11 Best Water Flosser In Australia 2024: Say Hello To Next-Level Dental Hygiene

Most dentists recommend water flossers for people with braces, but everyone can use them. Water flossers use pressurized amounts of water to remove food grains, and plaque stuck between your teeth to make them stay healthy.

Best water flossers in Australia appear with different charging bases and multiple tips to add to their functionality. But sometimes, understanding these functions becomes quite difficult as many brands are competing in the market today.

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Flossing your teeth can prevent cavities and reduce the risk of gingivitis. Understanding the benefits of water flossers is very important with the best brands available in the market.

Today we have come up with this article about the best water flosser in Australia. We have picked out the top eleven best flossers so that you can go through their features and select the best for you. Reading this review and buying guide can help you save the time and money you would’ve wasted by investigating useless products. 

Best Water Flosser in Australia – For Braces, Dental Implants, and Crowns

Comparing the features of water flossers can help you find the best product for yourself. We have selected the best water flosser in Australia so that you can compare the features to select among them. These water flossers are selected based on their pressure setting, size, user warranty, user settings, tips, tank size, power source, and price.

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At the end of this article, a buying guide is also given for you to understand the features of a good water flosser. Besides, you can read the detailed reviews on these water flossers in the next section.

1. Waterpik Water Flosser WP-660 :Compact, 10 Brushing Settings – Best of The Year

Waterpik Ultra Professional Water Flosser is a world-class water flosser with three classic jet tips for daily usage.  The plaque seeker tip is used for implants, crowns, and dental work, and a toothbrush tip to manually brush as you water floss. The orthodontic tip is to clean braces, and the pickpocket tip is to treat periodontal pockets.

This Waterpik water flosser is famous for its compact design and easy use.  The water flosser is very convenient to use as it has pulse modulation technology for maximum plaque removal. The flosser is very effective as it can improve gum stimulation for more enhanced circulation in hydro-pulse massage mode.

Waterpik has been the inventor of oral health care products since 1962 and is famous for being the original inventor of water flossers. The Waterpik ultra professional water flosser removes up to 99% of plaque; that’s why it is on the top of the best water flossers in Australia.

Only brushing can leave food particles inside your teeth and can result in tooth decay and bad breath. The Waterpik ultra professional water flosser cleans between teeth and below the gum line, leaving no more food particles. It only takes one minute a day to clean your teeth and have healthy gums.

The water control is on the handle with a rotating tip. The tip of the flosser rotates 360 degrees for easy access to all the areas of the mouth. It has various massage modes and ten different pressure settings. The reservoir holds 22 ounces for 90 seconds, and you can also add your mouthwash for a clearer experience.

  • Ten different brushing settings.
  • The rotating tip cleans the crucial parts.
  • Contains three tips for each tooth type.
  • Massage nodes are very relaxing.
  • The unit stops working sometimes.
  • Tips can be very strong to make your gums bleed.

2. Waterpik Water Flosser WP-560 – Cordless, LED Indicator

The Waterpik cordless advanced water flosser is the best in Australia because it can remove 99.9% of plaque. This effective way of cleaning takes one minute a day to clean your gums and teeth completely. As the water flosser helps in removing plaque and bacteria, it is very useful in freshening breath.

The Waterpik cordless water flosser has a tip that rotates 360 degrees for easy movement and more impressive cleaning. It connects to a smart charger magnetically and charges the unit in only four hours.  You can use it on global voltage to use anywhere in the world.

The water flosser has customized water pressure settings as low, medium, and high. It has an additional microfiber bag and charging plug that makes traveling much easier so that you can take the water flosser everywhere with you. The waterproof technology allows you to use it when you’re taking a shower, and you can also add your mouthwash to it.

The Waterpik cordless water flosser has two classic tips for general use, one plaque seeker tip for dental implants and one orthodontic tip for cleaning around braces. It makes the water flosser a perfect match for anyone with braces, dental implants, crowns, bridges, or periodontal pockets. It is proven to be the best solution and more effective than dental flossing or air flossing.

This cordless water flosser is very convenient to use without any cord to be used anywhere. It comes with a magnetic charger with AU 2-pin plug. The water flosser also has an LED indicator; it shows you charging time and battery life.

  • LED indicator is very helpful in indicating charging.
  • Different water pressures are given for sensitive teeth.
  • Removes 99.9% of bacteria.
  • The rotating head is amazing for thorough cleaning.
  • Do not remove food particles.
  • It is a bit overpriced.
  • It may start to leak after a little use.

3. PHILIPS Sonicare Interdental Flosser : Multiple Frequencies – Fast Action

Philips is the world’s largest electronics company whose main focus is health technology and useful products in our daily lives. This Philips Sonicare interdental flosser is also one of the best water flossers in Australia. This Philips water flosser allows us to normalize healthy habits of flossing our teeth daily.

Philips Sonicare ultra-water flosser is professionally proven to improve gum health. The ultra-air floss cleans your mouth in less than 60 seconds a day. You just have to select your preferred frequency, single, double or triple. Hold the activate button for continuous pressure mode.

The Philips water flosser gently brushes the plaque that is stuck inside your teeth. The fast brushing technology of this air floss prevents cavities from forming in your teeth. You can also use this water flosser with your mouthwash for a more fresh experience and antimicrobial benefits.

The smart Philips Sonicare tracks how often a patient requires brushing and how much pressure they need and notifies when there is a requirement to replace the brush head. All Philips Sonicare brush heads are tested to be safe and gentle on teeth and gums. You can select the brushing modes and intensity levels for the whitening function.

The smart technology of this water flosser pulsates water in teeth and brushes the plaque between gums. The water flosser has a microdroplet technology for gently cleaning the teeth with a high-performance nozzle and water pressure.

  • Gives a track of brushing.
  • Air flosser completes cleaning in less than a minute.
  • Different frequency options are very helpful to choose from.
  • You can customize your cleaning method.
  • Air pressure is not very good.
  • Water starts to leak.
  • Poor build quality.

4. Oral Irrigator Water Flosser : Multifunctional, 99% Results – Our Choice

Oral irrigator multifunction water flosser is the best water flosser in Australia because of its easy use and effective cleaning method. This multi-functional water flosser is best for anyone with braces, implants, crowns, or periodontal pockets.

This DentJet oral water flosser has a unique water pressure and pulsation that cleans between teeth and below the gumline. The water flosser effectively removes bacteria and debris that cannot be removed by simple brushing or air flossing. Water reservoir volume is very high as it can hold up to 600 ml of water.

DentJet is a worldwide famous brand that focuses on dental health care with its oral solutions. Oral irrigator multifunction water flosser is also one of their best productions. It includes different classic tips: a tongue cleaner tip, a pickpocket tip, an orthodontic tip, and a plaque seeker tip.

The water pressure can effectively remove 99% of bacteria and debris. The advanced water flosser is very easy to use; it uses one switch to operate. Sixty seconds of working time is needed to clean thoroughly.

The oral irrigator comes with seven replacement nozzles. Ten grade pressures are given so that the user can adjust accordingly. It has a very sleek waterproof design with a sound-reducing mechanism.

  • Contains seven replacement nozzles.
  • Ten user settings are given for all tooth types.
  • Different cleaning tips provide 99% results.
  • Water tank capacity is enough for the whole family.
  • The water pipe starts to leak.
  • The hose is not big enough.
  • Product quality is not good.

5. Panasonic Water Flosser : Ultrasonic Pulses – Detachable Water Tank

Panasonic ultrasonic water flosser uses advanced features with easy-to-use functions. Using powerful ultrasonic pulses of water, it reaches the teeth and into the periodontal pockets; this water flosser is considered the best water flosser in Australia.

Panasonic is considered the world’s largest consumer electronics company in the 20th century which provides a range of different products.  Panasonic ultrasonic water flosser is also one of the best products under the bank company. Different setting options clean away food particles and debris and ensure healthy gums and teeth.

The Panasonic water flosser uses a water jet nozzle to accelerate water flow and generate thousands of bubbles. These bubbles instantly help to remove plaque and wash away all the food particles. Ten different settings are given so that you can select according to your sensitivity level.

The nozzle handle and storage port are magnetized for convenient usage and storage. The bottom of the nozzle handle is created in a way to stay clean. Water flossers can be placed easily on bathroom vanities and cleaned with a soft cloth.

The Panasonic water flosser has a retractable coiled water hose for more convenient use. The half-liter detachable water reservoir holds more than sufficient water for complete thorough cleaning. It comes with a clog-free option which is very useful.

  • The detachable water tank is very easy to clean.
  • The bubble generating method removes maximum bacteria.
  • Ten settings are given for sensitive teeth.
  • Ultrasonic pulses are much more powerful than other water flossers.
  • Nozzles are made from cheap plastic.
  • A little noisy.

6. Oral Irrigator Water Flosser : Cordless, Leakage Free – Editor’s Choice

The oral irrigator cordless water flosser is among the best water flossers in Australia because of the easy operation modes and the hygiene system. It effectively removes bacteria from your teeth and improves overall gum health. The improved waterproof design is constructed both internally and externally to provide dual protection.

DentJet oral solutions are by far the most used products all over the world. The order irrigator cordless water flosser is among the top products of this brand. The leakage-free intelligent design protects from leakage and ensures maximum security while using.

The DentJet oral water flosser has a USB rechargeable design with a powerful lithium battery to provide maximum convenience. The battery life is very amazing as it can last for two weeks after full charging. This smart water flosser has an automatic timer that stops the unit after two minutes of continuous working to provide maximum protection for the device.

The water flosser has three different operation modes: normal, soft, and pulse mode. The water flosser has a very small size, and it is extremely lightweight, so you can carry it everywhere you go. It comes with a 200 ml water tank which can contain enough water for overall cleaning.

This DentJet water flosser has a 360 degrees rotating nozzle that cleans thoroughly in between the teeth. This water flosser has proved to clean up 99% of plaque and bacteria between teeth and gums. The water flosser is also suitable for implants, crowns, gum bleeding problems, and periodontal pockets.

  • Extremely lightweight design.
  • The water tank capacity is great.
  • Takes care of hygiene issues.
  • Waterproof design is very helpful while using.
  • Very low water pressure.
  • Battery life is very short.

7. Renpho Ultra Oral Irrigator : Silent Modes – High-Pressure Pulse

A cordless water flosser, Renpho portable irrigator, is very useful for deep cleaning your teeth. It uses the latest pulse technique, which provides a high-pressure water pulse 1800 times per minute. Due to the strong flossing technique, this is surely among the best water flossers in Australia.

Renpho is a worldwide famous brand which is producing smart health care products for our daily life. The Renpho cordless water flosser is also among the top products to be used worldwide. A supportable oral irrigator is very easy to carry, and it comes with a rechargeable unit.

The cordless portable water flosser can remove up to 99.99% of food particles; it also massages the gums and promotes blood circulation. This water flosser is also helpful for bleeding gums, bad breath, braces, and bridge care. The product is very handy even children can easily use it.

The oral irrigator uses four silent modes like normal, soft, pulse, and DIY. These modes can help you choose a low noise function to meet maximum oral care needs. The DIY mode is very useful for selecting the speed according to your sensitivity. These types of modes automatically shut down the system if it is not in use to save energy.

The water flosser has a 300 ml water tank which provides enough dental flossing. The product comes with five colorful tips that are 360 degrees rotatable to clean the interior side, which is hard to reach. The detachable water tank gives maximum cleaning by allowing you to clean the limescale built inside the tank.

  • The pulse technique works great.
  • The water tank capacity is more than enough.
  • Different modes are great for sensitive teeth.
  • Auto turn-off function is very good in power saving.
  • Water-tube does not reach the end.
  • No user manual is added.
  • Difficult to fill and drain the tank.

8. COSANSYS Water Flosser : 4 Modes – Oral Irrigator

COSANSYS Cordless electric water flosser is among the professional portable water flossers with excellent cleaning technology. This water flosser is very efficient in cleaning the food particles stuck inside and protecting the gum line around the teeth. It comes with faster oral care, which removes 99% of food particles and debris.

COSANSYS is among the top oral care brands which provide 99% effective solutions for our daily problems. COSANSYS Cordless water flosser is among the best water flossers in Australia because it promotes gum health, oral hygiene and stops bad breath. The cordless water flosser is also effective in cleaning braces, implants, and bridgework.

This oral irrigator water flosser comes with four different modes to give maximum performance. These modes include: normal for daily cleaning, soft for sensitive gums, pulse for massaging the gums, and sinus mode for daily nasal care. You do not have to worry about the battery as it comes with portable charging.

The oral water flosser has five jet heads and one nose cleaning tip to meet your daily care needs. The water flosser has a 2000 mA rechargeable battery which you can use for 15 days after four hours of charging. The water tank comes with a big opening and easy to clean surface, which prevents bacteria and moisture.

  • Additional nasal care is very good.
  • Battery life is amazing.
  • Different cleaning modes for sensitivity levels.
  • Removes 99.99% bacteria and debris.
  • Tips are made up of cheap plastic.
  • The water container is very small.

9. Colgate ProClinical Toothbrush : Lightweight – Soft Bristles

Colgate ProClinical Electric Power Toothbrush comes with a travel case and has two brushing modes, i.e., gentle and daily clean. It is called the best water flosser in Australia as it provides powerful yet gentle cleaning.

Colgate is a famous brand based in New York that provides daily health care and hygiene problems. ProClinical Electric Power Toothbrush is manufactured to improve people’s oral health and daily routine by quick cleaning. It has an easy to handle and modern design.

Colgate ProClinical Electric Power Toothbrush’s head can move in four directions. It is multi-directional and moves in vibratory motions. It makes brushing five times better and quicker than a normal manual toothbrush.

Colgate ProClinical Electric Power Toothbrush has high quality and soft bristles which take care of your gums and are not harsh on your teeth. It is lightweight and easy to carry. It has a rechargeable battery which is long-lasting as compared to other electric toothbrushes.

Colgate ProClinical Electric Power Toothbrush’s recharged battery lasts up to 10 days. The provided travel case makes it easier to take it anywhere. Its head is detachable. It also comes with a charger. Besides, it has tongue and cheek cleaners that remove bacteria causing bad breath.

  • A detachable head is easy to carry.
  • Tongue and cheek cleaner are the plus points.
  • Very soft cleaning.
  • It can be hard to charge after some time.
  • The movement is very hard for gums.

10. Upgraded Water Flosser : 4 Modes – Portable

The Upgraded Water Flosser provides fast and excellent cleaning. It can clean teeth in just a minute which is much faster than normal toothbrushes or flossers. It can remove almost 99% of food debris and bacteria, and hence, it is considered the best water flosser in Australia.

Huanwan is an international oral brand that is famous for producing user-friendly products. Upgraded Water Flosser can effectively remove bacteria which causes bad breath and yellowing of teeth. It can also do effective cleaning around braces and implants, ensuring a thorough cleaning. It also comes with a USB cable for charging.

Upgraded Water Flosser comes with a large water tank with 240 ml capacity that reduces the accumulation of debris between teeth, affecting oral health. The design of this flosser is foldable, which makes it easy to carry anywhere. Not only that it’s easily portable, but it also takes up less space in your bag.

The Upgraded Water Flosser has four different cleaning modes. The standard mode is for daily cleaning. Pulse mode is a massaging mode that massages gums for healthier oral health. Soft mode is for people that have sensitive gums, and sinus mode is for nasal use. It helps to remove dust and other harmful bacteria from your nostrils.

  • The foldable design is very easy to carry around.
  • Provides maximum cleaning in less time.
  • You can recharge it with a USB charger.
  • The additional nasal care is very helpful.
  • Very painful for gums.
  • The button does not work.
  • The tank is not big enough.

11. YOUNGDO Dental Oral Irrigator : Travel Friendly – Long Battery

YOUNGDO Professional Water Flosser has a full opening design with a large water tank. It also comes with a 2000 mAh rechargeable battery and has a USB charging feature. The battery is very powerful and takes up only four hours to be completely recharged. After that, the battery can run up to 30 days without recharging, so it is the best water flosser for traveling outdoors.

The USB that comes with it can easily connect to a power bank or car charger, which means that you can easily charge your flosser even if you’re traveling.  YOUNGDO Professional Water Flosser is made up of waterproof material, and it is designed to provide both internal and external protection.

YOUNGDO Professional Water Flosser’s DIY mode is for people with sensitive gums; you can easily adjust the water pressure in that mode between 30psi to 120psi. This way, it can become convenient for people who have sensitive teeth and gums.

YOUNGDO Professional Water Flosser has two other modes, i.e., normal, soft, and pulse mode, useful for all gums. This water flosser is easily portable. It is also very lightweight and comes with a storage bag in which you can carry it anywhere you want.

YOUNGDO Professional Water Flosser has a waterproof body that prevents leakage when the flosser is not in use. It has a nozzle that can rotate up to 360 degrees which makes it very efficient. With its rotatable nozzle, it efficiently cleans every part of your mouth, whether you have implants or braces.

YOUNGDO Professional Water Flosser’s efficient cleaning doesn’t allow debris to accumulate between teeth, preventing bad breath, tooth decay, tooth sensitivity, and yellowing of teeth. The water tank that comes with it is detachable and easily washable.

  • The water tank is easy to remove and clean.
  • The waterproof function ensures user safety.
  • Can change modes according to sensitivity.
  • Amazing battery life.
  • A bit bulky.
  • A battery may stope charging.

Pressure settings

Water flossers that come with multiple settings to adjust water pressure are best. It is because you can easily adjust the water pressure by your type of gums.


You should look for a water flosser that best fits your budget. Don’t buy an overly expensive product which you may not end up liking. Keep in mind that you need to replace it in almost two years anyways.


If you’re a person who travels a lot, you should look for a water flosser that is compact, lightweight, foldable, and easily portable. Cordless water flossers are also useful in this aspect.


Most of the water flossers have a 90 day or two months warranty. But you should look for a flosser with a warranty of at least two years as they aren’t so cheap.


It is better to look for a water flosser that has adjustable water pressure settings so you can easily adjust the water pressure according to your preference. Some water flossers also come with a messaging option for your gums, and this option keeps your gums healthy.


Most flossers have removable tips so that more than one person can use the flosser without transferring germs and taking health risks. It would be best to look for water flossers with rotating tips so that the cleaning is thorough.

Power source

Some flossers require an electric cord when they are used, while some are wireless with rechargeable batteries. Besides, the wireless ones are portable.

Counter space

While buying a water flosser, you should look for the compact one. It doesn’t take space, so you can easily carry it when you’re traveling.


The water comes out with a specific pressure due to the motor present inside the water flosser. The water stream eliminates the food that’s been stuck in between your teeth. The bristles of a toothbrush cannot reach certain areas of your mouth; that’s why this way of cleaning is more effective.

Water flossing can be a good source to maintain oral health, but it is not an alternative for dental floss. Brushing with a toothbrush and using dental floss and a water flosser can help you maintain good oral health at home.

Water flossers are designed such as to reach those areas which are hard to reach by a toothbrush. However, some water flossers can be induced with special tabs for tooth whitening.

Water flossers shoot a thin stream of water, so make sure you place the tip of the flosser inside your mouth before starting it, or else you may make a flooding mess on your sink. Adjust the pressure of the flosser according to your need, and you’ll figure out the right pressure after a few tries.

As we’re heading towards the end of our article, we are hoping that you have found the best match for your teeth until now. We have made some recommendations below so that you can get rid of your confusion.

That brings us to the end of our discussion. We have provided you with a list of the best water flossers in Australia so that you can choose the best match for your teeth. We hope now you will find the right product.

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