8 Best Robotic Pool Cleaners In Australia 2024: Efficient & Effective Pool Cleaning

Having your own swimming pool is a good thing, but cleaning the swimming pool can be a little bit of a hassle. You can get stuck with the old suction cleaners and chemical ways to clean your pool. This article can save your time as you can find yourself the best robotic pool cleaners in Australia.

If you try robotic pool cleaners for the first time, you cannot return to the old cleaners. That doesn’t only look good, but they also do a better job at cleaning. These robotic pool cleaners are intelligent and independent; they are called the production of smart technology. See 10 Best Magnetic Window Cleaners in Australia – Safe and Comfortable

 We have come up with this article so that you understand what you should look for in a good pool cleaner. Reading this review can save the time that you are about to spend in the market looking for the best robotic pool cleaner in Australia.

Effortless Pool Maintenance: Explore the Best Robotic Pool Cleaners in Australia

Our researchers have tested and analyzed the best robotic pool cleaners in Australia and put them out in this article so that you can save your time by reading this review. We have selected Australia’s best robotic pool cleaners based on their durability, efficiency, time duration, portability, cleaning method, and perfect budget. Check Out the 10 Best Car Vacuum Cleaner in Australia – Easy Cleaning and Ultra Light

A comparison table is given below to look for the features and brands you want for your robotic pool cleaner. We have chosen the top-rated best robotic pool cleaners in Australia, famous among people for their specifications or features. You can go through each product one by one and select the best for you at the end. These products are famous worldwide for their incredible performance and sustainability.

1. Zodiac Polaris 9400 Sport 4WD pool cleaner – Auto-Lift, Active MOtion Sensor 

Zodiac pool system is a leading tech company that provides us with innovative pool and spa products. Their most leading products are automatic pool cleaners and swimming pool accessories. Having a Zodiac robotic pool cleaner gives you peace of mind because of the durability and authenticity of the products. They also provide expert advice on pool equipment installation and maintenance.

Zodiac Polaris 9400 sport 4WD robotic cleaner is the top pick among Australia’s eight best robotic pool cleaners. The 9400 support cleaner provides the best underwater cleaning performance with upgraded features.

It has vortex vacuum technology that assures unusual cleaning power without losing air. The cleaner tackles any pool hole and climbs over little obstacles without getting stuck at the corners. It cleans the pool surface and scrubs the floor, walls, and tile lines with an all-rounder scrubbing brush. 

This cleaner is better than Robotic pool cleaner Bunnings because it has four times the capacity of filtering the water. The 9400 support cleaner is the only Polaris cleaner with a 7-day programming timer to complete a cleaning cycle.

Active motion sensors in the cleaner allow the product to sense the position and adapt in the pool. It has a lift system; if you touch a button, the cleaner surfaces to a location, and you can grab it. 

It automatically drains the excess water after the cleaning. This efficient cleaning robot can clean pools up to 50 ft. in length. It has a new compact transport caddy to keep the cleaner with you, and you don’t have to assemble it with the help of tools. The whole package comes with a two-year limited warranty.

  • Extremely sensitive filtration system.
  • It cleans even the walls and tiles of the pool.
  • The auto-lift function is really helpful.
  • Small particles filter is the best feature.
  • The power shuts off on its own.
  • It gets stuck on the staircase.

2. Aquabot X4 In-Ground Robotic Pool Cleaner – Long Cord & Built-in Timers

Aqua Products is an American brand working in domestic operations and produces leading engineered robotic technologies worldwide. Aqua products’ quality, service, specifications, features, and benefits are unmatchable with any other brand. The brand plays a huge role in providing shelters and high-end luggage, fish care, and pool accessories.

The second best choice in this list of best robotic pool cleaners in Australia is the Aquabot X4 in-ground robotic pool cleaner which is awarded as the best value robot for its rich features and low price. The X4 robotic pool cleaner is suitable for all pool shapes up to 60 feet.

There are industry-leading pumps in it that circulate 85 GMP to clean the pool with fewer chemicals. Besides, an in-built auto X pool mapping system enables the cleaner to work speedily and efficiently.

 The 4WD micro brushes ensure better cleaning with total coverage on the walls and tiles. Two ultrafine filtration baskets collect 190 cubic inches of dirt particles, and these baskets can be replaced and cleaned easily. 

The cleaner comes with a control panel program that enhances automatic cleaning and alerts you when the basket is full. It is famous because it only takes 180 watts of energy, about 15 times shorter than other pool cleaners. The four-wheel-drive high grip system offers minimum sleeping while cleaning.

The anti-tangle cord assures a hassle-free cleaning. The 360-degree rotation allows the cleaner to turn upside down and clean without twisting the cable. It also comes with a robot caddy for easy transportation.

  • It never gets stuck in corners.
  • The material is quite solid and great.
  • Built-in timers are helpful.
  • The long cord has never tangled.
  • You may face battery compatibility issues
  • Only one cleaning brush is available.
  • The rubber on the wheels falls off.

3. Davey PoolSweepa Wallclima Pool Cleaner – Filter-Sensitive Technology

Davey is a global manufacturer providing the best pool and spa equipment, from pumps to water chlorinators, filters, accessories, and controllers. It offers a wide range of water-related services to ensure you are living around clean water. It makes sure your products are working well until the very end.

Our third pick on the list of best robotic pool cleaners in Australia is Davey PoolSweepa Wallclima robotic pool cleaner. This Wallclima has an advanced scanning program with maps, so it contours any obstacle and efficiently cleans the floor, wall, and waterline.

The inbuilt maps are quite helpful in moving underwater. It is easily suitable for pools up to 12m in length. There is a digital switch available for the power supply for long-term control. Besides, there are adjustable handles on the sides of the cleaner for optimal pool coverage and the easy mode of portability. 

There is an ultrafilter bag that collects dirt, debris, and dust particles very efficiently. You can set a timer for cleaning your pool; there is an automatic shutoff system at the end of a timer.

The inbuilt cleaning brushes help clean small particles from the corners. Some of the cleaners have their motor burning off when kept out of the water, but it is not the case with this robot cleaner. This Wallclima cleaner allows a motor protection mechanism if there is an overload of cleaning or kept out of water. Besides, the cleaner comes with a 3-year warranty car with a user manual from the company.

  • The filter-sensitive technology is amazing.
  • It cleans dust completely from the corners.
  • It consumes less power supply.
  • A little expensive.
  • It feels a little heavy.

4. Instapark Betta Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner – Remote Control & Powerful Filtration

Instapark is globally famous because of its consumer electronics and innovative technology ideas. It is an automation brand that provides innovative new items such as garden appliances, home automation appliances, and solar-powered products. Instapark is worldwide famous because of the quality of its products. Most of their products are based on the solar power sector.

Instapark Betta Automatic robotic pool cleaner comes at number four in Australia’s list of best robotic pool cleaners. We are introducing the Betta robotic pool cleaner, which works intelligently to clean the pool’s surface, powered by solar energy.

The Betta Technology helps collect floating particles such as leaves, dead bugs, dust, pollen, etc. The power filtration system leaves no dust mark on the surface of the pool.

There is a dual control system to control the features of this cleaner, a remote control, and the other is keep running automatically. This feature makes it a better competitor of the Dolphin robotic pool cleaner.

It is the top pick for the reason that it never uses electric power and saves energy. It costs less as compared to other robotic pool cleaners providing the same features. Also, it saves energy as all the power comes from solar energy. No cable connection is required with the cleaner; there are in-built batteries to provide power for use at night.

The underwater brushless motor directly drives the cleaner on the surface of the pool. It prevents the robotic cleaner from slipping and turning backward. The company offers a one-year warranty and a 60-days money-back guarantee.

  • It does not get stuck in corners.
  • Remote control systems are very helpful.
  • It uses zero electric power.
  • The propeller does not work sometimes.
  • The motor does not supply enough power.

5. Blue Wave NE3285F Aquafirst pool cleaner – Lightweight & Fast Cleaning

Blue wave is a famous company working with the local and state health departments to ensure that we have the knowledge and equipment to keep our pools clean. With their expertise and experience, they provide the best personalized maintenance pool service public needs. Blue wave is providing us with modern pool equipment and houseware products to keep our lifestyle clean.

Aquafirst Super Rover robotic pool cleaner is on the list of best robotic pool cleaner in Australia, having the best features. The Aquafirst pool cleaner has an automatic dynamo feature and an advanced linear jet motor that delivers full suction and faster cleaning.

With extremely amazing features, super Rover has the quality to make your pool spotless in only two hours. The cleaner has a filtration system that removes dirt, algae, bacteria, and debris from the pool floor. It has a 48 Volt DC motor which helps in smooth running and quick cleaning of your swimming pool.

There are tread wheels made in a way that will not slip or slide on rough surfaces and easily clean every corner of your pool. Super Rover’s more powerful authentic motor picks up large debris that other cleaners leave behind. 

The Super Rover has a filtration system that disperses chemicals and heat throughout your pool and decreases the amount of time the air filter will run. Super Rover has an easy power supply, dual easy cleaning filter bags, and a tangle-free cord.

  • The bottom of the pool is clear.
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to lift.
  • Dirtbags are difficult to clean.
  • You have to press again the start button every five minutes.

6. Nu Cobalt NC23 Smart Logic Pool Cleaner – Easy Programming & Two Filtration Bags

Nu Cobalt is a well-reputed company which is producing well-manufactured home appliances and pool products. With advanced technology, the products are trending in the market rapidly. With the handy equipment and home products, Nu Cobalt is making our life much easier and efficient.

Nu Cobalt NC23 swimming pool robotic cleaner is a high-tech home product used for in-ground and above-ground pools. With the advanced cleaning system, NC23 cleans and brushes the floor efficiently without leaving a dust mark.

This cleaner is highly recommended for all kinds of above-ground pools and small to medium pools. It is extremely lightweight with a fluid dynamic engineering design. Its perfectly balanced weight and flotation allow the robot cleaner to float everywhere and clean the pool amazingly.

It has a fast-draining system which makes it easy to remove it from the pool after cleaning. A brush-to-port suction system for a complete vacuum cleans off debris, leaves, and fine dust particles. 

This smart logic robotic pool cleaner has two hours cleaning cycle. It automatically shuts off after each cleaning cycle. There is a waterproof IP24 low voltage power supply which is much more suitable for pool cleaners.

There is a 40 feet long cord with the no-twist feature available with this cleaner. Two big-size filter bags are also included in the package. A one-year warranty and a full range of DIY replacement parts are easily available.

  • The scrubbing technique is amazing.
  • Programming is easy, not complex.
  • Two filtration bags are really helpful.
  • It does not clean the staircase.
  • It does not clean the walls.

7. Bestway Aquatronix Automatic Pool Cleaner – Automatic, Built-in Water Sensor

Bestway material Corp is a leading company developing high-quality, innovative, supporting, and leisure products. Its products include Bestway above-ground pools, Bestway air beds and furniture, hot tubs, and Bestway summer collection.

Aquatronix Is a leisure pool cleaner that makes sure to work automatically without a user manual. This robotic vacuum cleaner comes with a cordless design so that it can clean your pool completely without any tangled cords. It is one of the best suction pool cleaner Australia.

The power supply comes from a battery that is rechargeable after 90 minutes of the cleanup. The battery is made up of lithium, and you can easily charge it for five to six hours.

In this Aquatronix Robotic pool cleaner, a built-in water sensor activates the cleaner once it is fully dumped in the water and turns it off automatically when the water level is insufficient to protect the motor.

This ideal robotic pool cleaner can clean up to 484 square ft. swimming pool without any hassle. The stainless steel filtration screen can clean up to 4.5 liters of debris. There is an inbuilt directional jet system to ensure that the cleaner moves in the pool without difficulty.

  • Automatic running is very smooth.
  • Very light in weight.
  • Suction and cleaning are remarkable.
  • The charger works very slowly.

8. Hayward RCX40106QC QuicKClean PC cleaner – With Scrubbing Wheels & Lightweight

Hayward is a very reputable company whose goal is to make our pool experience worry and hassle-free. They make equipment made to last and work smartly by keeping our pool neat and clean. Their wide range includes a complete line of advanced pumps, filters, heaters, heat pumps, automatic pool cleaners, lighting, controls, and salt chlorine generators.

The RCX40106QC QuicKClean PC board is designed in a way that you can use it with Hayward TigerShark robotic cleaner. 

An inbuilt filtration system and the PC board help efficiently remove leaves, dust particles, and debris. There is a handle to lift it when there is a need to take it out of water.

The scrubbing wheels on the lower surface are really helpful in removing and keeping dust and cleaning the pool without leaving a mark. These wheels also help in moving to all the corners of the pool.

There is an inbuilt battery that helps in programming the cleaner without any hassle. This battery is rechargeable with a cord and can be charged for up to 5-6 hours.

  • The scrubbing wheels are really helpful.
  • It is very light in weight.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Very cheap.
  • Do not remove dust particles.

Cleaning time

The time limit for every pool cleaner may vary according to their functionality. Some pool cleaners can work for six or more hours a day, while others need just two to three hours to make the pool clean. There is no need to use these cleaners daily; 2-3 times a week is more than sufficient.

Wall mopping

Nowadays, many robotic pool cleaners are efficient enough to clean the walls of your swimming pool. While buying a quality robot pool cleaner, you should ensure that the cleaner cleans the pool’s walls as most of the dirt and algae are on the walls.

Power saver

While buying a robotic pool cleaner, you should consider that it must use less energy and power to keep the operational costs low. Automatic pool cleaners have 12 or 24 Volt DC motors that spend about 90% less power than AC motors.

Easy to control

Many robotic cleaners are very easy to understand and control. All you have to do is put in the plug and turn it On. After finishing the cleaning, you can take the vacuum filter out and clean the filter. Most of the manual robotic pool cleaners are very tough to handle, so avoid using them.


If you buy a good quality robotic pool cleaner, it should run smoothly for about the time of warranty card. Most of these pool cleaners have two years warranty. Choose the one with a longer warranty time so that you can save your money and time to maintain durability. Read also 8 Best Robot Vacuum Australia – Multi-Floor Mopping and Vacuuming.


Robotic pool cleaners are surely worth your money, as these cleaners are best at leaving your swimming pools spotless. Now it’s time that you take a break from the hectic cleaning routine of the swimming pool and rely on these robotic pool cleaners, which can leave your pool shining in only 2-3 hours.

It depends upon the quality of the robotic pool cleaner you are buying. A branded, quality robotic pool cleaner will last for a minimum of 5-7 years

A robotic pool cleaner does good work in a maximum of two to three hours. There is no need to clean the pool daily; 2 times a week is a must to clean your swimming pool with a good robotic pool cleaner. The maximum running time of a robotic pool cleaner should be 6 hours.

You can leave the robotic pool cleaner in the pool while you’re swimming, but it is advised not to swim while the cleaner is cleaning. Swimming changes the flow of water and can affect the working of robotic pool cleaners.

Choosing a good robotic pool cleaner is a difficult job while many good brands are in the market. If you want to buy a good robotic pool cleaner, you should have proper knowledge and research to look at the features and material of the cleaner. It would be best if you buy a pool cleaner that suits your pool and your budget. You can also check out the best robotic pool cleaners in Australia reviews above.

We have chosen Australia’s best robotic pool cleaners for you to save your time and money after testing and experimenting a lot of products. You can read this review to look at the features of various cleaners. We hope this article will help you in finding the best for your swimming pool!

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