9 Best Stick Vacuum Cleaners In Australia 2024: Lightweight & Efficient

The conventional or old-style vacuum cleaner might produce high noise due to its high-motor power and doesn’t give the user comprehensive cleaning.

Are you facing the same issue? I think both of us need the best stick vacuum cleaners in Australia that are ultra-quiet, lightweight, and convenient to use.

However, sometimes vacuum cleaners are difficult to assemble and disassemble. But, with the stick cleaners, you will have the best cleaning experience that you wanted forever.

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So, check these 10 best-rated stick vacuum cleaners now:

9 Best Stick Vacuum Cleaners in Australia – Multi-Surface Cleaning

Ever heard about a flexible plus versatile cleaning appliance that is specifically designed for this purpose? Let’s jam together and know more about the extensive air filtration tool that will give you everlasting purification.

1. Cordless Vacuum Cleaner – Cordless, Efficient, & Powerful Appliance

Then, I think this lightweight design with a compact stick shape and the convenient appliance is considered most suitable for you.

Let’s find out how?

It is a cleaning kit with 2-in-1 cleaning tools that offers quality services with the help of a 4-stage cyclonic filtration cleaning feature. Moreover, this efficient and powerful appliance with a high power motor assures you to give your house a comprehensive cleaning.

The stick vacuum cleaner comes with 2200 mAh of lithium batteries that hold a large capacity. Plus, the multi-system cyclonic filters and cleaning suction technology can be used in various places to clean different environments.

This 4-headed cleaner encourages you to make use of a powerful suction pump that will give your house comprehensive and high-performance cleaning. You can use the appliance for 30 minutes and it needs one-time charging.

Additionally, the complete seal technology is specially installed in this cleaner to give you an anti-allergen environment that has the tendency to capture 99.97% of particles from the air.

It can capture all-type of bacteria, particles, and allergies from the air, no matter if it’s 300x times smaller than the hair or is 0.3 micrometers in diameters, you’ll get rid of all-of-them!

Want to have a vacuum with a smooth operation?

Amazingly, this convenient design vacuum cleaner will offer you a smooth and gentle cleaning operation that can be used single-handed. Certainly, it is portable and easy to be carried with children, youngsters, and elders.

If you want a good helper at the office or home, then I think this is the must-have appliance that will provide you with comfortable cleaning with a healthy environment. Thus, if you are facing any difficulty in cleaning, you can call the customer care service and register your complaint.

A vacuum cleaner with the stick is used for multiple surfaces, floors, and carpets. Plus, it comes with a removable dustbin with a 0.6L capacity that can be easily emptied, washed,  and reinstalled again. If you want to make your housework or cleaning easier then you should use 160W of motor power, with 110V-220V of voltage, along with the frequency of 50 Hz, and 68 dB low-noise tool.

With just a touch of a switch, this appliance can be simply converted from one form to another. Besides, this cleaning device can be used for cleaning under the sofas, furniture, and baseboards. However, its low noise and lightweight features make it ideal for domestic cleaning. Also, with the integrated handle, it can carry out multiple maneuvers, saving a lot of your energy, time, and effort.

  • Lightweight design
  • Low-noise device
  • Effortless cleaning
  • Carrying handle
  • 4 hours charging time
  • Needs to be charged after every use

2. INSE Cordless Vacuum Cleaner – Suction Stick Vacuum with Rechargeable Battery

INSE will provide you with everything that you need. This modern style sticks vacuum cleaner with S6-blue color, weighs 2.69 kilograms whose powerful suction pump will give you high-performance cleaning.

The maximum service life of the motor is 10-years that operates with the help of a digital motor holding 120,000 rpm, plus, it also offers 23KPa of high-power suction. This powerful suction helps the cleaner to detect and suck all the stubborn large particles and dirt from the rooms and house.

What else?

The MAX mode of the suction pump is sufficient for the cleaning of the entire area of space. Additionally, the detachable and highly-functional batteries are well-manufactured and suitable for extensive cleaning. Although it offers 40 mins runtime with the operation and combination of (8-cells) lithium-ion batteries, it will give you a longer working time just with a single charge.

Do you need a 4-stage filtration system that is highly-efficient with no suction reduction and offers a double cyclone and perfectly patent air circulation design? This fully-sealed technology captures 99.99% of airborne particles or microscopic dust that will give you strong plus constant vacuuming power.

It comes with different cleaning parts including the floor and carpet roller and motorized head brush. With the help of dedicated brushes, you can carry-out premium cleaning for both floor and carpet. Besides, the stiff roller is used to clean up and roll up the carpets from embedded debris stuck in them.

Thus, these rolls are also suitable for wood floors, plus, the hard floor cleaner stiff roll can be used to clean hard floors. As you know now that it is a 2-in-1 appliance that comes with additional brushes and other accessories to ensure thorough cleaning and vacuuming.

Besides, the motorized brush is used widely on floors because it is made up of a tangle-free design consisting of anti-scratch wheels. Therefore, this vacuum can easily be transformed into a handheld vacuum just with the 4 button-style knob attachment. The motorized brush helps you to clean hard-to-reach areas along with floor-to-ceiling spaces with the 2-in-1 brush, flexible hose, and long crevice.

Furthermore, all these attachments are multi-purpose that will meet all your vacuuming needs. Undoubtedly, it is suitable for hard floors, carpet, pet, rugs, bed, pillow, drawer, windows, cabinet, curtain, desk, and bookshelf. Although it is an ultra-quiet vacuum that produces 65 dB sound, it consists of high-frequency and can reduce indoor allergens, protecting your children and keeping your family healthy.

  • Well-structured dustbin
  • Cordless vacuum
  • Super simple cleaning technique
  • Easy to empty
  • Great suction power
  • Large in size
  • Buttons or numerous attachments might create problems

3. Tineco A10 Hero Cordless Stick Vacuum – Lightweight, Handheld, & Detachable Battery

includes 350 Watts powerful motor, and is 2.87 lbs in weight? Then you have arrived at the right place.

This cordless vacuum cleaner is lightweight, efficient, and powerful that will meet all your vacuuming and cleaning needs. 105 Watts of suction power is quite strong suction and will work at its best when in use. The digital motor shows high performance in Max mode that enables power suction but is ultra-quiet.

Amazingly, appliances like these offer deep cleaning because of the torque power brush that provides almost 2.5x power and is 80% more efficient as compared to the ordinary vacuum. Thus, it is considered an ideal cleaner for both hard floors and carpets because of its 4x suction feature and 70 dB brushless motor.

Buy to clean:

With the installation of the front LED lights, you will be able to see the debris and dust embedded in the floor and carpets as well as on the furniture. Also, with the 2000 mAh detachable batteries, you can get 25 minutes of runtime probably on regular mode with the single charge. And 10-minute runtime in Max mode.

 The 4-stage filtration system is used to capture particles and dust from the air to 0.3 microns and meanwhile, it expels clean and fresh air with fewer allergens.

Moreover, it can be easily converted to a handheld vacuum that will be used for the cleaning of car interiors, furniture, stairs, and other objects.

Plus, it also includes a single-touch 0.4L dustbin that can be emptied and washed easily, operating the dustbin is as easy as 1,2,3. Just press the button and there you go. So, it does not include complications or other filters to remove the debris.

Go cleaning!

Hence, if you want to keep your home organized and tidy then it is necessary for you to buy this wall-mounted appliance. It consists of a neatly stored unit along with efficient charging, and 3 accessories kept and used with the storage dock.

Want to know what does the package include? It includes a tube, adapter, hair cleaning tool, mini power brush, main body, pre-filter cleaning tool, 2-in-1 dusting brush, wall-mounted dock, and crevice tool with a multi-tasker brush.

  • Impressive lightweight
  • Perfect vacuum
  • Good price
  • Good quality material used Convenient cleaning
  • The capacity of the bin is not big enough
  • No extra battery

4. Tineco Pure ONE S12 Smart Vacuum – Metallic Grey & Low-Noise Appliance

Plus, it includes versatile attachments that can vacuum hard-to-reach areas and different corners with iloop sensors.

Hence, it requires 21.6 volts of voltage and 145 power wattages with smart noise optimization features. Cordless stick cleaner that comes in a metallic grey color whose suction power can be adjusted automatically to give you extensive cleaning.

The strong suction power has the ability to remove all the pet hairs, allergens, and other harmful stuff from the environment. However, smart batteries that are installed on the appliance give the user up to 100 minutes of runtime.

It consists of two detachable and rechargeable 2500 mAh of Li-ion batteries. Therefore, this battery management system will give you a longer working time. Also, the batteries have the dual-charging ability that offers deep cleaning.

Furthermore, it produces a controlled noise as low as 71 dB. It also includes an LED display through which you can monitor the settings and operation of the vacuum. Besides, you can also study the screen and note down the working status of the appliance.

Smart appliance, smart vacuum!

For longer durability and to ensure persistent suction this smart cleaning tool is used that also includes a rinse-free filter to show better performance

  • Excellent suction
  • Multi-tasker brush
  • Works great
  • Two-batteries
  • Solid cleaning device
  • Max mode might consume more power

5. Roborock H6 Cordless Stick Vacuum – Brushless Motor & Longer Cleaning Tool

It comes with a long runtime of 90 minutes during the economic conditions and 10 minutes in Max mode. Thus, this device is considered comparatively heavyweight due to its 6.5 kilograms of weight that is highly efficient and performs well at home or in the office.

Furthermore, it is made up of advanced material with precision engineering techniques that can carry-out different maneuvers while cleaning. This appliance also weighs a little heavier because of the lightweight battery that gives it 1.4kg of weightage. Therefore, you can easily use the vacuum cleaner around your house with an easy maneuvering feature.

It includes a suction pump with 150 AW that can clean debris mites, and particles from carpets, cars, mats, beds, upholstery, and hard floors.

With the carpet boosting power it increases the suction potential of the cleaner on carpets automatically that will most probably give you deep cleaning.

Moreover, the 5-stage air filtration system has the capability to filter up to 99.97% of dust and particles almost up to 0.3 microns to give you a healthy and allergen-free environment.

Get your hands on the extensive air purification filters:

It is a flexible plus versatile cleaning technology that includes different accessories like a dusting brush, flex tube, crevice tool, a motorized mini-brush, and carpet brush.

However, with the digital LED screen, you can read the settings and work status of the tool including maintenance alert, battery level, selected mode, remaining time, and more. Additionally, it also consists of a lock-on simplicity that can lock the suction of the machine with the simple push of the button.

The best part is that it is composed of a washable plus removable dustbin and filters that can be emptied and changed with the trigger squeeze.

  • Hassle-free
  • Wall-mounted dock
  • Handheld device
  • Low-noise
  • Great suction power
  • The carpet cleaning head might be faulty

6. APOSEN Vacuum Cleaner – Strong Suction & Highly-Functional

80000 pa for 30 minutes. It also includes 250 watts of brushless digital motor that offers 30 minutes of deep cleaning.

Besides, it offers high-performance cleaning on floors, hardwood, walls, carpets, furniture, and curtains. Hence, the suction potential works four times better than the ordinary electric vacuum cleaner. Additionally, the 2200 mAh lithium-ion-made batteries are installed in the high-power brushless motor.

User-friendly for every age:

Plus, it also sucks all-types of garbage, dust, dirt, and airborne particles from the environment. However, with the use of a faster and heavy-duty motor as well as batteries, it can easily vacuum the entire car and house.

You can clean 180 square meters of area thoroughly without any danger of heating-up and it is also safe to use. The rechargeable batteries are easy to install and remove just as you want. With the help of a HEPA filtration system and filter, you can get rid of 99.99% of dust particles of 0.1-micron.

Moreover, the service life of the filtration system is better than the traditional filters. Thus, it will give you a fresh environment with purified air to give you a perfect cleaning experience. In order to prevent blockages and weak suction, you should always clean the filters regularly.

If you are in search of a multifunctional, wall mounting, and lightweight cleaner then I think you need this cordless plus handheld vacuum to clean dust from the sofas, stairs, and cars.

LED brush heads will provide you with 80% deep cleaning, which offers 2.5 times the power that can be used anywhere and works better than the ordinary tool. One LED light is found at the foot of the appliance that is quite bright.

Remember the fact that the suction power will be operated manually, which is considered a printing error. This appliance can be converted easily to a handheld tool that also includes a 1.2L of a dustbin that can be emptied and washed easily.

  • 6 detachable batteries
  • Two-mode operation
  • Convenient wall mounting and storage
  • Professional nursing
  • Fast charging
  • Adjustable height
  • Might not clean small carpets or mats
  • The suction pump might create problems

7. Bosch Athlet 25.2V Rechargeable – Ideal For Deep Cleaning

Then get ready to know about the 25.2 voltage of battery-powered vacuum that is cordless and efficient.

Amazingly, with the smartsensor the appliance can monitor and detect continuous airflow while cleaning. Also, with the rechargeable, powerful, and durable batteries you can ensure deep cleaning in hard-to-reach areas and other room corners.

Undoubtedly, due to the three-stage electronic and protection system, these batteries offer limited charging time with long runtime.

Go with the flow!

It consists of 3.3 kilograms that makes it lighter in weight as well as it also makes use of cartridge filters for extensive cleaning. That further consists of the hygienic filter and pure air membrane that can capture dust particles from the environment, giving you extra clean and purified air.

With the turbo power mode and high power brush roll, you can carry-out thorough cleaning and vacuuming that can remove all the stubborn spots. Furthermore, the bagless modern technology includes sensors that are exceptionally powerful and requires minimal maintenance.

This specific appliance offers 60 minutes of total runtime, which may carry-out various cleaning maneuvers that are further boosted up with the self-standing design.

  • Easy clean system
  • Three modes and level of performance
  • 0.3 L large dust collector
  • Very powerful
  • Handheld unit
  • 2 variable settings
  • 2-years warranty
  • For cleaning corners, more suction power is required

8. Devanti Handstick Vacuum Cleaner – Upright Sweeper & Rechargeable Battery

You will be glad to know that this 3-in-1 appliance is cord-free, provides 8000 pa of suction power, and includes a HEPA-formulated filtration system.

A dust container that is operated with a button, have you ever heard about it? If not, then now you will. Also, get ready to convert this appliance within a few seconds to a handheld cleaner from a stick vacuum. This lightweight 3.3 kilograms of the tool can go anywhere, where does the dust go.

Thorough or quick cleaning? Choose your way:

With the re-circulation of air within a house or a car, the filters will trap all the small size particles, allergens, and bacteria from the environment, giving you healthy air to breathe.

High and low mode of vacuum cleaning settings will give you easy cleaning. However, a steerable option and different cleaner heads can carry-out multiple maneuvers to clean under the sofas, furniture, carpets, stairs, and floors.

A one-click push feature can be used to empty the 0.5L dustbin, certainly, this appliance is easy to maintain and convenient to clean. Additionally, with the wall-mounted option, you can save a lot of space on the ground and it will also make storage easier.

What does the package include?

The package contains mounting accessories, AC power adapter, HomeVac, welcome guide, wall mounts, brush nozzle, rechargeable battery, roller head, aluminum tube, crevice nozzle, and others. Don’t forget that it comes with 12-months worry-free warranty along with customer services.

Major specifications:

It consists of 150 watts of power, plus, the 30000 rpm of motor speed makes the maneuvering of the device speedy and versatile. Lithium batteries with 2000 mAh capacity are installed within the appliance whose charging time is 5 hours while its running time is 25 minutes.

Besides, the overall dimensions of the tool are 23 x 19 x 116 cm, while the cable length is measured to be 180 cm, and tube length is 62 cm.

So, with the use of Devanti Handstick cleaner, vacuuming seems easy, plus, it can be used to clean vehicle interiors, soft furnishings, and delicate objects.

  • Lightweight
  • Powerful motor
  • Great suction power
  • Good looking appliance
  • Handy
  • Comparatively noisy
  • Small size dustbin container

9. BISSELL 2024F Featherweight – Hand Vacuum, Corded Appliance

This 2.05 kilograms of featherweight device does require proper assembling of the components and other parts. Thus, just with a single-touch, it can be converted into a hand vacuum.

Yes, it is famous because of its low sound production that is about 76 dB or less. However, the device does not include any kind of batteries therefore, it is not cordless nor requires rechargeable batteries for  operation.

Immense cleaning!

With the help of BISSELL working and features, cleaning and maintenance are now considered a simple task. You can now easily vacuum all the hard surfaces and floors, with some of the amazing features like quick release handle, washable filter, easy wrap, cord storage, removable nozzle, and other tools.

Furthermore, it includes a 0.5L dustbin, 4.5 m cord length, 22.86 cm cleaning path. Now, let the vacuum show its maneuvering skills.

Furthermore, the height of the appliance is 15.7 cm, width is 67.6 cm, and length is 26.8 cm. Moreover, it comes with a 1-year warranty along with friendly customer services as well.

  • Suitable for pet hairs
  • Good device for cleaning
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Compact
  • Good suction power
  • Not portable enough
  • Shorter cord

You will find everything here that you need to know after reading the Best Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaners in Australia Reviews.

But, before anything else you need to know about the basic features of the stick vacuums that make house cleaning easier.

You should be concerned about their:

  • Battery life and runtime of batteries
  • Its sound production
  • Motor power and potential
  • Powerful plus a brushless motor
  • The efficiency of the filtration system
  • Multifunctional features and mounting capability
  • The durability of the appliance
  • Maintenance and versatility of the tool
  • Maneuvering technique and ability

Weight – How Bulky it is?

Before being the right appliance you have to make sure that it is lightweight and convenient to use indoors. Though you can use these cleaning tools on various surfaces, one thing to keep in mind is their size, weight, and dimensions. However, it will be good for the user to purchase a vacuum cleaner that is easy to store, occupies less space, and can be used by both youngsters and elders.

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Most of the appliances are wireless and enable smooth operation if dealt with care. Cleaning can be an effortless task if the object you are using is lightweight and easy to carry. Additionally, with the lightweight cleaning device, you can clean every corner of the house whether it is:

  • Under the sofa or any furniture
  • Beds or couch
  • Windows, doors, or any leftover gaps
  • Puzzle mats, carpets, floors
  • Tiles or marbles and many other surfaces

Moreover, lightweight objects can carry out various maneuvers and can easily mount on any wall or heightened surfaces. Plus, you do not apply any pressure because these devices move with a flow. Just show them the direction and there you go!

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See the magic:

Battery – How Powerful?

To make cleaning and vacuuming easier, you have to analyze the power batteries that are used in these appliances. Most of the cleaning objects include lithium-ion rechargeable batteries that are powerful and long-lasting.

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But, extra batteries are not included in the package content, so you have to buy additional batteries separately. Furthermore, the most important factor to remember is the runtime of the batteries.

Some of the appliances hold large capacity batteries whose power varies from 2000mAh-2500mAh depending on the charging time, usable/working capacity, and cell composition. Li-Po material is used in the manufacturing of batteries.  Besides, the max mode recorded for these appliances is 10 minutes or more.  However, they have 12 minutes to 100 minutes of runtime with the 4 hrs or more charging time.

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Application – A Good Helper!

On versatile surfaces, these chosen appliances can be used. Also, at homes and outdoors as well like in cars or offices they can be used. With the cordless property and handheld vacuum tools they can be used in various places like:

  • Stairs
  • Sofas
  • Any floor type
  • Carpets

LED Lights – Bright for Debris

Select a vacuum cleaner that has installed LED lights that will help you to point out the debris, dust, and garbage. However, this feature will also help you to search for the garbage that is under any shelf or furniture especially at night time.

To the brushes and other tools, these LED lights can be attached that are included in the package. Therefore, they ensure swivel steering and comprehensive cleaning. Hence, LED is a good option to look for in a vacuum.

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Suction power – Know before buying

Want to know about the suction power of these vacuums? I will tell you all about it. To carry out good cleaning around the house the suction power should be effective and powerful, therefore, most of the customers are interested in knowing about its value and worth.

The working and performance of the battery and suction power of the appliance are directly connected. The better the working of the battery will be, the better will be the performance of the suction pumps. So, what are you thinking about?

The suction pump can perform in different modes depending on the cleaner and the cleaning. However, the power of the suction tools can vary from 23000 pa to 80000 pa.

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So, which one do you like?

Dustbin – How to Collect the Debris?

These appliances come with a pre-installed debris collector whose capacity can vary from one cleaner to another. You can easily clean and sweep the area and let the dust baggage do the rest of the work. You may purchase an appliance that has a dustbin capacity ranging from 0.4 L to 1.2 L. Plus, the dustbin installed in these appliances can be easily washed, reinstalled, and emptied without using your hands.

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Noise – How High or Low?

Noise level is an important feature related to these vacuum cleaners. Stick vacuum cleaners are most probably designed according to modern needs while conventional vacuums usually produce more sound. Therefore, these appliances work effectively while producing low noise ranging from 65 dB to 76 dB.

Customers usually like vacuum cleaners that make low noise and are environment friendly.

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Versatility and Compatibility – How Suitable it is?

Stick vacuum is a versatile and the most compatible appliance that can be well-adjusted for deep cleaning.

Some of the vacuums are available with the wall-mounted dock that will save space and makes storage easier. Besides, there are certain vacuums that are multipurpose and easily convertible.

The right gear for work!

Cleaning and Filtration Technique – How Effective it is?

These appliances come with extensive cleaning technology that offers three-stage to five-stage air filtration to the user. Additionally, the air purification method that they follow ensures extensive cleaning for a long time.

Also, these appliances have the ability to filter out almost 99. 97% to 99.99% of impurities or particles from different areas. Various cleaning devices provide deeper carpet and other surface cleanings. The filtration technique installed can easily vacuum the pet hairs, dirt, tough dust, and debris.

Tip: If you want to install the filters again, before installing those filters make sure it can prevent clogging and should be fixed without any clogging.

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Cleaning Technique – Step by Step:

Follow the step-by-step guide and learn how to clean the appliance as well as filters.

  • After every use of the tool, make sure you remove and clean the filters thoroughly that will improve its performance.
  • Plus, do remove the dustbin and empty it while also cleaning the HEPA as well as the sponge, if some have any.
  • Also, keep the suction pump clean after using the appliance.
  • Do replace the filters or sponges after a limited period of time.

Note: Do not let the appliance be left uncleaned that can develop clogs and cause garbage that might block the vent. So, be careful while dealing with the appliance.


You can achieve good performance when making use of the stick vacuum cleaner. But, you have to focus on the flooring type of your house. However, hard floors might need more cleaning and pressure.

You should buy the vacuum that suits your household and give you comprehensive cleaning. First of all, you should look for the weight, cord length, noise, and special or specific features of every appliance.

You should choose the cleaning gears that come with extra tools that are adjustable. Plus, multiple surfaces, as well as floors, are cleaned up with different attachments and accessories. So, choose wisely.

Filters should be washable and replaceable, which should be replaced every month. However, with heavy usage, you can also replace them after 2-3 weeks.

Want a rechargeable battery best stick vacuum cleaner that is versatile and highly-professional while cleaning? These are the must-haves, safe, plus boosting mode cleaning gears that will give you comprehensive vacuuming.

If you want to know about my top-pic, it is VIVIAN YANG’s Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with an upright stick, low noise, lightweight, and large capacity battery. That’s not enough, it also includes a cyclonic filtration technique with seal technology. Plus, due to its adjustable stick and application, it is specifically designed for adults and elders.

So, have you decided which one do you want for your household now?

I think you must have!

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