8 Best Dog Toys In Australia 2024: Soft & Plush Indoor Toys

As you know, dogs have fascinating nature. Maybe your dog likes to lay around with you for the whole day, but few dogs may enjoy outside activities. Besides, a few dogs need toys to play with.

Playing is essential for stimulating physical and mental health because it keeps them active. So in this article, we will provide information about the best 8 dog toys in Australia.

Dog toys are the best to keep your puppies active. There are different toys of various shapes, colors, and sizes. All are made with high-quality, soft materials that are easily chewable for dogs.

Mostly, toys are washable. You can easily clean them. They also have a squeaky sound that attracts the dogs, and they love to play with these toys. To know more about dog toys, you need to read the full article to learn more about dog toys.

Best Dog Toys in Australia – Interactive Toys for Learning

We have explained all the best toys’ characteristics in a comparison table. Now it’s easy for you to compare the basic features and select the best one by reviewing this table. We have researched and tried to present the comparison table based on breed recommendation, recommended use, target species, color, and item weight. Our research will save you time, and you can easily choose the best product.

1. Zenify Puppy Dog Toys Gift Box: For Small Breeds

Did you know that dogs need to learn how to fetch? These coordination and social skills are learned through suitable and proper gameplay. Zenify puppy toys help you in teaching the game and learning skills to your puppies. In this toy box, there are a variety of balls to throw, as well as toys that make noise and bounce randomly.

If you are not home, ensure your puppy is not bored and lonely. Use this great toy box for your puppies, and you will love it. It is essential to support the early development stages of puppies. It makes it easy and convenient to facilitate socialization and learning skills with the appropriate toys at the exact time.

You will find ropes to play tug of war, safe cotton toys to encourage healthy teething, interactive toys, and a basket to improve coordination. You will enjoy their development stage with toys. People are careless about grooming and caring for dogs. This best interactive dog toys in Australia has a fur grooming glove. According to your pet’s age, you can set a routine for regular grooming, and you will enjoy their love and gratitude in return. So, these toys are best for care and grooming.

Additionally, a collapsible bowl is fantastic, and you can use this for your dog feeding. Collapse it back down after using it. It is reliable and helpful because it can be folded to a slim 1.5cm.

  • Amazing and affordable price
  • It is best for grooming dogs
  • High-quality products
  • Rubber toys fall apart
  • Some toys are not durable

2. IFOYO Dog Squeaky Toy – For Medium / Small Dogs & Pets

Please note that this dog toy is not intended for ferocious chewing, and it is made with high-quality and durable plush material to prevent tearing from pet bites. This dog toy has a unique design that encourages the popular game of hiding and seeking. It comes with 3 squeaky toys and one sturdy plush squirrel cover.

It has a 1-month free refund and returns policy on this item; if you have any problem with this product, you can return and refund quickly. The squeaky sound of these toys keeps your dogs playing for a long time. The tiny bees in this set of three squeaky toys attract your dog’s attention.

It has 1 sturdy plush dinosaur egg cover and three squeaky dinosaur toys for your dog. The panda’s appearance attracts your dog. It comes with 3 Panda squeak toys and one sturdy plush bamboo tube. The squeaky dog set is perfect for the grooming of the dog. You will love all the products.

  • It is a durable set
  • The quality of the product is impressive
  • A great enrichment toy
  • Fabric is not durable
  • Bee toy is a poor product

3. KONG Cozie King Lion – Indoor Cuddle Squeaky Plush Dog Toy

Kong cozie king lion toy is also fantastic and attractive. It has less filling material and is soft. Dogs can easily hold it in their mouth, which will not irritate. It has an extra surface layer for strength and durability. You can chew it for a longer time easily. It is available in small, medium, and large sizes. You can buy anyone according to your dog’s size.

Additionally, it is washable. You can easily clean it. If you have a pet and want to see your puppy active and sharp, you must buy it because its squeaky feature attracts the dogs, who will love to play with it. The material is non-toxic and is not harmful to the teeth and gums of dogs. You will also like it because it is perfect for indoor activities for dogs. You and your dog do not need to go outside to play. 

This toy can also enhance and improve the physical and mental health of the puppy. You can give your children, friends, and other family members as a gift if they have pets.

  • It is durable and long-lasting
  • Easy to carry
  • It is made with high-quality material
  • It is not suitable for medium dogs

4. Zenify Dog Toy Food Treat Interactive Puzzle Ball – For Teething

Dogs become bored and aggressive in the absence of toys and regular exercise. This Zenify’s innovative interactive fun training ball is made to keep your dog active and mentally engaged. Your dog will enjoy rolling the ball around as they learn and become wiser. Your dog will love to play with this.

The inner filling of the ball will get your dog or puppy’s attention. The unique grooves in toys can help massage and clean his mouth’s teeth, gums, and interdental spaces. It is made with a rubber material, so this toy is safe and does not contain toxic substances that could harm your dog.

It is the perfect choice to give and encourage a healthy and playful relationship with a new pet for a puppy and dog owner. Furthermore, it is a bit soft and gets chewed pretty quickly if you have a dog that loves chewing. It is perfect for medium and large-sized dogs. By playing with this toy, your dog will learn socialization, and it is the best product for better mind growth and sharpness.

If your family members are dog lovers and have puppies, it is the best gift to give them. They will love it.

  • It is the best product for mental and physical stimulation
  • High-quality and non-toxic material
  • It is an excellent product at a good price
  • It does not last very long
  • The size is tiny

5. Squeaky Soft Stuffed Plush Balls with Squeakers – Interactive Fetch Play

ritate your puppy. It is safe for them to chew on and play with because it is made of premium plush and filled with stuffing. You can wash plush toys by hand and in a machine in a simple way. These colorful balls are ideal for puppies and small and medium-sized dogs because it has a standard baseball shape. Even cats enjoy chasing the balls. It comes with eight pieces of toys to entertain your dog.

Additionally, it has 30 days warranty. If you face any problem and want to replace or refund, you can do it within 30 days. These soft dog teething toys are excellent for a puppy’s dental health because they help clean teeth and massage gums when chewed.

  • It reduces boredom and maintains health
  • Perfect for medium and small dogs
  • It has a soft plush face
  • The size is relatively tiny
  • Material is not good

6. Chiwava 3 Pack 9″ Squeaky Latex Dog Toys – Standing Stick Animal Puppy

This shampoo contains all the best features for the healthy survival of pets. The unique feature of this shampoo is it can be used when water is unavailable. There is no need to wash the dog properly. It is best to use when you are traveling with your pets. You can comfortably use it in cold weather without water. 

It can moisturize, nourish and clean the skin of dogs. It will also give a glowing look to the long hairs of pets. Furthermore, it has a deep cleansing formula for pets. You can quickly remove the dust and debris from your pet’s skin. It is effortless to use. There is no need for water. Simply you can bathe your dog. 

Chiwava squeaky toys help you in teaching the game skills to your puppies. These toys make chewing noises and bounce randomly to attract the dogs. If you are not home, ensure your puppy is not bored and lonely. Give them these fantastic toys for your puppies, and they will love them.

It is essential to support the early development stages of puppies. These toys box comes with three soft bodies with different bright colors. Your dog will love these colors. With these funny frog shape bodies, your dog will play and enjoy. It is made with non-toxic Latex Rubber material that is safe for dogs’ health. The toys are soft, squeezy, and squeaky, so they will not irritate your puppy’s gums and teeth.

These toys have a long body shape and are stretchable and pullable without breaking. They also have a small squeaker that sounds when the dog squeezes it.

These colorful toys are ideal for puppies and small and medium-sized dogs because every size of a pet can handle and chew them easily. All are washable. You can easily clean them. If you have a pet and want to see your puppy all time happy, active, and sharp, then you must buy it because toys help enhance and improve the physical and mental health of the puppy.

Additionally, you can give your children, friends, and other family members as a gift if they have pets.

  • Soft chew squeaky sound
  • No stuffing stick
  • It is straightforward to clean
  • The material is not so good
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7. Feeko Dog Chew Toys – For Aggressive Chewers & Large Breed

The Feeko dog chew is a beautiful toy that helps dogs release excess energy while satisfying their instinctual needs. With the help of this toy, they can learn positive chewing habits such as relieving anxiety, cleaning teeth, and training, and also can reduce barking problems and pet boredom. This way, your dog can play happily with you and maintain good physical and mental health. The health of the dog is the priority. These toys are made with 100% natural rubber, a complex, flexible, and non-toxic material.

Additionally, the scent of the best dog chew toys in Australia attracts dogs’ attention and encourages them to chew, which will help to keep their teeth clean and maintain good oral hygiene. A circular chew object is 1.6 inches thick and 5.2 inches in diameter. Manufacturers used basic engineering and mechanics concepts to create the shape of toys. These good qualities increase the product’s durability.

You can coat the toy with peanut butter to enhance the dog’s interest and enjoyment.

Toys manufacturer has tested and passed this toy with English Bulldog, Golden Retriever, German Shepherd, Siberian husky, and French Bulldog. But it would help if you do not use these toys for aggressive dogs. The incredible thing is that you can replace this anytime in your life. It has a lifetime warranty.

  • It is made of high quality
  • 100% natural rubber
  • It maintains dogs’ health
  • It is a waste of money

8. Outward Hound 31009 Plush Dog Toy – Hide-A-Squirrel Squeaky Puzzle

The “dog puzzle hides a bird” is a simple game that will entertain your furry friends for a long time. The toy’s shape and design are unique compared to the other toys. Your dog will love this house shape toy. Throw the birdhouse filled with three plush squeaky birds into the air and watch as your dog’s innate hunting instincts take over. Throw the plush birdhouse to the ground or set it there. And enjoy the activities of your dog.

You can also get the squeaky plush toys out and launch them for a fetch game. Your dog will love it. You can kill the boredom routine of your pets and keep them mentally and physically active. The toys are soft and safe. They will not irritate your puppy. It is safe for the dogs to play with because it is made of premium plush and filled with stuffing.

You can wash plush toys by hand and in a machine in a simple way. These colorful toys are ideal for puppies and small and medium-sized dogs.

  • It is very engaging and interactive
  • It is beautiful and colorful
  • These toys are great for small dogs
  • It is a sturdy toy
  • The material is not good
  • It is not great for big dogs


It is important to select an appropriate size for your dog because most toys are specified according to the size of the pet. So you should know the size of your dog before buying the perfect toy.


Age is also an important factor before buying the product. You should know the exact age of your dog. It would be best not to give soft and delicate toys to larger and elder dogs. Rigid dogs are good for larger and adult dogs because the material can cause danger to the teeth.


It would be best not to give the soft toy to heavy chewers and aggressive dogs as every toy is not the best dog toy for heavy chewers. Squeaky toys are not the best choice for nervous dogs. So you should note and check the temperament of the dog. Do not buy the toy before knowing the temperament of your dog. 


When dogs play with toys, then the toys become rough because their material is not good. You should check the durability and quality of the toy before purchasing. We recommended that you always choose soft material toys that would not irritate the dogs. 


Never go for expensive products. Always find the best toys at a reasonable price. You will see different toys with the best and best materials in various price ranges. Always go for that which is suitable and appropriate for your dog.


Yes, toys are best suitable for dogs’ mental and physical activities. Toys give comfort in anxious conditions.

Yes, hard chews are unsuitable for dogs because they can irritate and harm the teeth.

No, it would be best if you disliked this behavior because maybe the inner material of the toys is harmful to the dogs.

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