10 Best Drone In Australia 2024: For Still Photography & Live Videography

Drones are very popular among professional photographers, vloggers, and travelers. They have sensors and video transmission, making camera-equipped drones accessible to capture creativity and aesthetic imagery.

Drones are relatively new in the industry as compared to tripods and much other vlogging types of equipment. These drone cameras are available in various shapes and sizes, from folding pocket sizes to professional craft. It is very difficult to choose the best drone in Australia based on its features and size.

Today we have come up with a list to give you the best drones in Australia, keeping in mind all the features and sizes. And whichever drone you choose should be able to catch crystal clear stills and video from high up in the sky.

Best Drone in Australia – With UDH Camera and App Control

There has never been a better time to invest in drones as it’s easier to get off the ground and capture every scene like a pro. Finding the best drone among all with every feature that is easy to carry may be difficult.

We have researched, tested, and analyzed the top 10 best drones in Australia in the table below. These drones are picked based on their flight time, aviation system, GPS, speed, camera, stability, etc. You can go through the features of these drones and pick out the one best for your vlogging career.

Professional drones can be a little bit expensive, so before buying or spending a fortune, you should look at a product review or at least a comparison table. For instance, looking at the table given below and analyzing their features will save your time and money to go to waste. Besides, reading the detailed review will let you know about the complete specs of all drones listed here.

1. DJI Mavic 2 Pro Drone – Hasselblad Camera, 4K Video – Best of The Year

DJI is an international brand that is empowering people to capture scenes that were once out of reach. Amazing photos, videos, memories are captured every day worldwide using DJI products.

Mavic 2 Pro is a drone is made in Sweden and has a Hasselblad camera. The Hasselblad cameras are known for their iconic design, uncompromising image quality, and amazing craft. The Mavic 2 Pro comes with a highly equipped Hasselblad L1D-20c camera. It comes under the best drones under 500 Australia.

With the help of this fine technology, users can capture 20-megapixel aerial shots in detailed color graphics. The Mavic 2 Pro was designed for optimal lower power consumption and noise reduction. These improvements offer a smoother and quieter flight ensuring better quality images and videos.

You can attach it to a TV with HLG to playback the footage with the right colors. There is an adjustable aperture available which ensures the best image quality in high and low light. Besides, a 1-inch CMOS inbuilt sensor is there to sense the location and flight range.

  • Great sensor by Hasselblad.
  • The camera quality is awesome.
  • Good price value.
  • The battery runs down fast.
  • Stability is an issue.

2. Autel Robotics EVO II Pro Drone – Folding – 6K Ultra HD Video

Autel Robotics comes with a new era of technology along with advancement. They provide accelerated technology to meet the intended applications of these dynamic aircraft and payloads for their users.

EVO II Pro is on the list of best drones in Australia because of the 6K capturing ability through a sensor. It has an upper range of f/2.8-f/11 which captures the best graphics. The camera resolution ranges up to 640 for video and 12,800 for photos.

When there is not enough light, the 6K payload camera offers the best results for images and videos. The user can benefit from 8X digital zoom and 3X lossless zoom to maintain 1080p quality. It is effectively used for 2D and 3D maps construction and professional cinematic production.

It is the first-ever foldable and lightweight drone with the ultimate aviation system for the growing technology inspection. Besides, it gives 40 minutes of flight time, a flight range of 5.5 miles, and a speed of 45 MPH. Furthermore, it has a 3.3 OLED screen that streams live feed video independent of mobile devices. The changeable battery needs to be charged for only four hours.

  • The foldable function is really useful.
  • The battery runs for a long time.
  • The automatic zoom feature is amazing.
  • The screen doesn’t turn on sometimes.
  • It consumes a lot of battery power.

3. Contixo F35 Premium Drone – Self Stabilizing – 4K UHD Camera

Contixo products are designed to deliver high-quality technology, advanced mobile entertainment products and help customers and business partners invest incredibly. The Contixo F35 drone comes at number three in Australia’s list of best drones because of the 4K UHD camera with the self-stabilizing gimbal. The video quality is 3840 × 2160 pixels with amazing stability and clarity of colors.

It is famous for its high-end technology and the unique design it has. Furthermore, it has a one-mile fly range and records videos or photos up to 4,000 feet. With a GPS, you can capture as much as you want and return home correctly. It comes with two upgraded 2500 mAh intelligent batteries that provide 60 minutes of flight time. 

The F35 drone comes with a brushless motor to have a smooth and powerful flight. The drone is foldable, which allows for compact storage without removing propellers. The package also contains two spare batteries with a carrying bag and a free 128GB memory SD card.

  • The automatic return to the home system is great.
  • The 4K UHD quality of the camera.
  • Battery life is amazing.
  • It may not catch GPS signals sometimes.
  • It can start flying backward without any command.

4. Ruko F11 Pro Drone – 4K Quadcopter, 2500mAh Battery – 1 Extra Battery + Carrying Case

Ruko GmbH provides the best precision products with advanced and unique technology. The Ruko F11 pro is on the list of best drone in Australia because of the Wi-Fi system. It is compatible with many types of phones, don’t forget to verify yours before ordering the drone. Also, there is a 5G Wi-Fi system within the drone.

It has a high-quality camera of about 4k Ultra HD picture quality and 9k video for stunning stability and clarity capturing. The camera with 130° FOV gives clear and unbelievable quality. Besides, it has a 2500 mAh battery that provides 30 minutes of flight time.

The drone can go above 500 meters, capturing the best image quality. The GPS enables clearer images, and the drone returns home safely. Furthermore, the drone is very easy to use with an auto-return system, tap fly, headless mode, and a simple press system; even kids can control it.

Ruko F11 Pro is said to be the top pick among many professional users for all these features. It comes with 30 days of return and exchange and 90 days free warranty. The package contains one extra battery that can ultimately increase your flight time.

  • Spare batteries are really helpful.
  • The controls are quite simple.
  • The camera quality is amazing.
  • The footage may disconnect from the mobile device.
  • The camera may keep on moving without any command.

5. Contixo F30 Drone – FPV Quadcopter, Brushless Motor – Best Budget Friendly

Contixo is a brand fully committed to ensuring 100% customer satisfaction with upgraded products. The Contixo F30 GPS drone is built with the latest engineering technology. It has a 4K UHD Wi-Fi camera with 4k video at 3840 x 2160 resolution that catches every moment with bird’s eye perspective.

You can install an app and watch what your camera is recording on your mobile device. It is among the best drones for beginners Australia.

An optical flow positioning uses a stabilization system to set the drone at a fixed height. Powerful air pressure allows the drone to stay in mid-air and record amazing moments. Besides, the drone can follow the pilot automatically.

It automatically follows the GPS installed on your mobile device. On the app, you can draw a predetermined path for the drone to follow along so that you can shoot in a linear movement. The Contixo F30 Drone is foldable, and it is portable, so you can take it wherever you go. It is the best drone for photography in Australia.

Furthermore, it comes with a brushless motor with aviation propellers for high flight efficiency following longer flights than brushed motors. The drone has powerful batteries to increase the flight time and a carrying bag to carry it easily everywhere.

  • 4K video quality is amazing.
  • The return to the home button is very handy.
  • The user manual is helpful.
  • The unit does not follow the manual.
  • Flight time is not consistent.

6. GOOVIS 4K Drone – VR Glasses – Blue-ray 3D

GOOVIS is an international brand producing consumer electronics, industrial, medical, security, communication, etc. The Goovis Cinego is famous because it can replace any theater, TV, or smartphone for its video quality. It has a camera that displays clear and sharp pictures in 2K. You can stream YouTube, Netflix videos, and many other movies in an immense quality result.

You can connect Groovis Cinego with DJI drones with an HDMI wire. It has an amazing 3147 PPI screen which is seven times larger than iPhone X. Besides; it contains a 6-axis sensor that captures unique images. It allows users to experience real scenes with a 360 panoramic view.

The drone is much more stable; even if the camera is not placed perfectly, the user does not need to worry about the image quality. It has a Wi-Fi connection that can connect with top box, PS4, Xbox, PC, hard drives, U disk, Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, and smartphones. Furthermore, it provides excellent lifetime services while you can enjoy the screen without glasses

  • The theater glass is best.
  • Camera quality is worth paying.
  • Wi-fi Connectivity Issue
  • Lights flashing problem.

7. SANROCK 1080P HD Drone – Trajectory Flight, Gravity Sensor – Gravity Sensor

SANROCK is a world-famous production company producing modern-day tools and devices to prove their technology to be the best. The SANROCK is the best drone in Australia because of the HD quality camera result.

The camera captures 1920 x 1080 quality pictures with the best of colors and graphics. You can save the images to your device, and you can share them on social media directly. Furthermore, it is a compact and portable drone camera that you can carry anywhere you want.

This HD camera drone is very user-friendly and can be handled by both adults and kids. The drone has an automatic emergency stop button with 3D flips and LED lighting, which ensures simple control and fun at the same time. The lights are very helpful when it is dark.

The drone is designed to ensure a very stable flight whether adults or kids use it. It enables a long flight time of 17 minutes with a transmission range of 328 feet and 100m. The battery is also rechargeable and changeable. Furthermore, two extra batteries also come in the package.

  • The video quality is excellent.
  • Two extra batteries are really helpful.
  • The compact size is portable.
  • The camera does not connect to the Wi-Fi.
  • The propellers may not work sometimes.

8. SANROCK U61W Drone – Altitude Hold, Headless Mode – Our Choice

SANROCK is said to be a good company producing drones for beginners and kids. Its second drone is on the list of best drones in Australia because of its easy handling and quality features. SANROCK U61W has a camera that can adjust to a 90-degree angle to get a wider shot. This is mostly used to capture the landscape and the wider pictures.

You can operate this drone through your iPhone and Android phone by downloading the app. It comes under best drone under 200 Australia.

There is an inbuilt Wi-Fi system to have high-resolution images so that you can share them in the meantime. It is really easy to handle as it has only one key to take off and land. Furthermore, it has an emergency stop button, headless mode, height hold mode, gravity induction, etc. With all such features, it becomes a favorite item to gift your kids.

You can predetermine the flight route so that the drone can follow that path. This heliquapter is really small so that you can take it anywhere to parties and other events. You can easily replace the battery. Furthermore, it has a 12-month customer service warranty.

  • Charges really fast.
  • Drone follows the path strictly.
  • Drone follows the path strictly.
  • The controller does not respond sometimes.
  • The motor may stop working.

9. Syma X300 Foldable Drone – Tap Fly, 3D Flips – Gravity Sensor

Syma is a leading industry famous for manufacturing high-quality radio-controlled drones and quadcopters for over ten years. The Syma X300 is a drone that has a 1080p HD camera to capture high-quality videos and photos. It has an FPV transmission for high-quality image transfer so that you can share the scenery with your friends.

Besides, it has a system that positions the images by optical sight to make the picture more stable. You can draw a flight path on the app page, and the drone will follow the path you have drawn. You can not only control the drone by remote control but also through the Syma app.

There are two speed modes, high/low are available to make usage easy for everyone. Furthermore, there is also a headless mode in which the drone connects with the pilot, so you can fly the drone without worrying about direction when it is out of sight.

You can control it easily with a single key takeoff and landing, perfect for beginners. Two powerful batteries support up to 40 minutes of flight time, and the modular design of the battery makes it easier to charge.

  • The spare batteries are really helpful.
  • Good value for the price.
  • Simple to tune in.
  • The battery does not supply power sometimes.
  • The plastic material used is very light.

10. 4DRC Mini Drone – App Control – One Key Return

DRONEEYE is an international company producing traveling equipment such as tripods, vlogging cameras, microphones, and drones with the best of advanced technology. The DRONEEYE 4DRC is the best birthday gift or Christmas gift for adults, children, boys, or girls.

This mini drone has a variety of action combination moves. In short, you can play and have fun with your remote control drone anytime, anywhere. If you are looking for a good drone, keeping in mind your budget, this is the best choice for you.

The drone comes with three removable and chargeable batteries, and a single battery contains a flight time of 30 minutes. It has an HD camera for video and image quality. The extra mini size helps in keeping the drone in its pocket and taking it everywhere.

It can prove to be the best gift for both kids and adults. Besides, the 4DRC is said to be the best budget drone Australia.

The integrated LED lights help the kids identify the drone’s direction and understand the flying experience. Three different speed modes, low, middle, and high, are available to master the flying skills slowly. The outer case made by nontoxic soft plastic material decreases falling aircraft collision and avoids body injury.

  • Good battery life.
  • Speed is much better.
  • Reasonable price.
  • The on/off button may not work.
  • The battery runs down easily

Flight time

The flight time varies in different types of drones, and you should keep in mind why you are using a drone. Generally speaking, bigger drones tend to fly for a longer time.

Professional drones have a flight time of a maximum of 30 minutes. In contrast, toy drones can fly for around 7 to 8 minutes only. There is a hack; if you want to fly your drone longer, take extra batteries with you.

Battery timing

Before buying, you should consider looking at the batteries to help fly for a longer time. You should check if the batteries are interchangeable. Many professional vloggers often keep extra batteries with them so that they can swap batteries whenever needed.

Flight range

The range of a drone also depends upon why you are using the drone. If you are doing professional photography, the drone should have a great flight range.

Professional drones can fly up to 2 km, while many advanced drones can go up to 500 m. But it is always advised to keep the drone in your sight.

Camera Quality

Many professional drones have small inbuilt cameras, but many don’t even have cameras. You should consider the resolution of the camera before buying a drone. The resolution should be 2 MP for the beginner level, providing you with quality photos and videos. But if you are using your drone at a professional level, consider the resolution up to 4 K or even 6K for good dramatic effect.

Your camera should capture smooth sceneries while staying stable. Many cameras have stabilization features such as gimbals which increase the price. If you’re using your drone for professional vlogging, you should consider looking for a stabilization feature in your camera too.

Your drone’s camera must have a first-person view to see specifically what the drone is capturing. The video is streamed either on the built-in display or your smartphone or tablet. This can help you find the perfect position for your camera.


GPS systems help in locating your drone and finding automatic flight paths. When you have GPS, there is a return to the home function that can bring your drone back to where it started.

Repair parts

When you’re flying a drone, there is always a chance of crashing and collision. Many of the professional drones have a spare set of propellers. It would be best if you chose a drone that has spare parts available. Check the motor type of your drone; always buy a brushless motor as the brushed one does not last long.


It would be best if you keep the speed of propellers in mind before buying a drone. Too much speed can cause collisions and collapse of drones. In contrast, too slow speed can cause the drone to run out of battery and collapse anyway.


The flight of a drone depends upon its range. Most professional drones range between 500-1000 meters. The best range can be 2 km. Many countries have guidelines saying that drones should not fly higher than 120 M above ground.

Yes, you can leave your drone to fly over the sea but keep in mind that sea waves can be destructive to electronics and motor windings. It is advised to keep your drone up and out of the way from waves because drones are not waterproof. Similarly, mountains can give you the best photographic results but keep in mind the weather conditions because that could cause drone collision.

The drone laws are different worldwide. It would be much suitable to learn the laws of your region. Most countries allow using private drones under 2 kg and in the area 150 meters above. The area should be away from the population or any airport. In most countries, no license is required to fly drones.

The flight time varies from type to type depending upon the battery size and propellers. Many drones can easily fly for around 25 minutes, but large drones are heavy and used for commercial use that can fly for around 15-20 minutes.

Reading the above-given reviews of the best drone in Australia will be a little bit helpful for you. These drones are selected after testing many based on their budget and the features they have. 

If you want to buy an affordable drone that is also good end recording, you should consider buying a 4DRC mini drone beginner’s RC. It is famous because of the small size and the best choice for both kids and adults.

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