7 Best Meat Slicers For Australia 2024: Safe & High Performance

To some people, a meat slicer may sound like a highly professional appliance, found exclusively at butcher shops but do you know that every at-home chef needs to have a meat slicer? Well, that’s true. This handy kitchen appliance can handle the most laborious and time-consuming task of cooking; slicing the meat.

And the best part is, there’s no limitation to what type of meat it can slice. Whether you are up to slicing deli meat, pork belly, steak, or fresh bacon, a meat slicer can chop-chop everything, coming under its blades, super quickly and evenly. Not to mention but this everything also includes fruits, cheese, loaves of bread, and vegetables.

So without further ado, let’s have a look at some of the best meat slicers available in the market so you can find the best tool as per your budget and needs.

1. OSTBA Meat Slicer Electric Deli Food Slicer

If you are looking for an easy to use meat slicer with all the essential and advanced features then the OSTBA meat slicer is your go-to solution. The two most highlighted aspects of this slicer are its adjustable thickness dialer and removable blades. With the thickness dialer, you can choose how thick or thin your meat slices should be. Whereas the removable blades make the cleaning process way easier and safer.

In addition to meat, this slicer can chop other food items as well, including vegetables, fruits, cheese, and bread. The dialer can be adjusted to chop the food into paper-thin slices to slices of about ¾” thickness. In this way, you can cook both the crispiest and juiciest steak, without doing any effort. While reviewing this appliance, I conducted multiple cutting tests, on different types of meats, including deli, beef, turkey breast, and roast beef. To my surprise, this machine successfully proved its efficiency and cutting capabilities every time.

The good news for all health-conscious people is that it’s not only its blade that is removable but you can also detach the slide rod, food pusher, and food carriage to ensure utmost sanitation. To ensure even and sharp cuts, serrated, stainless steel blades are used in the construction that runs at the power of about 150 watts. I was also quite impressed with the safety features the manufacturer has incorporated into the machine.

To prevent accidental startups, two buttons; the safety button and the power button need to be pressed at a time to make this machine run. Like other blenders and choppers, this meat slicer also vibrates a little during operation but due to its anti-slip suction cup base, the machine stands firmly on the countertop. Last but not least, the sturdy anodized aluminum body of this machine is 100% corrosion-proof which adds further to its durability.

  • Strong anodized aluminium body
  • 7.5″ thick stainless steel blades
  • Adjustable thickness
  • Slice all types of meat
  • Safety lock
  • Anti-slip, rubber suction feet
  • Easy to use
  • osts less than $100
  • Serrated blades could be too sharp for softer food

2. BESWOOD 10″ Premium Chromium-plated Meat Slicer

This beswood chromium-plated meat slicer features a super powerful motor that can chop down the meat in a blink of an eye. This 240W motor can run as fast as 282 RMP so you don’t have to wait too long to get the slicing job done. However, it’s not only the machine’s efficiency that acts as the most highlighted selling point of this unit.

As the name implies, this meat slicer is made up of industrial-grade carbon steel that is chromium plated. I found the razor blade also quite impressive and the plus point is that it doesn’t need to be sharp right after purchasing. Also, the chromium-plated construction prevents the attack of rust and other environmental damages.

This machine is called the commercial meat slicer due to its superb build and interesting features. Being stuffed with all the top-notch characteristics, it gives off quite a professional look which will act as a significant addition to your restaurant and home kitchen. However, it is 20×17×14.8 inches in size so it needs a bit more space to settle in.

Heavy-duty construction and commercial size add to the overall weight, making this slicer a little heavier (33 pounds). Undoubtedly, it’s not an appliance that you can move from one place to another effortlessly. But a good thing here is that this increased weight prevents the slips and extent of vibrations while the machine is in operation.

Speaking of performance then it’s also mind-blowing. The 10″ steel blades are powered by the 240W motor that gives neat and paper-thin slices, whether it’s meat, cheese, fruit, and vegetable. The best feature, that’s also my favourite, is that despite being a powerhouse, this machine is not noisy at all!

  • No vibration
  • Quiet operations
  • Anti-slip feet
  • 240W powerful motor
  • 10″ razor-sharp blades
  • Carbon steel, chromium-coated body
  • Bulky and heavy

3. KWS MS-10XT Premium 320W Electric Meat Slicer

This KWS is one of those meat slicers that are not only our expert’s favourite but also of the chefs, from all parts of the world. And we are not referring to the professional chefs only, but the at-home chefs, too. The first and foremost important part of this meat slicer, its blade, is made up of high-quality stainless steel which is further protected by Teflon coating. This additional protective coating resists corrosion and other environmental damage so you can get the most out of this appliance, for the maximum time.

Don’t be worried about the blades getting dull over time since the unit features a built-in sharpener. Just press a button and the blades will get sharp automatically, in no time. In this way, your machine will always be ready to say hello to the meat, fruits, or whatever you are about to chop.

Its razor-sharp blades can cut through all types of food items, including meat, veggies, fruits, cheese, bread, etc. And most importantly, the thickness adjusting knob enables you to adjust the thickness of your slices from paper-thin to 0.4″. The manufacturer doesn’t compromise on the safety features and incorporates all the essentials in it.

For instance, this appliance has an anti-skid base that doesn’t let the slicer slip off your countertop. Similarly, an on/off switch is there as well so you don’t have to unplug the machine every time for the break. The best part here is that this on/off switch is waterproof. From workmanship to design, everything about this KWS PREMIUM meat slicer is impeccable and you won’t regret buying it.

Speaking of performance, the unit features a powerful 320W motor that runs at 525 RMP. These high-speed rotations, when working with round, razor-sharp blades, slice both the frozen and fresh meat in a blink. Last but not least, this meat slicer comes with a removable tray and many other detachable components so you can sanitise it thoroughly, after every use.

  • Impeccable design and workmanship
  • Made up of stainless steel and aluminium
  • Teflon coated, rust-proof blades
  • Adjustable thickness
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Not the lightest meat slicer

4. VEVOR Commercial Meat Slicer

This meat slicer is developed mainly for commercial use and that’s why the manufacturer has paid special attention to making it extremely durable and sturdy. So, let’s start this review with its construction that is not only durable and solid but also of top-notch quality, from head to toe. The manufacturer has utilised the best metal to create this mighty slicer; stainless steel.

Don’t think of this stainless steel as some average or low-quality metal because this metal holds miraculous attributes in it such as resilience to the test of time, rust, deformation and breakage. It’s not only the sturdy build over which the manufacturer has paid attention but its workmanship is also worth mentioning. The very first thing that catches your heart, as a customer, is its sleek design, featuring silver and black colour schemes and horizontal carvings.

To make this meat slicer, truly a commercial-grade appliance, a powerful 240W motor is added to the unit which makes the 10 inches blades run swiftly. When both these factors combine, they slice everything, from chicken to beef and meat to cheese. However, how thick or thin you want the slices will be solely your decision. Thanks to its thickness adjusting knob that makes it possible to set slice thickness to anywhere between 0.01-0.47 inches.

The dimension of this meat slicer is 14×18×15 inches which makes the unit suitable for all types of kitchens, from restaurants to homes. Also, you can store the unit easily within the cabinets. In case you don’t want your kitchen countertop to seem cluttered. The only drawback is that this meat slicer weighs around 40 pounds, which means it’s not so portable.

  • Attractive and sleek design
  • Thickness adjusting knob
  • Rubber feet and waterproof power switch
  • Good size and satisfying build quality
  • Blades feature ring guards
  • 10″ blades, powered by 240W motor
  • Hard to clean

5Weston Electric Meat Cutting Machine (61-0901-W)

Whether you are a lover of chewy jerky, thin, juicy, crispy, or smoked steak and bacon, everything is possible to get with utmost perfection with this Weston meat cutting machine. It doesn’t matter what type of meat you have in your kitchen or freezer, whether it’s turkey, chicken, beef, or pork, this 9″ meat slicer can pass through every challenge and test – including the rigorous test of time.

The most unique aspect of this meat slicer is that it features a belt-driven motor that is also decently powerful to rotate nine inches blades quickly. Since the blades are not razor-sharp but smooth-edged, they tend to slice off the meat neatly, making them look cleaner rather than rough. Another amazing thing brought by the belt-driven motor is that it enables the unit to run quietly.

If you have a kitchen with limited counter space then you’ll like this appliance for sure because its dimensions are 10×17×12 inches (nearly the smallest meat slicer on the list). Not only is it compact with a smaller footprint but also portable with its 15lbs weight. To ensure the safest and stress-free operation, the machine comes with rubber suction cups and an on/off power switch.

If you are seeking durability and sturdiness then this slicer also has these things to offer with its aluminium and coated steel housing. Lastly, the slice thickness can be adjusted from deli-thin to half an inch thick. The only downside of this slicer is that it’s a little tricky to clean due to its non-removable tray.

  • Suction cups
  • Belt driven motor
  • Quiet operation
  • Smooth edged blades
  • On/off power switch
  • Adjustable thickness knob
  • Lightweight and compact footprint
  • Aluminium and coated stainless steel housing
  • Tricky to clean

6. Chef’sChoice 615A Electric Meat Slicer

First of all, don’t forget the title, meat slicer, for you since this chef’s choice meat slicer can cut many more things other than simple meat including ham, beef roast, beef, bread, and capicola. As soon as I got my hands over this all-in-one meat slicer, the very first thing I noticed was its automatic switch that makes the blade turn around quickly and automatically. Right beside the power button, there’s a thickness dial to select the slice thickness.

Honestly speaking of the footprint then it’s a thing I felt like a deal-breaker. It’s a full-sized meat cutter – an appliance that grabs too much room on your small kitchen’s countertop. However, this big size would not be a problem for you if you don’t have a big kitchen, with wide counter space.

This gadget comes with a serrated blade that’s a great option to cut thicker meat slices or denser food items. However, if you want paper-thin slices or work on delicate stuff, you better purchase smooth blades, separately to get the job done neatly. As almost all of its components are made up of aluminium and stainless steel, you won’t need a replacement in decades.

It’s equipped with a 120W motor that ensures effortless slicing. Safety features like food pusher, carriage lock, and minimising friction make sure that you won’t have to meet a mishap while using the machine. In a nutshell, if you are looking for a heavy-duty meat slicer to satisfy all of your slicing needs, this kitchen gadget is worth a try.

  • Versatile
  • Reasonably priced
  • Automatic On/off power switch
  • Cool running, 120W motor
  • 7″ solid, serrated blades
  • Durable, solid, and efficient
  • Sturdy construction
  • Carriage lock and food pusher
  • Suction feet is not so good

7. Cuisinart Kitchen Pro Food Slicer, 7.5

Uniformity, precision, accuracy, all these things are not a dream anymore with this Cuisinart kitchen pro food slicer. First of all, it’s a food slicer which means its brilliant performance is not only limited to the meat but it shows the same results while working with cheese, thick bread loaves, fruits, vegetables, etc. However, besides its versatility, the affordability of this meat slicer is also an aspect that makes Cuisinart the consumer’s choice.

This meat slicer features 7.5 inches of stainless steel blades that are sharp enough to produce neat and clean slices. The thing I liked the most is that the blades are kept ultra-thin and well-crafted. At the same time, they are removable which makes the cleanup job quite easier. However, this feature also gets problematic oftentimes when the blades pop off during operation.

This Cuisinart chicken slicer is equipped with a small, low torque 130W motor which, undoubtedly, performs efficiently and precisely. However, this motor gets heated upon being used consistently so you need to pause after every ten minutes. There’s also a thickness controlling knob at one side of the machine that allows you to adjust your slice size from 1/32-½ inches.

Speaking of construction and safety then this machine features die-cast aluminium and premium grade stainless steel which makes it a lasting unit. At the same time, the aluminium coating makes the entire surface non-stick so you can clean it conveniently, in no time. For better safety, plastic food guards and blade guards are there to keep the food inside and your hands away from the blades, respectively, during operation. The only downside here is the plastic feet that don’t provide enough grip on the countertop.

  • Easy to clean
  • Consistent slicing
  • Weighs only 11 pounds
  • Easy to operate
  • Sleek and compact design
  • Die-cast aluminium and stainless steel
  • Plastic food and blade guards
    Thickness controlling knob
  • Removable blades
  • A motor gets heated up on continuous use


Safety comes first! Since you are going to deal with razor-sharp, serrated blades, the first and foremost important thing to look for in a meat slicer is its safety features. In this respect, first of all, check whether its base is anti-slip or not. If not then you might have to face great difficulty in holding the machine firmly to the countertop.

Similarly, consider whether it has blade guards. Otherwise, you might get injured by getting your hands around the furiously moving blades. In this regard, power buttons also play a vital role in preventing accidental startups. Remember that most injuries occur when the gadget gets turned on accidentally.


Generally, two types of blades are provided within the meat slicers; smooth and serrated. Smooth blades ensure cleaner and neater cuts and are perfect for slicing delicate and paper-thin nest slices. On the other hand, serrated blades ensure efficient cuts and are perfect to cut bulkier and harder food items, in thicker slices.

Based on your needs, you can go with one of these options. I’d suggest you go with serrated blades, of 10-12″ size if you want a meat slicer for commercial use. On the contrary, get smooth blades, of 7-8″ size, if you want a meat cutter for your home kitchen.


What would you do with a meat slicer having heavy-duty build quality and razor-sharp blades if It’s unable to give desired performance? Remember that the performance of a meat cutter depends upon various factors, including motor power to adjust features.

What motor power would serve you best? The answer to this question varies from user to user. For example, for a home user, a 100-200W motor will be sufficient. However, if you want a slicer for heavy-duty cutting and chopping, get a gadget with more powerful motors, ranging from 300-450W. Similarly, thickness controlling features will customise the whole experience which in turn, allows you to use one unit for multiple purposes.


Yes! Meat slicers are worth purchasing because they don’t only save your time but also energy. Also, they enable you to get perfectly and even cut meat slices in a blink, without any effort.

To get a good meat slicer, you need to consider plenty of aspects like its construction quality, blade construction and size, automatic and safety features, motor power, and ease of use and cleanliness.

For home use, a meat slicer of 100-200W will be sufficient whereas if you want a food slicer for commercial use, get one with 300-450W.

By now, you have learned everything about what to look for while shopping around for the best meat slicer. Also, you have read our reviews on the industry’s leading options. The only thing left is to make a final decision regarding what meat slicer you should truly purchase. So let us help you in this, too, with our favorite, shortlisted products.

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