8 Best Compost Bin In Australia 2024: Large And Small Bins

Are you tired of throwing away your food scraps and yard waste and adding to the growing waste problem in landfills?

If so, then composting is the perfect solution for you. We will tell you about the 8 best compost bins in Australia, famous for composition. Composting is good for the environment and can save money on fertilizers and soil amendments. Setting up a compost bin is a simple and easy way to start composting and can be done in a small space in your yard or on your balcony.

Additionally, it’s a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and do your part to help the environment. You will see various compost bins with unique features. Let’s read the detailed features of compost bins.

Best Compost Bin in Australia – Durable and Sturdy Bins

Every buyer needs to learn about the features and work of compost bins, so here is a comparison table of the 8 best compost bins in Australia that are famous in Australia. It allows you to easily see the differences and similarities between the items being compared, making it easier to make an informed decision.

1. Garden Composter Bin – Best Large Compost Bin

The bin is typically made of durable BPA-free recycled plastic to guarantee that vital vitamins are not reduced. Furthermore, the black PP plastic retains heat and regulates moisture to provide a quicker composting process. The composting feature of this bin is beneficial for the cultivation of plants.

If you know a little about gardening, it is challenging to give the essential nutrient-rich soil for the better growth of the plants. But, with the garden composter bin, you can give your plants nourished and healthy growth. 

You can make fully nutrient-enriched material for the plants in less than 4 to 5 weeks in winter. It has 2 doors; one is on the upper side to keep the waste material in it, and the other is at the bottom side to get the compost material. It has extra space to load huge grass and leaves in it. 

You must buy it for your garden because this garden composter bin is a great way to reduce waste and create a nutrient-rich soil amendment for your garden or plants. It is also an environmentally-friendly option, diverting organic waste from landfills and reducing the need for synthetic fertilizers.

Furthermore, it is simple to construct and operate, so you can start composting immediately without digging, shoveling, or hand mixing. A handy and lockable lid of the bin can keep unwanted pests away from your treasured food waste. It has a two-year warranty, and you can buy it with satisfaction. After any fault, it is replaceable within two years. 

  • It is large
  • It is compact and sturdy
  • No smell and mess
  • Poor quality material

2. VIVOSUN Outdoor Tumbling Composter – Best Compost Bin With Dual Rotating Feature

It is made of durable, UV-resistant plastic and has a large capacity of up to 43 gallons. The compost bin features dual chambers that allow for continuous composting, as you can add materials to one chamber while the other chamber finishes the composting process. You can use the other chamber to add fresh waste. The tumbling design of the compost bin makes it easy to mix and aerate the materials, which helps to accelerate the decomposition process. 

The rotating design eliminates excavating or mixing the mound by hand. Furthermore, the eight panels’ deep fins help turn the compost bin easier.

 Air vents allow the air to circulate entirely without causing an explosion owing to excessive internal pressure. The deep fins of this bin can better break up clumps, allowing for maximum oxygen fermentation.

The VIVOSUN Outdoor Tumbling Composter is a convenient and efficient way to turn your garden’s yard waste and food scraps into nutrient-rich compost. This tumbling composter is corrosion-resistant, weather-resistant, sturdy, and durable due to its premium metal frame and high-quality pp plastic body.

Moreover, this package comes with a pair of gloves that not only protect your hands from damage but are also waterproof and easy to clean. With four long-lasting ABS plastic claws, users can quickly dig, plant, and perform other tasks. Don’t worry; it is effortless to assemble and comes with enough nuts and bolts to assemble.

  • It has spun for easy tumbling
  • You will get enough nuts and bolts
  • This product comes with extra pair of gloves
  • It has dual chambers
  • Easy to assemble
  • The size is too small

3. COMPi Bamboo Fiber Indoor Compost Bin – Best Durable Compost Bin

It is made of bamboo fiber, a renewable and sustainable material that is biodegradable and compostable. The bin has a capacity of 1.3 gallons and includes a removable inner bucket for easy emptying and cleaning. It also has a carbon filter in the lid to help reduce odors and keep the compost bin smelling fresh.

This indoor kitchen composter is sleeker and broader than other countertop compost bins, allowing you to quickly move food scraps off your plate or cutting board and minimize accidents. It’s also small enough to take up little room on your counter or tabletop. Additionally, this is the only compost bin that is easy and convenient to use, like this one. To utilize these sealed compost containers, you do not need to put everything down or twist off lids. Simply flip up the cover with one finger to open it. You can do all your other chores while holding food. It is the ideal recycler for all of your food recycling requirements.

As you know, it is constructed from a single mold, which ensures no leaks. There is an option for a removable liner. This compost bin has various and different features compared to other compost bins.

The unpleasant smell of the compost bin makes the environment more unpleasant. But this bin has carbon and five complimentary filters to help eliminate undesirable scents. COMPi Bamboo Fiber Compost Bin is a great way to support a sustainable lifestyle. This composter will last for many years.

  • You can open it easily
  • It is a well-designed compost bin
  • The design is slim and wide
  • Cheap quality

4. Full Circle Scrap Happy Compost Bin – Best Compost Bin With Sturdy Material

The scrap collector portion of the bin is a small container you can place on a countertop or in the refrigerator. It stores food scraps and other organic waste materials. It is also a freezer compost bin to freeze the items for a long time. Keeping the organic waste in the freezer helps to reduce odors and the risk of pests.

It is an environmentally-friendly option to keep safe and store the items. Full circle scrap compost bin is made of silicone and has a flexible or collapsible design. The overall design is beautiful that can enhance the decor of your kitchen or room. You will love the incredible design and features that make your life super convenient. With the inner and outside flips, you can easily organize, handle, and carry them anywhere.

 It is 100% safe for the dishwasher people appreciate having the option to throw their bins in the dishwasher for quick and easy cleaning. So, you will get this feature in this compost bin. Moreover, for convenience, you can clean it with a brush, invert it and clean the bottom. 

You can place a bin in the freezer, and it is a helpful way to store organic waste materials, such as food scraps, until they are ready to be composted. When the scraps are frozen, they will remain fresh and will not produce odors or attract pests.

Furthermore, it is not just for kitchen items or waste material; you can place it in your cupboard, under the sink, and in the bathroom. 

  • Easy to pop out frozen food scraps
  • It is compact and sturdy
  • Easy to clean
  • It has no lid

5. Tiyafuro 2.4 Gallon Kitchen Compost Bin – Best Compost Bin With Under Sink Feature

The bin has a capacity of 2.4 gallons, making it suitable for small- to medium-sized households. It is made of high-quality stainless steel, which makes it durable and easy to clean. The bin features a tight-fitting lid to seal in odors and a handle for easy carrying. Even you can hang it on indoor sides. These compost bins are the ideal odorless storage solution for kitchen waste in your house, with no need for a charcoal filter.

It also includes a replaceable activated carbon filter to reduce odors further. The Tiyafuro Kitchen Compost Bin is a practical and stylish choice for those looking to reduce their waste and create nutrient-rich compost for their garden or plants.

It works well with reusable grocery bags and is perfect for use in the bathroom, laundry, kitchen, RV, and laundry.

A garbage can that is both space-saving and environmentally sustainable can be placed wherever you need it. It is simple to hang and comes with a mounting accessory of 20 trash bags, 1 hook, and 2 sticky hooks. You can install it wherever you want. Furthermore, it is small and ideal for most cabinet, pantry, and cupboard doors. But one thing keeps in mind is that where you want to hang that door thickness should be less than 0.95 inches.  

The Tiyafuro Compost is made with high-density Polypropylene, which is non-toxic, tasteless, challenging, and durable. You can easily clean it with soap and water, and there are no gaps for dirt, grime, or liquids to get stuck in. As you know, you can use it for multiple purposes, must buy it and make your life easier.

  • The quality is excellent
  • It is made with sturdy material
  • It comes with all essential accessories
  • It is perfect for the kitchen
  • It is not reliable

6. Utopia Kitchen Stainless Steel Bin – Best Well-Designed Compost Bin

It is made of stainless steel, a durable and corrosion-resistant material. The bin has a capacity of 1.3 gallons and is equipped with a removable inner bucket for easy emptying and cleaning. It also has a charcoal filter in the lid to help reduce odors and keep the compost bin smelling fresh. The single-sheet molding technology makes it more durable and reliable to use. Moreover, it has a handle on the upper side to carry easily.

 Just vent the bin and empty the bottom with soapy water. Drop your filthy charcoal filter in a dishwashing soap bin, leaving it to soak. Even you can use a dry piece of cloth to clean it. This kitchen compost bucket can be placed on your counter or anywhere you need it. As you know, the design of the bin is stylish, you will love all the features, and it will enhance the decor of your kitchen. 

Composting food waste is a great way to reduce your environmental impact and create a valuable resource for your garden or landscape. When you compost food waste, you can use it to improve soil structure, increase nutrient levels, and help plants grow. So, you must buy it and benefit from the waste items.

  • The charcoal filter works well
  • The lid prevents smell and mess
  • Sturdy and robust
  • The lid has rust

7. BOOMJOY Hanging Trash Bin – Best Compost Bin With 2.3 Gallon Capacity

It has a capacity of 2.3 gallons and is designed to be hung on the inside of a cabinet door or under the sink. Due to its hanging style, people prefer to buy it. It meets your diverse needs. But to install it, you need cabinet doors less than 1 inch thick.

Additionally, the slide-sealed cover is made of good quality thick ABS plastic, stable, and not easy to dump, so you don’t have to worry about your kid or pet upsetting the bin. The lid will also help reduce odors and keep the bin’s contents out of sight.

It is more extensive than the other traditional compost bins, and it can easily store more and more garbage. 

The cover of the BOOMJOY hanging bin works as the fixed pressure ring. It also has a detachable feature; you can easily remove it from the wall or door and take it down for cleaning or emptying. To detach the bin, you can lift it off the hook. The detachable feature makes it easy to maintain and keep the bin clean.

The fixed pressure ring and detachable feature of the BOOMJOY hanging bin make it a practical and convenient solution for storing and disposing waste in a small space. There’s no need to dirty your hands while cleaning up waste because it has a hidden scraper to handle the garbage.

  • It does not take the floor space; you can hang it
  • Easy to assemble
  • It is convenient and sturdy
  • The material could be better

8. NewlineNY Stainless Steel Compost Bin – Best Compost Bin for Kitchen

It is made of high-quality stainless steel, durable, and easy to clean. The bin has a capacity of 1.3 gallons (5 liters) and is equipped with a removable inner bucket for easy waste disposal.

The NewlineNY Stainless Steel Indoor Compost Bin is designed to be convenient and easy to use. It has a tight-fitting lid that helps to reduce odors and keep pests out and a handle that makes it easy to carry the bin when it is complete. The bin is also dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean and maintain. To wash, you can use warm soapy water. To clean the charcoal filters, you can use a wet cloth. You can also remove the filters every few months and gently clean them in warm soapy water. The average filter life is around a year, and you can easily replace such charcoal filters.

This compost bin is lightweight but durable, so It is nearly unbreakable and can withstand anything you throw. Nobody likes the odor of the bin, so do not worry; this bin will not cause any mess or odor. The tight-sealing lid and charcoal filters catch odors and help keep those pesky insects away. It will help in keeping the kitchen clean. The strong handle makes it simple to transport to your outside compost bin. It is the best compost bin for recycling.

  • 2 charcoal filters
  • It works well
  • It has versatile features
  • You can not hang it


The bin’s capacity should be appropriate for the size of your household and the amount of compost you will produce. If you choose a too-small bin, it will fill up quickly, and you will have to empty it more often. On the other hand, if you choose a too-large bin, it may take longer to fill up and be more challenging to manage. The capacity of the bin can also affect the ease of use. It’s essential to consider the capacity of the compost bin and choose a size appropriate for your needs and the space you have available.


All compost bins are made of plastic, metal, and wood. Different materials have different levels of durability. For example, metal and plastic bins are more durable than wooden bins. If you want a bin that will last for a long time, consider a metal or plastic option. Some materials are easier to clean than others. Plastic and metal bins are generally easier to clean than wooden bins, which may require more maintenance. The material of the bin can also affect its appearance. Wood and metal bins may have a more attractive appearance than plastic bins. Overall, it’s essential to consider the material of the compost bin and choose an option that is durable, easy to clean, and fits with your personal preferences.

Odor control

When buying a compost bin, the odor control feature is an essential factor to consider. Odor control is necessary for the comfort and convenience of those using the compost bin. A bin with a good odor control feature will help to reduce unpleasant smells and keep your kitchen smelling fresh. Carbon filters can help to absorb and neutralize odors, while a removable inner bucket makes it easy to remove and dispose of waste without releasing odors. Choose an option that will help to reduce odors and keep your kitchen smelling fresh.

Ease of use

Ease of use is essential for the convenience and practicality of the compost bin. A bin that is easy to use will be more likely to be used regularly, resulting in less waste going to the landfill. Several features can make a compost bin easy to use. These include a handle for carrying the bin, a removable inner bucket for easy waste disposal, and a lid that is easy to open and close. Always choose an option that is convenient and practical for your needs.


You can put most biodegradable materials in a compost bin, such as food scraps, yard waste, and paper products.

It takes a few weeks, but it also depends on the materials used, the temperature and moisture conditions, and the care taken to maintain the compost bin.

Yes, you can use store-bought compost in your garden.

Yes, it is possible to compost indoors using a particular compost bin or worm bin, such as a kitchen or basement. Indoor composting is a good option for people living in apartments or other urban areas.

No, all compost bins do not have charcoal filters.

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