8 Best Desk Lamps In Australia 2024: For Home & Office Use

The Desk Lamps are a very crucial part of your workplace. It will provide you with light for different tasks such as reading, studying, drawing, etc. The well-designed best desk lamps in Australia also serve as a room decor item.

These desk lamps provide you with many features such as adjustable settings, different brightness levels, non-flickering light, easy installation, and many others. You can work for long hours under the light of these lamps as they protect your eyes, increase productivity, and reduce fatigue.  

Before choosing a perfect desk lamp for your home and workplace, you may need to consider a few things that might help you choose the best lamp for you. Let’s dig it out.

Best Desk Lamps in Australia

We have reviewed all the Best Desk Lamps in Australia. They are the best lighting source and give your office and home a fine touch with an attractive style. The top models of the best desk lamps are listed below; you can read them to know the features and easily choose for your home and office.

This research will save your time as we have tested many and chose these eight best desk lamps in Australia for you that are best in every way. Below is the comparison table in case you need a quick view of salient features of all the chosen items.

1. BenQ e-Reading LED Desk Lamp – Dimmable, Warm/ Cool White

This lamp light is enough to shine your life. The style is very innovative, and the 150% wider light range is just like your smile.  

The built-in ambient sensor on the ring top detects light in the room and adjusts its brightness. It also optimizes balance according to your working environment. You can activate the light by just touching the button on the ring.

Color temperature customization is also available for efficient reading. The design of this desk lamp is very different; thus, the light coming from the center of the screen is darker, and the sides of the light are brighter. 

If someone had a habit of reading a full-spread newspaper, this light is enough to lighten it up. This lamp light understands your reading situation, and they switch from the warm lights to the cooler tones to make you stay concentrated. 

The ball joint optimizes the flexibility and is adjustable at multiple points on the desk lamp metal frame. Its highly durable torque springs allow you to adjust the light at your desired angle. 

This Best Desk Lamp in Australia is tested 10,000 times before assembling. It has an excellent design, and the light cap is made of aluminum alloy to dissipate the heat generated by the LEDs. Besides, the zinc alloy increases the durability and firmness of the torque springs.

  • Flicker-free
  • Auto brightness settings
  • Built-in smart lighting
  • Highly expensive
  • The ambient light is not useful

2. JUKSTG 36pcs LEDs 14W Table Lamp – 4 Lighting Modes, 1-Hour Auto Timer

Suppose your lamp suddenly burns out, then do not worry; they will replace or change your lamp with a new one. 

It is a very affordable lamp, and you can work for long hours using this desk lamplight. This sensitive touch control lamp has 4 lighting modes and 7 brightness settings such as 15%, 30%, 45%, 60%, 75%, 90%, and 100%. You can also adjust these settings according to your reading, sleeping, studying, and relaxing time. 

This Best Desk Lamp in Australia has multi-angle adjustments for optimized lighting and is made with flicker-free technology. In addition, the lamp arm can rotate to 180-degree, or you can swivel its base to get the ideal illumination at 90-degree. 

It has a convenient USB charging port that is perfect for recharging your devices, such as mobiles, via the 5V/1A USB output. The 60-minute auto-off switch will also save your electricity bill. 

The design of this desk lamp is very decent, lightweight, and you can also take it from one room to another. Also, the LED protects your eyes from any damage and fatigue.

Moreover, the installation of this lamp is very easy. You only need to fasten one screw and then plug it. With this desk lamp, you will get a screwdriver and a spare screw too.

  • Eco-friendly LED
  • Touch-sensitive control
  • Lifetime worry-free warranty
  • Flicker-free
  • It works well but is not a strong lamp
  • The base takes a little bit more space on your desk

3. PINSOON LED Desk Lamp – Flexible Goose-Neck, 2 Bulbs

If you want to buy it to add style to your office, home, and dorm room, it will give a modern aesthetic look with the PINSOON LED desk.

The wooden base will not slip from the bottom and is very sturdy. It comes with a 3-year warranty. Suppose your lamp is not working or damaged somewhere, you can contact the seller, and they fix it. The manufacturer provides you with lifetime maintenance for this desk lamp.

It is the best LED lamp illumination, and you will get a better experience by using it. With this desk lamp, you will get two bulbs that are classic white and soft white. If any bulb burns out, you may use the spare bulb that comes with the lamp.

You can also save money by using this adjustable LED lamp with 85% energy-saving 5-watts bulbs. This elegant look lamp is specially designed to use with a standard 220V~240V plug. It is a 180-degree bendable lamp head and gives you the ideal position for your work or reading. 

Furthermore, installing this PINSOON LED desk lamp is very easy and does not require an assembly. You can also gift this stylish lamp to your friends and anyone whom you love. 

  • The base is quite sturdy
  • 3-year warranty
  • It comes with 2 bulbs
  • No option to adjust the brightness
  • No USB port

4. Neatfi XL 2,200 Lumens LED Task Lamp – Clamp, 20 Inches Wide Lamp

One of the best things about this Best Desk Lamp in Australia is that it does not leave any mark on your table. It has 2200 bright lumens that provide an excellent source of light with 24 watts. A bright beam of vivid light illuminates an extended area. 

It provides you an impressively 20 wide shades and easily adjustable 32 arms. This lamp is perfect for all workplaces and provides an even dispersion of light over large areas, which means you can get the light in which direction you want. It also features a multi-position head joint. 

After constantly using this lamp, it will not get hot. You can adjust the brightness levels by just pressing the button. It includes 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% brightness levels. You may need to adjust these settings to get the perfect lighting the way you want.

This lighting bulb is highly recommended for various tasks, and in the next 20 years, you will have no bulb-changing trouble. It uses 80% less energy than other lamps and is a very dimmable and long-lasting bulb. 

It is a LED lamp with a clamp and easily fixes on your desk and takes only a little space. This lamp is easy to operate and maneuver to hold the position of the lamp.

  • No trouble with replacing the bulbs
  • 4 brightness levels
  • Easy to operate
  • Not easy to move due to clamp fixing

5. BEIGAON Gooseneck Desk Lamp – 3 Color Modes, Touch Control

This non-ghosting light is perfect as a college dorm desk lamp. The bright light is eye-friendly and non-flickering. You can adjust this LED light’s brightness by touching on the lamp head switch on both sides. 

In addition, there are three color modes with stepless dimming that you can touch for cozy light anywhere you are working or doing something else. 

The gooseneck architect clamp lamp can be fully adjustable on a small desk. You can effortlessly turn its 27.5” flexible silicone neck 360° to direct light. The metal clamp (up to 2.56”/6.5cm) did not take a lot of space on your desk, and its best usage is on a studio, nail desk, gaming, and many more. 

Using this lamp, you will have 200% larger and wider lighting coverage. It is also ideal for a large office and to use as a computer monitor light. When the USB cable is powered on, the brightness of the desk lamp is still maintained. 

The LED light source offers diffused lighting and non-flickering light that provides you a comfortable environment. The pack has a Desk Lamp (Cord Length:59”/150cm) and Metal Clamp (up to 2.56″), and you will get an offer of a 60-day money-back guarantee with a warranty of 18-Month. 

  • Eye-friendly
  • Non-flickering light
  • Wider lighting range.
  • Reduces fatigue and protects your eyes
  • The gooseneck is not much stable
  • Expensive

6. Swing Arm Lights LED Desk Lamp – Touch Control, 6 Color Modes

You can move it in any direction with the 40 inches long metal arms with three joint flexibles. It also contains a foldable metal body and a rotating base. This helps you light up your desk’s top easily as the swingarm will cover the wider and larger area. 

The 98 high-efficiency LEDs provide a natural daylight sunlight beam. It consumes 80% less energy than conventional bulbs, a diffusion panel that emits soft light without flicker and glare to give your eyes the best protection. 

Along with these best features, it offers touch control and memory function, a step-less dimmer, and six color temperature modes. Also, you can plug the lamp into a wall switch to turn it on and off. 

The most amazing feature is the one-click reading mode and 10/40 minutes timer. You can use this lamp light to work, study, read, draw, do homework, paint, craft, sew, do makeup, and do many other tasks.

The space-saving clamp design is different as compared to other lamps. It supports up to 2 inches tabletop, and the design of cabling is hidden that provides you free surface.

Furthermore, you can also mount it on your office table, headboard, workbench, bunk bed, etc. It is specially designed to comfort architects, artists, designers, typists, kids, students, editors, and many others. You can also use it in the home, bedroom, school, college, office, hotel, studio, and workshop. 

  • Sensitive touch control
  • Versatile and lightweight
  • Durable metal body
  • Lots of lighting options
  • The clamp is a little bit flimsy
  • Not much bright

7. GLURIZ Swing Arm Lamp – Eye-Care, Flexible Gooseneck

The flexible light clip and gooseneck are very easy to clip to your desk where you need them for your work. Also, adjust the angle at any condition to get the best lighting.

This desk lamp will not take a lot of space of your desk. Besides, this Best Desk Lamp in Australia brings you a convenient life; the clip of the lamp strongly grips any surface within a thickness of 6 cm. 

It comes with five brightness levels and adjustable color temperature. You can control the desk lamp with four touch control buttons. The five color temperature modes include warm to white, from 3000 K to 5500 K. 

You will get smooth and comfortable lighting without the glare that protects your eyes and reduces fatigue. 

In addition, the blue-light blocked LEDs provide a natural daylight sunlight beam that is very healthier and brighter. Also, it consumes 80% less energy than traditional bulbs, and you can use it for 50,000 hours without replacing it. 

The lamp’s neck is very flexible and infinitely adjustable that can be adjusted in 360-degree in three modes. It is also best for easy positioning, setting perfect lighting direction as you need, and great satisfaction.

This desk lamp included 1 x GLURIZ Desk Light, 1 x Clamp, and 1 x User Manual.

  • Flexible gooseneck
  • Advanced lighting source
  • High-quality lamp
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Rigid enough

8. ZOESON LED Desk Light – USB Charging Port, Qi Wireless Charger Pad

It can reach an arm’s length in any direction that you need for your work. 

The lamp’s head is ultra-thin and is rotatable up to 135° and 90° arm. It has adjustable brightness settings and four color modes for doing your work effortlessly, such as reading, studying, and working. 

You can adjust the brightness for dimmer touch for four lighting modes and 5 level brightness. It is very easy to use and operate by using six sensitive buttons. 

The best feature of this desk lamp is that you can charge your phone with the lamp and connect a USB device using the USB charging port. It can also be charged using Qi wireless charging for smart devices. You can use the power button to turn off the light. 

Remember, before you charge your phone on the lamp, you must remove the phone shell. This desk lamp includes 1 x light, 1 x USB cable, and 1 x manual.

  • Easy to use
  • Wireless charging
  • Highly flexible
  • Not enough powerful


To choose the best desk lamp, you have to know the size of your desk and the space it will take there. Suppose your desk is small, then you may need to buy a clip-on lamp as it requires just a few inches of your desk.

But if you have a larger desk, you may go for large lamps such as swing arm design. It helps you to illuminate a large area. 


It is an important feature in desk lamps with jointed arms. It allows you to control the lighting or move the lamp head according to your need. 

You can adjust the lamps in different ways, such as swing arms, gooseneck, and swivel heads. These lamps are very elegant and popular. 

Bulb type 

There are many bulb types, but the LED lamps are the best ones as they consume less energy and are of low cost. The LED bulb is brighter and popular for desk lamps. 

Color temperature 

Different desk lamps will offer you different color temperature modes such as warm to white, cool light, and many more. These color modes will provide the best environment for your work and stimulate brain activity. 


You can use a well-designed and elegant style desk lamp for home decor. The practicality, function, size, and adjustability are important in choosing the best desk lamp, but style is also important. 

It gives an aesthetic and stylish look to your home and office. The material of the desk lamp includes metal, wood, plastic, etc., which also adds to the style.

Control options

The best desk lamp has control options that keep the lamp convenient. It has an on/off button, touch-sensitive buttons that control the settings, and the basic control switch on the base. These options will help you to operate your desk lamp easily. 

Other features

Some extra features of the best desk lamps are given below. It helps you to use the lamp for multiple purposes and get the best lighting. 

  • USB port.
  • Wireless charging.
  • Dimmer or brightness control. 


The LED desk lamp lasts an estimated 50,000 hours and more than ten years.

Yes, the LED desk lamps are safe to use if advanced technology has been correctly used in them.

Some of the benefits of LED desk lamps are; they do not get hot, protect your eyes, increase productivity, and you can work for long hours.

You will get different color modes, and all of them are very soft and soothing to your eyes. But you can choose the color temperature warm to white as it is very comfortable.

The Best Desk Lamps in Australia are very lightweight, portable, flexible, easy to operate, and adjustable. In case you find it difficult to chose one, here are our recommendations.

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