10 Best Ironing Boards In Australia 2024: With Iron Rest And Non-Slip Feet

Pressing the clothes is our daily routine task, but sometimes it seems hectic in our busy routine. Here we will provide information about the 10 best ironing boards in Australia that make your life easy and convenient.

Today is your meeting, but you will be late, and ironing takes you more time than these ironing boards are the best solution to your problem. These ironing boards will help you in quick ironing. 

All ironing boards have padded cover that gives smooth and excellent results. Board legs are made with high-quality stainless steel material that is sturdy and durable. Few boards have adjustable height; you can easily adjust the height that is comfortable for you. All are lightweight and foldable; you can fold them when not used. There are many more exciting features of the best ironing boards. Let’s look at the full article.

Best Ironing Boards Australia – Height Adjustable and Padded Chest Options

The best Ironing boards are tough to find. We have researched and found the ten best ironing boards for you. Here we described some significant features, including the product’s name, color, material, mounting type, pattern, dimensions, and item weight in this comparison table. Read the table and compare the product and select yours.

1. Minky Ergo Mint Prozone Ironing Board – Moveable Flex – Best of The Year

The cover is sewn with a simple bungee cord to take off and put on. The sides of the cover have a plastic wire holder, and you can keep the wires of the iron while pressing the clothes. You can easily remove, replace, and wash it. The board top is mesh, which better reflects heat to the clothing for a quicker ironing operation and has superior heat dissipation.

It is a large ironing board in Australia. Board has a small place to keep the iron on the board. Furthermore, the legs are also made of superior material. The feet are anti-slip, so they will not slip on the floor. It will maintain the balance.

Moreover, the highest height level is 0 to 36 inches. You can adjust the height as you need. It is lightweight and compact, and very easy to use.

  • It has moveable flex to prevent tangling.
  • Very comfortable ironing position.
  • It is easily adjustable.
  • It is not foldable.

2. Vileda 168583 Smart Ironing Board2. Vileda 168583 Smart Ironing Board

The Vileda Bravo has a medium-sized ironing board and an ironing surface measuring 120 x 38 cm. This ironing board is more handy and easy to carry than other ironing boards. It has a good standing height; moreover, you can adjust it as you need. A high-quality cotton cover on the steam-permeable mesh metal table ensures an easy and comfortable ironing experience.

You can remove and wash the cover. These surfaces are resilient, light, and portable. They can withstand the occasional steam. Furthermore, you can also store it anywhere in the store room. The legs of the board are also made with sturdy and compact material that maintains the balance of the ironing board while pressing the clothes. 

Vileda Bravo has a small separate place to keep the iron while pressing the cloths. The ironing board panel has a steel mesh design that allows it to breathe and quickly dissipate heat, making it less resistant to rot than particleboard. With the upper side hanger, you can hang it wherever you like. It is foldable, so it takes less space. 

  • It is extra handy.
  • It has a stem parable mesh material.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Cover quality is poor.

3. Brabantia Steam Generator Ironing Board – Ice Water Cover

This Brabantia ironing board has four sturdy legs that provide stable work surfaces and are simple to adjust to four different working heights.

Additionally, they have a transport lock for simple handling and a child safety lock mechanism to prevent the ironing table from collapsing accidentally. Furthermore, sturdy protective non-slip leg covers for safety reduce the risk of floor damage.

When it is not in use, it has a retractable hook for simple hanging and storage behind doors, under mattresses, and in closets. It is used to iron both sides of the clothes quickly. With this durable ironing table, you can reduce the ironing time and get efficient results. You can press the full shirt without moving. 

It is lightweight and compact so that you can carry it easily. It is foldable so that you can hang it in any place. If you live in small apartments, this ironing board will suit you because it does not take up much space. It has a small space to keep the iron while ironing the clothes. It will make your life easy and convenient. 

  • It is a steady ironing board.
  • It is made with high-quality material.
  • This board has enough surface area to press the cloth.
  • It is not easily foldable.

4. Household Essentials Tabletop Ironing Board – With Folding Legs

This compact portable mini ironing board saves space and offers fast and easy pressing. The ideal surface for steam ironing is steel mesh. Strong wrinkle-release is made possible by the steel mesh, which allows steam to pass through clothing and the board. The surface is made with presswood, which is excellent for quick pressing.

Ironing board legs are foldable; you can fold them when not used. The compact tabletop size is 13 x 12 inches, with a tapering nose and rounded end, and this little tabletop ironing board helps iron the shoulders and wrinkles of the shirts.

These surfaces are resilient, light and portable, and travel well. They can withstand the occasional steam. A replacement cover is also available. You can place the tabletop boards on floors, tables, and on the top of the washing machine. They can also be stored in any place in the store room. You can slide these tiny boards into closets and under mattresses.

The Tabletop board has a cover and pad attached. Cotton covers have a fiber pad sewn in. it is perfect for small apartments and college ironing boards. It is the ideal product for your home because it is easy to maintain.

  • It is elevated a fair amount.
  • Easy to use.
  • It hangs nicely on the back of the door.
  • The padding is thin.

5. Jacobson Padded Sleeve Ironing Board – Padded Chest and Sleeve

The tiny ironing board’s thick felt pad and 100% cotton cover offer a sturdy and roomy ironing surface that is also simple to clean. As you know, it is washable, so you can remove it anytime and replace it. Cover replacement is also available. The frame is made of durable aluminum material. You may fold up and put this little ironing board leg in the corner.

The portable ironing board’s foldable, strengthened steel legs are sturdy and simple, its non-slip foot caps protect the countertop, and its porous cushion effectively dissipates heat. The overall design is advantageous; you can easily press the sleeves, back, and chest. It will not slip on the floor because it has the same standing base as the upper table. 

If your house is small, it will be the best for you. You can easily store and carry it at any place. The countertop ironing board is also perfect for sewing, craft rooms, or tiny confined homes with limited storage space. It does not rot easily like particleboard. It has incredible high-temperature resistance, so it is most beneficial. You can also use it as a laptop desk and a snack table.

  • It has good quality and design.
  • It is made with robust material.
  • You can iron the sleeves quickly and adequately.
  • The iron rest seems a bit flimsy.

6. Leifheit 72585 Compact Table Ironing Board – With Fixed Iron Tray

The Leifheit Air board M Compact has a plane and smooth ironing surface. The cover has a unique Thermo-Reflect technology cover that reflects the heat and steam from the iron to penetrate through the ironing surface. You can iron both sides of the clothes quickly. With this durable ironing table, you can reduce the ironing time and get efficient results. 

The Air Board M Compact has an ironing surface with unique, ultra-light material, making it easy to open and close. Ultra-light plastic makes it lighter and more convenient than other ironing boards. The ironing board size is 120 x 38 cm with a tubular frame suitable for uneven floors. The legs of the board are anti-slip; you can place it at any place easily.

The board is height-adjustable and has a maximum operating height of 98 cm. You can set the height as you want. It has a fixed solid iron rest, a plug socket, and a cable holder to prevent power wires from obstructing the ironing. Due to the thermo-reflect technology, this ironing board is perfect for using steam and conventional irons. The cover and underneath padding provide smoother results in the ironing process.

Moreover, it has five years guarantee; if you feel any fault and damage within five years, you can replace and return it quickly.

  • You can iron your clothes effortlessly.
  • It is ultra-lightweight.
  • It speeds up the ironing.
  • The quality of the material is not so good.

7. AmazonBasics Tabletop Ironing Board – With Non-Slip Feet

This little tabletop ironing board is best for pressing clothes and linens, craft projects, and urgent ironing needs.

The basic ironing board has extra thick cushioning with a smooth, reticulated surface that distributes heat and vapor. The machine cover is washable that is simple to remove and replace. It is ultra-lightweight. You can move the board quickly to press the cloth. Legs are foldable; fold them and store them anywhere when it is not in use. It does not take up much space. Even you can hang it on the back side of the door with a lightweight hook. It is sturdy enough to withstand firm pressure.

Feet are non-slip that also protect the surface from any damage. It is the best ironing board for small apartments, laundry rooms, sewing, and craft rooms. There is enough space around and under the end of the table to place the shoulders and necklines for sewing. The ironing board size is 77 x 29 cm, a solid, durable frame suitable for uneven floors. It is available in white color that will look beautiful according to your home decor. It has a guarantee so you can refund it and replace it.

  • It is easy to use.
  • Provide excellent performance in ironing.
  • It is compact and durable.
  • Very easy to fold.
  • It works well but not so well.

8. Duwee Table top Ironing Board – With Thicken Felt Padding

Duwee is the best ironing board for sewing. It has an already-installed ironing board cover with 6mm cushioning heat-resistant fabric. The cover is made with high-quality material to give the best and the smooth ironing experience. The cover is sewed with a simple bungee cord to take off and put on. You can easily remove, replace, and wash.

The board top is mesh, which better reflects heat to the clothing for a quicker ironing operation and has superior heat dissipation. When it is not in use, it has a retractable hook for simple hanging and storage behind doors, under mattresses, and in closets.

With the Innovative elasticized edges Bungee-cord style, you can easily install and use it. Its four stainless steel legs are foldable for small storage. The feet are anti-slip so that the board will be more stable at the time of the ironing. With the non-skid protectors, you can prevent your table from floor and table scratching.

This tabletop ironing board can be used as a laptop desk or snack table. It is lightweight and portable. You can carry it easily. Duwee ironing table is ideally suited for dorm rooms, bedrooms, living rooms, and closets. You can easily store it in a limited space. It will be convenient for you and provide many advantages.

  • It is compact and lightweight.
  • You can set it up on your bed.
  • It is easy to use.
  • Foldable stainless steel legs.
  • The overall quality is not so good.

9. Joseph Joseph Table-top Ironing Board – Pocket Folding & Space-Saving

If you want quick pressing and limited storage, then joseph’s pocket folding ironing board is the best option. With its cutting-edge design, this compact board enhances the convenience of ironing to a new level. It is incredibly small and simple to store because it neatly folds in half. It has a built-in hanging hook that you can fix on a wall or door.

Additionally, it has a special place for keeping your iron, saving important room elsewhere, and keeping everything you need pressing in one place. With its quick-release locking lever, you can open it easily. Folding legs with a non-slip feet board will maintain the balance, and you will press your clothes comfortably. The setup is also quick and simple. When it is opened, it boasts a sizable ironing surface with corners for shirts, pants, dresses, and more. It is the best ironing board for steam generator iron.

Joseph’s pocket folding ironing board comes with a replaceable cover. It is simple and easy to remove. The cover has a perfectly-fitting cover with a thick, padded felt underlay for super-smooth ironing and a top layer of 100% cotton. Covers can dissipate heat fast and have a long lifespan. It has five years guarantee; if you have seen any damage within five years, you can return and replace it.

  • It has a separate hanging hook.
  • The folding design is very compact.
  • It has a fast and easy setup.
  • The quality is not good.

10. Amazon Basics H-Shaped Ironing Board – With Iron Rest

This Amazon Basics ironing board has a simple and unique design. The sturdy steel frame’s foldable legs give perfect balance. With the help of the non-slip feet and locked feet design, you will quickly get flawless and wrinkle-free clothing. It is safely kept closed by the storage locker so it will not open accidentally.

The ironing board cover is durable due to its thick padding and 100% cotton surface. The cotton fabric in the top layer is incredibly burns and stain-resistant. The cover has unique patterns and designs that perfectly match the home decor.

Legs are made with non-steel materials, and the feet are anti-slip, giving rigidity when you use the board. The ironing board panel has a steel mesh design that allows it to breathe and swiftly dissipate heat, making it less susceptible to rot than particleboard. When using the foldable hanger, you can hang it wherever you like. You can also use it as a laptop desk, sewing station, or snack table. 

The most incredible feature is that the board’s stand is adjustable, and you can adjust the height as you want. The ironing board has a small extra space for placing the iron. It is lightweight, so that you can move it easily. 

  • It has an adjustable height.
  • Extra-thick padding cover.
  • The stand is made of high-quality steel.
  • Average quality

Surface area

The board’s surface area should be large enough to press your different clothing types. If not, you should consider whether working on a smaller surface would be comfortable. But a larger surface is better for ease and comfortable than a smaller surface area. 


The stability of the ironing board is the most important factor you can not ignore. The legs of the board should strongly maintain balance while ironing the clothes. Four legs boards are more good in stability and balance as compared to two legs boards. So you should prefer the four legs ironing board.


Adjustment of the board height is very important. Sometimes you want to sit down to press the clothes. So with the adjustable ironing board, you can adjust the height. Moreover, you will be comfortable with the adjustable ironing board; you will not feel the pain in your back.

Iron holder

The presence of an iron holder on an ironing board should be available. It is a terrific advantage when ironing because it allows you to put the iron down quickly without worrying that you will burn or scorch any surfaces or the board’s cover.


You should check the ironing board cover. Is it padded or not? It should be heat resistant and provide excellent ironing performance. Also, the cover should be removable.


No, all ironing boards are not foldable.

Yes, you can adjust the ironing board height as you want.

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