7 Best Dog Harness In Australia 2024: With Multiple Buckles & Loop Panels

If you want to go on an adventure with your dog, like hiking, rock climbing, or even for a daily walk, then a dog harness is perfect for your dog.

It will take some practice, but once your dog is comfortable wearing one, you can enjoy calm walks and adventures without worrying about pulling or tugging. So here we will provide information about the seven best dog harnesses in Australia.

Dog harnesses are made with high-quality materials that give durability and keep your dog relaxed and comfortable when walking and jogging. Reflective thread in harness material allows you to walk at night with your dogs. All straps are padded for the protection of your dog. Buckles are available for quick release. There are many more features of a dog harness. Do you want to get more information? Let’s read the article.

Finding the best product is not easy. So here, all solutions to your problems are available. We have researched, tested, and found the seven best dog harnesses in Australia for you. For you, we have made the comparison table based on different things such as color, pattern, material, size, and item weight. By reading this, you can find the best item for yourself.

1. Rabbitgoo Dog Harness: No-Pull & Adjustable Vest

Rabbitgoo harness is unique and designed with two metal leash rings for safer and secure dog walks. The chest attachment clip is an excellent tool for pulling-prone dogs or for training your dog to walk without pulling. The back one is excellent for strolling, jogging, and hiking.

With its two fast-release buckles, this hassle-free overhead harness is easy to take off and put on. You can pull up the buckle, adjust the straps, and slide the harness on the dog. Side buckles are helpful and prevent from slipping out. Rabbitgoo harness is lightweight and straightforward to clean. Four easily adjustable straps around the body make up this adjustable harness.

It has neck and chest straps that are the perfect fit for growth for your dog. There are no issues with choking or slipping out with this dog harness. It is very soft, which makes your dog’s walk comfortable. This harness is made with tough Nylon Oxford and cushioned with soft foam that is best to protect your dog’s skin.

With the breathable air mesh, the dog stays cool during outdoor activities. Additionally, it has incredibly bright reflective strips for a safe day and night walk. Besides, the top handle is used for additional control.

  • It is well-designed and sturdy
  • Reflective strips are for day and night walks
  • The back D-ring is best for the walking and jogging of the dog
  • It has no perfect size
  • It is uncomfortable for five months dog

2. EXCELLENT ELITE SPANKER Tactical Dog Harness – Military Dog Vest

This german shepherd harness has neat stitching and a soft padded interior to prevent chafing to your dog’s skin and hair. The high-quality, long-lasting 1000D nylon material is used in their manufacturing. This harness has a moved strap between the belly strap that prevents your dog’s leg from stumbling while you control him for training or walking.

The dog vest gives comfort and eases the dog. It has a free proper and quick-release buckle. Two sliders on the belly strap allow for two-way adjustment with sturdy release buckles. The soft, padded chest strap on the tactical harness prevents your dog’s neck from being yanked when it suddenly changes direction or moves forward.

The aluminum alloy V-shaped buckle on the top of the military dog harnesses has a stronger pull than zinc alloy and ferroalloy. With the dog leash, you can keep the dog close to you and easily control your dog. On each side of this tactical dog vest is an ID panel with a magic sticker that you can use to attach patches. It gives a relaxed and comfortable feel to your dog.

This excellent spanker tactical has a 100% quality warranty. You will never be disappointed after buying and using this. If you find any fault, you can replace it within a few days. 

  • It has a duraflex UTC buckle for control
  • It has moveable straps you can adjust easily
  • Magic sticker is also available for better control
  • It is too big
  • It is not chewed-proof

3. PoyPet No Pull Dog Harness – No Choke Reflective Oxford

This unique harness has one lockable quick-release snap buckle and two straightforward buckles on the belly straps. You do not need to adjust the straps repeatedly. There are also two reliable metal leash attachment hooks with reinforced webbing for comfortable and calm walking.

The front lead dog harness has a back clip for comfortable walking. Soft, breathable, and non-toxic mesh pads are used in manufacturing, and the pulling force is evenly dispersed over the body to prevent choking. You can adjust and open the buckle easily. This reflective dog harness has dual elastic belly straps that are stretchable for added comfort, and you can use that to absorb jerks, diminishes strain, and lower the risk of injury.

This simple dog harness is suitable for outdoor activities such as hunting, running, hiking, training, and more. The handles with padding and the soft filling feel good in the hand and give you more control when guiding your dog. You can use it as a seat belt loop for vehicles. Reflective areas are significant in harnesses that increase visibility in nighttime walking. This uniquely designed harness gives adjustability, safety, and maximum comfort.

  • It is the best harness to control pulling
  • It gives adjustability and comfort to the dog
  • The lockable snap buckle
  • Straps are not rigid

4. Rabbitgoo Dog Harness – With Shock, Absorbing Bungee Straps

A four-strap adjustable dog harness fits your dog snugly from every angle. It is made with high-quality material and designed specifically with a belly adjusting strap to guarantee a proper fit with maximum mobility. Two metal leash attachments are included with the non-pulling dog harness for better training and walking. The anti-pull front ring keeps the dog from pulling while walking.

The multi-purpose back clip keeps your dog secure while walking, hiking, and jogging. Innovative neck buffering straps are the most fantastic feature of the safety dog harness that offers enough padding against strong pulling forces to prevent choking or neck injuries in your dog during sudden pulls.

Extremely thick straps can withstand significant pulling force, do not worry; your dog will always stay secure. The high-quality material of Military-grade 1680D nylon is used to make this dog vest, which is resistant to tearing and wear. The soft and delicate skin is protected at every load point with a soft cushion and well padding.

During outdoor activities, the breathable air feature keeps your dog warm and comfortable. Additionally, with the quick-release buckle, you can quickly put and take off the buckle. Besides, you can use the reinforced top handle for more control. The bright reflective strips are also notable features. Your dog can walk easily wearing this harness.

  • It has a side buckle to put on and take off
  • Breathable padding keeps your dog easy and comfortable while walking
  • It has top mounted large handle
  • It is not for all dog breeds

5. EXCELLENT ELITE SPANKER Dog Harness – For Small, Medium & Large Dogs

The excellent elite spanker is the unique harness you will love the quality, material, and design. High-quality nylon is used to manufacture this no-pull dog harness. The tough nylon cushioned with soft material is for the protection of your dog’s skin. The breathable material is advantageous during outdoor activities. This adjustable dog harness has two simple, two quick-release buckles and adjustable straps. Due to its simple design, this pet dog harness is unique and convenient to put on and take off.

Chest straps are adjustable. A plastic buckle is available on the top of the no-pull tactical dog harness at both the front and back sides to keep your dog close to you. This simple dog harness is best for daily walks, jogs, hikes, training, hunting, and other outdoor activities. The dog vest top has a simple handle and is easy to grab.

On both sides of this dog harness is a magic sticker ID panel and a Molle system that you can use to attach patches or other items. This fantastic harness is ideal for German Shepherd, Akita, Golden Retriever, Malamute, Huskie, Labrador, Alaska, Dachshund, and Large Bulldog.

It has a soft padding that is simple to fit and comfortable for your dog, which could lessen pressure on the dog’s skin. Additionally, you can walk in the rainy season with your dog because it is waterproof.

  • It is straightforward to adjust, on and off
  • With the soft padding, you can easily handle it
  • It is perfect for a big slim dog
  • It is not perfect for large-sized dogs

6. Rabbitgoo Dog Harness No Pull – With 2 Leash Clips

Rabbitgoo harness is well designed and stylish harness. It is made with high-quality, tough nylon oxford and cushioned with soft foam. This material is best for the protection of your dog’s skin. Nylon fabric is durable and resistant to all-season use. You can easily use it in rainy weather.

Reflective thread material allows you to use it on night walks. This non-pulling dog harness is designed for safer dog walks with two metal leash rings. The chest attachment clip is a great tool for pulling-prone dogs and training your dog to walk without pulling. The back one is fantastic for jogs, hikes, and strolls.

Its two fast-release buckles features make this harness simple and easy to put on and take off. You can easily adjust the buckle and straps over your dog’s head. The top handle is also easy to hold for more control. It is very lightweight compared to other harnesses, and you can easily clean it. It has four adjustable straps around the body, making the harness easy to take. You can easily adjust the harness using its two neck straps and two chest straps.

You do not need to worry about choking and slipping out. With the breathable air mesh, your dog will stay cool during outdoor activities.

  • Adjustable neck and chest straps offer a custom fit
  • It has good quality material
  • Reflective thread in harness for night walks
  • The chest part is not easy to adjust

7. Rabbitgoo Tactical Dog Harness – With Metal Buckles & Loop Panels

Rabbitgoo tactical military harness is well-designed and suitable for all field use. This heavy-duty vest is made with 1050D nylon with solid stitching. It is incredibly durable, and your dog has safely harnessed hunting, working, and other activities. Two metal shoulder buckles are used for great pulling force in walking activities. Each pressure load point has enough padding to protect your dog’s skin.

The breathable air mesh feature is fantastic that can keep you comfortable and cool your dog. The Molle system in the harness has the storage or pouches for water bottles and tactical gear. Two metal leash attachment points are included in the dog safety harness for safer walks: one front clip is for no-pull control and dog training, and the other is for casual strolling or jogging. The top handle feature is for better control and simple lifting assistance in daily and dangerous situations.

 With four quick-release buckles, this dog harness is simple to put on and take off. Five fully adjustable straps, two shoulders, two chests, and one belly enable a secure fit and unrestricted movement. It is the best for large breeds like the Akita, Belgian Malinois, Golden Retriever, German Shepherd, Huskie, Labrador, and many others.

It is the professional working dog vest for police, military, and service dogs, but also suitable for hunting and all companion dogs that enjoy being outside.

  • Maximum control and security
  • It has the best design for versatile use
  • It provides maximum adjustability
  • Poor material quality


Consider the number of adjustable points on any harness you think about. More adjustments will result in a better fit for your dog. Don’t worry; you won’t need to adjust the fitness of most high-quality harnesses every time you put one on because once you have customized it to your dog. So it would help to select the high-quality harness because adjustability is the most critical factor. 


There are many different types of materials used to make harnesses. Some are made to be extremely powerful for large-sized dogs, while others are made to be more comfortable. Choose the most potent and relaxing product according to your dog’s needs. Always go for a high-quality material product.


When considering durability, it would be best to consider the dog’s temperament first. If you have a puppy who chews a lot, choose a product that is difficult to chew. Plastic clips are more likely to break. Check the durability before purchasing the harness.

Padded straps

Without padded straps, your dog can not walk or run efficiently. So make your dog comfortable. Go for the harness that has padded straps. Padded straps will protect the skin of your dog from any injury.


Do not go for expensive products. Always find the best quality on a reasonable budget. Check all features, control, and durability if a high-quality harness is costly. If it has all features, then you can buy it.


Yes, the harness is suitable for dogs for walking, jogging, hiking, training, and other activities.

No, buying the harness according to your dog size would be best.

The harness made with high-quality material that is comfortable for dogs while walking, hiking, and jogging is the most suitable one.

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