10 Best Hair Straighteners In Australia 2024: Get Smooth Shiny Hair In No Time

For looking beautiful, hair styling is the major part of makeup. In this busy life, everyone wants to make their beautiful hairstyles in less time, but some of you do not know how to make their hairstyles in minimum time and protect their hairs from any damage and breakage.

So here we are going to tell you about the best hair straighteners in Australia.

Hair straighteners have exclusive and wonderful features. By using this, you can make your hairstyle your own. These hair straighteners are multifunctional, you can adjust the temperature according to your hair type, and the conditioning feature provides moisture to your hair. You can make your hair curly, wavy, and straightened.

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 Additionally, it has automatically shut off and sleep features for your ease. To know the more wonderful features, you should need to read the full article. Let’s start.

Best Hair Straighteners in Australia – For Thick and Frizzy Hairs

We researched hair straightener models based on color, power source, material, dimension, and item weight. Then we have selected the 11 best hair straighteners in Australia for you, and we have made a comparison table to provide you with all the important and related information about these products. Check out Our: 8 Best Electric Toothbrushes in Australia – White and Healthy Teeth Now

If you want to buy the hair straightener, you do not need to search because we have already done it for you, and this compassion table and research will save you time. Just read the table to select your favorite hair straightener. Also, you can read the detailed reviews on each hair straightener in the next section.

1. GHD Gold Styler Hair Straightener – Ombre Chrome, Quick Heating

For the stylish look and smooth hair, you will prefer the high-quality hair straightener. So, Gold Styler, Ombre Chrome Hair Straightener is best for all types of hairs, such as silky, curly, or wavy. You can straighten your hair in just a few minutes, and your hair will look so smooth and shiny.

For healthier styling, there are dual-zone sensors to monitor the heat to ensure a safe temperature range. Maximum temperature 185 degrees Celcius is the highest range with that you can minimize the hair breakage and hair damage for the best styling.

By using this one of the Best Hair Straighteners in Australia, you will feel your hair look full straight, so smooth and consistent from root to tip. A pivot cap and round barrel enable you to have sang-free and versatile styling to look more beautiful. This exclusive luxury case is heat resistant and used to carry all your hair styling essentials.

You can also make your hair curly, and that is the longest-lasting style. Contoured floating plates are also in this hair straightener which can glide and hold hair quickly. It has an automatic sleep mode; if you are not using it for 30 minutes, it will automatically go to sleep mode.

This high-quality hair straightener is very quick and easy to use. You can style your hair in a very short time.

  • Best for quick hair styling
  • High-quality material.
  • There is just one heating setting.

2. Silver Bullet 230 Hair Straightener – Temperature Ranges

This silver bullet supernova 230 hair straightener has a touch screen feature for quick use. Exclusive digital display setting to make your hairstyle in your way. You can also control the temperature by just touching the screen. 

Silver bullet supernova 230 hair straightener has gold plates for quick and perfect hair straightening. You can select the temperature range as you like from 110 to 230 degrees Celcius. This temperature range suits all hair types and textures. 

You can turn on/off the straightener just by touching the screen, and you can also adjust the temperature by touching the screen. It has pre-setting features; for example, your straightener touch screen will remember your last temperature range setting, so you do not need to set the temperature range in every use.

You will not face any voltage difficulty because it has a dual voltage feature for worldwide use. Silver bullet supernova 230 hair straightener is also used for curls and wavy hairstyles. It has two years warranty. If you have any issue with this straightener, you can change or return this even after two years.

With this hair straightener, you will get a bonus prize; for example, you will get a paddle brush, four crocodile clips, a styling brush, and heat resistant mat. It will protect your hair and enhance your hair’s shine; your hair looks very smooth. If you have this straightener, you do not need to go to the salon for your hairstyles.

  • High-quality material
  • Great product
  • Various temperature ranges
  • Poor material

3. GHD platinum styler – 70% Strong Hair

You can make your hairstyle and set your hair in just one stroke. This exclusive straightener identifies the styling speed and thickness of hairs. You can adjust the heat in floating plates for excellent results. There are infinity sensors that monitor the heat 250 times a second and provide that heat across the high-gloss plates to make the style beautiful. You can use this hair straightener on any type of hair, and hair length does not matter. You will get a perfect and salon-quality hairstyle. 

This straightener works at the optimum temperature of 185 degrees. It will protect and care for your hair, allow for 70% stronger hair and 20% shine, and protect your hair color. 

You can make your hair flawless curly with a rounded barrel of platinum. The wishbone of the straightener is unique and stronger to hold the precision-milled plates used to snag freestyling. 

It has a sleeping mode; if you are not using it for 30 minutes, it will turn off automatically; you do not need to turn it off.

Universal voltage makes it compatible to use anywhere, and it gives an outstanding and excellent performance, no matter where you are. Ghd platinum styler is convenient and very easy to hold and use. You can carry it with you anywhere.

  • Convenient to use
  • You can make different styles like straight wavy and curls
  • Perfect size and carryable
  • Heat up quickly
  • Sometimes takes time to heat up
  • Not good for thick and long hairs

4. GDH Gold styler, Professional Hair Straighteners : Dual-Zone Sensors, Good Quality

The ghd gold styler is very convenient to use every day for different hair styling. This professional hair straightener has an advanced style. There are dual-zone sensors that monitor the heat to set the temperature. It has two heat generation sensors on each plate. It will help if you keep the temperature range at 185 degrees Celcius to minimize hair breakage and hair damage.

You will feel your hair looks smooth and shiny after straightening your hair. Your hairs will be sleek and smooth from root to top after using it. It has advanced hair styling technology; you can give the salon finish touch to your hairstyles with ghd gold hair styler and straightener. The round barrel of this straightener allows you to make various snag-free styles.

By the universal voltage, you can make your hairstyles easily anywhere in the world. A protective plate guard gives you protection against the heat and protects your hair fully. 

This one of the Best Hair Straighteners in Australia is made with high-quality material, and you can hold it from its strongest wishbone. And with the bring back, you can make your hair curly and wavy in just a few minutes. In this busy life, this hair straightener is very useful to make your hairstyle last longer, and you can carry it anywhere in your bag.

  • Easy to handle.
  • Good quality.
  • Protective plate guard available.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Gives a shiny look to your hair.
  • Sometimes, does not produce heat.

5. Remington Hydraluxe Pro Straightener – Hydration Technology,Heat Resistance

Hydraluxe pro straightener has the new and advanced technology to hydrate the hairs. With hair hydration, you do not need excessive heat to straighten your hair.

Moisture mist feature protects your hair from heat damage, and their ceramic coating preserves your hair’s perfect moisturized balance. With the precise heating system, you can make your hairstyles long-lasting easily. Their integrated sensor maintains the temperature in plates. You can use it for all kinds of hair. 

This Best Hair Straighteners in Australia has a unique design because it is easy to handle and use. You can hold it easily. It has a sleep function. If you are not using it for 60 minutes, you do not need to switch off the straighteners.

Side buttons are used for turning on/off the straightener and also used for the temperature adjustment. It is very convenient to use and handle. With the dual voltage, you can use it anywhere in the world. It also has wide puppets for easy filling.

You can adjust and lock the temperature for next time. Next time, you do not need to change the temperature again.

  • Moisturizer and conditioner feature
  • Heat resistance storage sleeve
  • Automatic shut down
  • 3m salon length swivel cord
  • This straightener has no touch sensors

6. GHD Original IV Styler – Ceramic Heat, Auto Sleep Mode

GHD original IV styler has the new technology to straighten and protect your hairs. Ceramic heat features at 185 degrees Celcius optimal temperature to reduce the chances of hair breakage and damage.

It is best for everyday use for quick styling. Excessive use of straighteners makes your hair rough and frizzy, but you will feel your hair will become more shiny and smooth. With their floating plates and rounded barrel, you can make styles easily. You can make curls, waves, and flicks by the rounded barrel for a long-lasting time.

Automatic sleep mode will relax you about switching off the straightener. If you are not using a hair straightener for a few minutes, it will automatically turn off and go to sleep mode. It is suitable for all kinds of hair types and textures. It will change your rough and frizzy hair into smooth, silky, and shiny hair. The hair styler and straightener is the essential tool to make your hair more beautiful and shiny.

With the universal and dual voltage, you will get high-end performance anywhere. It has a perfect size, and you can easily carry this ghd straightener with you. You will get a 2-year warranty; if you feel any issue with your straightener, you can exchange or return at any time but in the first two years.

It is very convenient to use and handle. Made with high-quality material. You can easily hold it from its handle.

  • Works great and quick
  • Excellent product
  • Stylish and reliable
  • Cheap manufacturing
  • Sometimes it does not perform well

7. Philips Prestige Pro Hair Straightener – Titanium Plates, Digital Temperature Settings

Philips prestige pro hair straightener has exclusive features. It has titanium-coated plates for the best heat conduction. With high heat conduction, you need less time to straighten your hair. Floating straightening plates are also very useful. When you apply too much pressure while straightening the hair, floating plates move to protect your hair from damage and overall hair breakage.

You know well, healthy hair looks more beautiful; that’s why Philips prestige pro hair straightener provides you iconic care features with iconic conditioning. Negatively charged ions remove the static, condition the hair, give the hair cuticles more strength to enhance the shine of the hairs. After the straightening, your hair looks smooth and shiny.

The straightening plates have 110 mm length for the faster and easiest strengthening process. The width of the plates is also enough for the best style. It has a high-quality heater in the titanium plates to heat up in minimum time. You can heat your straightener in just 10 seconds. Just push the turn-on button, and your straightener will be ready to straighten your hair.

This straightener has a 2.5 mm long cord to enhance flexibility and handling. You can use and carry it anywhere. Each hair type needs a different temperature. The temperature range is 140 to 230 degrees Celcius; you can set the temperature precisely by wheel bar on the digital display. 

Thermo Guards in this straightener protect you from excessive heat exposures.

  • Easy to use.
  • Multiple functions and settings.
  • Adjustable temperature.
  • Hair conditioning feature.
  • The button for switching off and on does not work sometimes.
  • Poor quality.

8. VS Sassoon Straightening Brush – Wet & Dry, Advance Ceramic Plates

VS Sassoon Wet and dry straightening brush is a styling tool to make your hairstyle quickly. It can dry, straight, and volumize your hair in just a few minutes. Ionic conditioning gives balanced moisture to hydrate the hair because, without moisturization, your hair looks rough and frizzy.

Advanced ceramic plates technology is also available that gives your hair a fabulous look. The wet and dry feature is like a tension control feature with four different temperature ranges. You can choose any range according to your hair texture. It also has an in-built detangling comb to make hairstyles quickly and easily.

It also has a speed, heat, and cooling setting and has an 800W of drying power to dry your hair in less time. 

For using this straightener, wash, comb, and then detangle your hair. You can apply hair care products then use the wet and dry brush. Firstly you should use wet and dry brushes on small sections of the hair; after using that, you do not need to blow dry, and your hair volume will increase.

Wet and dry brush straighteners are very useful compared to other hair straighteners because their brush feature will help in quick styling and enhance the volume and shine of your hair.

  • A great styling tool.
  • Easy to use.
  • Perfect for quick and easy styling.
  • The brush size is too small.
  • Does not have an auto-sleep or auto shut feature.

9. Remington Hair Straightening Brush – Keratin And Argan Oil Nourish

Remington keratin and argan oil nourish hair straightening brush has an advanced ceramic feature that makes your hair healthy, stronger, shiny, and removes frizz of hair. Ceramic bristles arrange the plates closely with maximum coverage. These bristles protect your hands and fingers from heat.

Narrow edges allow the straightener to touch the roots for perfect results. There are three optimum temperature settings 150 to 230 degrees Celcius. These temperature ranges are suitable for all types of hair.

It has an automatic shut-off feature. If you are not using this straightener for 60 seconds, it will shut down automatically. The salon swivel cord is easy to handle and use. 

With Remington keratin and argan oil nourish hair straightening brush your hairstyle stays for a long time, and hairs look smooth and heavy in volume.

  • Works very well
  • Makes your hair smooth and shiny
  • Straightener is good for thick hairs
  • Inconvenient to use
  • Brush hits your scalp

10. Philips Hair Straightener – Floating Ceramic Plates, Moisture Protect

Philips moisture hair straightener protects and gives balanced moisture to keep your hair healthier. The sensor analyzes your hair 30 times per second in this hair straightener and adjusts the temperature to protect and main natural hydration.

With the iconic conditioning features, negatively charged ions exclude static, make your hair smooth, and protect your hair cuticles for strength. As a result of iconic conditioning, your hair will be shiny and smooth and frizz-free.

Moisture protect sensors maintain and regulate the heat of the straightening plates because overheating can cause damage and breakage to your hair. Floating plates are very useful to adjust the pressure during straightening. These plates also protect your hair from damage and breakage.

This straightener works very quickly because it has a high-performance heater to heat up in just 15 seconds. Heaters provide the care and exact temperature that will make your style long-lasting in fewer strokes.

The adjustable temperature feature makes this hair straightener more convenient. There are three temperature ranges 200, 175, and 150 degrees Celcius; you can select according to your hair texture. 

Dual voltage makes you more comfortable, and you can use it anywhere. And it is easy to handle and carry.

  • Heat up in just 15 seconds
  • Works faster and efficiently
  • Different temperatures ranges
  • Auto shut off does not work.

Adjustable heat setting

Adjustable temperature setting is an important feature of hair straighteners. If a hair straightener does not have an adjustable heat setting, then do not go for this because different hair textures need different temperature ranges. 

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Floating plates

Floating plates adjust the pressure on your hair and provide the action to avoid hair breakage and damage. If the hair straightener does not have a floating plate, you should choose another with all the advanced features to make your hair smooth and beautiful.

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Infused plates

If you want to buy an advanced and new features straightener for the keratin treatment, you should go for the straightener that has infused plates with the keratin or argan oil. It will be effective for your hair.

Sensor technology

For quick and easy use, sensor technology is a must for the hair straightener. If the hair straightener has no sensor display, then you can choose another.

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Budget is the main factor for buying anything. You should check your budget before buying. Always pick a reasonable hair straightener that has all the useful features.


We should use any hair care serum or a heat protection spray before the hair straightening.

No, do not use any oil before the hair straightening. Use the blow dryer to dry the hair.

No, do not use the straightener on wet hair; it can cause damage or breakage of hair.

No, every straightener does not have an adjustable temperature feature. Some specific hair straighteners have this wonderful feature.

Yes, ceramic plates play an important role in hair straightening. It will make your hair smooth, shiny and eliminate the frizziness of hairs.

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