7 Best Petrol Pressure Washer In Australia 2024: With Detergent Reservoir And Trolley

If you are not available with power sources, high-pressure cleaners are the best choice for maximum performance and versatility.

Considering and having petrol pressure washers, we do not require any power supply or electricity connection. Some best petrol pressure washers in Australia is best for domestic use and provide more power and features than other pressure washers.

A good petrol pressure washer depends upon its safety, performance, build quality, and price. Most people look for a pressure washer with less price, which gives maximum performance for a longer time. Concerning the need, we have listed the best petrol pressure washer in Australia so that you can go through a good product review and understand the best.

A good petrol pressure washer should be best for domestic and commercial use, and it should be versatile in terms of power and budget. Many commercial models in the market are adding up to the market value of these washers. Let’s have a look at them in detail!

Best Petrol Pressure Washer Australia – With Pressure and Power Adjustments

Having a good petrol pressure washer depends on your needs and use time. These pressure washers are available in different brands and models, which differ in their specifications, such as power and budget. Therefore we have given a detailed insight about best petrol pressure washers Australia.

These pressure washers are selected based on their tools, adjustable options, the connection between parts, electric models, spray tips, cleaning solution tank, water flow rate, etc. A list of the seven best petrol pressure washers is given below to make a choice easier.  A comparison table is also given below to compare the features of these pressure washers.

1. Pressure Washer Petrol Lw 18/250e – Dry Battery, Trolley

Comes with a complete electric recoil starter and dry battery. There is a ceramic piston pump with connecting rod system and brass head.

The pressure washer comes with a Glycerine-filled pressure gauge and a trolley with a handle, wheels, and support for accessories. There is an automatic bypass valve and thermal protection valve, which gives automatic protection from extra heat.

The pressure regulation device gives an estimated pressure increase and decrease count. A 10m high-pressure hose and nozzle with quick detergent supply and coupling power is included. There is also a low-pressure detergent suction with spear control provided for maximum pressure.

The pressure gauge tells the fluctuation between high air pressure and lowest pressure. Coupling effect at different angles such as 0°, 15°, 25°, 40°, etc. is also provided.

  • The pressure regulator tells the maximum and minimum pressure range
  • Auto suction pump
  • The thermal protection valve is very good
  • The nozzle has great coupling power
  • The pressure gauge is not accurate
  • Takes much detergent for cleaning

2. NEW BLACK JET HIGH-PRESSURE WASHER – Pressure and Power Adjustment

Comes in the list of best petrol pressure washers Australia because of the best engineering technique. This black jet supermodel is best for home usage. It comes with a powerful 20 HP engine made from high-quality components, including an Italy pump.

This pressure washer comes with a feature of self-suction and the use of chemicals on demand. This airless paint sprayer is best for different household functions such as car, roof, and concrete pressure washing. The washer contains a top-quality Annovi Reverberi pump with a pressure of 4000PSI, and it pushes a whopping 21 L per minute.

The water pressure gets rid of dirt and grime that you could hardly remove with a garden cleaner, making the cleaning easy. Pressurized water is delivered through a 30M hose, turbo head, and Italian pump. You can adjust the pressure between 1500 PSI to 4000 PSI, adding the chemicals on demand for more cleaning.

The cleaner comes with a four-stroke engine for maximum cleanliness and more pressure delivery. The washer’s power depends upon the engine and the daily working hours. It gives a more refined performance than any other regular garden cleaner.

  • The pump quality is very good
  • The self-suction system gives great cleaning
  • Great pressure
  • The pressure and power adjustment are also available
  • Pressure keeps on increasing on its own
  • The engine gets dirty very fast


Because it gives the best inlet water pressure for cleaning. This high-pressure cleaner is the perfect tool for home, business, farm, and fishery cleaning. It is best for dirt and grime on any spots such as driveways, vehicles, boats, and outdoor accessories.

This high-pressure petrol cleaner has five nozzles, pistol, hose, and built-in detergent reservoir. This four-stroke engine is best for the efficient cleaning of household areas. The powerful 4.4 HP electric motor efficiently cleans a range of sturdy surfaces.

The given hose is good for convenient usage and portability. There is a heavy-duty aluminum pump given one more relaxed experience in cleaning. A stainless steel spear gives a more strong and durable outlook.

This pressure petrol washer comes with an onboard accessory and hose storage for a more exciting experience. The washer also works perfectly with various mobile applications, and it comes with high wheelers for easy transport and portability. There is a corrosion-resistant and powder-coated steel constructed body which gives additional durability.

  • Great inlet water pressure
  • Perfect for every piece of equipment
  • The electric motor works without any hassle
  • The corrosion-resistant steel body is very sturdy
  • A little heavy and difficult to set the parts
  • The hose storage is very less

4. 10 HP PRESSURE WASHER – Brass Pump, Turbo Heat

Is the best petrol pressure washer in Australia because it is the best choice for household and industrial use. This pressure washer comes with three new piston pumps made from solid brass.

The powerful 10HP high-pressure water washer comes with four strokes made from high-quality components such as a Japanese carburetor. This pressure washer is highly suitable for car, roof, concrete material pressure washing. It comes with the best unit working pressure of 3000 PSI, pushing a massive 4800 PSI.

Getting rid of dirt and grime becomes easier, which is very difficult with a garden hose. It comes with an on-demand chemical injection with 12 liters per minute of liquid pressure. The pressurized amount of water is delivered through a hose and turbo head with the help of a brass pump.

The Japanese carburetor is much more improved than other pressure washers. It works with 10HP or power with a self-suction feature and no chemicals in the making. This black jet pressure washer’s improved pressure comes in a different range, ideal for household and commercial use.

  • The piston pumps give strong quality
  • The Japanese carburetor is very good
  • You can adjust the water pressure
  • The pump has a self-suction feature
  • The pump is heavy and hard to move
  • Water pressure does not increase

5. Bosch High-Pressure Washer – Telescopic Handle

Bosch High-Pressure Washer is the best petrol pressure washer in Australia because it is the best match for your cleaning tricks. This pressure washer is suitable for cleaning vehicles, boats, furniture, driveways, bricks, outdoor equipment. It is considered the best home petrol pressure washer in Australia.

The washer comes with a powerful 2100 W pump which delivers maximum performance during cleaning. The metallic body has a telescopic metal handle for best handling and large wheels for greater mobility. There are several accessories and attachments available within the pack that you can use to increase the versatility of the washer.

The petrol pressure washer comes with a high-pressure gun, spear, 8m pressure holes, fan jet nozzle, rotary nozzle, detergent nozzle, and water filter for maximum cleaning. The Advanced Aquatak cleaner gives high cleaning performance for heavy-duty outdoor cleaning with 2030 PSI pressure and a powerful 2100 W motor. It comes with a self-priming pump that automatically draws up water for more efficient cleaning.

  • Best for vehicles and furniture.
  • The telescoping handle is very easy to handle.
  • Multiple nozzles are very helpful in cleaning.
  • The self-priming function is very important in drawing the water.
  • Pressure is not enough.
  • Cleaning time is very long.
  • The nozzle may break soon.


NEW 10 HP 4800 PSI HIGH-PRESSURE WASHER is the best petrol pressure washer in Australia because of the build quality. This brass pump comes with a 20 M hose and turbo head with five nozzles and a pro-Tec gun. The pressure washer gives a maximum pressure of 4800 PSI which gives maximum cleaning.

This special brass pump has three lances, a turbo head, and a 30 M hose reel for maximum cleaning performance. The OHV engine comes with 10HP power and a maintenance-free brass pump for 1000 hours. The three lances are more suitable for vehicles, roof cleaning, and concrete materials.

The 10 HP pressure pump has a self-suction ability with 4800 PSI maximum pressure. A gun and nozzle provide maximum petrol pressure, effectively washing every equipment material. The pressure washer is suitable for every kind of household use and commercial use.

  • The brass pump quality is very good.
  • The self-suction function is very helpful in cleaning.
  • Gun and nozzle for more pressure.
  • The nozzle blocks sometimes.
  • The tec guns are not of premium quality.

7. SP Tools Pressure Washer Petrol – Brass Head7. SP Tools Pressure Washer Petrol – Brass Head

SP Tools Pressure Washer Petrol is the best petrol pressure washer in Australia because it is suitable for cars, motorbikes, buildings, houses, boats, etc. It comes with an adjustable pressure nozzle that gives a maximum pressure of 2500 PSI, with a 9.7 liters per minute flow rate.

The pressure washer comes with a powerful engine of 5.5 HP and a fuel tank that can contain up to three-liter of fuel without any hassle. The onboard storage is very helpful in storing all types of fuel and water without any leakage. The washer has a brass head three axial piston pumps picture gives a professionals trigger to the cleaning manual.

The adjustable pressure points are given to manage the maximum and minimum pressure of water and fuel.  The pressure washer has solid rubber wheels, which help in easy portability. You can adjust and control the heat with the valve for maximum safety and durability or thermal safety.

The metal pump comes with a quick connecting five nozzles with different connecting angles. An inlet water filter is to filter the water on the go. The large capacity of the fuel tank gives a professional trigger to the pressure washer. It comes under the list of best budget petrol pressure washers in Australia.

  • Suitable for every household.
  • You can adjust pressure.
  • Fuel tank capacity is great.
  • Less price.
  • The pump stops working in the middle of cleaning.
  • Junk supply of fuel.
  • The water filter is not fitted in the right position

It is very hard to find out the best petrol pressure washer in Australia. That’s why we have given the best petrol pressure washer Australia buying guide so that you can go through all the features of quality pressure washers. Let’s go through some of the features below!

Power/pressure range

The pressure range of any washer depends upon the use of the product. All the best petrol pressure washers have enough pressure or power range to handle any cleaning at home or outdoors.

Water flow

The flow rate of any device is measured in water per minute or liters per hour, and it plays a huge part in how much longer it takes to complete the work. If you want to clean more quickly, some of the best petrol pressure washers have arranged up to 720 liters per hour. You must check the flow rate before buying any pressure washer.

Hose length

The hose length doesn’t matter a lot in selecting a petrol power washer as they are available in 7.5-meter sizes.  You should check the working of the hose and the size before buying so that you can replace it.

Washing pump

The pump plays a very important part in the pressure washer. It would be best to look for a pump made up of durable components and parts. Most of the pumps are made up of brass head and ceramic material, which can last longer. So you should consider the material of the pump and the durability of the material.

Cleaning solution

Before buying, the cleaning material you will use in the pressure washer should be considered. The cleaning solution is simple soap or detergent in many normal pressure washers. Using a special cleaner can cut down on your cleaning time because the detergent will help in breaking the dirt and mold.

Motor type

There are two types of electric motors universal and electric induction. Universal motors are used in small handheld cheap washers, whereas induction and electric motors are more durable and quieter, which cost much. It is very important to understand the function of the motor hereafter; you can ignore the price of the motor.

Storage capacity

It is very important to understand the capacity of the pump to hold water or fuel. The capacity increases the performance and the pressure range of any pressure washer. Hence, you should consider the capacity before buying a petrol pressure washer.


The petrol pressure washers are much heavier than electric pressure washers. The heavyweight can be a problem in moving these washers around, but it is much easier with the help of wheels.

The pressure range of a pressure washer is measured in PSI. If you use the pressure washer for a professional job, look for the pump with a pressure of 3000 PSI or upward.

The stroke engine oil or petrol is needed for a good petrol pressure washer. You can find this engine oil with petrol pressure washers at any local store or website.

Here we are at the end of our discussion as we have provided the seven best petrol pressure washers in Australia. We have also mentioned some popular suggestions to make a choice easier.

That is it for our research on the best petrol pressure washer in Australia. Hope you find the best match for your usage.

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