8 Best Lightweight Hiking Tents In Australia 2024: Pick The Right One For You?

Are you a keen hiker to explore mountain places in Australia? After a tiring day, you need a comfortable sleeping place that provides shelter from rain, wind, insects, and extreme hot and cold weather. So do you need to use a tent when hiking?

Of course, but you might be worried about weight as you have to carry it all the time while walking on a steep path. You can buy one of the best lightweight hiking tents Australia offers for hiking.

Carrying a tent during hiking appears hard, but it isn’t!

Hiking tents, also known as backpacking tents, are specially designed using sturdy materials to ensure weather resistance, durability, and lightweight, thus the portability of these tents. There are many popular brands in Australia that provide hiking tents. So which one is best for you? In this article, I have reviewed the 8 best hiking tents in Australia. Keep on reading to know more about hiking tents.

Every hiker wants to own the best hiking tent for a comfortable trip. While choosing the suitable one is always a challenging task due to the availability of a lot of options.

To make things easier for you, after hours of research, I have picked the top hiking tents that you can use for hiking in Australia. Here is a comparison table to compare primary features to select the more suitable option for yourself and get satisfactory results.

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1. Naturehike Cloud up 1 Person Lightweight Hiking Dome Tent

Are you planning a solo hiking trip and want a durable yet affordable hiking tent? You need to get Naturehike Cloud up 1 Person Lightweight Hiking Dome Tent. Its canvas is designed with rip-stop nylon fiber. It has a Y-shaped aluminum alloy frame that makes it self standing tent while maintaining its weight light—no need for pegs to maintain its shape. Also, aluminum makes it rust-resistant and maintains its dome shape. These things ensure its high quality and durability.

Its upgraded Y-shaped pole design makes setup easier and improves ventilation inside the tent. It has large mesh windows to maintain the airflow inside the tent. Also, its cool green color helps keep the temperature low in hot summer by reflecting maximum heat waves. Plus, it keeps you warm and protected in wet weather as it has a 4000 mm waterproof rating. You can not use it during heavy snowfall due to its 3-season rating.

This 1-person hiking tent has a 213 x 104 cm sleeping area that is good for a person. At the same time, its head height is 99 cm, which won’t allow you to stand inside your tent. Also, there is a small vestibule for gear storage. So you don’t have to bring your muddy shoes inside your tent. Aslo, youcan place some of your gear outside the tent. You can buy Naturehike Cloud up 1 Person Lightweight Hiking Dome Tent as it packs up a lot of qualities as compared to other tents of this range.

  • Highly tear-resistant
  • Affordable price
  • Windproof and waterproof
  • Robust and lightweight frame
  • Low head height

Naturehike 2-Person Mongar Tent for Hiking

Naturehike 2 Person Mongar Tent is another entry-level model you can consider buying. This has a 20D rip-free nylon canvas with additional silicon coating that can resist up to 4000 mm of water. Plus, Its floor maintains the same quality construction with 4000 mm waterproof rating. Also, its aluminum poles are highly water-resistant. While you have to respray your tent regularly to retain its water-resistance capacity, making it durable enough for years of use.

When looking at internal space, it is 135 cm wide. It has a 210 cm long floor that lets you sleep comfortably without touching the tent’s walls. No need to bend your legs while sleeping! Also, its head height is 105cm which, allowing you to roam inside your tent comfortably. Though, it is not enough to walk. Its floor is in bathtub-style that don’t let the water enter the tents, even on a wet surface. Bonus, you will get a footprint that protects the floor of the tent from ripping on rough terrains.

 Compared to other Naturehike tents, it is quite expensive and also more durable and sturdy. This solid all-around tent is really easy to set up due to the 2 Y-structures that make it free-standing. As well as it helps to maintain its shape and makes it windproof. It has UV protected coating that doesn’t let the UV rays of the sun to enter your tent. So, it shelters you from the heat of summer. So you can buy Naturehike 2-Person Mongar Tent as it is worth your money.

  • 50+ UV protection
  • Robust frame and guy line
  • Portable weight and packaging
  • 2 vestibules for gear storage
  • Overhead gear loft for torch
  • Not for heavy snowfall

3. ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent 

If you are looking for a three-season tent option, especially for summer use, check this ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent. This is the most suitable design for you because of the mesh. The mesh material allows required ventilation and works ideally in summer. Also, it has a front and back mesh design for appropriate ventilation. 

In terms of portability, its 1.91 kg weight and easy-to-carry design make it worth buying for a hiking tour. Moreover, if you have never set up a tent, you can still do this effortlessly. It has two aluminum poles only to set the whole tent. Due to such a convenient design, it will take 10 minutes max to make it useable. In addition to this, the aluminum design allows the tent to bear all weather conditions. The fly is also effortless to install yet provides the required coverage. 

In case you are worried as due to ventilation, it may not work in the rain, the fact is the opposite. Its fly provides enough coverage and protects you from rain and wind. Also, it has two doors and two vestibules for easy entry and extra luggage storage. Although it is a bit expensive option, still its features are worth your money. For people who want a lightweight, durable, and open tent, this product is a perfect pick.

  • Take little space for storage
  • Reduce condensation
  • Beautiful and aesthetic design
  • Suitable for new and experienced hikers
  • The interior is a bit small

4. Naturehike Upgraded Cloud Up 3-Person Tent

Are you looking for a lightweight hiking tent that works perfectly for your group of three friends? Then your search ends here because Naturehike Upgraded Cloud Up tend is the answer to all your queries. Its ultra-light build lets you carry it anywhere without any burden. Also, its room size is enough to accommodate three adults. 

In terms of folding, it has the most compact design so that you can put it anywhere in the car. To carry it easily at your back while hiking, it comes with a bag for added convenience. Moreover, its free-standing allows you to set it anywhere effortlessly. Just open it, and it is ready to use. This is a fact that while hiking, the most unpredictable thing is the weather. Its three-weather technology makes it windproof and waterproof. With this, you get a never-ending adventure without worrying about the weather.

Irrespective of these features, quality stands on top; therefore, with this product, you will get quality construction. It has a 20D NYLON tent fly & floor with 4000mm waterproof features. Also, it comes with 7001 aluminum poles that not only make it durable and rust-proof but also make it lightweight for portability. If you want a memorable hiking trip with your friends without any hassle of carrying a tent and setting it up, choose the Naturehike Upgraded Cloud Up tent for an unbeatable experience.

  • Portable design
  • One-year warranty
  • Allow in and outflow of air
  • Suitable for both summer and winter
  • Zipper is a little cheap

5. ALPS Mountaineering Zephyr 2-Person Tent

Are you looking to buy a hiking tent without stepping out of your budget? You have to pick ALPS Mountaineering Zephyr 2-Person Tent that can accommodate you and your hiking partner. You can get one for less than $200, which is fairly low compared to other tents with a 2-person capacity. Also, it weighs about 2.59 Kg make it easy to attach to your backpack.

When looking at its built quality, its polyester canvas is coated with PU-1500 coating. It has pre-assembled aluminum poles that make it easy to install. No need to combat with ropes and poles! Just take it out of the carrying bag, and it will eventually pop up and get its shape without any physical effort. Its guy ropes help to maintain its shape and add to stability and strength, even during strong wind. Moreover, it folds back in a compact shape that is less prone to damage due to knocking.

This 2-person tent offers 31 square feet of sleeping area, which can be felt congested if you have a lot of luggage. However, it features built-in gear lofts to store your lightweight camping gear and keep things organized inside the tent. Unfortunately, it can not handle heavy rain. So if you don’t usually camp in the rainy season, you can buy this highly affordable and beginner-friendly ALPS Mountaineering Zephyr 2-Person Tent.

  • Easy to install
  • Highly affordable price
  • Great ventilation and stability
  • Compact and lightweight packaging
  • Low waterproof rating

6. HUI LINGYANG Double Layer Instant Family Tents

HUI LINGYANG Double Layer Instant tent is what you need to hike with the family. This tent has enough space to accommodate 4 persons with sleeping bags without suffocation. However, with a lot of hiking gear, this will work perfectly for three people. It is 4.3 feet high to provide better ventilation, but this is not standing space.  

If you are concerned about setup, so no worries, as its easy-to-setup design allows convenient opening and closing procedures. It is pre-assembled, and pop up design will take a few seconds to set up. For ventilation and to cover cold, it has double layers on windows and doors, so you can adjust them according to weather conditions. If you need ventilation, you can roll up the outer layers. In contrast, open the outer layer for a cold night and enjoy cozy nights with family.

For additional convenience, it has a vestibule with enough space for your muddy shoes and bags. Also, it comes with storage pockets so you can stay organized even outside of the house. Moreover, its water-resistant feature will keep you dry in rainy weather. However, you have to wait longer to get it dry after a rainy day, which makes storage a bit challenging. This product is ideal in terms of space, portability, and setup. Choose it to make your hiking comfortable.

  • Storage pockets for organization
  • Suitable for all weather conditions
  • Two doors for better movement
  • Optimal airflow
  • Head height is low

7. Coleman 4-Person Pop-Up Tent

This is another quick setup pop-up design, yet it has extra living space for a family hiking trip. Coleman 4-Person Pop-Up Tent has an effortless setup with all the required features to make your trip convenient. It has polyester material that makes it waterproof, so you can use it even in the rain without getting wet. Moreover, its 8 aluminum poles ensure durability and make it a lightweight option for portability. 

In addition, it has Taped floor to keep you dry even in all weather conditions. With weather protection, you will get proper ventilation. Its design protects you from water in the rain yet ensures airflow in summer. Also, it has a rainfly that makes it windproof and waterproof, so you stay safe inside. You can adjust the rainfly according to outside weather conditions.  

In terms of dimension, the length is 9.2 feet, while the width is 6.6 feet. However, the height is 3.4 feet, which allows you to move, but this is not enough if you look for standing space. The storage is also amazing, which is flat to fit anywhere. If you go for a hiking trip with friends or family, you surely choose a portable and big-space tent, then try this product to get exactly what you need.

  • Rust-free aluminum poles
  • Take less space for storage
  • High weather-resistance
  • Integrated storage pockets
  • Folding is a bit tricky

8. Forceatt Ultralight Backpack Hiking Tent

Do you need a hiking tent to enjoy snowfall in Australia? You have to consider the Forceatt ultralight backpack hiking tent. It has a heavy-duty polyester canvas that has PU-3000 waterproof coating. While for its floor, the water-resistance index reaches up to 5000. Plus, it has an additional waterproof coating at the four corners that also thicken the corners. This will allow you to camp even on a wet floor without fear of leakage. 

Its poles are made of 7001 aluminum, which is not only lightweight but also less prone to damage. So you will be able to use it for a longer period. These ultralightweight and flexible poles let you set up your tent with more ease. Moreover, it has buckles and straps to attach the rainfly, making installation and removal a cinch. This will let you use it on multiple occasions. Like you can remove the upper layer for more ventilation in hot summer.

With a Forceatt tent, you can have fun on the peaks of the Australian Alps in winter without worrying about a comfortable shelter. It has good insulation that helps to maintain the temperature inside the tent. You can enjoy snow falling and then sleep comfortably inside your tent, which is always warmer than outside. So if you want the best hiking tent that can face challenging weather conditions, you need to buy a Forceatt ultralight backpack hiking tent.

  • Spacious for 2-person
  • Remarkable waterproof rating
  • Maintain heat inside the tent
  • Vestibule to store hiking gear
  • Poor Quality Stakes

1. Tent Size – Capacity and Sleeping Area

A hiking tent’s capacity and size depend on how many people you want to accommodate in your tent. There are a variety of tents available in the market with a range of capacities, from 1-person to 6-person. This is usually mentioned in their name. Whereas, you must know that each brand offers a different square meter area for the same capacity tent. 

For instance, consider Naturehike Cloud up 1 Person tent and ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent. Both are 1-person tents. But the first one has a 213 x 104 cm sleeping area while the other has 81.28 x 228.6 cm. So it is essential for you to check out the dimensions to avoid any inconvenience during your resting hours.

2. Built-Quality – Material and Weight

The other important factor that you must consider is its built quality, which depends on its material that ultimately decides weight. Usually, hiking tents are made of nylon and other synthetic fibers to keep the weight minimum. Also, poles are made of aluminum which is not only lightweight as well as highly durable material. So, to make a tent lightweight, built-quality is not sacrificed. 

3. Season Rating

Most of the best lightweight hiking tents in Australia offer 3-season or 4-season ratings. You must know at which time of year you usually go to explore the beauty of nature. A 3-season tent provides remarkable resistance from heat, rain, dust, and insects during summer, spring, and fall, also in mildly cold weather. But to bear heavy snowfall and storms, 4-season tents are the best option. These are specifically designed for the winter season, usually from June to August in Australia.

4. Ventilation

The other factor that you have to consider is ventilation. Large mesh windows, doors, and the rounded shapes of the tent regulate airflow inside the tent. Plus, UV-protected tents don’t let heat trap inside tents. You must know that 4-season tents have the capacity to retain heat inside the tent to make them a comfortable resting place when there is too cold outside. 

While it is a plus point in winter, it becomes a negative factor in summer as you may feel suffocated due to this. To overcome this issue, tents have double layers, an outer layer that you can remove in summer, and mesh windows to ensure maximum ventilation.

5. Waterproofing

Most hiking tents offer waterproof ratings from 1500 up to 5000. At the same time, rainfly from 1500 – 3000mm work well to provide protection. Whether you are camping or hiking, it is always the best option to have a tent with a high waterproof rating, as it keeps you sheltered even during heavy rain. But if you rarely have to face rain or bear light showers of rain, a tent with 1500 – 3000 mm is also good to go.

6. Carrying Bag

Lastly, you need to check whether the tent you are considering buying has a backpack-style carrying bag or disc shape folding. It plays a significant role in deciding portability. A backpack-style bag is relatively easy to carry during hiking. In contrast, a disc shape bag may be easy to store in your vehicle but can be a bit challenging to carry along during hiking. So choose the one which ensures comfortable mountaineering.


Hiking tents are usually lightweight and smaller than regular tents. They are made of lightweight yet heavy-duty material with only essential features to ensure longevity and portability. So you can carry them without aching your shoulders. In contrast, a regular tent packs soo many additional features that add to its weight.

There is no specific rule about it. But a good rule of thumb is that 1-person hiking tents weigh as low as 450 g to as high as 1.7 kg. In comparison, 2-person and 3-person tents can range between 2 to 3 Kg. Lastly, most of the best 4-person hiking tents weigh around 4 kg, which is quite reasonable for this much capacity.

For hiking, the pop-up backpacking tent with aluminum poles is the easiest to set up. The Coleman 4-Person Pop-Up Tent is the easiest to set up as its poles are pre-assembled. Also, Naturehike Cloud up 1 Person Lightweight Hiking Dome Tent and Naturehike Upgraded Cloud Up 3-Person tent are pretty easy to install.

For more convenient hiking, every hiker needs the best lightweight hiking tent to explore the hillsides and mountains of Australia. How can you pick one for yourself? This can be a bit hard. So I have reviewed the 8 best lightweight hiking tents Australia offers. You are now aware of their pros, cons, and specs that will guide you in choosing a suitable product. Here is also a buying guide for additional guidance. If you are still trying to figure it out, here are 3 products that I have selected for you.

  • My today’s top pick is  Naturehike Upgraded Cloud Up 3-Person Tent. It is a highly affordable, portable, easy-to-setup, and durable tent. It is lightweight yet offers enough room for the comfortable sleeping of 3 people.
  • You can pick  Naturehike Cloud up 1 Person Lightweight Hiking Dome Tent if you want to get the best 1-person tent. It is ultra-lightweight and spacious for 1 person. Also, it offers good water and weather resistance to provide reliable shelter and durability.
  • If you need a tent for hiking in winter, Forceatt Ultralight Backpack Hiking Tent is the best option to take with you. It is an excellent water-repellent and heat-insulator that maintain the temperature inside the tent. Also, this 2-person tent also can adjust a 3rd person too due to its vast dimensions.

Now, you have enough knowledge to choose the right hiking tent for your. So what are you waiting for? Go and order one for your next adventure trip.

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