7 Best Camping Tables In Australia 2024: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Do you often go on prolonged offroad trips and picnics with your family and friends? While having fun with your family and enjoying the company of nature with your loved ones, you need a place to hold onto your coffee cups or things.

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1. Trekology ‎TALU Camping Table – Best for Hiking

You need to check this Trekology ‎TALU Camping Table, which is available in three sizes. You can choose the one depending on your need. This has an aluminum table top that makes it weather resistant and waterproof. Its base frame is also made of aluminum to keep it lightweight, which makes it portable. Plus, it ensures a secure connection of both parts due to its unique hinge design.

TALU camping tables are knee-size tables as small one has 32.5 height and the other two are 40.5 cm high, approximately the size of an adult’s knee. If you have to use it as a side table or for dinners, you need a small one that can bear up to 13 Kg load efficiently. But if you are planning to use it as a cooking table, you need to choose medium or large as they have up to 23 Kg weight capacity. Moreover, it has rubber feet to ensure stability even on rough terrains.

Furthermore, you can carry it in a small bag that also comes with it. Whereas you must keep in mind with the increase in size, the weight of the table itself also increases. Such as, a small Talu camping table weighs just 0.84 Kg, while the medium one has 1.3 Kg weight and the large one is way heavier at 1.5 Kg weight. So choose the one Trekology ‎TALU Camping Table for hiking, out of these three size options, which you can carry with comfort.

  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Compact packaging
  • Highly affordable
  • Anti-slip design
  • Small surface area

2. Coleman 1377570 Deluxe Utility Table – Best for Multi-Tasks

You have to consider Coleman 1377570 Deluxe Utility Table, which has a strong steel frame and a 66 cm x 45 cm plastic tabletop, which is not regular plastic. But instead, vacuum-molded polyethylene makes it lightweight and resistant to harsh environments. Plus, it has a UV coating to guarantee maximum protection that enhances durability, ensuring a lifelong camping partnership.

In addition, it is a pop-up table that is quick to erect as no assembly is required. You can adjust the height according to utility as it offers three heights. You can use a lower height for dining and playing cards. If you have kids with you on camp, adjust it to the lowest height, and children can play around it on their tiny chairs. For cooking, the highest height will be more suitable. Bonus, it has pinch-free and hinge locks to provide safety during usage. 

For storage, the legs fold up, and then fold the tabletop in half. Now, it’s portable, and you can conveniently place it in your camping vehicle. The only downside is that the telescopic legs of the Coleman table are a bit shaky. So if you plan a trip where you have to use it on rough terrains, you need to check for a more stable camping table from this list. But if this thing doesn’t bother you, go and buy one Coleman 1377570 Deluxe Utility Table as your camping table.

  • 3 adjustable heights
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Safety locks
  • Easy to clean
  • UV protective coating
  • Affordable
  • A little shaky

3. VidaXL Folding Picnic Table Set – Best for Family Picnic

You can buy a VidaXL Folding picnic and outdoor camping table set to make things more manageable. It has a robust steel frame to bear heavy loads. Its polypropylene top makes it heat and weather-resistant, which makes it long-lasting. Bonus, you can attach an umbrella as it has an umbrella ring in the center of the tabletop. So, you can enjoy the shade even outside your camp.

In addition, it has a foldable design, and it looks like a briefcase after folding. Plus, it features a practical carrying handle that lets you carry it along you efficiently when going for a trip. You can use this 6.72 Kg picnic set with you for cooking and hanging around on camping trips, as it has up to 30 Kg load capacity. It is a good option for food preparation due to the stability it provides.

You might be thinking that it is the heaviest camping table on the list, so why do I keep on saying it is portable? The reason is that it is not a single table but also has 4 stools attached to it. So you don’t have to carry separate chairs with you. Unfortunately, its assembly requires some effort as you have to put together the table and stools with the help of screws. If you are OK with a little effort, VidaXL Folding Picnic Table Set is a good option for your picnics and camping trips.

  • Sturdy
  • Carrying handle
  • Easy to clean
  • 4 stools for sitting
  • Large surface area
  • Time taking set up

4. AIMEZO Aluminum Folding Camping Table – Most Cheap Camping Table

You will get sturdy cross legs base and tabletop, which are made of heavy-duty aluminum alloy. Plus, it has an anti-slip grooves design to provide extra stability. So you can confidently use it on flat surfaces without any fear of sliding off the table.

In addition, this aluminum folding table has an attractive white color that gives it a regal look. But you don’t have to worry about cleaning as aluminum tabletop is easy to wipe clean. Despite all the stability, it can carry only 15 Kg weight which is lower than any other table in the list, which seems OK for its price. Also, its height is relatively low. So you can not use it for heavy-duty tasks. But still, it is the best option as a dining table or children’s picnic table. 

Furthermore, this collapsible camping table folds up so compactly as the legs collapse separately, and the tabletop rolls up instead of folding in half. Then, you can pack it effortlessly in a cylindrical carrying bag, which can be attached easily to your backpack. So if you need a small and compact yet budget-friendly camping table for outdoor activities, AIMEZO Aluminum Folding Collapsible Camping Table is good to go.

  • Cheap
  • Easy to wipe clean
  • Waterproof
  • Collapsible legs
  • Stable aluminum base
  • Less load capacity

5. Weisshorn Folding MDF Portable Collapsible Table – Best for Easy Usage

Weisshorn Folding MDF Portable Table is the one that will fulfill your demand. It has a robust aluminum construction with a 5mm thick MDF tabletop, which is waterproof and rust-resistant. It doesn’t have any tricky assembly or opening. Instead, it offers a straightforward setup. Just open the collapsible legs that lock in place, and it is ready to use!

Whether you need a high 55 cm dining table or a 27 cm lower table to support you while sitting on the ground, you can use it efficiently by altering the height through its adjustable legs. Plus, it has rounded corners that eliminate the possibility of harming people around it due to sharp edges. This makes it best for the use of children. Moreover, you can place up to 30 kg weight on it without fear of cracking as it has a pretty thick top and solid aluminum base.

Furthermore, it has a decent size that you can use for a variety of tasks. The only minus point is that its tabletop has no folding points. It has 45 x 60 x 55 cm opening dimensions while 45 x 60 x 3.2 cm folding dimensions. The only difference is created by legs that fold up to make storage easier. So you can place it on the floor of a boat or camping vehicle. So if you need an uncomplicated camping table, the Weisshorn Folding MDF camping table is perfect for you.

  • Rust-resistant
  • Safe to use
  • Reasonable load capacity
  • Built-in carrying handle for portability
  • Scratch resistance surface
  • Tabletop is not foldable

6. Levede Camping Table – Best for Large Family

Levede Camping Table is the best option for you as it has 90 cm x 53 cm x 45cm-65cm (W x D x H) opening dimensions. This provides a large surface area for placing things and hanging around. You can use it to play cards and enjoy coffee with your family on a cold night. Bonus, it has extra mesh storage that lets you store foods and utensils away from ants or other insects.

Levede Camping Table has a sturdy aluminum frame and strong metal tabletop, which is easy to assemble. This lets it stay for an extended period during camping. Its long telescopic legs are adjustable between 45 cm to 65 cm according to requirements. These legs are in crossed pattern to provide stability. Plus, it features anti-slip feet to enhance stability while carrying up to 30 Kg load.

When it’s time to pack up, separate collapsable legs from the tabletop. Then, roll up the tabletop, put it in a 92cm x 18cm x 11cm carry bag, and store it in your camping car. You can efficiently take it from your vehicle to the campsite. So if you need a camping table with a large surface area, buy a portable and foldable Levede camping table to complete furniture for your next camping or hiking plan.

  • Mesh storage
  • Portable
  • Large size
  • Weather resistant
  • Cross brace legs
  • A bit heavy

7. FE Active Camping Folding Table – Best for Lightweight

You need to check FE Active Camping Folding Table. This camping table has a 7075 aluminum base with a rectangular aluminum top that makes it ultra-light as compared to other tables available in the market. Plus, it comes in a cylindrical carrying bag that makes it smaller and lighter to carry with ease.

You can assemble it in two easy steps that can seem a little tricky at once. As far as durability is concerned, it offers maximum weather resistance as aluminum is waterproof. You can place it even in the rain or use it on a beach without any dread of corrosion. This ensures its durability. After usage, you can easily pack it up by separating the legs and folding up the top. Then, you can put it back into its carrying bag. 

Furthermore, you can put about 45 Kg weight on it. But, unfortunately, it is not as stable as it has to be due to its ultra-light weight. So, if you want a study one to use as a BBQ table, you can check any other product from my list. But suppose you want a small, durable, and portable camping table to use as a side table in camp or to sit around it for playing cards and sharing coffee. In that case, FE Active Camping Folding Table is the best option.

  • Compact folding
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Water-resistant
  • Ultra-lightweight

You have to decide first and then examine major features to choose the best camping table in Australia for camping. Here, I have described some crucial features you must consider before buying any camping table.

1. Material

There are only a few options when it comes to the selection of material for camping tables, such as metal, plastic, or aluminum. Out of these, aluminum is most preferred due to its lightweight and high weather resistance capacity. But at the same time, it is more expensive than the other two materials. There are also bamboo and wooden camping table in the market that you can buy. But these are less reliable if you have to face rainy weather often.

2. Size 

While choosing a camping table, you need to consider its usage to decide the size. Like how much surface area do you need to dine with your family? A small folding table is OK for a small family, but you have to consider one with a large surface area for a large family. Moreover, if you need a camping table for BBQ or food preparation, you need a larger one as you have to place the stove and cooking equipment too.

3. Height

If you need a camping table for playing cards or sharing morning coffee, a low-height table is good to go. But if you want to use it as a BBQ table, you need to choose one with a height higher enough to allow you to cook food by standing around it. Fortunately, you can modify the height according to the need of time as the best camping tables Australia offers adjustable legs. So you can use a single table for a variety of tasks during a trip. No more limitations!

4. Load Capacity

You don’t have to consider load capacity if you need a folding table for dinner or play cards with your friends or family. But you can not ignore weight capacity when you have to use it for BBQ preparation as you have to place some gear for it. For this purpose, a camping table with a minimum of 45-50 Kg load capacity is preferable. At the same time, some robust folding camping tables offer around 200 Kg load capacity.

5. Portability

Campers need camping tables to carry with them everywhere they go during their journey. You need to choose one which is foldable and lightweight. When your camping table is packed down, it should be compact enough to bear a little knocking due to bumps and jumps during the travel. So you don’t have to worry about its breakage.

A roll-up table packs more compactly than a folding one, as you can simply roll the top after removing the legs. While for a folding camping table, you have to fold the legs first, then the top of the table is folded into half along with the legs. Moreover, you need to make sure that your table comes with a carrying bag that makes it easy to carry with you for hiking.

6. Durability

The most important factor you need to consider in your camping table is its durability. You need to choose the one that offers more weather resistance as you have to use it in harsh weather and on different terrains. It should be waterproof and have a UV protective coating to ensure longevity. When choosing metal tables, you must check that they have a protective coating to resist corrosion and rust. In such cases, aluminum is the most reliable option. 


A camping table is a good camping accessory that aids you in various tasks on the campsite, from preparing food to sharing it and playing chess or cards. Also, it saves you from creating a lot of mess. So, you do need a camping table for a luxurious camping experience.

Camping tables are usually made of aluminum, plastic, or metal. Metal is used for frames or legs. But some ultra-lightweight tables have an aluminum base. Also, you can find camping tables made of bamboo or wood in the market, but these are less reliable options.

Camping tables are a perfect place to cook food for campers. But you have to consider the load capacity of a table before placing a stove and other cooking equipment on it. For cooking, a more stable and sturdy camping table with a minimum 45 Kg load capacity is preferred.

Bringing a camping table to the campsite makes things more manageable for you. You can efficiently cook food, play cards, and share drinks with your friends and family. But which one do you have to buy? To make things less complicated for you, I have reviewed the 7 best camping tables Australia in this article. Now, you must be aware of the various qualities that your camping table must have to fulfill your needs. 

Are you still trying to figure it out?

Here are my 3 most favorite camping tables to make things more explicit for your purchase.

  • My today’s top pick is the Coleman 1377570 Deluxe Utility Table. It has 3 adjustable heights, a high load capacity, and an affordable price. Also, it has UV protection and weather resistance to make it best to use in any weather condition.
  • Trekology ‎TALU Camping Table is the best mini camping table which is the perfect option for hiking as it attaches conveniently to your backpack or the back of your camping bike. It is lightweight yet stable. Plus, it is the top-rated camping table on Amazon.
  • Levede Camping Table is the best option if you have a large camping group or family. It offers a large surface area as well as stability. Also, it has extra mesh storage under the tabletop that lets you protect food and utensils from insects.

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