7 Best Electronic Drum Sets In Australia 2024: Compact Drum Kits

Electronic Drum Sets, also known as e-Kits or Electric drum kits, are becoming more and more popular over the decades, and manufacturers are improving them according to the needs of the digital era.

If you want to be a music enthusiast, the best electronic drum sets in Australia will help you practice drums easily and expand your tonal palette to produce an interesting sound.

The electric drum is a great investment for your music career, and that’s why it takes a little bit of your effort to make a wise decision. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner drummer or want to improve your drumming skills; we assure you that it will help you take your music performance up to the next level with a top-rated best drum kit in Australia.

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Remember that no electrical drum kit fits perfectly for everyone, but you have to find out the perfect match. In this article, we have prepared a list of the best electronic drum sets in Australia reviews to assist you in this task. Let’s move on to the quick comparison table first. 

Best Electronic Drum Sets in Australia Comparison Table

If you plan to buy the best electronic drum set under $2000 or the best electronic drum set under $1000, it might be overwhelming for you because of plenty of choices available in the market. So many options are available, having different sizes, the number of sounds and demos, sound quality, power supply type, and much more.

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Don’t panic! We have broken down everything for you by testing various and selecting the 7 best electric drum sets in Australia. It will save you time and make it easy to choose the best one for you. Check out the comparison table and detailed reviews of the electric drums in the following section.

1. Electronic Kit 8 Piece Mesh Drums Set – Quality Construction, Extendable

Take your music practice to the next level with a Generic 8-piece electronic drum kit with a complete set of mesh drums. Do you know the concept of a mesh drum? If not, we are here to tell you. Mesh drums mean more than one drum is connected to produce the best quality sound. At present, you don’t need to go out for music practice if you have a generic electric drum with you. Further, you will not feel it is noisy and annoying for your neighbor while practicing. 

In addition, this electric drum kit has everything included (1 x snare, 3 x toms, 3 x cymbals, 1 x bass drum, bonus drum sticks, a hi-hat control pedal, and kick trigger pedal) that you need to practice the music at home. It is specially designed to capture the subtle nuance of your playing. Moreover, if you have a large band (individuals), it offers you an option to extend the kit with the help of the extension of toms and crashes available. 

It is a fact that the one who will invest a good amount wants a drum with quality construction. Here is a piece of good news for you that the Generic drum kit is robust, sturdy, and has a reinforced metal frame. This feature makes it look like a real drum with adjustable mesh heads (set according to your needs and requirements) and premium quality silicone cymbals.

Here we want to share some weak points of this drum kit. It does not choke the cymbals. Also, it produces too much reverb on the presets. 

  • Study chrome-rack
  • Impressive module feature and sound
  • Quality mesh heads
  • Excellent quality for the money
  • This drum set is only suitable for beginners
  • Sometimes kick pads make an issue

2. ZHRUNS Electronic Drum Kit with Mesh Head – Perfect for Beginners/Experts

HRUNS electric drum kit is one of the top kits with all-in-all intelligent features and gives you an authentic playing feel while practicing. The set does not have any rubber pads; it has mesh heads that offer you a more real and accurate drum skin experience.

The story does not end here; it also has a cymbal choke, advanced hi-hat playing, and many other excellent features that a music enthusiast needs for drum practice. We found the sound very expressive, which brings a true-to-life drumming experience for you. These aspects make it the Top Rated Best Electronic Drum Sets Australia, a more convenient and greater drum kit, among other available options. 

In addition, you will feel the dynamics of this kit is much more natural due to premium-quality stuff. Enjoy the onboard coaching functions (300 sounds and 30 demo songs) that you can play along with your desired pattern. We found the demo songs very helpful in building your playing skills with the recorder and metronome. If you don’t like the demo songs and sound, you can also play the tracks from your smartphone. 

Moreover, you can also mix the demo/sound (provided) and your smartphone track and practice your way. We have noticed that this drum set is suitable for all music skill levers. Whether you are a beginner at music or an experienced player, you can express yourself by playing different genres.

In contrast, there are some imperfections in this electronic drum kit that need to be improved. Firstly, it does not open successfully every time. Secondly, the snare works its way down and does not show stability. 

  • It’s a perfect drum set for the apartment
  • It is a perfect drum set for beginners and experts
  • All the pieces are clearly labeled
  • It’s a great drum kit for the money
  • Lack of setup instructions in the guide
  • Sometimes you will hear a bounce-in sound

3. Alesis Drums Nitro Mesh Kit – No Annoying Noise

Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit is the next-generation mesh performance kit with an aluminum rack and other significant features. As per our experience, this drum gives you the best and most realistic sound quality due to the best hardware material.

Also, it provides the immersive music feeling like the modern drummers that demand high-quality sound with smart functions. Let us tell you the reason for providing accurate sound quality. The reason is, this drum kit has a dual-zone snare pad, three tom pads, and three cymbals that give you a true bang for the buck.

In addition, the kit produces in-demand sound; you can mix the sounds with 40 ready-to-play modern kits, 60 demo tracks, and 350+ expertly curated sounds. Yes, you can perform like a pro with this state-of-the-art music kit.

Do you know why it’s famous among experienced drummers? The reason is the low price, and it comes with all the accessories that a beginner or a skilled drummer needs. 

If your aim is just to learn the music from the ground level, the powerful educational features will help you a lot in this regard. You can enjoy 60+ built-in educational play along with sequencers, tracks, metronome, recorder, aux input, and much more to develop your drumming skills. Want to know what is included in the packaging? The packaging contains post chrome racks, connection cables, drumsticks, key, power supply, a free dedicated app for free lessons, forms, melodics, and more. 

In the end, there are some vulnerabilities in this drum kit. The height of the drum kit is a little bit higher than the other brands, which makes it annoying for some people. Also, we found the snare is too small for learning purposes.

  • Provides a smooth playing for the music practice.
  • The kit seems to be sturdy for heavy playing sessions.
  • Mesh pads feel great.
  • It is a low-cost drum kit.
  • Not annoying and noisy for the other people.
  • The onboard sounds are a little bit lacking.
  • It does not pick up the double paddle.

4. Mendini by Cecilio Kids/Junior Drum Set – Professional Kit

want to be music enthusiasts. It is available at a very reasonable price and has all-in-all functional drum elements and accessories.

Curious about its small size? It is noted here that this drum kit is specially designed for kids who want to be skilled drummers. Suppose you want to know about the included accessories. In that case, the included elements are adjustable drum throne, round padded height, a pair of wooden drum sticks, bass drum, tom-toms, floor tom, matching snare drum, hi-hat with stand, bass mounted drum with the stand, and anything that a beginner drummer needs.

In our opinion, it’s a stylish, neat, and attractive drum available at a very low price. We think it might be the best gift for your eight-year-old son if he is a music lover. The color of the drum is metallic black that gives the room a great look and a greater experience.

One important thing about this best electronic drum set in Australia is that it is brand director approved. It means that it makes your music learning experience more precise, easy, and accurate. 

Moreover, the whole kit comes in different appealing colors. Now, you can choose your kid’s favorite color without having any issues. You can make your play loud with quality and confidence with Medini by Cecilio’s junior drum set. 

Above all, there are some points that we don’t like in this best electronic drum set for beginners. The snare drum does not have the piece for giving the snap sound. Also, the quality of the stick is average.

  • Neat and professional drum kit
  • All the material has great quality
  • Available in many colors
  • Easy to assemble
  • The provided instructions are not enough

5. Carlsbro CSD130 Electronic Drum Set – Kick Pedal, Connectivity Options

Carlsbro CSD130 is one of the finest electronic drum kits with renowned CQ quality sound and noteworthy durability. You will be amazed to know that CSD1330 brings new standards in electronic percussion. Do you know how this innovation has come into being? Let us tell you the truth. The engineers and experts of music first checked out the different drums from all around the world. After that, they combined their experience with innovative technology to make a state-of-the-art electronic drum kit for you. 

This drum kit has a digital display to keep track of the status of the drum. Now you can check what is playing on your drum and other necessary information on the dedicated screen. Moreover, the screen has a dull background with information having a green color, making it easy to see all the information.

If you are a newbie, CSD130 has many things to help you out. It has about 250 high-quality percussion soundtracks and 20 preset drum kits for you. 

In addition, the drum kit has a wide range of connectivity that makes it more flexible and convenient to use. The available connections are MIDI (for both input and output) and USB interface. All these things make this drum flexible and more convenient. 

In conclusion, we have not noticed any issue with this robust drum kit, except sticks that are not good quality.

  • Great drum kit for the money.
  • It comes with a real kick pedal.
  • More connectivity options.
  • The provided instructions are not enough.
  • The bass pedal is inferior.

6. Electric 8-Pcs Electronic Drum Kit Drums Set – Realistic Sound, Foldable

Are you looking for the best performance electronic drum in Australia? Here we brought the Generic electronic drum set with eight pieces, which means you will get all the necessary things to use the kit. Don’t bother yourself to go out somewhere for drum practice because the Generic kit provides everything you need to practice, even at home. Another amazing feature is that it is not annoying for the neighbors and is ideal for beginners. 

We have found that the kit has the quality construction to save it from any wear and tear. Also, it has a robust construction with a foldable and reinforced metal frame. So, what’s the benefit of foldable material? The major purpose of making it foldable is to keep it aside in the room after practice to spare the room’s space. Also, it helps to take it from one place to another easily. 

We have observed that you will get a realistic sound experience with it. Besides, you can make the cymbals on mute, produce different sounds just depending on your choice and requirements. If you need more help, you can acquire the built-in 30 preset drum kits and about 498 voices. We think it is enough to be an expert with a lot of available features. 

Lastly, there are some shallower points in the drum set. There is no stool included in the packaging. Similarly, the cost increases when you buy the necessary elements with it. 

  • It is made up of sturdy material
  • Foldable
  • It occupies the least space in your home
  • Good value for the money
  • You have to buy some necessary elements with it separately

7. MIDI Electronic Drum Set – Portable – Built-in Speaker

Don’t you like the bulky and bigger size electronic drum kit? Here comes the TIM-LI, one of the best and affordable electronic drum kits for all. The prominent feature of this kit is that it is compact-sized and easy to move anywhere. Now you can practice your music sessions not just at home but anywhere with your friends.

Another excellent characteristic is that it has a built-in speaker. So, it saves your money and provides you with this built-in feature. Moreover, the look of this kit is amazing and matches perfectly with your music profile.

It’s a multifunctional professional electric drum with stereo sound. There are customized settings available, and you can choose the standard drum setting, pedal expansion interface to enjoy a real drum shelf experience. Moreover, you can connect the MIDI output port to a computer for playing any electronic drum game. It will not just give you a musical experience, but game visuals make it more interesting to use and practice.

Want to record your music for further use or making a memory? The built-in recording feature allows you to record the music anytime, anywhere to get a more pleasant experience. Now you can expand your audio input and output interface and provide you high-fidelity double horn external sound quality. 

In the end, there are some significant imperfections in this best electronic drum set for the money. The sound quality is fair because of limited hardware versions. Also, not suitable for professional use.

  • Smaller in size and easy to carry
  • Best for DIY playing music
  • The design is a small and eye-catching color combination.
  • All-in-All music product
  • The USB cable included is not of good quality
  • Drum stick are of average quality


This point looks confusing, but dimensions are very important in electric drums also. The electronic drum kits must be adjustable and versatile so that you can easily keep them in the corner after use. Make sure the kit size is not bigger than your room; it must be compact and of average size. However, there are also some kits available for use in small spaces. So, make these things clear before going for the purchase.

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Weight is another important term that you must consider while choosing an electronic drum kit. Check whether you want to use the digital kit in a studio session, at home, or elsewhere. It’s a fact that tour kits are very lightweight because they are made with portability consideration. However, many other homes or official drum kits are made lightweight due to the material used. 

Besides, some drum kits are not easy to move due to the large size and heavy material used. Therefore, make sure what type of kit you need and then go further. 


Most drum kits come with editing features such as loop editing, playback, play around your recorded session, and many other similar aspects. You can also plug in your MP3 or play with the help of CD-Room. Many drums can play the track, demo, and voice-over at the same time. These features make the drums more challenging to deal with. 

Therefore, go for quality rather than quantity. Don’t go for several editing options, but choose the drum kit with the editing option you must need. 


The portability is a little bit related to the weight of the kit, but we have to consider some other factors also. The kit must fit within a few bags and does not weigh more. The recommended weight is about 30 kg with a little bit of tolerance. In our recommendation, always go for a kit that is easy to carry from one place to another. 

Drum Throne

A drum is an important place where you will spend most of your time during drum practice. If your drum thorne is not good, you will not be able to spend more time sitting on it. Keep in mind that only a few brands offer drum throne with the kit; otherwise, you have to buy it separately.

Moreover, the drum thrones are available in many shapes such as saddle type, rounded, with soft and firm cushions, hydraulic or spindle bottom, and much more. So, check out how much time you want to spend on the drum, and then go for the best one according to your needs. 


While the drum kit does not include high-quality headphones to listen to your recording, you need to have some research to pick up the perfect match for your drum set. Some bundles of drums come with ordinary headphones but if you need something different, buy something special from the market.

Besides, you can choose the drum kit with headphones if you are on a low budget. 

Drum Sticks

It might be difficult to select the best and economical drum sticks for your digital drum kit. There are endless options available in the market. Drumsticks are one of the important elements that you cannot neglect. Drums sticks are made up of different types of material such as wood-tipped sticks, nylon tipped, and more. Each stick brings different results. So, check your requirements and then go for one. 

Many other things must be considered while choosing the best electronic drum sets in Australia. However, the points mentioned above are the most significant that you should not ignore while purchasing. 


Many brands are making robust, quality, and superb drum sets in Australia. However, the Alesis brand is at the top due to customer reviews and robust quality.

The answer is yes, especially when you cannot play on an acoustic set of drums. You can record your session, examine your performance and improve your drumming skills. So, electronic drums have their own worth.

It would be best to consider many factors before choosing one, such as training features, ease of use, play-along capability, configuration. You can also check out our detailed buying guide for more details.

These days, it’s an optional term. It would be better for you if you want to acquire it; if you don’t want to acquire it, it will not affect your performance considerably.

In recent years, the best electronic drum sets in Australia are becoming more popular and accessible. We have enlisted the top drum kits for those who have no issues with the budget and who are tight on the budget.

Remember that all the reviewed kits are high-quality, robust, and long-lasting. You will not have to face any issues while using them. We hope our detailed reviews and buying guide for Australia’s best electronic drum kit will help you choose the best one. 

Is it still difficult to chose one? Here are our recommendations:

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