6 Best Roof Top Tents In Australia 2024: Reviews & Buying Guide

Are you planning an adventurous tour or want to go for hunting in Australia? But you are tired of the maintenance hassles of ground tents, especially in changing weather? No need to worry!

A roof top tent is the best solution to your problem. It is mainly designed to keep your comfort and luxury in mind because it is easy to set up and maintain. 

Roof top tents are made of waterproof and weatherproof material to provide maximum shelter from environmental factors. You can use such tents in all weather as it saves you from rainwater, heat, and storms.

Moreover, you will have a better view as they are mounted on top of your vehicle. If you want to experience it, you must buy one for yourself. This article will review the 6 best rooftop tents in Australia for you. To know more about rooftop tents, keep reading.

In the market, soft shell and hard shell roof top tents are available. I have picked the best soft shell tents for you, as hard shell ones are pretty expensive. This comparison table will assist you you choose the right one according to your requirements.

1. Front Runner Roof Top Tent – Best Value for Money

Front Runner roof top tent is the most economical for you. It is the lowest profile 216 mm tent that provides minimum wind resistance. Thus, it does not affect the fuel consumption of your vehicle, which is greatly affected by high-profile tents. Moreover, it weighs only 43kg, which makes its attaching and detaching to the car more manageable for you.

Despite its lightweight, you do not have to compromise on functionality. It is well-constructed with an insulated aluminum base and 400D Oxford tent fabric canvas that helps to make it strong and breathable. Also, it provides a sturdy shelter from all kinds of moisture as it is weatherproof and weatherproof. In addition, it comes with a 200D thick rainfly that protects you from heavy rain.

Undoubtedly, the Front Runner roof top tent is user-friendly. You can easily install it as its body erects automatically. Also, its aluminum ladder has pre-drilled holes, and its body erects quickly, making it easy to adjust. Surprisingly, It is compatible with most vehicles as it comes with loose tent rails. You merely need to adjust these rails according to your vehicle. Moreover, you can quickly transform it from traveling mode to camping mode.

When looking for comfort, the Front Runner roof top tent is the best option. It comes with an integrated 66mm high-density mattress that provides comfortable sleeping space. Its mattress has a washable and removable polyester cover that helps you to keep it clean. To enhance ventilation, it features mesh screen doors and windows. Also, it has a roof ventilator opening with a mosquito screen that helps to control the temperature inside the tent. 

  • Mold resistant
  • Water-proof and weatherproof
  • Ease of use
  • 3-season rating
  • Straps are a bit flimsy

2. Hasika Camping Tent Attach to SUV Van Truck Side

You need to consider Hasika Car Accessories Camping Tent as it has enough space to accommodate four people. You and your family can enjoy under its more oversized shade. Also, it can easily cover chairs, tables, and coolers. You can attach it to the back side of an SUV, van, truck, or any other vehicle with the help of ropes.

Hansika roof top tent is well structured with high-quality fiber and frame that make it durable. It has an alloy steel frame to provide high tensile strength. This makes it lightweight, robust, and usable at high temperatures. Its canvas is not made of ordinary polyester but rip-stop polyester that adds to the strength. This makes it a teardrop camper. Moreover, it provides plenty of ventilation through large mesh windows on its sides. 

This well-built tent is windproof and rainproof. It also acts as a sunscreen as it has ultraviolet protection. It has air vents that allow the air to flow through the tent. You will also receive two weatherproof sandbags to use as tent weights. These will add to the security and helps to keep your tent in place in high winds or storms. Due to these features, you can use this tent in extreme conditions. 

For your ease, it comes with 19MM adjustable poles that allow you to adjust the height of its outboard according to your need. Surprisingly, this can be used as a gazebo or pergola. Also, you can install this multipurpose tent away from your vehicle as a ground shelter. Lastly, you can conveniently carry it around as it weighs only 4.2kg and packs up really small.

  • Windproof and rainproof
  • UV protection
  • Adjustable poles
  • Multipurpose tent
  • Suction cups are of low quality

3. Darche KOZI 1300 Rooftop Tent – Best Overall

It comes with a flysheet that is water resistant and coated with UPF 50+ protection. This feature won’t permit ultraviolet rays of the sun to penetrate your tent, which helps to maintain the inside temperature and helps to keep you cool. Also, it shields the tear strength of your tent’s fabric.

When looking for the overall structure, it has an aluminum frame and honeycomb aluminum base that make it lightweight. Its canvas is made of premium quality Polyester Oxford material to make it breathable and long-lasting. It has back and front doorways that provide multiple access points for your entry into the tent. It is designed to ensure maximum ventilation. 

In addition, this tent encloses a 65mm high-density foam mattress that provides a comfortable sleeping space for two people. It has 970mm head height to ensure your comfort. You can use it in the rainy season as it has a 1500mm waterproof rating. Also, it is seamed sealed to resist moisture. It has three windows on both sides and a sky window. All windows have zippers and mesh screens to protect you from insects while enjoying the night view.

Not just this, Darche KOZI 1300 Rooftop Tent comes with a mounting kit, window poles, and premounted channel rails that make its set-up easier for you. You can use it with a wide range of vehicles as its adjustable 2.3m alloy telescopic ladder suits the heights of a wide range of vehicles. Moreover, you will also get a heavy-duty PVC transit cover that will protect it while carrying around.

  • Exceptional ventilation
  • Durable
  • Multiple excess points
  • Lightweight
  • UPF 50+ protection
  • Don’t have weight ratings

4. HASIKA Tailgate Shade Awning Tent – Best for Extreme Weather

But are you worried about the perfect size for your vehicle? You need to consider HASIKA Tailgate Shade Awning Tent. It is available in different sizes to fit perfectly on any SUV, CUV, and any other vehicle model. Also, it has a measurement guide to pick the right size tent for your vehicles. 

This awning tent acts as a sunscreen and rain shield due to its encrypted silver-coated PU fabric with a 3000MM waterproof rating. You can relax under it during heavy rain. Fortunately, it comes with an integrated storm flap that doesn’t let wind, rain, or snow enter your tent. Also, it helps to keep the tent in its place. Despite these features, it is lightweight. So, you can carry it around conveniently once packed back in its bag.

HASIKA Tailgate Shade Awning Tent can be set up easily and quickly. It pop-ups immediately to provide a perfect shape. You just need to attach the tent to the rear of your vehicle by using elastic connection ports. You can adjust its awning according to your need by using poles. Surprisingly, when you open the awning, it can provide convenient shelter to 5 to 6 people, along with a table and chairs.  

For ventilation, it featured zippered screen room on both sides to let the breeze circulate through the tent. So, you can sleep peacefully and be protected from bugs or small insects when you close it. Additionally, it has UPF 50+ protection to save you from sunburn as it won’t let sun rays enter your tent. Also, this feature will help to keep you cool during the hot summer.

  • 3000MM water-proof
  • UPF 50+ protection
  • Universal size for all vehicles
  • Integrated storm flaps
  • Packing it back is tough

5. Napier Backroadz Truck Tent – Best for Pick-Up Trucks

It can provide enough sleeping space for 2 people. Also, you can keep your pet with you as it is spacious enough to accommodate 2 pets.

This tent is well-built with high-quality material to make it durable. It has fiberglass poles that give it strength and make it lightweight. It has two large mesh windows that offer maximum ventilation. A large front mesh screen door with a zipper is present for your entry inside the tent. You can open it to enhance ventilation. In addition, you will receive a handy gear loft that can provide extra pockets for organizing your stuff.

Furthermore, you can assemble it in only a few minutes using color-coded poles and sleeves. Surprisingly, Napier Backroadz Truck Tent is this brand’s only truck tent with a full floor and a compact bed. But it would be best if you spent the additional pennies on buying a mattress, making it a more comfortable sleeping space. Additionally, it has a large interior and almost 5ft headroom to provide a comfortable camping area.

Once set up, you can relax under it without beings disturbed by extreme weather conditions as it has storm flaps on its windows and doors. Moreover, a rainfly is also included in the package. You can use it to enhance protection from the rain. But it is not preferable to use in cold weather because of its 3-season rating. Your purchase will help to protect nature as Napier has a partnership with Trees for Future to plant a tree on each purchase.

  • Full tent floor
  • 3 season rating
  • Large headroom
  • Easy to assemble
  • Low-quality zippers

6. DAC Full-Size Truck Tent – Best for Large Vehicles

DAC Full-Size Truck Tent is one of the best options for you. This roof top tent is also available in mid-size. You can choose the one that fits your vehicle. You can convert your vehicle into a camping unit by just installing this tent. It is equally suitable for camping and hiking as it is not only water-proof but also fire-retardant. 

When looking at its build quality, it is made of plastic coated with polyester, which makes it water resistant. It is designed to provide maximum ventilation in the tent. It has 2 no see ums mesh windows behind the doors that regulate air circulation and protect you from mosquitoes and other small insects. Moreover, you can also fold up and tie back the outer door to ensure maximum ventilation. 

In addition, DAC Truck Tent is compatible with full-size vehicles and SUVs with tailgates. You can easily set up this on your vehicle. Firstly, raise the rear window and lower the tailgate. Then, place the tent over the opening. Lastly, attach the tent tightly to your car with the help of elastic shock cords and plastic coated hooks. Once set up, it can provide enough sleeping space for two people. Also, you can place a mattress inside it for more comfort.

Despite these features, it weighs only 1.72kg making its installation more effortless. You will also receive a carry bag that makes it highly portable. The only downside of this tent is that gaps are often left around tailgates of some vehicles. But you can manage these gaps by using a set of block magnets. If your vehicle has an external rear-mounted spare tire, this tent will not be installed. You need to check the other roof top tents I have reviewed above.

  • Fire retardant
  • Easy to install
  • Water-proof
  • Highly portable
  • Gaps left around tailgate

1. Tent Capacity and Sleeping Area

An essential factor that needs to be considered is the capacity of a tent to accommodate people and its sleeping area. Normally, roof top tents have enough floor surface for two people. Such tents can provide a sleeping area for four people. There are also tents available in the market that can accommodate more than two people. 

But you need to focus that if the manufacturers say a tent can provide a sleeping area for four people, it is best to offer a spacious camping area for only two people. While choosing the tent, pick the size that can provide enough sleeping length. This will ensure your comfort.

2. Head Height

Also, you need to inspect the head height of the tent, as a little free space above your head ensures more comfort. But you need to consider that most soft shell roof top tents do not have the same height throughout due to their structure. In contrast, most hard-top tents manage to maintain the same head height due to their box shape.

3. Packed Dimension

The packed dimensions of a roof top tent might not be of much importance for many people as they don’t have to carry it around. But these dimensions have a considerable effect on the fuel consumption of your vehicle. Fuel consumption considerably increases with the increase of air resistance due to the packed dimensions of tents. You have to opt for the lowest profile tent, which offers less air resistance. 

4. Weight

When looking for a roof top tent, you need to consider its weight. Soft shell roof top tents are usually lighter than hard shell tents. But hard shell roof tents made of fiberglass and aluminum retain lightweight. You need to pick the one with less weight, especially when you often have to mount and unmount it yourself. 

5. Vehicle and Rack Compatibility

You have to keep in mind that not every roof top tent is compatible with your vehicle. Before picking one for your car, you need to check the mounting plates and roof rack. Consider the weight limits of the roof top of your vehicle and choose the mounting plates and racks that can securely hold the tent for longer.

6. Season Rating

Roof top tents are commonly made of thick canvas that provides maximum weather reliance and breathability, making them weatherproof. Some tents are appropriate for 2, 3 seasons while others for all 4 seasons, depending on their season rating. 4 season tents are preferred if you have to face cold weather as they provide better insulation to maintain the inside temperature of the tent. At the same time, other tents are suitable for mild to moderate weather. 

7. Waterproof Rating

The best roof top tents in Australia are always water-proof as the weather is unpredictable in Australia. These tents are made of strong water-proof fabrics that provide maximum resistance from the water. The water-resistance capacity of tents is defined through their water-proof rating ranging from 1000mm to 10,000mm. Some tents also have rainfly to protect you from rain. So, you must check the water-proof rating and thickness of the rainfly of the tent you are going to buy.

8. Ventilation

Ventilation is an important factor to consider while buying roof top tents in Australia due to its hot weather. You need to consider one with windows and vents that will not let heat trapped inside the tent. Best roof top tents have mesh screen windows to provide maximum ventilation. Also, some tents feature roof ventilator opening with a mosquitoes screen or automatic ventilation fans to remove hot air from the tent.

9. Mattress Quality

The feature of Australian roof top tents that ensures comfortable sleep during camping is their integrated mattress. But you need to check the mattress quality that varies from one tent to another. You can determine its quality by reviewing mattress thickness and type. Also, look at the type of its cover that helps to keep it clean. Some tent mattress comes with washable and removable canvas cover to provide better protection and make maintenance easier.


It is highly worth getting a roof top tent as they are well-structured to provide an effortless set up. They ensure maximum comfort. Moreover, you don’t have to make much effort for the maintenance and cleanliness of these tents.

Yes, roof top tents are made of high-quality and water-proof canvas. They are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions that campers usually face during off-road adventures.

If you set up a roof top tent correctly, it will not damage your car. You just need to be a little careful, as metal parts of a tent can cause scratches on your vehicle. But such things rarely happen.

Having the best roof top tent Australia will allow you to camp wherever and whenever you want to. It also has plenty of other advantages. But choosing one for your outdoor adventure can be confusing. I have reviewed the 6 best roof top tents Australia and the things you need to consider to ensure your comfort.

Are you still confused? 

Let me make the selection more straightforward for you. Here, I am shortlisting 3 best products for you out of the above-discussed roof top tent.

  • My top pick is Darche KOZI 1300 Rooftop Tent, as Darche is the most trusted brand. It is a spacious, lightweight tent and has exceptional ventilation and comfortable sleeping space. You can use it in all seasons as it is rainproof, windproof, and have UPF 50+ protection.
  • If you are low on budget, then Front Runner Roof Top Tent will be good to go. It has all the functionalities required to camp comfortably. You just need to compromise on looks.
  • If you have a large vehicle, you can pick DAC Full-Size Truck Tent. It is waterproof, fire retardant, and highly portable. It does not have an integrated mattress but has enough space to place one by yourself.

This article will be helpful to provide directions for your purchase. So, what are you waiting for now? Go and grab one for yourself and enjoy the camping experience without the hassle of maintenance issues, even in extreme weather conditions.

Happy shopping!

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