10 Best Waffle Makers In Australia 2024: Crisp And Fluffy Dreams

Are you a fan of waffles but don’t have time to spare to go to your favorite café to get some?

Agreeing to the fact that:

A poor quality waffle maker can spoil the experience and the possible problems might be as difficult to clean, sticky functioning, poor timer/heat controls, and many others as well.

But do not worry at all, as we have shortlisted the top 10 waffle makers that are quite functional, easy to clean, adjustable, and eco friendly.

In order to disclose more features, have a look below at the 10 top-rated waffle makers!

Best Waffle Makers in Australia – Bake to Your Heart’s Content

Let’s look at the comparisons between the top-rated best waffle makers in Australia first.

1. Breville The Smart Waffle – Snack Maker, Wide Wrap, Large Waffle

Moreover, it is made up of stainless steel. It is a wide wrap that is specifically made around moat catches. Thus, it looks quite well. That can be cooked overflow as well.

Moreover, the waffle maker is an automatic IQ appliance that calculates the cooking time. In that case, the waffle batter is added to the appliance to make the best one.

Furthermore, the waffle is present in various flavors and tastes such as classic, buttermilk, Belgian, and chocolate. However, it has 4 large waffles that are available in custom settings.

Waffle makers are designed for the experts!

The appliance also has a brown control variable rotator. It knows how to control browning from low to high, and light to dark.

Moreover, the power menu is also a very important element of this appliance that can also be controlled intelligently by the power button. Likewise, it has 12 multiple setting options to control the performance and working of the appliance.

To prepare tasty waffles, sticky ingredients are added to the waffle batter. It also has a good cooking time that can help in making the best ones.

Now, you can easily make crispy waffles in golden color without any delay or mess. And, it can also be cleaned up without any hassle. Just add the batter mix to the waffle maker and leave the rest on it.

Plus, you can choose a waffle style, color, and taste of your own.

  • Customize setting
  • Prepare a waffle of your choice
  • Produces crisp crusts with fluffy insides
  • Easy to use
  • Non-stick plane of the appliance
  • Moat feature with smart setting
  • The manual is quite thin

2. Breville BWM520BSS: Smart, Silver, Hassle-free Waffle Maker

It is a brown and silver color stainless steel waffle appliance that is good to go with your kitchen cabinets. Moreover, it does not produce any mess while being used. And, it is easy to handle and easy to maintain just like other Breville kitchen appliances.

However, it requires a wattage of 900 to show its best performance, therefore, it is able to distribute heat accordingly. Plus, it has a control dial that is fixed to set the browning of the waffles.

Besides, there is a wide wrap around the catches that ensures cook overflow. Moreover, it has 7 different settings of colors and brown control.

This perhaps makes it versatile, stylish, and classy.

It is made up of thermal pro optimizing material that equally heats the appliance to make the best waffles at home.

Certainly, the waffle batter has included the sticky material, but due to the non-sticky base, it won’t stick to the surface.

Additionally, it tends to control the making of the waffle from light to dark, and soft to golden brown or crispy form.

It can be cleaned up easily which is also one of its greatest advantages. Plus, its customized setting adds up more value and worth to it.

  • Customized setting
  • Adjustable cook time
  • Filled iron
  • Mess-free
  • Easy to cook waffles
  • Easy to operate
  • Initially, it works good, but after excessive use, it might create problems

3. Euro Cuisine WM520 Eco Friendly – Handy, Compact Size with Non-Sticky Surface

Don’t worry, Euro Cuisine waffle maker is just one click away from you.

It is a hard shaped appliance that can easily accommodate 4 to 5 waffles in the vertical form. Moreover, it has a non-stick coating but is available in silver color.

Besides, it has a dial that can adjust the temperature according to your desires. So, no need of stressing yourself with the temperature control or burning of waffle.

Also, it is made up of a durable material with a chrome exterior. Plus, the non-stick plates belong to PFOA and PTFE.

Waffle making becomes easy at home:

850 watts of power wattage is required by the appliance to operate smoothly and efficiently. Moreover, it has a ceramic coating over the entire appliance, surface, and interior.

It can produce a wide variety of waffles in the heart shape while different batters and their variety can also be accommodated.

The cooking process can be adjusted by the setting dial and system that surely help you to make the best waffles.

  • Easy to use
  • Compact shape
  • Adjustable setting
  • Durable
  • Perfect thin waffles
  • You need to rotate the waffles after some time, so that heat can be distributed evenly

4. Salter EK2249 Waffle maker: Cool Touch Handle With No Sticky Plates

To make your days better and easier we are here with one of the best waffle makers. Salter EK2249 waffle maker will churn out perfect waffle after waffle until your tummy is full and satisfied.

This unusual appliance comes with inbuilt extra-large plates for cooking crispy waffles. Because of its capacity, you get an advantage of making fresh waffles 3 times thicker as compared to the standard waffles which make it the perfect size for sharing with everyone.

Furthermore, the plates in it are amazingly non-stick. In this way, the removal of waffles from the plates is extremely easy and not messy at all. Besides, you don’t need to scrub or clean the pan as all the leftover comes out easily and no extra residue is left behind.

Still not convinced yet?

Also, it comes with a handle that doesn’t get hot while cooking which is possible due to the automatic temperature control settings. Therefore, you can open the lid safely in order to keep a check on waffles in between or even when they are baked without the fear of your hands getting burnt.

Moreover, it is an extremely time-saving option as you will get your waffles ready within ten minutes. Just take pleasure with them with ice cream or pour on some maple syrup and voila!!!

The machine is made up of stainless steel making it durable enough to use and comes with extreme heat absorption and spreads the heat evenly.

  • Makes great waffles
  • Easy to clean
  • Makes two waffles at a time
  • Durable
  • Non-stick plates
  • Temperature control system
  • Doesn’t works with standard bread sizes

5. Commercial Rotated Round – Non Stick Pan With Time and Temperature Control System

For you we have the new multi-featured commercial rotated round waffle maker which is rated amongst the best waffles maker in Australia 2022 reviews.

Want to know the details?

Homemade waffle cones not only taste better but are much better for you as you have the control to decide what ingredients you want to use. It not only makes your life easy but healthy too.

You can make it according to your flavor and taste buds be it sweet with ice cream, syrups, and berries, or be it a salty snack with chicken, bacon, herbs, and sauces. Everything is possible with this innovative appliance.

It comes with a stainless steel body making it durable enough to use. Also, it provides heat retention and makes it an excellent choice to use in the kitchen.

Furthermore, the ergonomically designed handle ensures your safety when you are operating the machine. The anti-scald handle prevents you from burns and injuries while baking or when you have to remove the waffles from the machine.

In addition, it comes under the top-rated best waffle makers in Australia because it consists of a non-stick pan. This feature saves you time while cleaning it. Secondly, less oil or butter is used while cooking.

Even it has built-in dual pans due to which you can cook your waffles and ice cream cones evenly from both sides. The machine rotates at an angle of 180˚ and as a result, it cooks your waffles crispy on the outside but fluffy in the middle.

Besides, it has a thermostat by which you can adjust the temperature from 0 to 300. The timer setting can be configured from 0 to 5 minutes.

  • High-quality stainless steel body
  • Easy to clean
  • Non-stick pans
  • Even heating
  • Dual pans
  • Anti-scald handle
  • Rotatable design
  • Expensive

6. Commercial 1500W Electric Lolly – Nonstick, Energy Saving and Time-saving

How about starting your day by having something sweet? When it comes to breakfast, we have a lot of options.

But what will be better than having a tasty waffle? If you see the best waffle makers in Australia 2022 reviews. You will see Lolly waffle is one of the top-rated best waffle makers in Australia. You can make your breakfast more delicious by using our Lolly waffle maker.

Let’s find out the features:

Firstly, it is an electric waffle maker. Secondly, you can easily make 6 pieces of waffles in it. Thirdly, you can have a delicious breakfast only in 5 minutes. Isn’t it amazing?

Moreover, it will be warm-up only in 5 minutes. And, its power is 1500W. So it heats up very quickly. Not only this, but also it is healthy, non-stick, and smoke-free.

The best part is that while cleaning you will not have to worry about the damaging and scratching of the surface of baking.  It is very easy to wash

But wait, that’s not all:

Additionally, it has an efficient system of energy saving. It heats evenly and has a long life. It is more heated and more uniform because of the double-sided heating system.

Likewise, this product has better quality and seems evenly colored. Its 6 pieces are made at a time and its timing function makes it more convenient.

As if that’s not enough?

It has a switch to control the temperature. You will just have to set the temperature and turn on the timer. You can use this switch without any difficulty and control the heating degree of the food. In this way, you will achieve the best flavor.

Then, it has two indicator lights. The green one will turn on when you will the plugin. The red is for the heat indicator. It is also time-saving because you can make six waffles at the same time with its superbly designed grids.

It is widely used. This waffle maker is specially designed to make milk Maffei sticks,  lolly waffles, crispy sticks, and to heat sausage, hot dogs, etc. You can see its frequent use in the snack bar, cafe, open festivals, restaurants, food stalls, family, etc.

  • Energy saving
  • Stainless steel
  • Smoke- free
  • Nonstick
  • Easy to clean
  • Widely used
  • It might not look stylish

7. Bubble Waffle Maker 1400W: Nonstick and High-Power for Professional Use

What are the special features?

Firstly, to control the heating to reach the perfect result of your preference, this waffle maker has a numbered knob. You can select the temperature you want.

Secondly, it also has a knob that controls the cooking timing. This enables you to decide how long you want to cook your waffle, ahead of time. So, in case you forget or get busy with some other work, it will automatically turn off at the pre-selected time.

Along with that, it has a power button to start the machine and a light indicator to help you identify when the waffle is ready to be cooked.

And that’s just part of the story…

Moreover, the material of this waffle maker is stainless steel, which serves many benefits. Stainless steel is commonly known for its benefits, such as durability, long life, anti-corrosion properties, etc. which is the reason why it is a preferred material for kitchen appliances.

And not just that, this material is also non-stick to create the best-shaped waffles, without you all.

As said in the name, the bubble waffle maker makes unique bubble-shaped waffles. They have bubble-like pockets that have a different texture than usual, hence making them unique.

Similarly, like waffles, you can also make puff eggettes using this machine as well.

It’s not your regular waffle maker!

Take the 180-degree rotating function, for instance, which is not something you find in your small waffle makers.

Together with being used at home, it is also suitable for commercial use as well. That is because of its 1400 watt high power that delivers unmatched performance.

So, if you’re looking to open a restaurant, or work professionally in this field, then this waffle maker is the one for you.

  • Nonstick material
  • Temperature control knob
  • Timing control knob
  • High power of 1400 watts
  • 180-degree rotating function
  • Can also make puff eggettes
  • Home plus commercial use
  • May be a little pricey

8. Cuisinart WAF-150A: Waffle-Maker with Browning-Control

How good is the material?

The material of the waffle is stainless steel, which is a very durable material. Not only that, but it’s also really easy to clean, so you can use it without worrying about the hassle of spending hours cleaning it.

When you are in a good mood and feel like cooking good food, but then it gets ruined and your whole day goes by with you staying in a bad mood. Thus, to stop this from happening. The stainless steel backing plates are non-stick. They prevent your waffles from getting stuck to the plate. This keeps the waffles in shape.

Furthermore, the handles are chrome-plated. This gives the surface a shiny look and makes it tough and sturdy.

Have a particular liking for Belgium waffles?

Due to its deep pockets and the ability to fill in more of your favorite toppings in it, the Belgian waffles are a perfect heavenly treat. To make these pancakes the traditional way, the Cuisinart has 1-inch deep pockets. This maker can bake up to four Belgian pancakes at the same time.

The cord wire can simply be wrapped around the units under the base. The weight is 4.73 kgs and it also has a size of 31.7 x 12 x 23.5 cms. Therefore, the waffle maker is compact and easy to handle.

And you can adjust the settings to Customize as well!

People like to have their waffles baked to different levels. To make your desired waffle in terms of browning, it provides you with 5 settings that you can adjust to customize your very own perfect piece of waffle.

Moreover, it has light signals that indicate when the maker is ready to bake, and when it has done baking. The green light means that it is ready to bake, or has baked. Whereas the red light means that the maker is getting ready to bake, or is currently baking.

So, if you want to treat yourself to the café-level breakfast every morning, then get this waffle maker right now!

  • Nonstick baking plates
  • Chrome-plated handles
  • 5-setting control
  • Compact design
  • Easy storage
  • Stainless steel
  • Light indicators
  • The cooking may not be even

9. Cuisinart WAF-V100A: Vertical Design Waffle Maker – 5 browning settings

Let’s start with the material first…

For durability and ease in cleaning, the pan is made with brushed stainless steel. Along with that, it’s made to be non-stick so your waffles won’t get stuck to the pan, which is a big nuisance.

The pan is round in shape with deep pockets, so you can bake one, round Belgium waffle at a time.

And because the pan is 30.5 cms in width, you get the waffle of a comparatively good size. The length and height are 16.5 and 19 cms, respectively. However, the weight is around 3.99 kgs

Here are some details about the design:

In order to avoid any spillage and the other usual problems faced using a waffle maker, the Cuisinart company has designed their waffle maker in a vertical manner. It has a spout that can be filled with any waffle batter of your choice. Completely to all the edges, from the bottom to the sides and the top, without any spillage.

However, for the baking, it comes with 5 settings mode that allows you to select the browning level of your choice, to create your preferred waffle. As people’s choices can be different and the perfect waffle varies according to their choices and tastes.

All these factors contribute to delivering you your desired result.

Wondering about the cleaning and handling?

During baking, the devices can become really hot to touch. If you even accidentally touch the wrong part, you can get burned easily. Hence, to avoid this, the company has made its handles heat-resistant. This means that even when the waffle is baking and the device is getting heated up, the handles will stay cool so you grip them easily while working without hurting yourself.

 Moreover, to help you with easy control and checking, it has indicator lights that will tell you when the pan is ready to bake or has done baking.

  • Stainless steel material
  • Nonstick baking pan
  • Vertical design
  • Heat-resistant handles
  • Easy to clean
  • Light indicators
  • Easy to clean
  • Makes only one waffle at a time

10. Electric Waffle Maker – Heart-Shaped, Multi-Functional Machine

Simple controls make your work easier!

To cook your waffles the exact way you want, whether it be light, dark, crunchy, fluffy, etc. you can select the temperature accordingly. Since it has a rotary switch, the selection is fairly easy and simple.

Furthermore, it provides even heating on both of its pans, unlike many waffle makers, and that results in a poorly cooked waffle. This is a double-sided heating function.

Moving on to the material…

For durability and strength, the baking pan is made with stainless steel and ABS material. Together with the non-stick coating of the pan, making waffles that turn out perfect every time is pretty easy. And for food safety, all the materials are food-graded

Additionally, it has a silicone base to provide a sturdy standing and prevent any slipping.

Not to mention, the power of the waffle maker is very high. It operates at 1200 watts and 220-240 volts and the caliber of the baking pan is 25 cm and below.

Let’s talk about its multi-functionality!

This electric waffle maker doesn’t only make waffles but also makes different home-made breakfasts. For example, muffins, cakes, sandwiches, etc. Seeing as it can roast, fry, and bake all-in-one.

Nothing better than a freshly-baked breakfast in the morning, is there?

Let’s not forget about the unique heart-shaped waffles!

The baking pan is shaped like a heart so you can make the cute and small waffles any time you want. They don’t only taste good but also look the same.

Along with all these qualities, the pan is also really easy to clean because of the non-stick feature.

So, if you want multi-functionality along with durability, then get your hands on this electric pan.

  • Made from food-grade materials
  • Nonstick material
  • Silicone base
  • Double-sided heating feature
  • Rotary switch for temperature control
  • Easy to clean
  • Heart-shaped waffles
  • The Size may be small

What Type of Waffles?

First, ask yourself this:

What type of waffles do I want?

There are two most popular types:

  • American
  • Belgian

If you are into the traditional or American type of waffles, look for an iron that caters to such types. The trays will be hollow and the grooves won’t have much height, for a thinner, crispier waffle.


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But if you like your waffles Belgian, with a crisp outside yet soft inside, you’ll have to invest in deeper trays with deeper grooves.

How Many at a Time?

If you are planning on making waffles just for yourself or one or two occasional guests, a waffle maker with 2 or 4 trays will be sufficient for you. But in case you have an army of waffle lovers to feed, look for options that produce at least 8 in a single batch.

This will also be an important point to ponder if you are looking to make use of your iron in the commercial sector.


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What Shape Do You Like?

Happiness comes in all shapes and sizes.

But which one do you like more?

Round or square are the two conventional options. Plus, there are many other interesting shapes such as hearts, movie characters, cartoons, and more which you can consider if you have children at home, or simply for the kid in you.

But if this is not an important consideration for you, let us help you decide by telling you that storage wise, square ones occupy the least space.

What is Your Favorite Shade of Brown?

Do you like your waffles well-done, crispy and crunchy?

Or you are someone who prefers a light-golden, soft, chewier version?

Or maybe a bit of both?

Good news!

Many waffle machines let you decide your preferred level of browning. They are equipped with knobs and buttons that let you tweak the temperature and color settings to achieve the perfect shade of brown for you.

Does it Clean Easy?

Making a waffle can be quite messy with the batter dripping all over. Look for options that not only provide a non-stick coating on the inner grill, as well as, a wipe-to-clean exterior.

Teflon or ceramic coating on the inner pans helps in removing the cooked waffles with ease, without leaving any residue. Hence, all they need for cleaning is a damp cloth and no scrubbing.

Nearly all models in the market offer such non-stick layering but still if you decide to stay clear of it, do not forget to oil or grease the pans before pouring the batter.

Can You Live Without a Flip?

The ability to flip the griddles helps in an even distribution of batter throughout the iron. But this feature comes at the cost of the increased size of the machine and difficulty in storage.

So decide what suits you more? Less storage space or uneven batter?

Tough choice, we know!

Can You Keep Time?

In case you are a forgetful person and have a history of underdone or burnt waffles, invest in a unit that offers a built-in timer. This way you can get your waffles at the right time even if you forget when you put them in.

There are many variations on the mode of indication too. Some have a light that turns on when they are done cooking while others signal with a ping.

Is it Easy to Use?

Many extra features render an appliance easy to use. Removable trays, drip plates, cool-to-touch handles are all some handy little detailing that can make your life easier.

So once you’ve set your mind on spending your money, why not spend it on something that has some extra qualities for increased comfort?

Some Tips for Getting Perfect Waffles:

  • Read the user’s manual of your waffle maker machine completely and thoroughly before you get started.
  • If you have a history of waffles sticking to the appliance’s trays, rethink the amount of oil/butter that goes in your recipe.
  • For a fluffier and more pouf outcome, fold the egg whites separately after beating them until stiff peaks form.
  • Avoid over-mixing. Use a silicone or rubber spatula to gently fold the dry ingredients into wet.
  • Do not open the waffle maker mid-operation, or you will end up with a limp, ripped disaster instead of a waffle.
  • If your appliance does not give an indicator of when the waffles are done, look for when there is no more steam coming out of it.

To keep your waffles warm until you are ready to serve, keep your oven heated at 250 degrees and transfer cooked waffles in it. But beware! The waffles will be a little extra crispy by doing so.


Belgian waffles use yeast as a raising agent and are thicker with deeper grooves that can hold more sauce, honey, etc. On the other hand, American waffles make use of baking powder and are crispier and thinner and give a crunchy texture.

A preheated waffle maker typically takes 5-6 min to cook a waffle.

Technically, a waffle iron is a cast iron grill that makes waffles over a stovetop or fire, while an electric waffle maker uses electricity to do so.

Wanna cheer up on a sad day? Use one of the best waffle makers in Australia and there you are.

Gleaming with happiness!

Waffles are everyone’s new favorite treat and rightly so. They can be crispy, they can be chewy and once you pour the most delicious toppings, they can definitely be yummy!

As waffle’s popularity reached far and wide, we’ve come across many brands producing some really handy machines to make them. But if you ask for our opinion, we’ve put our money on one of the Top Rated Best Waffle Makers in Australia, which is Breville The Smart Waffle.

With smart features and an easy to use design, this one is also equipped with the ability to produce the tastiest and customizable waffles.

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