8 Best Waterproof Sprays In Australia 2024: For Shoes, Clothes & Jackets

Many outdoor waterproof sprays are meant to protect the layer of your clothing and allow them to counter water. If you love to walk and go for outside trips, the waterproof spray can prove to be money well spent.

The best waterproof sprays in Australia protect your clothes from dust and other elements, and it is set to be the best solution for items that require special protection.

Waterproof sprays go well on your outdoor gear fabrics such as boots, clothes, or backpacks. We look for water resistance in every product nowadays, but if you have a handy waterproof spray, you are good to go in your outdoor activities.

As they are the need of the time, waterproof sprays are widely acclaimed by many worldwide users. It is very important to understand the features and the working of a waterproof spray. We have made an effort to put out the best waterproof sprays in Australia. Let’s dig into it.

Best Waterproof Sprays in Australia – For Stain Repellent Liquid Protection

Waterproof sprays are a great way to protect outdoor gear and fabrics without leaving any stain. These sprays are a cost-effective way that uses chemicals to protect a piece of clothing. These sprays are called the best because they provide extra moisture protection.

We have selected the eight best waterproof sprays in Australia so that you can go through these products and select the best for your use. These top sprays are selected based on their durability, compatibility with material, application, ease of use, ingredients, user safety, performance, drawing, and most importantly, the budget.

A comparison table is also given below so that you can save your time by comparing them. So without any further delay, let’s get straight into it.

1. Auto Citronella Waterproof Spray – Bark Collar for Dogs 

The collar intelligently detects and releases citronella spray to stop barking. This spray is launched keeping in mind the protection and the safety of the dogs. The spray has no shock and harm, which provides a much safer environment.

You can adjust the spray being used according to the sensitivity level. Two sprays come with adjustment buttons, blue and yellow, to represent high and low sprays, respectively. The waterproof spray is very useful for light rain or grass exposure. It is the best waterproof spray in Australia because of the shock absorbent feature.

The spray can be refilled when it runs out. You just have to place the collar on a flat surface and hold the can vertically by pressing the nozzle down. A user manual is also given with this collar which indicates all the spray ingredients and if it is suitable for your dog type.

This waterproof spray provides maximum water protection for 72 hours. The spray is initially made for dogs to relax when they are scared or nervous.  The protection provided by this waterproof spray is unquestionable as it lasts longer than usual waterproof sprays.

  • Refilling a spray bottle is very easy
  • The collar detects the emptiness of the bottle
  • The spray comes with a no-shock feature
  • Water gets into the batteries
  • Shock absorbent does not work

2. Nanoman Waterproof Spray – For Fabric & Shoes, Nanotechnology 

and shoes is considered one of the best waterproof sprays in Australia because it lasts longer than usual sprays. The spray goes well with every fabric, such as fabric, leather, carpets, caps, shoes, bags, hats, etc. This waterproof spray does not use any traditional chemicals and uses nanotechnology, which seeps into the fabric.

This ultimate waterproof spray provides a maximum shield from water, maintaining the material and comfort level of the fabric. The longevity of the spray depends upon how much longer you wear the clothes. Daily used items such as carpets and clothes can be protected for more than six months after a single use.

The spray widely covers all items such as furniture, walls, and marquees and lasts for up to two years without another use. The spray is very easy to use as it has UV protection technology.  You do not have to worry about spills anymore as it removes the stain of red wine, coffee, or juices.

This spray provides maximum protection and allows the fabric to breathe without leaving any stain behind. The spray provides maximum coverage, so you don’t have to use it daily, saving your money. The transparent spray protects from stains and soiling.

  • Lasts for more than 78 hours
  • Protects from any kind of stains
  • Provides UV protection
  • Nanotechnology is very useful in protection
  • The sprayer may break
  • Cheaply made bottles

3. NIKWAX 571P12 TX.Direct Spray-On – Water-Based, Non-Flammable 

They are providing the best solutions to clean our fabric and leather products. The water spray is designed in a way that does not harm the material of clothing.

Nikwax waterproof spray protects every textile and equipment, including PU coating and breathable fabrics. It can make your products last longer by protecting them from any stain and water contact. The spray comes with an open nozzle which is very easy to use, and this array is very handy to apply.

This spray protects the fabric from outdoor elements while maintaining the breathing function, and it makes a water-repellent shield that cannot be seen. There is no issue with washing your fabric or any other material as it comes with easy washable use.

Most of the sprays are flammable, but this waterproof water-based, non-flammable spray is fluorocarbon free, making it super safer for us to use.

  • Does not affect the color of the fabric
  • Suitable for every kind of fabric
  • Allows maximum breathability
  • Non-flammable ingredients are added
  • Smells a little
  • Didn’t spray evenly

4. Grangers Footwear Care Repel Spray – No Chemical, Maximum Protection 

because it provides a high-quality protective finish. This waterproof spray is suitable for every material such as leather, nubuck, fabric, and suede. The spray is called an all-rounder because it protects every type of footwear.

Grangers Waterproof spray comes within an easy application method which is very handy. This spray is manufactured to protect against water, oil, and stains, giving a perfect finish. It provides a shield for outdoor elements and allows maximum breathability.

It comes with an easy-to-handle method as you have to apply it to the footwear after cleaning simply. The spray water bottle is available in every size according to your needs. It is very easy to wash away the spray from any fabric.

It does not contain any harmful chemicals, so you do not have to worry about the safety of your body. Furthermore, it provides maximum safety from water, juices, and all other staining elements.

  • Give maximum protective finish
  • Suitable for every kind of leather and fabric
  • It saves from water, oil, and stains altogether
  • Does not contain any harmful chemicals
  • Spray clogs a lot
  • The spray dispenser may not work sometimes

5. Water Repellent Spray for Shoes/ Sneakers/ Bags – Stain & Liquid Protection

as it protects the surface from any dirt and water. The water splashes back on the surface, and the dirt fails to stick to the surface. The spray comes with a strong lock technology which makes a shield to protect the surface from any outdoor element.

The spray is designed to last long enough so that you do not have to apply it again within 12 months. It gives long-lasting protection to your number of bags and shoes. The protection shield repels any kind of liquid and stains.

The non-toxic chemicals being used are very safe to use as they maintain the look of your fabric and leather. A small size is enough for your three pairs of shoes or three bags. The spray is very easy to apply and suitable for leather, fabric, suede, nubuck, etc.

This waterproof spray does not contain any smell and does not harm the color of your fabric. The spray allows the fabric to breathe while protecting it from outdoor elements. This waterproof spray gives maximum coverage as it is sufficient for your one year of use.

  • The durability of this waterproof spray is amazing
  • Protects from oil and dirt along with water
  • The spray provides maximum coverage
  • Smells like chemicals
  • Drying takes a long time

6. Nikwax TX.Direct Spray-On – Washable, Environmentally Friendly 

in Australia because it was the first company to introduce non-softening waterproof wax for leather. Nikwax is a global company that provides safe and high-quality cleaning products for outdoor equipment, footwear, and fabrics. The waterproof spray is very easy to use as you can wash it afterward in a home washing machine.

Nikwax TX. Direct Waterproof spray develops a water-based waterproof shield to protect any piece of clothing from outdoor contaminates. It provides the best water repellant shield and allows the material to breathe simultaneously. The waterproof spray works best for synthetic fabrics.

The waterproof spray is very durable and safe to use as it does not contain fluorocarbons and VOCs. It is very environmentally friendly as it is water-based and biodegradable. It is suitable for every fabric, including Gore-Tex, Ultrex, Entrant, and Triple point.

  • The waterproof spray is washable
  • Very environmentally friendly spray
  • Suitable for every fabric and leather
  • After drying, the coating is still watery
  • It’s a little hard to apply

7. Water Proof Hydrophobic Spray – Stain Repellent, Liquid Protection 

is the best waterproof spray in Australia because you can use it on your boots, coats, bags, shoes, and other leather products. It is the top choice among many users because it protects your things from water, drinks, and grease.

This waterproof spray enables an unseen shield to protect the layer of clothes, leather, and shoes from outside elements. You can use this waterproof stain repellent hydrophobic spray on leather, fabric, shoes, boots, hats, jackets, bags, etc. It is very simple to use this waterproof spray as it does not contain any harmful chemicals.

The spray is safe for dry-clean-only material. It blocks dirt and water, allowing the fabric to breathe as well. The heavy-duty resin-based waterproof spray is among those sprays which can last for more than 48 hours.

This waterproof spray is designed so that it does not harm the color of your footwear or any other fabric. It gives maximum protection for moisture, salt, and stains. Most of the silicone-based sprays are very hard to remove; this waterproof spray does not contain silicone.

  • Useful for any kind of leather and fabric
  • Lasts more than any other waterproof spray
  • Protects from moisture and dirt
  • Does not contain any non-removable chemicals
  • The color of the fabric started to fade
  • It leaves white residue on the surface of the fabric

8. KIWI Waterproof Spray – Sneaker Protector, Washable 

dirt, and stains. This waterproof spray makes unseen protection on the shoes allowing them to breathe simultaneously. It is called the best waterproof spray in Australia because it protects the shoes as shoes protect our feet.

The KIWI sneaker waterproof spray protects the outside of your shoes from rain, salt, and dirt. This waterproof spray is tested before selling, and it is proved to be best for leather, synthetic leather, converse, mesh, nylon, and fabric. This powerful spray does not only protect your shoes from water but also dirt and stains.

The spray also protects the leather and material of your shoes from harmful toxic chemicals. It provides a stain repellant shield and allows them to breathe at the same time. The waterproof spray is designed in a way to undergo any weather condition without breaking.

The waterproof spray is washable. If you want to remove the waterproof spray from your shoes, you can clean them with baking soda or any detergent. After cleaning, if you want to apply the spray again, you can apply it without any problem.

  • The spray is washable
  • Protect the leather of your shoes
  • Protects from rain, dirt, and stains
  • Best for every type of shoe material
  • Strong smell
  • Works only on shoes


All the sprays provide water protection, but they differ when it comes to the longevity of the spray. The durability also depends on the surface on which you are applying the waterproof spray. For example, if you apply waterproof spray on your jacket for occasional rain or a tent for a rainy season, durability varies. The durability also depends upon the chemical used in the spray, so it is very important to learn the ingredients before buying.


All sprays are effective, but the level of protection is different. Some sprays are better for leather, while some are best for heavy-duty outdoor fabrics. Many new products give additional UV protection to provide maximum service. You have to select the product very carefully because very few products provide overall coverage and protection.

Compatibility with fabric

Not all waterproof sprays have the same ingredients, so you should not use them for the same purpose. If a waterproof spray is good for your jacket or coat, it doesn’t mean it will protect every other leather material. It can give weaker protection, or it may alter the fabric.


The working of your waterproof spray also depends upon how you apply it. For this purpose, many famous repellant sprays are available in a spray can or bottle for direct spray. It all depends on your preference if you want to use a can or a bottle.

The general instructions for applying the spray are to spray it from a distance of 8 to 12 inches, and you should apply it on a cleaned surface. Some waterproof sprays require multiple layers for maximum protection, so you should check them before buying.


Most of the waterproof sprays consist of silicon-based material or water-based material. Due to the watery consistency, water-based sprays are best for clothes and shoes. It is very important to understand the product’s ingredients because these waterproof sprays can contain chemicals that can cause a rash on your skin. They can also have sharp odors, which can cause allergy or irritation.


There is not any waterproof spray that works for the whole day. It is assumed that most of the waterproof sprays result in some color change on your fabric. In such cases, you do not have to worry because the color change will be slightest that you cannot notice.

Drying process

The waterproof spray does not dry instantly. Depending upon the ingredients being used, different waterproof sprays have different setting times. So you need to read the guide before applying the spray. Some waterproof sprays dry in about one or two hours, while some take as long as 48 hours. It should be noted before buying the spray.


Waterproof sprays are designed to provide maximum water repellency, but it is hard to provide a formula that is not washable. You can wash the silicone-based sprays with the use of detergents. The solution is that you can reapply the waterproof spray after the washing process.


Depending upon the ingredients being used, the expiration date can differ. The waterproof spray used after the expiry date can decrease the effect and can damage the fabric. Some of the supplies are available without any expiry date, so they can be used whenever you want.

If you allow the spray to dry on its own, the spray is safe and non-toxic. But if the spray is wet, it can be harmful if inhaled. Some of the sprays are flammable, so you should keep this fact in mind while using them.

The easiest way to remove the waterproof spray from your clothes is to wash them with warm water and detergent. If the detergent does not work, you can also use baking soda to wash the spray.

You should apply waterproof sprays on a clean and dry surface. It would be best to spray it from a distance of 8 to 12 inches. After the first layer dries, you can apply the second coating. Let the spray dry on its own; otherwise, it can irritate the skin.

We have successfully elaborated the eight best waterproof sprays in Australia to make the selection easy for you. These products are top-notch cleaners when it comes to water repellency. We have recommended some of the best products below; let’s go through them.

As we are coming towards the end of our discussion, we have sorted out the best waterproof sprays in Australia. We have done this to make your choice easier and to save your money. Hope you find the best for your products and outdoor experience.

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