notebook with them as a priority. You can make notes anytime, anywhere if you are a student, nurse, paramedic, lifeguard, law enforcement agent, or a civilian who wants to take notes of his thoughts. 

Do you always take care of the product information? Here is some good news for you. The front and back covers of the notebooks include all the necessary information, such as pupil sizing gauge and rapid triage info sheet. If you are a doctor and want to use this notebook for your practical work, this notebook brings many benefits. You can note the patient’s name on each page in a dedicated space. Not only this, but you can take notes for name, complaint, address, pulse, respiration, temperature, lungs, EKG, and custom notes. 

Do you know what the size of this notebook is? The notebook measures only 5×3 inches and is compact enough to fit in your pocket easily. You can easily hold it in one hand while taking notes anywhere. 

Moreover, the packaging of this Best Waterproof Notebooks Australia includes three notebooks and three high-quality pens with waterproof ink for taking notes even in the rain. You will get all the pens having individual colors (Blue, Red, and Black). Also, you can attach the pen to the dedicated fabric loophole for more convenience and flexibility. 

On the other hand, the notebooks do not include vital tables on the backside of each page; that’s a significant weak point. Similarly, the paper seems somewhat flimsy than other similar notebooks. 

  • The notebook has handheld size
  • 3 pens are included in the packing of different colors
  • The organized layout of each page to take notes
  • Water and liquid resistant paper
  • The book has a money-back guarantee
  • No pen holder on the left side for left-handed people
  • No extra space on the left side for lefties

2. Bound Hard Cover Fabrikoid Book – Geological, 160 Pages

Bound Hard Fabrikoid Book is one of the top-notch notebooks having many excellent features. Completely waterproof and consists of 160 pages (80 sheets) as per a single book. The paper material is completely water repellent and does not convert into mush with water interaction. Not only water, but the paper does not get affected by mud, sweat, grease, and accidental laundry mishaps. 

So, bring this geology book and take notes even in heavy rain without stopping your work. The notebook includes 20-pages having reference material, numbered pages, and most importantly, metric and standard rulers. 

So, are you curious how it’s possible to write even in heavy rain? Don’t worry! We are here to share every detail with you. You can write with the help of a standard pencil such as #2 Ticonderoga or an all-weather pen, i.e., Fisher space pen. Not only this, if the paper is dry, you can use the ballpoints or and permanent markers available in the market. We recommend not to use a pen with water-based ink because it will wash off after water interaction. 

Another prominent feature of the Bound Hard Fabrikoid Book is that it has archival papers. The Rite in the rain’s archival-grade paper withstands stains, moisture and provides a longer life span. Moreover, the paper of this notebook’s paper is recyclable, unlike synthetic and wood-based paper. If you have resources to recycle the paper, we recommend you recycle it. 

Besides this, we have noticed some shallower points of this notebook. All is good except paper quality. The writing does not last longer if written in the rain.

  • Available at a very reasonable price
  • Suitable for geological work
  • The book is well made and includes a hardcover
  • Handheld due to high-quality stitching
  • It’s difficult to remove writing done with a pencil

3. MelQiwany Binder Pockets – A6 Size, 34 Pieces

Made up of high-quality material to make them durable and convenient to use. These six holes A6 loose bags are made up of high-quality PVC material and are acid-free. Not only this, but the bags are waterproof, tear-resistant, dust-proof, making them robust against any type of weather conditions. 

These bags are made on the term “Easy identification”, which means you can trace everything inside the bag. Yes, the size of the bag is 6.7 x 4.33 inches. In our experience, this size is suitable to keep or store all the essential elements such as pen, pencil, and other stationery. Each zipper has a transparent and clear view for easy and quick identification.

Furthermore, the pouch has a wide range of usage and applications. These small 6-holes punched bags can easily fit into A6-size ring binder notebooks, usable at the office, great for document organization, meetings, travel, and school use.

If you are worried about the available space, we assure you that the bag has enough room for storage. You can easily store bills, money, labels, stationery, ID cards, credit cards, invoices, photos, face masks, and other ordinary items.

Are you curious about what is included in the packaging? So, the package comes with 34 PCS A6 binder pockets in a single packaging.

Besides all, the Binder pockets and ring binder notebooks have some weak points that we want to share with you. The holes are not punched strongly. Also, you need more effort sometimes or repunching to punch thoroughly. 

  • Perfect as a cash and ATM card envelope
  • Suitable for storing little items
  • Great value for the money
  • Made up of high-quality material
  • Easy identification due to transparency
  • If you bend, they will be permanently creased

4. MOAMUN Waterproof Notebook – 10 Packs, Spiral Memo Notes

In our experience, they are the most affordable notebooks and available at a very reasonable price online. Do you know how many notebooks will you get in the packaging? The packaging comes with ten packs of waterproof notebooks as a single set. Each notebook consists of 48 pages (24 sheets), which means you have enough pages to note down important things. 

Moreover, they are non-tearable, which makes this notebook more convenient, flexible, and long-lasting. The outer covers are not made from cheap quality material. You will be amazed to know that they are environmentally friendly and eye-protected.

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Keep in mind that the paper is manufactured with the help of recycled pulp, which does not eliminate any toxic substances. The material does not release any harmful compounds even when incinerated. All these characteristics make the manufacturing material highly environmentally friendly. Also, the green color of the covers is eye-catching. 

The polyethylene-made waterproof cover will not deform or damage the paper. Also, the durable all-weather front and back cover will protect the whole notebook. The dimensions of the notebook are 3.2 x 5.5 inches. The notebook is compact enough that you can easily keep it in your pocket and any bag’s pocket. 

Furthermore, the notebook is binded with wire O-binding from the top. This high-quality binding is also impact-resistant and makes the deformation impossible due to flexibility. The O-rings iron has a plastic coating that will never rust even if soaked in the water. 

In the end, the only downside is that there is no pocket to store the pencil or pen in the notebook. 

  • Compact and easily fit into your pocket
  • Sturdy O-rings with high-quality plastic coating
  • Great paper quality
  • Suitable for use in the snow season
  • Suitable for many people like doctors, teachers, etc
  • Sometimes the pen does not write on the paper, especially while raining

5. All Terrain Waterproof Notebooks – Set of 3, Dot Grid Pattern

As the name suggests, they are truly made for all-terrain and all-purpose notebooks. Specially designed to use in any environment to take important notes regardless of the weather and water interaction.

We have taken some notes on these notebooks as a test using different types of pens and pencils. Best Waterproof Notebooks Australia works great for taking notes and is suitable for various professions such as a doctor, teacher, electrician, and person who wants to take notes. 

The notebook cover is made up of high-quality water-resistant material for use in harsh weather conditions. The quality stone paper works great with a pencil in wet conditions, so don’t use ballpoint or other permanent markers to get the optimum results. Moreover, each notebook page has a light dot-grid pattern to give you maximum flexibility and useability. 

Here is a piece of good news for you that the stone paper is high-quality enough to protect the notebooks against rain and other hard weather conditions. Good enough that the outer cover won’t buckle and prevent any other damage. Likewise, the notebook’s pages are not stapled but sewn-bounded to give strength. The size is compact enough that you can store them in any shirt, pent, or bag’s small pocket.

So, what’s included in the packaging? The packaging consists of a set of three notebooks, and each notebook measures 3-½ inches wide and 5-½ inches high. Plus, each notebook contains 48 pages and comes shrinkwrapped.

On the contrary, the only downside we observed is that it’s a bit heavy compared to similar notebooks on the market. 

  • The notebook is small and made from tough material
  • Dot grid pages look great
  • Great finish and pocket size
  • Paper made out of rock, better than wood paper
  • The writing with softer graphite will tend to wash away

6. Comfyable Protective Notebook cover – Slim, PU Leather Bag

a Comfyable Slim Protective laptop sleeve might be your primary choice. This Macbook air 13-inches high-quality case is specially designed for Apple MacBook. Not only this, but this cover can fit all the MacBook models such as MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and more. The dimensions of the laptop sleeve are 13.1 x 9.2 x 0.7 inches that allow you to use it for a wide range of laptops and tablets. 

This one of the Best Waterproof Notebooks Australia provides ultimate safety and protection by adding extra elements. Remember that not all laptop cases and computer backpacks give enough protection padding to save your laptop or MacBook. This state-of-the-art MacBook Pro sleeve consists of an all-exclusive EPE foam padding to give an extra layer of protection. In our experience, it saves your MacBook from bumps and slight shocks. However, the cover is not drop-proof; that’s a downside of this quality cover. 

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Moreover, the laptop cover has a soft microfiber lining and an extra inner cover. This 13-inches MacBook cover has a shielding neoprene flap at the top, providing additional snug protection and reducing the zipper’s rubbing. Plus, the internal fleece lining ensures a scratch-free experience. So, you don’t need to worry about scratches and any damage if you have this robust quality MacBook case. 

In addition, the protective cover has a minimal, elegant, and sleek design. Let’s bring and give your laptop a new and stylish look with this minimal laptop cover. So, you will get dual benefits from this cover, such as protection and the stylish look of your MacBook.

  • Elegant look
  • Gives extra protection to your MacBook
  • It’s a nice and quality case
  • Wide range of compatibility
  • Come with many extra paddings
  • It’s a bit heavier in weight

7. KeySmart Waterproof Notebook – Calendar, Dotted Grids

is also the finest notebook that brings many benefits for you. This notebook has both waterproof pages and an outer cover to make it a completely water-resistant product.

The primary purpose is to give you a product to make notes in any condition, whether it’s rain or sunlight. So, bring a KeySmart Urban Union waterproof notebook and stay organized because the notebook also has the calendar. You can even write on each day because of the calendar. Also, the notebook has dotted grids and rulers on the back of the notebook, which are necessary tools for everyone to stay organized.

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Another significant feature of this notebook is that this notebook is ready for adventure. We found it the best companion for adventures such as hiking, fishing, camping, and other activities you have to interact with rain, water, or extreme weather conditions.

In our opinion, it might be a beautiful and ultimate gift for your friend, girlfriend, or colleague. So, you can give it to your friend on his birthday, Christmas or on any other holiday. The reason is that we found this notebook a perfect occasional gift.

If you are going to buy it for the first time, you don’t need to worry about the wastage of your money. The product comes with an extended warranty for breaks and tears under normal weather conditions. The manufacturer will replace your notebook with a new one. State-of-the-art customer support and warranty make this product stand out from the market.

Additionally, this KeySmart notebook is patented under many international patents. That’s why KeySmart produces products that meet all the international safety standards.

On the other hand, the only downside we observed is that the calendar is printed under the laminated cover, and it’s not visible clearly. 

  • The pages remain dry even in heavy rain
  • The cover is flexible and protected against crumpling
  • Thicker and robust pages
  • Suitable to write with pencil and pen
  • The annual calendar is a plus to stay organized
  • It has relatively few page.

However, there are many other parameters to ensure quality while shopping for waterproof notebooks. You must check the overall reliability and some other things. Let’s have a look at all the important buying considerations of waterproof notebooks.


You must check the quality of the notebook before making the purchase. The notebook must be of such quality that you can take it anywhere with you and write on it regardless of the harsh environment.

Your chosen notebook must be robust enough to nullify the effect of the environment, whether it’s rain, snow, or sunlight. The notebook must stand against all these conditions. Check out the paper whether it has the all-weather capability and should offer easy writing. 


The use of the notebook will tell you what exactly you need in a waterproof notebook. Before shopping, examine for which purpose you are going to buy the waterproof notebook. For example, waterproof notebooks might be your primary choice if you have to interact with water while performing a job. So, check your purpose and choose the best suitable for you.


Size is another important parameter that you must check while choosing the best waterproof notebook in Australia. Analyze whether you travel a lot. If your job is about traveling and visiting different places daily, it’s better to go for those waterproof notebooks that are compact and can easily fit into the pocket. 


Many types of waterproof notebooks are available in the market to get the best one for you. Examples are hard-bound notebooks, field notebooks, flip-up notebooks, loose-leaf paper notebooks, and more. So, first, check your requirements and preferences and then pick up the suitable type for you. 

Number of Pages

All the waterproof notebooks come with different numbers of pages or sheets. In our opinion, always go for a notebook with more pages in it. But don’t compromise the quality of pages over the number of pages. 


The price is the final decision point. Several waterproof notebooks are available in the market, having different prices based on type, brand, size, quality, and more. In our recommendation, always choose a notebook under your budget, never go beyond your budget.


Several waterproof notebooks are available in the market, having different shapes, materials, types, sizes, and more. However, Comfyable Slim Protective Laptop Sleeve and Notebook cover is the high-end waterproof notebook on our list.

Ordinary papers do not survive in heavy rain or water interaction. Also, your important notes might wash off in the rain. For getting rid of all such problems, waterproof notebooks are the best.

You can use waterproof notebooks whenever you need to take notes in heavy rain or harsh weather.

All the waterproof notebooks are durable enough to withstand harsh weather conditions such as heavy rain, snow, and any other liquid interaction.

Waterproof notebooks are very helpful for taking notes regardless of the environment. They are very helpful for all the people who want to take notes. It doesn’t matter whether you are a doctor, geologist, teacher, plumber, or whatever; you can easily take notes if you have the best waterproof notebooks in Australia. 

We hope you will find our detailed reviews and buying considerations helpful in choosing the best notebook for you. In the last, here are our recommendations:

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