9 Best Vlogging Mini Tripods In Australia 2024: For IOS & Android Devices

When bloggers travel around the world, it isn’t easy to take the camera stand with them. They need a tripod that is small to take it everywhere while traveling.

The vlogging mini tripods can fit into a decade pocket or a small bag if folded. The best vlogging mini tripods in Australia are much easier to carry around as they are convertible to selfie sticks.

Using a mini camera tripod is much easier and faster than using a regular camera tripod. If you’re going to a hill station, a camera tripod is necessary for camera stability. We have come up with this article to give you the best vlogging mini tripods in Australia.

The tabletop tripod is developed to support a camera and light placed on a table or other surface. Most YouTubers use this on a table to hold a microphone or a camera to talk during video recording. Professional photographers prefer aluminum tripods that are fully featured, but mini tripods can also provide you with benefits that you never think about.

Boost Your Vlog Quality with These Top Australian Mini Tripods

Choosing the best mini tripod can be helpful for vloggers with smaller setups ensuring stability. There are various mini tripods suitable for different setups. For example, if you are using a mobile phone with this mini tripod, it will help maintain stability. But if you are using a mirrorless camera or a DSLR, then make sure you consider the weight of the camera and lens. Sometimes the lightest tripods are very tricky to work with. 

So today, we have researched, tested, and listed the best vlogging mini tripods in Australia. These tripods are selected based on their weight, and their performance, considering how stable they are. So let’s take a look!

1. MOURIV VK-T1 PRO Mini Tripod – Adjustable Legs, Shotgun Mic

MOURIV is a highly professional sound equipment company eager to produce audio adapters, microphones, and portable recorders worldwide. The company is famous for audio, video, and geography gear products. MOURIV VK-T1 PRO is a multifunctional smartphone video kit that has a beautiful compact design. It is on top of the best vlogging mini tripods in Australia because of its durability.

MOURIV mini tripod is very light weighted, so it’s very convenient to take to outdoor locations. There is no need to take extra accessories for a good sound system. This mini tripod is best for vlogging, podcasting, and recording at various locations.

VK-T1 PRO is popular worldwide because of its easy use, and it comes with a shotgun microphone, BY-MM1 ball head, extension tube, mini tripod, and a clamp. The BY-MM1 makes sure that your video has the best sound quality improving the video quality as well. With the help of this feature, you can make impressive videos for YouTube, Tik Tok, vlogging, live streaming, etc.

The tripod is made with a heavy-duty aluminum alloy, which has adjustable legs and an extension pole, but the maximum height is 16 inches and is equipped with a mini ball head to capture the best angle. This tripod comes with a Dongle adapter and is compatible with every type of smartphone. This mini tripod comes with a one-year service warranty card for customers.

  • Adjustable legs are really helpful.
  • The microphone within the package is a delight.
  • Easy to carry.
  • An adapter is needed for connection.

2. Boya Vlogging Kit Mini Tripod – Portable, For Beginners

BOYA is a trademark company that produces high-quality condenser microphones and other electro-acoustic products. So we cannot forget to mention the vlogging kit by Boya in the list of best vlogging mini tripods in Australia.

This BOYA vlogging kit is made for basic learners to help them be successful vloggers. These mini tripods are best for making videos for YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms. You can use it for making videos at home or in outdoor locations.

It is designed for beginners, so the usage is quite easy and handy. Besides, it is small, portable, and easy to take in outdoor locations. You can easily connect it with Android, iOS phones, and compact cameras. However, you will need an adapter to connect with the iPhones and Android phones.

It works best with DSRL cameras and camcorders also. BY-MM1 system enables the best quality sound and video. There is also a mini extension tube available for a better selfie camera. It is for beginner-level photographers, so the features are very basic.

  • BY-MM1 microphone is amazing.
  • Portable and handy.
  • Best to use with DSLR camera.
  • Not as light as other tripods.

3. Protective case Solution Mini Tripod – Microphone, GPS Locator

Ulanzi is a small manufacturing group focused on phones and graphical equipment. They are masters in producing the best tripod stand end holders with amazing microphone technology.

ULANZI V2 Is the best choice if you want to use the microphone with video shooting. If you want to travel and record your daily life routine and do some vlogging, this mini tripod stand is the best for you. It has an accord shoe mount adapter to attach a mike, video light, or other accessories.

The adapter is included in the whole package with a mini handheld tripod plus an extension rod for the perfect selfie. You can use the mini tripod, especially with your phone clamp or any other device with an adapter. The extension rod is much useful for taking the best selfies. You can also attach a GPS locator with this mini tripod.

This mini tripod is very lightweight, so it can be taken wherever we go. It has a microphone audio box that makes the setup simple and clean. With a full-length extension pole, it is much easier to use this portable mini tripod. You can easily use it by placing it on a table or any other surface, even in outdoor locations.

  • The microphone feature is the best.
  • The adapter helps in fitting light.
  • Compact and portable.
  • Without the adapter, it doesn’t work.
  • The material used is very light.

4. JOBY GorillaPod 3K Kit Tripod – Versatile, Lightweight

JOBY is a worldwide famous company producing products to improve our video and audio picture quality by implying modern technology. Their other products include microphones, cameras, camera stands, tripods, and other accessories.

GorillaPod is said to be the most reliable Australia’s best vlogging mini tripod. It keeps your camera angle stable at every surface you put it on. This mini tripod is best for vlogging and hand-held shots. You can easily place it on different surfaces, such as the branches of trees, for unique shots and camera angles.

It is a very lightweight tripod for DSLR and mirrorless cameras. Besides, it has a flexible ABS tripod and optional ball head with 3 kg of carrying capacity for all the tools. This tripod stand is very easy to carry, and you can take it everywhere to your outdoor locations in your backpack. It is made of ABS plastic and TPE for joints.

  • Legs help hold the camera and phone.
  • Strong and versatile.
  • Extremely convenient to use.
  • A little bit pricey.
  • It can’t hold huge weight.

5. Tubace YouTube Mini Tripod – Easy Setup & Great Sound Quality

This Tubace Ranger Starter Kit is constructed completely from aluminum, so it is a compact and lightweight tripod. It has a smart microphone, which features a cardioid polar pattern for minimizing environmental noises. This tripod comes with a deluxe windshield for outdoor shooting or worst weather conditions.

The package includes a professional microphone, a mini tripod, tripod holder, etc. The tripod has filmmaking combinations for video shooting and photography. This tripod is portable and is multifunctional, which fulfills the needs of professional photographers. The Tubace YouTube starter kit is compatible with every kind of Android and iPhone device.

This tripod is best for filmmaking, live streaming, interviews, and vlogging, making you enjoy every scenery. This compact tripod can fit into your pocket, so you can take it everywhere without worrying about the weight. The microphone comes with a clip to attach the light or camera if you want to. Also, the tripod comes with a TRRS adapter cable, a carrying pouch, and a user manual.

  • It fits perfectly on any phone.
  • It enables great sound quality.
  • The settings are quite easy.
  • Video syncing issue.
  • A little costly.

6. Manfrotto Pixi Mini Tripod – Color Options Available & 2 Sliding Selectors

Manfrotto is a worldwide famous Italian brand best for producing cameras and lighting supports, including tripods, monopods, and other accessories. The Manfrotto PIXI EVO is also among the best vlogging mini tripods in Australia. It is compact enough to make you carry it everywhere, providing different framing possibilities for your photography. It is beautifully made with aluminum.

The kit has two different sliding selectors; you have different leg angles. It is easily stable on every surface, even if it’s outdoor or indoor. Besides, it is extremely stable to the extent that you can easily capture perfect shots, thanks to the camera angle and latest technology.

The camera is controlled to a 90-degree angle to take perfect pictures and videos in portrait mode. Best suitable for DSLR and has a wide port range of devices up to 2.5 kg. The PIXI EVO mini tripod is available in white, black, and red anthracite colors.

ABS adapter and a carrying bag are also available in the package. Furthermore, the kit comes with a one-year warranty for the customers.

  • Great for sudden shots.
  • It gives more height and coverage area.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • It can’t handle much weight.
  • The legs are shaky.

7. Neewer Portable Mini Tripod – Panoramic View & Pedestal Lock

Neewar is a passionate and worldwide famous company that brings you unique and cool photographic equipment. The company focuses on providing cost-effective video and audio enhancement products to create special effects with less money. The Neewar mini tripod became Australia’s best vlogging mini tripods because of its sustainability and high-end technology.

It is made up of aluminum alloy and is quite solid. The tripod is made for professional photographers to achieve great performance and image quality.

There’s a quick mounting plate that you can place on every surface quickly. Easily adjust to the height of the object that you want. It has a non-slip feet design to make sure that the tripod does not slip. Besides, it comes with a three-position leg angle adjustment system that enables us to shoot from flexible angles and get unique shots.

It has a 360-degree swivel ball head with a bubble level that provides you a panoramic view. The tripod is easily compatible with DSLR cameras, camcorders such as Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, Olympus, and other cameras.

It is available in two colors, black and red. It can support up to 5 kg of weight without any problem. The kit is quite lightweight, and you can carry it everywhere. There is also a carrying bag included in the package.

  • Amazing material quality.
  • Pedestal lock is very helpful.
  • Adjustable legs are amazing.
  • You can’t manage height.
  • The camera holder does not work.

8. Manfrotto PIXI MTPIXI-B Mini Tripod : Push Button, Slip-free

This Manfrotto mini tripod is the top pick among worldwide users. It is an ideal choice for photographers searching for a lightweight, portable, and easy-to-use tripod. This tripod helps you in capturing unique video shots that are steady and smooth. It doesn’t need any legs to stay stable.

There is a new push-button mechanism that enables you to position and locks the ball head quickly. Pushing the button enables the ball to move freely, and when the button is released, the ball is locked automatically. The tripod is made from stainless steel, and the adapter is of ABS quality. Besides, the rubber feet enable stable and slip-free standing to any surface.

You can connect any digital device with this top-rated best vlogging mini tripods Australia, weighing up to 1 kg. It can be easily connected with digital devices such as Android phones, iPhones, compact cameras, and even DSLRs. You will not get bored of the unique features enabled in a small tripod.

  • The swivel head works perfectly.
  • Much steady than others.
  • Good value for money.
  • The ball head does not work.
  • Rubber feet are missing.

9. UBeesize Phone Tripod – Wireless Remote & Good Grip

UBeesize is a USA-based company which is famous for camera and lighting support equipment. Its products are famous in professional photographic, theater, live entertainment, and video markets. UBeesize Phone tripod is the best budget vlogging mini tripods in Australia.

It is extremely durable due to its strong material as compared to the previous version. The tripod has adjustable octopus-style legs to capture clean shots from every surface level. If a view is difficult to capture with a common camera, this tripod is the best choice for you.

It can be stable on any surface because of the durable foam and plastic it has. The ball head and no-slip feet make the device easy to use. It works well with Android devices, iPhones, and camcorders. You can control the system of the tripod from a distance as it has a wireless remote ranging up to 30 ft. It works best when you are taking individual, group, and wide-angle photos.

This tripod is famous among professional photographers because of the best price it has. It provides quality features at a lower price. The tripod comes with a portable and adjustable camera stand holder, wireless remote, and universal clip.

  • The wireless remote is very handy.
  • A very good grip on devices.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Cheap quality plastic.
  • The legs dont adjust properly.

There are some features that you should keep in mind before buying a good mini tripod. So go through all of them below before choosing one.

Adjustable legs

Some tripods have the feature of locking the legs, but it can make you miss a moment to have a fantastic click of a random shot. It would be best if you look for quick-release legs, even during a random picture, so that you can take amazing photos.

Ball head adjustment

After the legs of the tripod, you should consider positioning your camera on ball heads. Some of the ball heads can easily move between landscape and portrait mode. You don’t have to shift the level of the camera according to the image. There are some tripods with a liver to adjust the camera’s head, which helps make adjustments.


If you are a professional vlogger, you often have to work with multiple cameras or mobile phones. Look for a tripod that can easily accommodate any camera and is easily adaptable to any device.


If you’re using the tripod for different locations and events, you should look for a tripod that is easy to customize at different times.


If you are planning to record outside, you should consider the weight of a tripod. Nowadays, carbon fiber tripods are very light and easy to carry wherever you go. So before buying, keep in mind the weight and size of the tripod you are paying for. Also, before having a backpack, you should consider if your tripod can fit into your backpack.

Price value

If you want to be a professional vlogger, the price should not be a concern for you. If you don’t shoot often, go for a midrange-priced tripod. Don’t buy a very expensive tripod as you have to change the tripod in two or three years anyway.


A mini tripod is lightweight and easy to carry around. However, these tripods don’t compromise the versatility and stability of your device while recording videos. They usually work better than heavy tripods.

With a tripod, you can take better photos, and video quality improves as they give stability to your device. Besides, they can compensate for the lack of light so there will be no blurry images.

YouTubers often use smartphones for recording videos while traveling as they are very portable. For a good quality video recording for YouTube, using a tripod will be better as it offers more stability and enhances quality.

The price of mini tripods ranges from 30-150 dollars. If you use it occasionally, there is no need to invest in a high-end mini tripod. However, if you are a professional vlogger, buying a mini tripod with optimal features is necessary.

For a professional vlogger, choosing the best tripod is very necessary. Before buying, check the camera type, weight, and the reason why you need the tripod. Reading an online review can also help you find the best mini tripod for you.

We have researched and tested the nine best vlogging mini tripods in Australia and compared them in a table. All you have to do is go through the list and pick out the best for your vlogging. You can look for the features in the list that suits your shooting and photography spectrum. We have come up with the best vlogging mini tripods in Australia  reviews so you can choose the best product that suits you.

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