8 Best Sunglasses Hut In Australia 2024: Polarized & Non-Polarized

If you want to grow your personality and get more confidence, sunglasses might be a perfect match for you. Whether you are driving, having a party on a beautiful hill, hiking on your favorite trail in the daytime, or working outdoors, you will feel blinded by the searing sun.

So, what’s the perfect solution to this problem? Don’t panic! The only thing that can figure it out is the best sunglasses hut Australia. 

The sunglasses will allow you to drive peacefully, hiking and work without any glare in the eyes. Not only this, but it surprisingly improves your personality. However, how can you start with so many options available? You can start with eight top-rated sunglasses with sleek design, high-quality glass, and perfect durability. 

In this guide, we will deliver all the details, sunglasses reviews, and everything compulsory for you. Moreover, the sunglasses hut buying guide will further help you buy a top product. Let’s get started! 

Best Sunglasses Hut Australia – Square and Round Options Available

Picking up a pair of sunglasses not only boosts your personality but also guarantees good eye health by protecting them from harmful UV rays. It’s an opportunity to enjoy dual benefits from a single product. However, choosing the best sunglass out of thousands is a daunting task.

What to do in that situation? We have tested several best sunglasses hut Australia in different situations and picked up only eight first-class sunglasses for you. Let’s move on to the detailed comparison table within no time.

1. Burberry REGENT COLLECTION BE 4216 – Shaded, Oval Shaped 

The manufacturer has given it a new modern twist with a gradient color lens. Crafted from premium-quality Acetate material to increase its lifespan. The body is coated with first-class resin that sticks perfectly with the body. So it doesn’t matter whether it’s sweating in your hair or face; it will not be an issue for the coating. It will not pull out the outer coating due to high adhesive force. 

Furthermore, its full-rim design gives your face an elegant look. It’s not a problem whether you are going to a party or driving a car, the glasses will give you an elegant look, and everyone will notice your personality. Another benefit is that the full-rim frames are cheaper than the rimless, making them highly affordable and cost-efficient. Also, it helps quickly hold over the frame regardless of the size and protects the lens from damage.

It’s equipped with an oval-shaped lens with a flirty-shaped frame and is perfectly designed for ladies. Comfortable to wear and surprisingly show you are fashionable. Suitable for both casual, official, or outing glasses. The black and grey gradient improves your personality and is suitable for every type of outlet. 

On the other hand, the case of the sunglasses is of cheap quality. It might damage if it falls or is hit by a metal rod or something like that. 

  • Entirely comfortable
  • It’s beautiful and lightweight
  • Legs can be open wider as they are not much tight
  • Cleaning cloth is included
  • The tint of the lens is a bit darker on cloudy days

2. Versace GRECA VE 4402 Sunglasses – Lightweight, Photogenic 

Give yourself a new, beautiful, and hot look with Versace GRECA 4402 sunglasses. The ironic look glasses feature a great square cat-eye style with a chisel gold Greca symbol on the side of the frame. In our opinion, these innovative sunglasses are best suited for ladies who like a self-indulgent fashion style. 

The overall Greca design is another recognition of the brand Versace due to its all-in-all characteristics. The shiny black frame is lightweight due to premium-quality material with a perfect contrast of metallic gold details. The thick chunky frame is perfect for everyday use and looks elegant to wear on special events when you want to look different. It’s good for outdoor parties such as a beautiful birthday party on a posh yacht or the wedding of a friend or relative. 

Do you know what the best part about these sunglasses is? The frame is highly photogenic and a perfect match if you love to take selfies in a new style. The dark grey lens is made with first-rate material saving your eyes from the sunlight glare, and has 100% UV protection. The lens falls in category 3 means they are general-purpose glasses. They have good UV protection and are long-lasting. 

However, keep in mind that these sunglasses are not suitable for driving at night because you will not see clearly in the dark. So beware of wearing them at night to prevent any mishap.

  • The sunglasses always look great
  • It might be a perfect gift for your girlfriend
  • Lightweight and provides a comfortable fit
  • Great value for the money
  • Not suitable for men or kids

3. Maui Jim Sunglasses Ho’okipa B407 – Polarized Lenses, Rimless Frame 

This glasses model is also known as Ho’okipa B407 and is famous worldwide due to its style and construction. These glasses feature the Polarized Plus 2 lens technology, which surprisingly saves your eyes from extra glare. Not only this, but it prevents harmful UV radiation from reaching your eyes.

The colorful and enhanced colored sight reveals the true beauty of the world even in full sunlight. Now, enjoy all the beautiful colors of the world without any glare issues. 

Furthermore, relish the ultimate UV protection coupled with premium style, beyond belief durability, color-boosting patented technology, and, most importantly, the glare-free vision. Do you know, you can enjoy such amazing features with this single product that is available at a very reasonable price.

Moreover, Blue Hawaii and exclusive mirror coating ensure a new stylish look with amazing color enhancement technology. Besides colors, you will enjoy 100% image clarity with a shatter and scratch-free lens. Whether you keep it in the case or your pocket, it will not get even a single scratch. Isn’t it good? Indeed, it is perfect.

Let’s clear your curiosity about the lens; the lens is made up of MauiPure material. This material results in crisp, clear views even in hot summer. Likewise, the frame is crafted from lightweight and high-quality nylon to give you the highest comfort. It also gives you an extended wear time due to overall construction, design, and quality. 

Above all, the blue lens is great, but the colors are not as vibrant as the grey shade dives. That’s the only downside we observed in Maui Jim Sunglasses.

  • Clear optics
  • Sleek and beautiful design
  • High-quality frame construction with injected nylon
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • Less shattering and scratch-resistant lens
  • The triangular case does not fit into the pocket

4. Persol Po0714 Sunglasses – Non-Polarized, Round Shaped 

These brown gradient famous Persol frames give you the best wearing experience with an original build quality at an affordable price. This version gives the best folding experience in terms of the frame. Now it’s up to you whether you wear it, keep it in your pocket or hang it on your shirt’s collar; you will look cool. 

These round-shaped optics are best to wear casually or at an important party such as a birthday party, anniversary, farewell, or ordinary office party. We assure you will look awesome when you wear it to a yacht party. The lens color is grey, but sighting will give you a greenish feel.

The high-quality lens has a diameter of 52 mm with a bridge value of 21mm. It will fit on your face accurately due to its ergonomic size. The snug fit will give you comfortable wearing, and it will not fall off even if you are running a bit fast. 

As the frame is the main part of the glasses that holds all the other components, Persol Po0714’s frame comprises high-quality material known as acetate. This material is highly robust and of premium quality. The frame will withstand any pressure or stress without losing elasticity. This attribute makes it a favorite glasses, among others. 

In the end, we want to say that the sunglasses are a bit more expensive than other identical optics. However, you won’t regret your experience. 

  • Robust frame
  • High-quality lens and massive bridge value
  • The beautiful brown gradient gives it an elegant look
  • It’s a big bang for the buck
  • They are heavier

5. FLUX FX21 Sunglasses – Polarized, UV400 Protection 

So, Flux FX21 Polarized Sports sunglasses might be your perfect match. The ultra-lightweight and high durability PC frames provide a comfortable and snug fit. You don’t need to worry about the fitting because FX 21 guarantees to fit with almost every facial shape. Due to its soft touch and flexibility, you can wear it easily anywhere you want. 

Equipped with TAC polarized glass for excellent clarity and protection from harmful UV radiations. It doesn’t matter whether you are on a hike, driving a car on a hot sunny day; FX21 is ready to provide you with enhanced visibility and optical clarity. It consists of triacetate cellulose polarized anti-glare lenses that can bear any pressure without breaking. Not only this, but the lens is scratch-resistant, and you can store it anywhere without fearing damage or scratches. 

Flux FX21 is the sunglasses that take your style to the next level. It’s the best choice if you are looking for women’s sunglasses that stay with you more. The FX21’x exposed rubber grip at the end of the tip guarantees no slip or fall every time you are moving. The premium quality case gives you an exclusive experience due to high-quality frames. 

Plus, the packaging includes a hard, robust, and protective case. It helps store the glasses without any wear and tear. Take them in the luggage with you or keep them in your pocket, you will not face any trouble. Subsequently, the zipper’s stitching is not good quality, and it may open up with time. 

  • Robust frame
  • High-quality lens and massive bridge value
  • The beautiful brown gradient gives it an elegant look
  • It’s a big bang for the buck
  • The zip gets dirty and is not dust repellent

6. Ray-Ban 0RB2140 Sunglasses – Square and Round, Wayfarer 

It’s embraced by several celebrities, artists, musicians, and other people who want a great sense of style. They look simple but give you confidence in your personality. They look elegant whether you wear them while driving, sunbathing, or anywhere to enhance your personality. In short, these ironic-style sunglasses are the exact declaration of your style and attitude. 

The black-color frame is made up of high-quality and lightweight material. We assure you will not feel any burden, and it will never fall from your nose. We call it an original wayfarer because it can easily team up with casual and formal fit.

They are not completely square-shaped, but you can enjoy the dual taste of round and square with these sunglasses. If you want to know what type of sunglasses they are, we call them legendary and creative style optics. 

They are specialized for unisex and suitable for adults only. Not suitable for younger children due to their practical design. You can even contact customer support if you are still facing the problem or ask for any query directly from the manufacturer. The state-of-the-art customer support is always there to answer your queries.

  • They are a precious gift
  • Great quality sunglasses
  • Clear view and 100% authentic
  • 100% polarized
  • The packing is not of good quality

7. Chelsea Pilot MK5004 Sunglasses – Rose Gold Blue, UV Protection 

Made with a combination of plastic and metal to make it sturdy and perfect for sighting. The metal-made gold frame is highly durable, and the color looks elegant on every dress. Also, it gives your face a premium look. In the same way, the edges contain black-colored high-quality covers for comfortable wearing. 

The length is about 59mm that fits on a woman’s face with a temple length of 135mm. The height of the lens is about 52mm, covering your eyes perfectly and preventing the UV radiations from reaching your eyes. Keep in mind that the size selection is purely dependent on the millimeters of the lens and the frame. The ergonomic design of the frame gives an accurate fit for all women between 20 years to 45 years. 

The lens has UV protection category 3, making it a general-purpose glasses. The lens coating provides high protection against sun glare and is a good UV protector. However, remember that we don’t suggest these glasses for driving at night or in twilight because you will not see things clearly. Also, beware of looking at the sun directly from these glasses. 

Overall, Chelsea Pilot sunglasses provide the best features and fashion style at a very reasonable price. In our experience, it has a lower price than other identical products.

  • High-quality metal frame
  • High-quality UV-protected plastic lens
  • It has a category 3 protection type
  • Beautiful design and gradient
  • It doesn’t work as a protection against artificial light sources

8. Hawkers O18TR01 Sunglasses – UV400 Protection, Long Lasting 

Equipped with top-rated lenses of Eastman TR18, the most famous leaders in copolyester technology. According to us, these glasses have a first-class lens than other optics on our list. So, what advantages does the premium quality lens bring? It works according to the outside environment and provides a view with a unique balance. What’s the balance? The balance between resistance and clarity. 

The glasses comprise category 3 lenses and offer high protection (UV400) against harmful and glare-producing UV light. In our opinion, it gives the best anti-glare protection due to its color and manufacturing material. Let’s talk about the frame material. The frame is crafted from EMS TR90 that is exclusive nylon. Nylon is considered the world’s first-class material for producing eyewear frames due to its flexibility, resistance, and durability. 

We assure you that it will not get damaged and will provide a long-lasting experience. Are you curious about including accessories? The packaging contains Hawkers Unisex adult sunglasses, a microfiber cover, a durable case, and a complete set of decorative stickers. It means you will get a lot of bonus stuff at a very low price. 

On the other hand, we have noticed a weak point in these sunglasses that is necessary to tell you. The hinges are of cheap quality.

  • They are lightweight and polarized
  • The style is very casual
  • Durable material
  • Comfortable wearing
  • The frame size is not suitable for teens

Right Fit

Fitting is necessary, especially when you are considering buying the perfect optics for you. If sunglasses are not fit on your face, it won’t be easy to see through them. Also, it will leave a bad impact on your personality and attitude. Therefore, always pick up sunglasses with a comfortable and snug fit. 

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Face Size

Face size matters a lot while buying sunglasses for you. Therefore, always check your face size, and it will help you narrow down your research and save a lot of research time. Do you find it difficult to measure your face size? Just scale the distance between your temples, and it’s all done. If the temple length is 10-12 cm, the frame width of 50mm is enough. If the distance is more, you would need a 51mm frame and so on. 

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Adjustable Features

If you want to buy expensive sunglasses, you should go for an adjustable one. It will help you customize the settings according to your needs and requirements. This attribute is helpful when you buy something online. Usually, the adjustable sun optics allows you to customize nose bridges and arms to get a comfortable fit. 

Lenses Shapes

The sunglasses come with different lens shapes such as the round face, oval face, square face, oblong face, and so on. It’s better to wear all types of optics if you have one at home and then buy one that is most suitable for your face. 

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Lens Shade

When purchasing sunglasses, you should consider the lens shade. Different shades have different impacts on your view. Some shades only offer clear views in day time but not at night and vice versa. So, choose the shade wisely according to your requirements. 


The material of the sunglasses is substantial for its long lifespan and durability. Some sunglasses are made up of high-quality, and others are made of metal. Now it’s up to you what type of material is most suitable for you. 

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Polarized vs. Non-polarized

Besides the style, it’s good to go for a polarized lens if you want to protect your eyes from harmful radiation. Also, check how much polarization the lens offers, such as you can see at the sun with the glasses or not. In our opinion, you should always go for polarized sunglasses. 

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The online market is full of different sunglasses manufacturing brands. However, the Persol brand is at the top due to durability, material, high-quality lens, and more.

There are two types of sunglasses in the markets, i.e., polarized and non-polarized. The polarized sunglasses protect from harmful UV radiations while others don’t.

The premium-quality material makes the sunglasses lens the best. A high-quality lens offers clear, scratch-less, and glare-free sighting.

Due to extra features, the Ray-Ban sunglasses brand is expensive. It offers the best-quality UV-protected lens, durable frame, and more.

Ray-Ban manufactures sunglasses with plastic and metal. Most designers are made up of plastic material, but you can choose your desired one.

To sum up, sunglasses are a great way to show off your attitude and ensure confidence. Besides all, it protects your eyes from UV radiation harmful to your eyes and reduces glare. Sunglasses are easy to wear, lightweight, comfortable and usable in most applications. We hope you will find the best sunglasses hut Australia reviews and buying guide helpful in buying a good one. In the end, check out our recommendations:

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