11 Best Inkjet Printers In Australia 2024: For The Love Of Colour

Every household nowadays has printers, but buying one is not easy at all. The person who’s buying the printer must be familiar with the choice he is making. Inkjet printers are a great choice if you are low on budget as they cost very low compared to laser printers.

Best inkjet printers in Australia need constant ink cartridges for printing which can be costly for you.

The market has a wide range of inkjet printers, from expensive, multi-featured models to low-budget printers. If you are running a home business, using an inkjet printer can be very useful for you economically as it can save you money in the long run.

If you have decided to buy an inkjet printer, you must look at our top choices of the best inkjet printers in Australia. We have provided a full-fledged review and buying guide so that you can save time and money. Let’s take a look at these eleven top printers that are available in Australia.

Best Inkjet Printers in Australia – Compact and Wireless Options

You should never underestimate the features of a good inkjet printer. They can last longer than your imagination. We have a handful of brands in the market providing the best printing service with their inkjet printers.

We have selected these products based on their scanning option, compatibility, printing duration, budget, printing size, speed, quality, and finally, the printer’s memory. You should consider all these features first before buying any printer.

So we have provided a list of the best inkjet printers in Australia, and we’re hoping that it can help you find the best printer for your problem.

Have you a bundle of papers that is useless now? You want to throw all these documents like banking cards, expired id cards, or banking details papers, but you are afraid because they have sensitive information and data.

1. Epson ET-4750 EcoTank Printer – Scanner, Copier, Fax

Epson Workforce ET-4750 EcoTank Printer is an all-in-one printer and scanner which comes with extra-large ink tanks. This printer doesn’t require ink cartridges because the ink tanks that come with it can store up to two years of ink. This amount of ink is equal to 30 ink cartridges sets.

The ink present in these tanks can print almost 11,200 pages. Epson Workforce Printer is designed with auto-stop ink bottles to provide mess-free refilling. It is called the best inkjet printer in Australia because of the ease of refill.

The replacement bottles are also cheap so that you can save up to 80 percent of the cost. Epson Workforce Printer also features a low-cost paper tray that has high capacity. Its paper tray can fit approximately 250 sheets at a time, so you don’t need to refill the paper tray more often.

The productivity rate of this Epson Printer is high as it uses two-sided printing techniques. The printer can print a minimum of 300 pages monthly. Gross usage of ink may vary concerning temperature, substrate, humidity, and print setting.

Yields may get low if you use one specific color more often than the others or don’t use the printer frequently. This Epson Printer can easily connect with an internet connection via wire or without wires.

It can also connect with email-enabled devices so that you can share your designs easily. It comes with a warranty of 12 months. If you want to get an additional warranty of 12 months, you can get the product registered from the company and get genuine ink tanks. Besides, it has a large 2.4 inches touchscreen.

  • It has an auto-stop feature when the ink runs out, so it does not have messy printing
  • The paper tray is very helpful in holding papers
  • Printing speed is very great as compared to other models
  • The 2.4 inches LED screen helps you in operating the printer
  • The ink spreads everywhere and becomes hard to clean
  • Needs frequent cleaning for the print head

2. Canon PIXMA TR8660 Printer – For Home and Office Use

Canon PIXMA All-in-One Inkjet Printer is your ultimate home-office printer that can print, copy, fax, and can also do the scanning. It is the best inkjet printer in Australia because it can print on nearly all paper types, making it very reliable.

This Canon printer is very easy to handle and operate. It features a large 4.3 inch LCD touchscreen, making it easy for users to perform the function they want. From this screen, choosing options for the type of printing you want becomes easy.

In addition, it also has a memory card feature. So you can save your data in that memory card and easily transfer that data to any other device. You can also print designs directly from your SD card using the memory card slot.

PIXMA printer has fast and strong WiFi connectivity, enabling you to easily print designs from your computer, MacBook, or smartphone without requiring a complex setup. So you can easily transfer or print data indoors or outdoors.

Canon also features connectivity through QR code scanning. It also features an automatic paper feeder, so you don’t have to replace each paper by hand, which saves time.

  • It enables connectivity with devices through QR codes
  • An automatic paper feeder works great when you are busy
  • You can print directly from your memory card using the memory card slot
  • The printer can print, copy and fax
  • Some parts of the printer are a little flimsy
  • Connection with devices takes a long time

3. Epson XP-8600 Inkjet Printer – Wireless & 3-in-1

Epson Expression Wireless Inkjet Printer is all that you need if you’re looking for a printer that can produce beautiful and professional quality pictures in addition to printing designs. Not only can it be used for everyday printing by amateurs, but you can also use it to get professional-quality photographs.

This Epson printer can also copy and scan. It has a double-sided printing feature. Double-sided printing means that you don’t have to fill the paper tray more often and that you don’t have to buy papers very frequently. That’s why it is best to save your time and money and increase the printer’s productivity rate.

The printer features six color inks that can produce high-quality and vibrant photos. Due to these Claria photo HD inks, the photos that are produced are long-lasting. That’s why it is best suggested for amateurs who want to print pictures like professionals. 

The inks that come with it are designed to make them last as long as possible. These high-quality inks can last up to 300 years which is a pretty long duration. Epson also features a memory card slot by which you can access your photos easily and save your data. You can also share your data or photos through that memory card.

This printer has a 10.9cm LCD touchscreen. It can connect with smartphones and tabs without needing wires. You can easily connect it with your phone via the Epson iPrint app. It is compact and wireless, which means you can take it anywhere with you, and it doesn’t require a lot of space in your working area. Packaging contains individual ink cartridges.

  • The compact and wireless design is very easy to carry
  • The wide LED screen is very helpful in operating the printer
  • It has memory card slots through which you can access your photos from every device
  • Six separate colors
  • Does not connect with some computer

4. Epson WF-4835 Printer – Multifunction & Auto-Duplex

Epson Workforce Multifunction Printer Black Medium is an all-rounder. It can scan, fax and copy data. This Epson printer also features an automatic document feeder that feeds 50 sheets in each turn. It means you don’t have to refill the sheet tray manually.

Epson Printer features an auto double-sided printing technique for quick and reliable printing. 2-sided printing uses less paper, so you don’t have to buy papers very frequently. That’s how these printers can save you time and money.

The packaging has four individual ink cartridges sets. Initial ink cartridges include black, yellow, cyan, and magenta ink cartridges. This Epson printer is durable. It is the best inkjet printer in Australia because it has exceptional print head technologies.

You can easily get high-quality and professional-level printing from this printer. You can also connect it with a smartphone or tablet directly through WiFi to transfer photos anytime, anywhere.

  • The printer can scan, fax, copy and print at the same time
  • The WiFi connection to all the devices is very helpful
  • The automatic paper feeder is much appreciated when you are busy
  • Not easy to set up
  • The ink is a bit expensive

5. Epson WF-2810DWF Inkjet Printer – WiFi, Compact & Stylish Look

This Epson Workforce Inkjet Printer is an all-in-one device that can scan, copy and fax along with printing. It has a stylish and compact design, so it can easily fit in your home and office. In addition to the main body of the printer, the packaging contains an individual ink cartridge set, a guide for setup, CD, documents for warranty, power cable, and paper tray.

The Epson printer is really easy to operate thanks to its 3.7cm LCD touchscreen. It features double-sided printing through which you can save time, money, and paper. 2-sided printing also makes this printer more efficient. The inks that come with it are long-lasting, vibrant, and waterproof. They are best for smooth printing and to produce clear prints.

Every color is provided individually, so if you want to replace one color only, you can easily replace that individual color. It is among the best inkjet printers in Australia because it can also save money. Refilling is also very easy and mess-free as compared to Tri-color cartridges.

Epson printers can easily connect through WiFi to your smartphone or computer. So you can easily send designs and data from your device to the printer with the help of the Epson iPrint app. You can even send files through Epson email print no matter where you are. It can produce professional-quality documents within a short amount of time.

  • The printer can copy, scan and print from the same device
  • Dual-sided printing is very useful in saving money and paper
  • The ink available with the printer is vibrant and waterproof
  • Refilling the cartridges is very easy
  • A little slow printing
  • Fragile ink cartridges

6. Canon PIXMA TS6360 Printer – Wireless & Best For Home Use

Canon PIXMA Home All-in-One Printer has a stylish design, and since it’s wireless, it is also easily portable. It is said to be the best inkjet printer in Australia because it has a compact body. You can easily take it with you while traveling. The Canon printer can easily connect with WiFi networks if you want to share documents from your phone.

The packaging comes with five color individual ink cartridges. These links are long-lasting and vibrant. The Canon printer features automatic paper feeding, so you can save time by not manually adding papers every single time the printer runs out of them.

Bring your designs to life with this all-in-one Canon printer best designed for home offices and family projects. The Canon printer also features double-sided printing, which automatically prints on both sides of the paper. Thanks to this feature, you can save time and money.

The Canon printer can produce borderless photos within 21 seconds, which is a short amount of time. It has a high productivity rate. Its LED status bar helps you in the maintenance of the printer. You can easily check the status of your printer or print anything conveniently.

  • Portable design is very easy to keep everywhere
  • The colors are much more vibrant and creative
  • The automatic paper feeder is very helpful when you are busy
  • Double-sided printing is very helpful in saving paper
  • Ink Cartridges are a little hard to refill
  • Printing fades after a while

7. Canon PIXMA TS5160 Printer – For Office Use, Wireless

Canon PIXMA Home TS5160 Printer is called the best inkjet printer in Australia because it provides high-quality prints. It features an LCD so that you can choose the desired function easily from the front screen. The clear buttons make it even easier to access whatever you want, whether it’s copying, scanning, or printing.

Easy setup instructions are provided within the packaging, which amateurs can easily perform. The print assist team also provides help if you have any problem in printing or while setting up the printer. You can even email the company, and it replies within 24 hours.

This Canon PIXMA printer features duplex printing, which automatically prints on both sides of the paper to waste less paper. It also increases the productivity rate of the printer. With this feature, you can easily print your desired prints within a short amount of time.

Thanks to the Canon print app, you can easily access your printer from wherever you are and print designs from your phone. You can also print designs directly from your Instagram, gallery, Facebook, and so much more. 

The design of the PIXMA printer is very compact as it’s wireless. It can also access other applications very easily. The packaging also comes with a full set of ink cartridges. It provides two ways of feeding papers. So you can be flexible with the way you want paper feeding.

  • Very compact design
  • Easy wireless connection with every application
  • The dual-sided printing saves paper costs
  • Beneficial for copying, scanning, printing, and faxing documents
  • Does not connect with some computers
  • A little tricky to set up

8. Epson Workforce WF-2850 Printer – Multifunction & Auto-Feeder

The WorkForce WF-2850 Epson printer is considered the best inkjet printer in Australia because of its flexibility. The printer features duplex printing which means two-sided auto printing, which saves time and paper. It is a multi-functioning printer that has a scanning and copying option in it.

The WF-2850 printer has an additional 30-page auto document feeder, which minimizes the hand feeding of paper. The printer ensures fast printing with 10 ppm speed for black and white and 5.0 ppm for color. The printer is very easy to handle with a simple setup and navigation.

The Epson printer comes with a 2.4″ color LCD screen to have an insight into the printer. You can give commands like print, copy, scan, and fax using this LCD screen. The printer comes with affordable ink cartridges, which you can replace after use.

The WF-2850 printer is the best choice for home and office printing. It ensures wireless functionality for easier connection with your iPad, iPhone, and Android phones. It also supports hands-free and voice-activated functions with which you can operate the printer using your voice.

  • Dual-sided printing is very appreciated
  • Auto paper feeder minimizes the labor
  • The 2.4-inch color LCD screen is very convenient to control the printer
  • The voice activation feature is very helpful when you are busy in your office
  • Paper jams sometimes
  • After changing ink, it does messy printing

9. New EPSON XP-2100.b Printer – Wireless & Space-Saving

New Epson C11CH02501 multifunctional is among the best inkjet printers in Australia because of its compact design. It has a space-saving design with great performance. The printer allows you wireless printing and scanning, and you can also do all of it with a single printer.

Epson multifunctional printer is very easy to set up and use. It has a one-touch copying and scanning option. It gives four individual ink cartridges, so you only have to replace the cartridge colors you will use. You can connect it wirelessly with your mobile devices and tablets.

Epson XP-2100.b Inkjet Printer gives better image quality by auto photo correction feature, correcting the lighting in poorly executed images. This smart printer does not only provide brilliant results for home and office use but is also a very good choice for people who are low on budget.

The Epson printer comes with smart technology and great versatility with whisper-quiet printing and scanning techniques. The reflexive touch panel allows you to access everything you need with your fingertips. The printer has proven to be the best Epson printer with a one-year return warranty.

  • Wireless printing and scanning are very helpful
  • Space-saving design is very good to keep on your desk
  • You can replace the ink colors in cartridges
  • The auto photo correction feature is very helpful
  • The connection cable is not available with the printer
  • Wireless connection takes a little longer

10. Canon Multi Function Printer TS3160 – Compact & Desk-Friendly

The Canon Pixma Home TS3160 is said to be the best inkjet printer in Australia because of the high-quality 3D result it provides. The printer is the best choice for your documents to color photographs. The printer comes in a very compact desk-friendly design which is very easy to use.

Canon multifunction printers use auto turn-off and on technology which saves energy automatically when the printer is not in use. You can also connect your printer with the Canon print app and print from social networking websites like Facebook, Instagram, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

This smart printer is very easy to use with wireless technology to connect with Apple, Google, the cloud, and many more. The multifunctional printer copies, prints, scans, and faxes the documents by pressing a single button.

You can operate your printer with a given 1.5 inch LED screen. Due to the small size of this Canon multifunction printer, it is very easy to use at home or the office. It gives photographic results for every purpose.

  • Suitable for both documents and photos
  • Very compact design
  • Wireless connection with applications
  • The LED screen is very helpful in operating the printer
  • You can also print Bu0026amp;W documents
  • White, Black

11. Canon PG645XL Black Ink Cartridge – Smooth Printing, Noise-Free

The Canon PG645XL ensures the high yield performance of the printer. This cartridge proves to be the best match for printing high-quality printing results. It gives sharp images and precise printing with vibrant colors.

This Canon ink cartridge comes with a wide range of ink cartridges of different colors. It gives smooth printing with a high level of saturation and a very minimum chance of fading colors. It is designed in a way to give quality results in 8.4ppm.

The durability and ease of use of this Canon inkjet printer cartridge are the best things to consider. It also provides convenience and productivity while printing good quality prints. The printer will complete the job in less time as compared to other competitive brands with this cartridge.

It comes with noise-free technology to make the printer work without any noise. The printer uses duplex printing which means it can print on both sides to save paper costs. So there will be less waste of your time, and it is said to be ecologically friendly as there will be less waste of paper.

  • Noise-free printing
  • Less waste of paper
  • Wireless connectivity with devices
  • The print fades easily
  • The print head needs to be cleaned very often
  • The print fades easily

Dual printing

Some printers have duplex printing ability through which they can automatically print on both sides of the page. This feature can be very important as it can save both the pages and the cost that it gives. These printers are very useful if used at home, but they are essential to be kept in the office.

Multi-purpose printer

Some of the inkjet printers are very popular because you can use them for multiple tasks. These printers are very useful to print, copy, scan, and sometimes even fax documents and are much appreciated by people around the globe. And if you have such a type of printer at home or your office, you can save your money in the long run.

Printing speed

The speed of a printer is measured in pages per minute once it starts printing. Printing speed is very important if you use the printer for your home business or office. If you occasionally use the printer, you can compromise printing speed, but it is arguably considered the most important feature.


The size of the printer matters a lot because if you are using the inkjet printer at your home, you should keep it on your desktop or the top of a file cabinet. If the printer has a paper holder inside, it becomes more beneficial to minimize the mess on your desk. You should also consider size before buying any inkjet printer because, in the end, you are the one who is using and moving the printer.

The quality of a printer is a feature that cannot be compromised whether you are using the printer for home or your office. Inkjet printers provide a combination of text, graphics, and photos. In such cases, everything should be clear-cut for the reader to understand. You must look for the quality of the printer before buying because it can cost you a fortune to buy another inkjet printer after two months.

Connectivity options

Most of the printers in the market have a WiFi connectivity option to share your files through WiFi rather than having a USB connection. The common inkjet printers have slots for memory cards, USB flash drives, and wireless printing standards like AirPrint. You should check the connectivity before buying the printer to manage it according to your requirement.


Common inkjet printers in the market have a certain amount of built-in RAM that helps you save documents. The memory helps the printer to print output and avoid errors in a short amount of time. The memory is directly related to the speed and quality of the printer. If you want your printer to have high printing results, you should consider checking the RAM of your inkjet printer.


Professional users think that inkjet printers are home printers, and laser printers are called business printers. So it depends on the purpose for which we are using the printer. Inkjet printers are faster and low-cost printers as compared to laser models. You can choose according to your requirement, and for how much time you need the printer.

While having a printer, you have to pay for other expenses such as ink cartridges, refills, and paper feeding. If you are using the printer daily, ink cartridges are needed to be replaced once in a while. But the total cost can be three to five times that of a laser printer.

Most of the regular users look for speed, quality, reliability, and cost in the first place. The printer’s connectivity should not be a problem, so the WiFi system and scanning options are also considered.

Inkjet printers can last for a maximum of three years, while laser printers are much more durable. The printer’s life depends upon how much you are using your printer and the average speed of your printer per day. Analyzing these features and minimizing the harmful factors can increase the life of your inkjet printer.

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