8 Best Printer For Cricut In Australia 2024: Wireless & Compact Printers

Various people are interested in crafting their art through Cricut printers. Cricuting not only provides them with different design outlets but also an upgraded level of creativity.

Cricut printing is simply a very exciting activity that engages you in unique design and the fast-forward technique. Having the best printer for Cricut in Australia gives you effortless results with multiple unique designs. 

Circuit printers have the best performance in the long run without getting outdated. These printers are the best way to be creative and innovative in your ideas. They are super easy to use as it works well with the computer and other handheld devices.

As many people are getting interested in these innovative printers, choosing the best product for your usage can become very difficult. So today, we have come up with this well-researched article about the best printer for Cricut in Australia. Reading this product review can help you find the best printing product for your Cricut projects.

Best Printer for Cricut in Australia – For 3D, Laser, and Duplex Printing

You must have a printer for Cricut that meets your daily needs and serves the cost you have paid. We have made your work easier by picking the eight best printers for circulating in Australia. Viewing this product review and comparison table can help you compare the features of each product.

We have selected these printers based on their performance, connectivity, printing quality, installation process, material quality, price, type of paper, power usage, speed and convenience of use, etc., after testing them. These features are kept in mind before selecting these top products in Australia. A buying guide is also given to help you consider important features while buying a circuit printer.

The chosen products are widely popular among regular users in Australia, and they have specific features which make them stand among others. Let’s take a look at the comparison table of these products given below.

1. Canon PIXMA IX6860 Printer: WiFi, Customized Printing – Best of The Year

Canon is a Japanese multinational company that is famous worldwide for its specialized equipment.  The Canon PIXMA IX6860 is said to be the best printer for Cricut in Australia because of the ease and printing efficiency it brings. This printer is mostly used for spreadsheets, posters, and photos to give a more competitive outlook. The printing quality is very great as it gives a minimum of 1PL ink droplets with maximum resolution and a hybrid ink system.

Changing the quality and detail of your design depends upon your own choice, and you can change it every time before printing. This ultra-unique printer can print 14.5 pages per minute for black and white and 10.4 pages for color. You can print your documents with professional printouts, borderless design, and a paper size of up to A3+.

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PIXMA IX6860 is famous for its ease of use;  you can connect it via WiFi from computers, smartphones, or tablets. PIXMA Cloud app, Apple AirPrint, or Google Cloud app is also available anywhere in the world so that you can connect easily.

The highest resolution for printing results is 9,600 x 24,00 DPI. You can get high-quality printed documents with very fine print head technology. A complete set of inks is also given with the printer so that you can start your printing right after installing it.

  • Very efficient printing
  • Customized printing functions
  • Professional outlook and formats
  • Printing speed is great
  • Ink set is available in case you run out of toner
  • Takes a lot of desk space

2. Epson XP-970 Printer – Wireless, Scanner + Copier

Epson is a worldwide famous Japanese electronics company. The company gives the best printer for Cricut in Australia with professional quality results and HD quality photos. The printer provides photos with outstanding colors and vibrancy in HD inks. It can print photos in 11-inch × 17-inch borderless format. You can now even print from your smartphones and tablets as quickly as possible.

This printer comes with a 4.3-inch touch screen, PC-free printing, and a fold-over scan lid. It comes with specialty media support which gives you more creative ideas like printing directly on specialty papers, CDs, and DVDs. This scan lid is made to hold originals in their place so that it doesn’t get displaced.

The printer is very easy to use, plug and play design makes it much easier for us to go through the design. It has PC-free printing that means you do not have to connect it with another computer or laptop. The printer has built-in USB and memory card ports for easy connectivity with other devices.

  • Outstanding printing colors
  • Easy connectivity with other devices
  • The touchscreen is very helpful in operating
  • The scan lid helps in holding the paper well
  • Printing speed is a bit slow

3. Canon TS6420 Wireless Printer – Compact and All-in-One

Canon Inc. is a leading Japanese brand of consumer electronics and industrial imaging solutions. The Canon TS6420 All-in-One is the best printer for Cricut in Australia because of its unique and stylish build. The printer has a very compact yet sleek design. The setup and installation instructions of the printer are super easy to follow.

PIXMA TS6420 comes with a 1.44 inch OLED touch screen, making it easier to read every function before proceeding. You can also use Front & Rear paper feeding to use different types of papers in printing. It can even scan and print old manuscripts.

The TS6420 is a very efficient printer that enables printing from your desktop computer and wirelessly from your mobile device. Connecting with mobile or other devices is very easy as it has a wireless support system. You can easily print, copy and scan while commanding various features.

The printer connects easily with the Canon print app, Apple AirPrint and Mopria, etc. The printer easily prints photos in 5.5-inch format. Besides, the printing result is worth noticing as compared to the small size of the printer.

  • Very compact and unique design
  • It can print, copy and scan at a time
  • The touchscreen is helpful in functioning
  • No setup instructions are included

4. HP ‎XP-970 Printer – Prints Both Sides, 70% Less Ink Cost

HP is a multinational tech company based in California. The HP OfficeJet pro 9010 is said to be the best printer for Cricut in Australia because it can scan, copy, print, and fax at the same time. It prints on both sides of the paper without any instruction. It supports a seamless connection with all other devices in a short time.

The Pro 9010 printer prints up to 22 ppm for black and white and 18 ppm for colors. It has a built-in paper input tray that can hold up to 250 sheets at a time and a 60 pages output tray. The printer uses HP instant ink which runs out very often, saving up to 70% of your ink cost.

The printer avoids repetition of the same steps again and again as it enables the use of Smart Tasks. You can scan the documents from the Cloud and even email them. You can also edit documents on your phone and printer with this system. HP comes with a three years user warranty for a more easy interface.

  • Great connection with devices
  • Prints automatically on both sides of the page
  • Print, scan, copy, and fax with the same printer
  • The Paper tray helps in holding the paper
  • Cartridges are a bit expensive

5. Cricut Maker, Champagne – Phone Holder, Sharp Blades & Pens

Cricut is an American multinational brand of cutting plotters and computer-oriented cutting machines created for home designers. The Cricut maker is called the best printer for Cricut in Australia because it gives powerful printing blades and pens to print. The printer easily works with different materials, from paper in fabric to chipboard and balsa. The X-ACTO-like knife cuts heavy material such as mat board and thick balsa.

Working with a Cricut maker is quite easy, firstly you have to select a pattern on which you want your design.  After that, you have to cut all the pieces and sew them together to give professional quality results, and you are done. It can cut up to 300 different materials using sharp pens and blades.

Craft Maker makes you choose everything from papercraft, iron, vinyl decals to sewing projects and leathercraft. The powerful cutting tools of the printer are super easy to master over. With the rolling effect, the blade cuts through any fabric without losing quality.

Cricut maker gives a simple design app through which you can craft your designs on your phone. A variety of different fonts are available there. There is also a handy slot made on the printer to hold your tablet or smartphone while working. You can charge the device by using an in-built USB port.

  • Unique blades and pens give a very creative outlook
  • Can work on 300 different materials
  • The X-ACTO knife is very sharp
  • A holder is made so you can place your phone or tablet on it
  • It cannot be connected to any other device

6. HP W2G51A Printer – Dynamic Security and Auto On/Off

Hewlett Packard or HP is a US-based company focused on computer hardware and software products, IT services, and consulting. HP LaserJet printer is the best printer for Cricut in Australia because it has the world’s smallest laser in its class. The printer helps you get print and scan from your smartphone. However, it only works with the cartridges with HP chips and blocks the cartridges with non-HP chips.

The Pro M15w gives a smart scan working and increases your work performance with printing speed up to 19 ppm. The LaserJet printer is very compact and designed in a way to fit everywhere in your office. The smart system of the printer is very easy and simple to use.

The small build of laser gives professional-quality printing, page after page. It is built in a way that saves energy when you’re not using the printer by using the auto-on and off feature. It uses pre-installed original HP toner to ensure maximum printing speed.

You can easily scan items from your smartphone or tablet, print using the Cloud, and easily order toner cartridges using HP smart app. Connect this app to your printer and print through your smartphone or tablet. Connection through various devices is very easy as it uses wireless connectivity.

The printer has a dynamic security system that enables only HP cartridges ink toner. This HP printer is very affordable and gives a reliable performance in the long run. Prints on A4 paper with black, white, and color formats.

  • A very small laser is used
  • Only works with HP cartridges
  • Very compact design
  • Great printing speed
  • Does not connect to WiFi

7. Flashforge Adventurer3 Printer – Fast Heating and 3D

Flashforge 3D technology company specializes in professional printing machinery. Adventure 3 3D is the best printer for Cricut in Australia because of the heating technology. Flashforge Adventurer 3 3D Printer is lightweight, and it doesn’t require assembly. It comes with a nozzle that is easy to remove and heats up to 200°C in just 50 seconds. It is made up of stainless steel material. The plate is leveled equally through the auto leveler.

There is a filament set inside the printer. So, the printer has an auto-feed option, and you don’t have to worry about replacing or buying papers. It has an automatic system that makes the printer stop printing when the filament runs out. Printing continues again when the filament is present.

Flashforge Adventurer 3 3D Printer has a flexible build plate which makes removing the printed object easy. It doesn’t make much noise while printing. Furthermore, it has less than 45 decibels noise level.

Flashforge Adventurer 3 3D Printer is connected to an online slicer where you can slice your models and share them with the printer to get 3D prints. You can easily share the sliced models with the printer through WiFi. It is also connected to Cloud, so you can download and share files from the Cloud.

Flashforge Adventurer 3 3D Printer comes with a built-in camera that records the printing process. So you can easily monitor the printing of your models no matter where you are. Its maintenance is also very easy in just three steps. You don’t need to disassemble the whole extruder to remove the nozzle.

  • Ready to work, no need to install
  • The auto-leveler is very helpful in leveling the plate
  • Printing stops when filament runs out
  • Noise-free working
  • Built-in camera to record printing
  • The extruder clogs very often

8. Lexmark B2236dw Printer: Laser and Duplex Printing – Amazon’s Choice

Lexmark international incorporation, headquartered in Kentucky, is a company that makes laser printers and imaging machinery. The company gives the best printers for Cricut in Australia. Lexmark B2236dw Monochrome Compact Laser Printer can print up to 36 pages per minute, increasing its efficiency. It is very compact. It is only 14 inches wide, so it is easily adjustable anywhere. Besides, it has 265 MB of space that improves its performance.

Lexmark B2236dw Monochrome Compact Laser Printer has a high toner capacity. It has 251 input sheets. The toner that comes with it has the capacity of printing 6000 pages before refilling.

It has USB connectivity and standard WiFi connectivity, making it very easy to connect with desktop computers or mobile phones. It comes with a Lexmark mobile print app. You can connect to your printer through the app and print your models wherever you are.

Lexmark B2236dw Monochrome Compact Laser printers have two-sided auto printing, which makes its productivity rate high. This feature saves your time and energy. In addition to this, this printer saves your information and data through its security features.

Lexmark B2236dw Monochrome Compact Laser Printer comes with a two-line LCD which shows you the 3D status of your print. So, you can easily check the process of printing and maintenance of the printer through the LCD.

  • Very compact design
  • Great toner and printing capacity
  • Easy connectivity through WiFi and USB
  • Automatically prints on both sides of the page
  • Toner runs out very fast
  • WiFi connection disrupts sometimes

Installation process

The quality of a print depends upon how successfully you install the printer at the start. At the same time, some printers are so tricky that they need professional guides for installation. It is suggested to look at those printers which are easy to set up and ready to work with.

Printing quality

The most important factor so far is the printing quality of your printer. It is a factor through which you can neglect the price of the printer. Many highly-priced printers are not able to give high-quality results. So regardless of price, you must look for the printing quality of a printer before buying.


The performance of any printer depends upon the type of toner and pages you are using while printing. Crafting is all about what your heart wants, so these factors are very important in Cricut printing. It is often assumed that you will need heavier paper and a powerful printer to print and cut. So, while buying, you should consider the weight of the paper and the performance of the printer.


While buying a printer, you should consider the connectivity type of a printer as they support WiFi or a Bluetooth system. Most of the printers are wireless, and they support mobile devices through Bluetooth, but they do not work afterward. You should check wireless connectivity before buying so that it does not create any headaches.

Printing speed

Crafting and printing often take much time in your workflow, and it becomes very hard to keep up with the speed of your product. In such cases, the speed of a printer matters to keep up with your working speed. Most of all, the printers with wireless connectivity are much speedier than the wired ones.

Convenience of use

The convenience of installation and maintenance should be kept in mind while buying a printer. A wireless printer is much easier to carry and function. You should look for different options so that you can print from your phone, laptop, tablet, or other wireless devices. The printer should be light enough to carry around if needed. It should have an LED screen to look at all the functions through the screen.


Price is an important factor that you cannot avoid while buying any printer. Just because you have a high budget does not mean that you can outlook all other features and only go for highly prized printers. Even if you have a low budget, go for the printer that gives you high-quality printing results; furthermore, you can compromise the price if you find the best quality printing.

Power usage

Most of the industries are focused on producing such equipment that aims for a greener environment. In such cases, the product with less power consumption is preferred over others. It will help if you go for a printer that saves energy resulting in fewer power bills.

Some of the printers have an auto-turn-off function through which the printer turns off automatically when not in use. We suggest you prefer this type of printer over other heavy power consumption printers.


Yes, specific printers are made for Cricut prints and cuts. The only difference between them and ordinary printers is the building difference. Manufacturers have a specific motive when they’re making a printer. The same is the case with Cricut printers, which specialize in Cricut prints and cuts.

Usually, cardstock is used for Cricut printing. But cardstock is a lot thicker than ordinary paper, so you will need a suitable printer to print on thicker surfaces. Or else, you can damage the printer.

Speed and quality are the most important factors in Cricut printing, and high-quality printers can bring you both. But most budget-friendly printers lack one thing among these two. So, it’s all about personal choice when you’re buying a printer that suits your budget.

Certain qualities need to be checked before buying a printer for Cricut printing. These are the type, size of the printer’s paper, efficiency and speed, printing quality, and budget.

It mostly depends upon personal choices of printers. It would be best to consider what criteria you want your printer to fit in and then set a budget. Usually, mid to low-tier printers can easily satisfy your Cricut printing needs.

Reading a good product or buying guide can help you find the best product even when you have no idea about it. We have provided you with the top eight best printers for Cricut in Australia. A comparison table is also given for you to compare their features and select the best out of them. Most of the people are not knowledgeable about the features of printers, so we have made some suggestions below.

That brings us to the end of our discussion as we have mentioned the best printers for Cricut in Australia. We have placed the best in front of you now; it is your choice to pick the product that suits your needs.

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