8 Best Inflatable Kayaks In Australia 2024: With Electric & Manual Pumps

It would be best if you need high-quality and affordable kayaks for your summer adventure at the riverside, bays, lakes, and oceans. The best inflatable kayak in Australia are made with high-quality material and have padded seats for comfortable travel.

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1. Intex Excursion PRO Inflatable Kayak

To enjoy fishing, you need a high-quality inflatable kayak. Hence, the Intex excursion pro inflatable kayak is the best fishing kayak in Australia that is manufactured with an incredibly durable, high-impact material that withstands punctures, cuts, and abrasions.

This kayak inflates into a solid and stable watercraft due to its three-chamber structure and high-pressure valves. The high-output pump takes a few minutes to set up. You will feel relaxed in comfortable seats. It is the best inflatable kayak for 2 people.

This kayak has two fishing rod holders and a mounting bracket for serious anglers. There is enough room for all your gear, and even you can bring a friend. It’s ideal for all your lake, river, and beach outings because it’s small and lightweight.

It has spring-loaded valves for simple inflation and quick deflation, and high-pressure inflation adds additional stiffness and stability.

It has two removable skegs with specialized designs for best agility in deep and shallow glasses of water; two footrests fixed to the floor; two built-in recessed rod holders for fishing; additional equipment, such as a fish finder, GPS systems, and swivel fishing rod holders. Furthermore, it also comes with a carry bag, which you can pack and bring anywhere.

  • It has abrasion resistant feature
  • It comes with a detailed manual
  • Big and sturdy
  • It is not long-lasting

2. Intex Challenger Inflatable Kayak – With Aluminum Oars

Intex challenger kayak is well-designed and unique. The streamlined design helps in easy paddling. It has a high mobility feature as compared to other kayaks. The upper buckle’s placement being higher helps prevent ride-up. The thinner back panel is also exclusive, minimizing the interference with the seat back. 

Unlike many 3-buckle PFDs, all foam corners are rounded and molded. Other Economy PFDs employ bar-tac stitching, which is less durable than box stitching. It has a cargo net on the upper side for extra storage. The bottom floor is i-beam to give rigidity and comfortability. Furthermore, it moves smoothly with water waves. 

Removable skegs play a critical role during directional stability. Seats are padded and comfortable, and you will love to enjoy your travel in water. It is incredibly safe and secure to use and can even tackle more giant water waves. Boston valve performs well during inflation and deflation. Additionally, a velcro seat will keep you safe and secure.

 It comes with a high-quality fabric bag you can pack and bring anytime. Additionally, you can give it to your friend and siblings as a birthday present.

  • It moves very quickly
  • Easy to use
  • It maintains the balance in the water
  • It is just for 1 person

3. BRIS 4.3M Inflatable Kayak Inflatable – With AIRFLOOR

It is a unique inflatable kayak. You can ride it like a traditional kayak wherever you want, in the lake, river bay, or ocean. It also works well with a cheap electric trolling motor or a little gas engine. The BRIS inflatable kayak is incredibly compact and fits into a medium-sized bag. You can now bring your BRIS kayak on your trip instead of renting a boat.

You can stand, fly fish, or even get into those tight spaces where other boats can’t go to enjoy the most excellent fishing due to the design’s exceptional stability. The large tubes are designed for more stability and buoyancy. Bris inflatable kayak is famous among people who want a high-quality and well-featured kayak.

The deck floor made of inflated high-pressure air is exceptionally stable. Like on a hard floor, you can stand, walk, and even jump on it. Each side tube has two air chambers to increase boat safety. Transoms with triangular splash guards are covered to reduce backsplash and shield the transom holders from heat and UV rays. The BRIS works well as a dinghy for sailboats and yachts as well.

Bris inflatable kayak made with equally strong 1,100 Denier PVC, which has excellent resilience to stress, tearing, and breaking. It is much more durable than most PVC fabrics made with 1,000 Denier.

For flawless seaming and durability in fresh water, salt water, and high humidity, all seams are heat welded. Most seams have a quadruple overlap for optimal strength and longevity and to ensure they won’t fall apart. This inflatable kayak includes accessories such as a foot pump, carrying bag, PVC hull, and repair kits.

  • Reasonable price
  • The best kayak for adding the motor
  • It works well
  • Perfect in size
  • The inflate feature does not work well

4. Bestway 2-Person Inflatable Kayak – With Aluminium Twin-Bladed Oars

If you feel the hassle of carrying your kayak from home to a water place you do not have any extra space to store it, you must buy Bestway inflatable kayak. This kayak is entirely deflatable, and you can use it anytime. This fantastic two-seater kayak has all the required valves to make it simple to inflate. Its all premium features allow you to spend more time enjoying yourself on the water and less time getting ready.

Its middle fin is detachable for improved directional stability, and built-in grommets make handling with the grab rope simple. With the adjustable seats, you can sit easily. 

The form-fitting structure, built to strict standards, guarantees that no water enters the cockpit and that both rowers are snugly and comfortably seated. In addition, the kayak comes with two 2.18-meter aluminum twin-blade oars to help you get going quickly and a handy repair kit in case of accidental tears.

You will feel relaxed and secure on the water in this kayak. It has carrying handles on the front and backside. This kayak is designed for 2 people; you can enjoy your trip with your friend and partner. It comes with a high-quality fabric bag you can pack and bring anytime. Additionally, you can give it to your friend and siblings as a birthday present.

  • It is easy to inflate and very maneuverable
  • It is very stable to use
  • Well-designed
  • Kayak seats are not comfortable to sit on

5. AQUAGLIDE Navarro 130 Inflatable Kayak – With Drop Stitch Floor

The Aquaglide Navarro is an intermediate cross-over touring boat that takes you out on the water. You do not need to worry about whether to buy and enjoy your time with an Aquaglide Navarro kayak. It is made with super-quality material, and you will love it.

Aquaglide is the kayak to try paddling and tackle the large water waves. The Navarro has a drop-stitched floor construction that allows for higher pressure inflation and increases the rigidity of the floor without adding weight. With the detachable zip-on decks and HexShell-covered pontoons, you can use it in all weather. 

Quick-release fin is also available; you can adjust and release it quickly. The footrest adjustment system is improved as compared to other kayaks. It has a padding position that provides comfort and balance for sitting. Boston valve works well in inflating and deflating, and the kayak is easy to use with them. Moreover, a velcro seat will keep you secure and safe. It is the best inflatable kayak for 1 person.

The item will come in a storage bag, you can pack and store it in this bag, and it is easy to hold and carry on any vehicle. 

It is well-designed and lightweight, and you can easily carry it to your water place. Additionally, you can give it to your friend and siblings as a birthday present. With the one-year warranty offer, you must buy and try it for a fantastic experience.

  • The seat is comfortable
  • Easy to transport
  • Provide balance and maintenance on the water surface
  • Expensive

6. Explorer K2 Kayak – With Manual and Electric Pumps

The Explorer K2 kayak is beautifully designed; that’s why people love to use this; its design makes paddling simple. It has bright and attractive bright yellow color and a sporty motif that is quite visible in the water and grabs everyone’s attention. If you want to enjoy this experience with your friend and partner, this Explorer K2 kayak has enough space for even a tiny kid to adjust to it. If you are a beginner, then this is best for you.

Make unforgettable memories and explore the river and lakes. This kayak is portable, lightweight, and easy to put together, letting you enjoy paddling wherever you go. This rigid kayak boasts an inflatable I-beam floor for comfort and rigidity and is constructed of durable vinyl. Two adjustable, inflatable seats with backrests are featured for comfort, and a detachable skeg offers directional stability.

Quick inflation or deflation is simple, with a Boston valve on each side. For quick inflation and deflation, an Intex high-output pump is also available as a grab handle, and the line is available. The reinforcement belt is large enough and effectively holds you on the seat. Moreover, it comes with two 86 inches of aluminum oars for paddling. Unlike other traditional kayaks with no feature for maintenance and directional stability, it has a removable skeg.

  • The material is sturdy and rigid
  • Seats are safe and secure
  • Available at a low price
  • Drainage valves are poor

7. BRIS 3.7M Inflatable Kayak – Fishing Tender POONTON Boat

Intex Dakota K2 kayak has every accessory you need to travel in water. Buy this incredible kayak that has explored the lakes, bays, oceans, and rivers with your favorite person. Three distinct air chambers of the kayak provide stability during travel, and the I-beam floor gives this 2-person kayak rigidity. It indicates that this kayak is sturdy enough to support up to 400 pounds while remaining inflated.

The long and short skegs of this inflatable kayak and oars are available for straight-line tracking and fast turns, allowing you to glide over the water effortlessly. The seats and backrests of this inflatable boat are detachable and adjustable, and you can remove them when you want. Furthermore, the seat material is padded to ensure the comfort of users. 

With the grab lines and carry handles, you can easily hold it, and these features make it easier to transport this inflatable boat to and from your place. It is made with puncture-resistant, heavy-duty, rigid vinyl material that can tackle heavy waves. Long and short skegs are also available for turning the kayak’s position. Additionally, you can give it to your friend and siblings as a birthday present. With the one-year warranty offer, you must buy and try it for a fantastic experience.

  • Easy to set
  • It is made with tough and sturdy material
  • Worth the price


Three types of material are used in inflatable kayaks Nitrylon, PVC, and Hypalon. Each one has advantages and disadvantages. The least expensive choice is PVC construction, which offers a high level of durability but isn’t very environmentally friendly.

The most long-lasting and resilient material is Hypalon, but it is expensive. It resists fungus, mildew, and sunlight the best over time. It is often applied as a coating over nylon or polyester. Nitrylon kayaks are made with a mix of synthetic and natural rubber. In terms of performance and durability, it’s good. It is more cost-effective than Hypalon.

You should use an excellent material that is tear and puncture-resistant. Some kayaks have three layers, a tarp on the bottom, and integrated aluminum ribs. With an inflatable kayak, spending a little more for quality is worthwhile because, in general, you get what you pay for.

Probably, the kayak will occasionally scrape against rocks or other objects, so it’s essential to pick one that can resist everyday wear and tear.

Air chamber

While discussing materials and durability, it is worthwhile to check for an inflatable kayak that utilizes many air chambers. Most kayaks come with a standard left, right, and floor air chamber; however, having an inner and an outer chamber can offer additional security if the kayak suffers a puncture.

Suppose there are problems while on the water; a kayak with many air chambers will make it simpler to return to land. It would help to prefer the kayak with inner and outer chambers.


One of the critical features of an inflatable kayak is its portability. Since this will vary between models, it is essential to take note of the kayak’s dimensions and weight when it is packed away and deflated. When deciding which choice is ideal for you, it’s best to make sure it’s portable; you should be able to move it to and from the water and that, when packed up, it will fit in your car.

Easy to use

The inflatable kayak requires time to set up and is more difficult to open than a hardshell kayak. Some packages include a hand pump; it typically takes 5 to 10 minutes to inflate a kayak with a hand pump fully.

When on the water, the kayak ought to be simple to maneuver. Although some more expensive inflatable kayaks are more challenging to paddle and steer, others are almost as responsive as hardshell kayaks. The kayak’s size and form are frequently strong indicators of its maneuverability, and a skeg can assist with tracking and maintaining the kayak.


Another factor to consider is how comfortable the kayak is to seat and paddle. Padded seats make paddlers more comfortable. The cockpit’s size is also essential, mainly if you are taller and want more leg space.


An inflatable kayak is significantly more affordable than a hardshell kayak. Everything from a portable, one-person inflatable kayak to a tandem inflatable kit with aluminum paddles and a hand pump is available. Don’t base your decision solely on price; always prefer the quality of the product.


Yes, durable and high-quality kayaks are worth the money because they are reliable, sturdy, and safe.

No, inflatable kayas are designed to maintain balance and buoyancy in water.

Yes, inflatable kayaks are puncture and tear-resistant.

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