10 Best TV Wall Mount In Australia 2024: Make Your Living Room Spacious

TV wall mountings are becoming the need and a trend for decorating your home. If you have kids, you must buy a TV mounting wall to protect your kids hit into the TV. It gives an elegant look to your bedroom.

Here we will discuss the best TV wall mount Australia; you can read their features and select a suitable one for you.

With the TV wall mounting, you can move your TV in all directions and set the angle for the perfect and clear screen view. It does not look rough or weird due to wires or cables; you can hide them. The holding equipment, such as brackets, is made with high-quality material that holds the TV screen and protects it from falling. Their articulate arms are also available to set their positions.

TV mounting has more unique features; you need to read and explore the whole article to know more. Let’s read.

Best TV Wall Mount Australia – With Full Motion and 180 Degrees of Rotation

We have tested many and found the seven best TV wall mounts in Australia for you and compared them based on mounting type, movement type, TV size, and color. The comparison table will be helpful for you to have a quick idea of the wall mount you are looking for. You can read all the comparisons and select the TV mounting which is suitable according to your TV size.

So let’s have a quick review of the table below before moving to the detailed reviews of each of Australia’s best TV wall mounts.

1. Vogel’s OLED TV Wall Mount – 180° Swivel, 20° Forward – Best of The Year

This OLED TV wall mount is very flexible and ultra-thin. You can create a modest and sleek environment in your bedroom or living room. It has 1.4 inches of space between the wall and TV which is almost invisible. 

You can watch your TV from any place because you can turn your TV up to 180 degrees with this thin wall mount. You can also move your screen 20 degrees forward. 

It has a cable inlay system to hide the cables. You can set your TV level after the installation. TV direction or their reflection will not annoy you. You can turn their angel on a maximum of 180 degrees.

  • Easy to install and use.
  • Give a beautiful look to your living or bedroom.
  • Made with quality material.
  • Sometimes, you can’t turn the TV 180 degrees.
  • Not a smooth movement.

2. Mounting Dream TV Wall Mounts – Long TV Mount Swivel and Tilt – The Quality is Excellent.

Mounting Dream TV wall mount has universal compatibility. It’s a full-motion TV wall mount for the 42 to 70 inch LED/OLED/plasma TV. Wall Mounting studs have a 24-inch distance. 

Its design and features are beneficial and made with good material to hold the TV up to 100 lbs. This TV wall mounting is more suitable for solid concrete walls. It has 16, 18, 24 wood stud spacing. You can adjust the mounting wall with 24 long wall plates quickly with lateral adjustment. 

You can install it easily by reading the instructions. All equipment and hardware are available in pre-labeled pouches. You will get gifts with that impressive wall mounting such as 6ft HDMI, cable ties, and bubble level. You will get a ten years warranty. If you face any fault with the product, you can replace or return it.

  • The quality is excellent.
  • Very stable and sturdy.
  • You can turn it in any direction.
  • Well constructed.
  • Additional bolts are not included.
  • It can not hold the TV level properly.

3. Vogel TV Wall Mount – Desired Screen Position & Distance

You can set your TV at any suitable and convenient spot in your bedroom, children’s room, and living room. You can turn the wall mount angle forward to watch the perfect screen. The installation procedure is effortless. You can set the TV and turn up to 180 and tilt it up to 20 degrees. At any place, you can watch your favorite show with your desired screen position or distance.

Vogel’s wall mount 3345 variant is a full-motion TV wall mount suitable for almost every TV model. Its maximum turning angle is 180°.

A fantastic feature is that you will not be annoyed with TV reflection. It’s available in white and black color. Their stylish design enhances the decoration of your room.

  • Well made product.
  • Outstanding and practical features.
  • Installation instructions are impressive.
  • TV does not remain level through extensions.

4. VLT6B2 SANUS 46-90 Wall Mount – Easy Installation & Flexible Design

Sanus VLT6B2 has a new and unique design. If you have a large flat-screen TV, this is best for maximum tilt. Its flexible design removes the restrictions created by the wall on the downward tilt. 

The mount will be set just 7cm away from the TV so you can fold it. For this, you can use a scissor-style extension mechanism.

It is effortless to install. You can easily remove it from the wall due to cable access. With the cable access, you can remove the screen quickly to change the connections. Your TV will be safe and secure because it is attached with mount padlocks. The padlocks also prevent accidental falls.

  • Very well designed.
  • Easy to install.
  • Convenient to use and set.
  • An online manual is available.
  • Does not work correctly.
  • Poor material.

5. Mounting Dream Premium Wall Mount – Full Motion & Articulating Arm

It is an adequate and well-designed wall mounting for your TV. This wall mount is suitable mainly for the 42 to 70 inches LED or LCD with 132 lbs weight. It has a one-piece long wall plate that fits or is suitable for a solid concrete wall. Besides, it has 40cm, 45cm, and 60cm wood stud space. 

Do not use this for drywall installation. Use the paper template for easy installation, and it will work well. It has a stylish and smart TV hanging design. Brackets on the wall plates hold the TV. Two tube clips hold and lock the brackets for the safety of the TV.

Their automated robot welding technology will make their movement stable and smooth. Cable clips are also available to maintain the design and look. Its supreme arms hold the TV with 132 lbs and 18.5 extensions. It will provide maximum rotation, and dual spring-loaded handles are also available for titling the angel.

You will get all the hardware, mounting template, 6 HDMI cable, and bubble level with it. All hardware is RoHS which means restriction of Hazardous substance certified.

  • Easy to mount, strong, and sturdy.
  • Works effectively.
  • Very flexible.
  • Sometimes brackets lock.

6. Artiss TV Wall Mount Bracket – Multi-directional – Adjustable Double Arm

Artiss TV wall mount has a slim design and powder-coated iron frame. This frame is made with quality material and can handle a maximum weight of up to 50kg. The mount can tilt and swivel then you can adjust the TV screen as you want. 

It is a six-arm frame and very good for the safety and security of the TV. You can extend and retract your TV screen because it is multi-directional, and you can set your screen for a comfortable view. 

This slimline and well-designed mount can set and fix the screen of various measurements. It is primarily suitable for concrete and brick walls. You will get a one-year warranty. If you have any issues regarding the product, you can replace or return it.

  • Safety lock.
  • Easy to install.
  • 180° swivel.
  • Multi-directional.
  • The base plate is small
  • Swivel arms are too thin.

7. LONENESSL TV Wall Mount Bracket – Full Motion Articulating Arm

It is a TV wall mount with high-quality thick premium cold-rolled steel. Brackets are also made with strong material to give sturdiness and safety to the TV. Brackets are made with heavy steel material, which is more compatible and safer than other TV rocks.

You can adjust the screen according to your sitting position. The TV wall bracket can swivel 90° left to right. This wall mounting is suitable for the 17 to 55 inch TV screen. Before purchasing, you should check the weight, VESA, and size.

It has three arms that help extend the TV wall mount up to 40 cm and retract 3 cm. In this way, it can save your home space. With this TV wall mount, you will get full instructions to set and fix it. The instructions help you in installing the TV mount and fitting the hardware.

  • Stands are sturdy and solid.
  • Instructions manual for easy fitting.
  • Increases the decoration of your room.
  • Articulating arms.
  • Does not come with MB screws

Screen size of the TV

The first thing is the screen size of the TV. You should keep in mind TV screen size at the time of buying. Without size, you can not buy the perfect mount for your TV. For the style and appearance, you should prefer the slim TV mount.


If the style and size are the same for all the TV mounting, it will vary in weight. Each one has a different weight. If you are buying from any store online, you should check the description and read all sizes and weights of the TV mounting.


Then check the flexibility of your TV with the TV wall mounts. If you want to watch your favorite shows from the living room and bedroom, set the TV mounting average from eye distance. If you do it from the above, you need to tilt your TV screen to enhance and improve the picture quality, so that is why you need to check the flexibility.


Always consider the budget as your priority. Buy the TV mounting with all functions at a reasonable price. You do not need to go for expensive things.


Yes, TV mounting can damage the wall because you need to drill the wall to make holes.

If the TV mounting has not had sound quality material or brackets, then there is a chance that your TV will fall off the wall.

No, a TV can not be too heavy, but the mounting wall may not be strong enough to carry the TV.

No, if the stand is bigger than the TV, it can not hold the TV properly, and it looks weird.

Yes, if your old TV wall mount is in good condition, you can use it with the new TV.

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