How To Put Chain On Chainsaw? A Guide For Aussies 2024

Nothing is perfect, not a single thing has ever been built that can last forever; the same can be said about your chainsaw. Your chainsaw will need constant maintenance and its chain will either need to be sharpened or replaced eventually.

In this article, I will tell you all there is that you need to know about putting a chain on your chain saw in Australia.

You will be better off teaching yourself how to change a chain instead of having to have to go to the workshop every time something goes wrong with it. It is better for you in terms of saving time as well as saving money.

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Even though the steps for replacing a chain on a chain saw are fairly simple and the entire process takes less than 5 minutes, complete knowledge about each aspect can make the difference between a correctly configured chain and a poorly configured one.

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The only tool that you will be needing for this process is a scrench that comes with your chain saw and if you don’t have it, a flat-head screwdriver or a socket wrench will serve you just fine.


The first step towards replacing a chain is obviously, getting a similar new chain that you will replace the older one with.

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Step 2:

Secondly, you need to loosen all the screws and remove the older chain. You will do this by, first of all, removing the guide bar, then the plate that covers the chain, and then after releasing the chain tension, taking the chain off carefully.

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Step 3:

Clean the saw carefully from the inside out taking care of any excess grease or debris that might have managed to get within the gaps.

Step 4:

Find the tension screw. It will be by the side of the guide bar and loosening it will make it easier for you to install the new chain.

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Step 5:

Repeating the process of taking off the chain but in reverse, carefully place the new chain around the chainsaw’s clutch drum while making sure that the drive’s link fits perfectly in the sprocket.

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Step 6:

Now you need to align the guide bar. After threading the chain along the guide bar, clutch and drum, you need to add some tension to it by pulling the guide bar away from your chainsaw. Make sure that you pull it away just enough to seat it onto the adjustment pin.

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Step 7:

Put the side plate back in its place and put the nuts and bolts in their places on top of the plate, but don’t tighten them yet. You need to adjust the tension in the guide bar before doing that.

Step 8:

Use the tightening screw to adjust the tension of the chain and the guide bar.

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Step 9:

At last, finish by tightening the nuts on the plate and putting the guard back on.

Now, your chainsaw chain replacement is complete, and you can use it to fulfill all your cutting requirements.

Try all the steps one by one and make sure to follow all the safety precautions before the whole procedure.

Good Luck!!

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