8 Best Inflatable SUP In Australia 2024: A Beginner’s Guide

Do you like to spend your vacations exploring oceans or rivers and cruising in water? While your vehicle has no roof rack to store hardboard, and you always have to borrow a board? This usually costs too much, and you must return it within the allotted time.

To get rid of all this, you need to invest once in the best inflatable SUP Australia offers on Amazon that will provide a perfect spot for fishing, yoga, or sunbathing.

Enjoy summer vacations without limitations!

An inflatable Stand up paddle board won’t take up much space in your car, and you can bring it along anywhere you go for your vacations. It folds up small that you can pack it in a carrying bag, and it will fit perfectly in the back of your car.

Plus, you can carry it conveniently as SUPs are lightweight. Anytime, you can inflate your SUP and go paddling. But which one is suitable for you? In this article, I have reviewed the eight best inflatable SUP Australia delivers to paddlers. Read on to get your answer.

You need to be highly careful while choosing an inflatable SUP for you. A wrong choice can cost a lot! As you enter the ocean or river for SUP-ing, you must ensure your safety. For this, you have to consider many factors before finalizing a purchase.

What is suitable for someone else might not be ideal for you because factors vary from person to person, depending on weight and purpose. This table will help to pick the best inflatable SUP Australia has for you.

1. Goosehill Sailor Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Late package, you need to buy the Goosehill Sailor inflatable stand up paddle board. Are you looking for a rigid inflatable SUP that offers good stability? You need to consider Goosehill Sailor Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board, as it has a dynamic design with a remarkable load capacity of up to 200 Kg. 

You can take shape curves without losing your stability as it offers reasonable direction control. Plus, it has a coiled SUP leash to attach it to you through your ankle, protecting to lose it, in case you fall off.

Not only Goosehill Sailor iSUP has a sturdy design, but it also delivers an attractive pattern. The most impressive point is that you can choose your design to get a customized paddleboard pattern to match your personality. This eye-capturing SUP is also all-around. You just have to inflate it by using the double-action pump that comes with it and use it for any SUP activity, whether racing or surfing. Moreover,  It has 2 fixed fins and 1 removable fin to control surfing.

This paddle board is 323 long and 81 wide, which allows you to take along your partner or kids with you to have fun in steady water. It is also lightweight to ensure portability. Its carrying bag has padded straps for carrying it comfortably, which adds to its durability. So, if you are looking for the best inflatable SUP Australia that offers a comp.

  • Highly affordable price
  • Great load capacity
  • Fast speed
  • Durable construction
  • Patterns open for Customization
  • Extended 3 years warranty
  • Paddle could be better

2. SereneLife Universal Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Are you looking for a brand of inflatable SUP that offers the best premium package? You need to check SereneLife Universal Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board. It rivals all other boards in its price range due to its high-grade drop stitch material and quality construction. It features a non-slip soft top that guarantees grip while cruising in water. It has a single PVC layer but double-layer fabric and an extra rail layer.

This wide stance SUP comes with a 3-piece adjustable paddle that is non-floating and made of aluminum, which is more durable and efficient for paddling. It also has a remarkable load capacity of up to 150 Kg. You can use it in the calm water of oceans, rivers, or lakes, as well as glide through tiny waves. It features a central grab handle to provide extra support.

Its tail is neither square nor round but a mixture of both that provides good gliding speed without hindering maneuverability. However, you have to be more careful while using it on full-on whitewater of rivers despite its good build quality. Also, it is a pricey than other products on the list as it is the premium package. So, if you can afford it, buy a SereneLife Universal inflatable stand up paddle for recreational paddling in calmer water and surfing little tides.

  • Good maneuverability
  • Portable
  • Central grab handle
  • Complete package
  • Wide Stance
  • Shorter 3-month warranty

3. AKSPORT Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Are you a beginner in paddling and looking for an inflatable SUP? You have to buy AKSPORT Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board as it comes with everything you need to start cruising in water. You don’t have to worry about durability as it is built with a 1000D filament-grade double-wall material. Plus, it has 0.9mm high-quality polyester canvas with PVC coating to make it more resistant to water, tears, and UV rays.

This inflatable stand up board is 323 cm long and 84 cm wide to offer more balance. It features fins to control directions. Also, it has a premium non-slip deck and ankle leash to ensure your safety. Still, it is preferable to use it in still water. You might face difficulty in adjusting its 3-piece paddle as it doesn’t hold easily at its position. But you don’t need to panic. Instead you have to adjust it according to your height before entering your SUP into the water.

Despite a leakproof design, the AKSPORT Inflatable SUP comes with a repair kit to let you repair it without much ado. You can inflate it with the help of provided hand pump within minutes. When it’s time to pack up, you can deflate it quickly. Unfortunately, its removable fin is not easy to remove once attached. So if you are OK with it, AKSPORT Inflatable stand up paddle board is the perfect pick to start with.

  • Wider width
  • Good stability
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Leak-free construction
  • Premium non-slip deck
  • Low-quality carrying bag

4. WOLF ARMOR Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Do you need an inflatable SUP for less than $200, but you are worried about quality? You can buy WOLF ARMOR Inflatable Stand Up paddle board without giving it a second thought. It is the best inflatable SUP Australia offers in this range. This SUP has a leakproof design. It features an anti-slip deck to provide a stable grip. Plus, you can secure your gears with a high elasticity bungee cord and 6 D-rings.

Despite its low price, it is a complete package, including fins, paddles, a pump, and a repair kit. Bonus, you will get a waterproof cell phone bag that doesn’t come with every SUP. It weighs around 13.38 Kg with accessories. But alone, this board weighs just 7.9 Kg which makes it easy to carry with you on a camping trip. So you will be able to explore oceans and rivers whenever you find a perfect spot for paddling.

You might have difficulty inflating it with a manual pump which is OK for its price. If you have an electric pump or converter, it will be great for you. Otherwise, you have to put in a little more effort. Once inflated, you can use it for various SUP activities without any further difficulty. If this thing doesn’t bother you much, WOLF ARMOR Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is the perfect option for you.

  • Low price
  • EVA footpad
  • Safety ankle leash
  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Comfortable to carry
  • Waterproof backpack
  • A bit difficult to inflate

5. JOYEXER Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

If you are looking for an inflatable SUP without stepping out of your budget, JOYEXER inflatable stand up paddle board is perfect for you. Its double-layer PVC deck and anti-skid EVA pad guarantee durability and stability. After inflating, it can carry up to 150 Kg weight as it becomes stiff with 15 cm thickness to provide a paddling experience like a hard board.

You can surf pretty faster with this board due to its 10.5 feet length and a bit narrow design. Plus, the triple fins make it easier to operate with reasonable direction control. It features 6 D-rings to tie down bungee cords that provide ultimate space to store your gear. Moreover, it reflects good workmanship and good color options. So you can choose your favorite one. 

Unlike other SUPs in the list, this one has a 2-piece adjustable aluminum paddle which offers rust and corrosion resistance. Moreover, you will get a waterproof cell bag that lets you use it to record memories. It comes with a backpack-style carrying bag to carry more conveniently. So if you want an inflatable SUP that is worth your money, you can buy JOYEXER Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board for gliding over the water.

  • Good price
  • A bit Narrow
  • Five color options
  • Storage area
  • 5-star rating on Amazon
  • Only 3-month warranty

6. Aqua Plus Inflatable SUP for All Skill Levels

If you are looking for a rigid iSUP with a decent load capacity, you have to consider Aqua Plus Inflatable stand up board. This board is constructed with Military ultra-light PVC drop stitch material. Plus, an additional PVC coating to the strength of the board. Moreover, it features diamond groves that ultimately provide protection and a secure grip.

This 15 cm thick SUP offers an admirable load capacity of up to 150 Kg. Also, you will get 11 D-rings to secure a lot of gears with the help of bungee cords. So you can carry many things without worrying about losing balance. Also, the ankle coil leash that comes with it is really comfortable. These features make it the best option for heavy riders. Furthermore, the ISUP travel bag makes it easy to carry with you.

It is really easy to use and control due to its broader shape. You can inflate it by using a double-action pump. But unfortunately, this pump doesn’t fit properly to the valve. So you have to take another person’s help to inflate it properly. If you usually go alone to spend your vacation, it is better to choose any other SUP from the list. But if you go for paddling with either your friends or family, the Aqua Plus inflatable stand up board is good to go.

  • Rigid board
  • Good load capacity
  • Secure grip
  • 11 D-rings
  • Best customer care service
  • Faulty pump

7. Feath-R-Lite Stand Up Paddle Board

Are you searching for a lightweight yet stable SUP to carry along to an ocean? You need to buy a Feath-R-Lite stand-up paddle board. It is the lightest weight board in today’s list as it is constructed with ultra-light double-layer PVC of military grade material. This also makes it scratch-proof and waterproof, which ensures a more extended partnership for paddling. It has a shorter length of about 10 feet which makes it more maneuverable.

Feath-R-Lite SUP has some extra features to ensure your safety as well as your luggage. You can inflate it quickly without any risk due to its sensitive barometer that prevents inflammation. Plus, its agronomic handle design makes inflating way easier than other SUPS. Its coil leash lets you attach yourself to the board by connecting the leash to your ankle and D-ring, which will save you from losing the board.

This stand-up paddle board is all-around and equally preferable for all skill levels. No matter whether you are a beginner or a professional paddler, you can conveniently use it. You can easily roll it up after deflating it and store it in the carrying bag for transportation. Also, it includes a waterproof bag to hold your phone during your journey in the water. So if you are much concerned about the weight of your SUP, Feath-R-Lite iSUP is the best option for you.

  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Impressive build quality
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Sensitive barometer
  • Low-quality seam

8. Aqua Marina Vapor Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Do you want to know which inflatable SUP women prefer to use in Australia? Aqua Marina Vapor Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board is the most popular among women due to its eye-capturing design. It is inexpensive yet looks like an expensive SUP. It offers a remarkable balance that guarantees a more leisurely ride than any other product on the list, as it is about 12 cm thick.

Aqua Marina Vapor SUP has a bit narrow shape to deliver good gliding speed. So you can use it for various water sports, racing, cruising, or yoga. When looking at its build quality, it has Lightweight drop stitch technology and single-layer PVA coating. It features a Honeycomb grooving footpad and 2 small fixed fins to offer stability and comfort. It also has bungee cords to carry your luggage. Moreover, you can adjust its paddle from 165 to 210cm according to your comfort level.

This iSUP has a durable rubber handle that lets you carry it easily as well as provides support. Plus, you will get a large removable fin that will help in direction control and gliding. The only downside is that it can handle up to 100 Kg weight which is significantly lower than all other products on the list. If this load capacity is enough for you, Aqua Marina Vapor Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board will be an excellent paddling partner for your next recreational trip.

  • Cheap
  • Lightweight drop stitch technology
  • Ultimate grip and comfort
  • Durable rubber handle
  • Trunk on the nose of the board
  • Less Capacity

1. Skill Level and Purpose

Are you a professional or a beginner in SUP paddling? You need to pick a board wisely according to the level of your expertise in paddling. If you opt for a narrow inflatable SUP, you must know that it offers less stability and thus is not a good option for beginners. Plus, you should know for which purpose you want to buy one. For surfing, yoga, fishing, sunbathing, or any other water sport? Once you are sure about the purpose, you have to consider the size and shape.

2. Size 

Generally, an inflatable SUP of 10 to 11 feet in length works well for all purposes. Specifically, a longer and narrower board is favored for longer distances or racing as they offer fast speed in the water. While for surfing, fishing, or yoga, for which you have to stay longer in water, a broader and wider inflatable SUP is preferable as it is a more stable option. Moreover, some inflatable boards have narrow tails for faster cruising in water.

3. Load Capacity

Before selecting a stand up paddle board to spend time in the water, you need to consider your weight and the weight of things you usually carry along, including your pet. If you plan to cruise alone, a paddling board with a 100 to 125 Kg capacity will be OK for you. But if you usually enter in water with your spouse, kids, pet, or friends, you need one with a load capacity of around 150 Kg.

4. Thickness 

You must consider thickness as an inflatable SUP with more volume and thickness provides more load capacity. At the same time, thickness determines stability too. With the increase in thickness, the stability of the paddling board decreases. Typically, an iSUP with 15 to 16 cm thickness works as the best inflatable SUP Australia offers on Amazon, as they provide a good level of stability. But stability also depends on many other factors that you must consider, such as the board’s shape, fins and many other factors.

5. Durability

How long-lasting can an iSUP be? You can check it by looking at its material and layers of construction. Usually, cheaper boards have only single layer of PVC coating. While dual-layer construction and quality drop stitching offer more rigidity to a paddle board, thus ensuring durability. You must choose one that has the PVC coating finish as it provides extra protection from corrosion and UV rays, mainly when you use it for sunbathing. 

6. Portability

Portability brings the main difference between a hard paddling board and an inflatable stand-up paddle board. An iSUp is highly portable due to its lightweight. You can deflate and roll it up to store it in a backpack. So you can place it anywhere, in the back of your car, or on your shoulders to carry along with you to the beach or any lake near your house to enjoy a ride in the water. For this, you must check the weight and ensure that a carrying bag is included in the package.

7. Accessories

Lastly, you have to check the accessories that usually come with an inflatable SUP. A manual pump must be there as it will allow you to inflate and deflate the board. Other accessories are leashes, fins, paddles, and repair kits. A leash or D ring lets you stay connected with the board through your ankle to protect you from losing it. 

Most SUPs have two fixed and one removable fin that aid in maneuverability. Your board must have these or be ready to purchase these things separately. Some additional accessories that add more comfort and versatility are waterproof phone bags or mounts to hold things such as kayak seats or cameras.


You can leave your inflatable SUP inflated. But you must know that an inflatable SUP is more prone to leakage when it remains inflated outside the water. So it is preferred to deflate it to ensure the durability and safety of your stand up, paddle board.

A longer SUP is better if you need fast gliding speed, but it demands more expertise to use as it offers less stability. In contrast, a shorter SUP offers good maneuverability and stability but slow speed. So, it is highly subjective to the purpose and skill level of the paddler for deciding which one is better.

A wind speed of about 25 Kmph is OK for SUP paddling. In comparison, an experienced paddler can use an inflatable SUP even when the speed is high, about 35 – 45 Kmph. But with the increase in wind speed, paddling will become less relaxing and difficult. So it is preferred to avoid using SUP when wind speed is too high, especially if you are a beginner in paddling.

You can enjoy your summer vacations to the fullest with an inflatable SUP, which is the most economical option. But buying an inappropriate one can be dangerous for you. For this purpose, this article has reviewed the best inflatable SUP Australia with all pros and cons. Plus, a buyer’s guide about significant features to help you to invest in the perfect stand-up paddle board for your next trip. For more ease, here are 3 products that I shortlisted from the above list.

  • My today’s pick is Goosehill Sailor Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board. It has the good built quality and includes everything you need with a paddle board. Also, it is highly affordable and has an extended 3 years warranty to ensure durability and increase trust in its quality.
  •  You can get a WOLF ARMOR Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board for less than $200. It doesn’t compromise on quality and is a complete package. This all-around paddle board offers good stability and direction control.
  • Aqua Marina Vapor Inflatable SUP is the best option for women. This lightweight stand up paddle board provides a secure grip and ensures your comfort.

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