9 Best Digital Baby Scales In Australia 2024: Smart Scales For Infants & Toddlers

As you know, every parent wants to know about their kids’ growth, weight, and height. But in this busy life, they do not want to go to the doctor to measure their weight.

We will provide you with information about the best digital baby scales in Australia, which has very advanced technology and features to measure the weight of your kids at any time at your home. 

Best digital baby scales are well designed, safe, and comfortable for babies. Tare and hold functions are very exclusive. You can check your baby’s weight value every few moments, even when your baby moves around the scale, on a large LCD with a backlight to read them clearly from a distance and any angle.

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All digital baby scales are made with high-quality material, and nonslip feet give them more grip to place on any surface. Additionally, you can use these scales for pet’s weight measurements too. For more interesting information, you should read all the reviews of the best digital baby scales in Australia. Let’s begin.

All their main features are given in the comparison table. Here you can know their color, weight limit, display type, dimension, and item weight. By reading this table, you can choose your scale as you need, and you do not need to search for anything yourself.

1. Hatch Baby Grow Smart Scale – Sleep Tracker, Bluetooth Connectivity

It has a built-in wireless smart pad for diaper changing. For tracking the baby’s weight gain, paired the grow feature with the growing smartphone app. iOS and Android support this app with Bluetooth devices.

This smart scale is well designed according to the baby’s size, and the upper side is high-quality ABS plastic. The base side is made with wipeable foam, which is why it is easy to clean. 

In the first month of birth, if your baby has difficulty breastfeeding and does not gain weight, the Grow scale puts you in control and gives you important information about this. You do not need to visit the doctor. After that, if your baby’s growth does not increase, then you should consult the doctor.

Changing pads in this Best Digital Baby Scales Australia is a comfy feature that makes your baby cozy and comfortable.

This smart machine sends all the data about your baby weight gain, growth progression to your cell phone through the app. Additionally, it compares the baby’s growth statics with recent WHO data. Parents feel free and satisfied with this smart scale about their baby’s health.

We do not know how much feed is needed for the baby’s growth in the early months. Hatch baby growth on a smart scale will give you information about the feeding, and you can track how much food your baby needs at every feeding session. You can also measure the length of your baby in it. 

  • You can stay connected about your baby’s health through an app
  • Soft and easy to clea
  • Sleeping tracker to inform you about the rest pattern
  • Problems in working after few days
  • No warranty

2. Everfit Digital Baby Weight Scale – Tare Function, Hold Feature

Even you can use it to weigh kittens or puppies. It is best to check your newborn’s weight. Then according to the weight, you can give the feed and care to your baby. 

When you have taken your baby’s weight, this smart scale has a hold feature. You can record the weight by pressing the hold button even if the baby is no longer on the scale. 

It has a tare function; you can know the exact weight of your baby. It will not consider the weight of the blanket. There are different weighting units such as kilogram, ounces, and pounds.

It is made with high-quality ABS and is very easy to clean. Nonslip feet give strength; you can place this smart scale at any place without any fear. You do not need to shut it off/on after and before the use. It has an automatic shut-off and on the system.

  • It gives an accurate reading
  • Monitor the growth
  • High sensor system
  • It has a large LCD to display
  • No Cone

3. Beurer BY80 Baby Scale – LCD Screen, Tare, and Hold Functions

The Beurer BY80 baby scale is an extremely useful smart scale to weigh the baby, but we can also weigh small pets like kittens or puppies.

It is made with high-quality material and designed in a curved shape for the safety of your baby. You can place it anywhere; it does not slip because of nonslip rubber feet. Nonslip rubber feet provide grip and strength while measuring any weight on any kind of surface.

It has a large LCD to see the measurement. The digit size of the display is 23 mm, so you can read the weighted digit easily.

If you have a Beurer BY80 baby scale, you do not need to visit the doctor twice or once a month. It is reliable and gives you accurate measurements so that you can estimate whether your baby is taking the right amount of food.

You can record the weight measurements by the hold features. It is automatic, but you can also set it as manual. After recording the weight on this smart scale, you can compare all the records and estimate the baby growth process.

At the time of the weighting, the tear feature of the Beurer BY80 did not measure the weight of the blanket. That’s why their weight is more accurate. It has an automatic on/off feature, so you do not need to turn it on and off before and after use.

  • Easy to clean
  • You can weigh in multiple units such as Ib, pkg, oz
  • Maximum weight capacity
  • Not so reliable
  • It does not give an accurate weight

4. Oricom Digital Baby Weight Scale – Dual Mode, Easy to Use

It is comfortable, safe, and designed as a rounded curve-like concave shape for the safety of your baby. Your baby will not slip off from the scale.

You can monitor the weight of your newborn easily. In a busy life, you do not need to go to the doctor; you can measure the accurate weight of your baby and your pets. This feature makes room digital baby weight scale more convenient to use.

It has a large blue backlit LCD to read the measurement. You can even read the digits in darkness and from any angle easily. This well-designed digital baby weight scale has three buttons for various functions on/off/tare, unit, and hold. 

Tare features will not deduct the weight of the blanket, diaper, and toy. You can measure the exact weight of the baby and any pet. You can press the hold button to hold the measurement for 5 seconds. The unit button can provide the data in different units such as oz, kg, and lb. You can choose any unit to take the measurement.

You can get an accurate weight. By the weight, you can estimate that your baby’s growth process is increasing or not. You will know how much feed your baby needs to gain weight.

  • Easy to use
  • You can hold the weight and compare it with the previous weight
  • Hard to determine the accurate weight

5. iSnow-Med Digital Baby Scale – Multi-Function, Weighs Accurately

By the multi-function digital baby scale, you can determine if your baby or pet is getting the proper amount of nutrition or not. You can track the weight and height of your babies and pets easily.

It is designed to be fully functional for babies, moms, toddlers, kittens, dogs, pregnant cats. To use, only assemble the tray and scale. Place this on the hard surface to avoid slipping, and press the button to turn it on and off.

Before use, make sure to turn on the touch button, and the screen shows 0.00. Now you can put the baby on a tray to measure the weight. The digital display shows you the accurate weight in units which you will choose.

You can use the hold button to display the weight for the time when your baby moves around. For canceling this feature, press the hold button again.

It is made with high-quality HIPS plastic for safe and comfortable use. It is the best growth tracker for babies and small pets. With the small tape at the upper side of the tray, you can measure the length easily. 3 different units for the weight are also available such as kg, oz, and lb. You can choose anyone which you want.

The large-sized digital LCD with a blue backlight reads the digits clearly from any angle, even in darkness. 

  • Multifunctional
  • Easy to clean
  • The tray is removable
  • Average build quality

6. Chicco Baby Comfort Digital Electronic Scale – Large LCD, Vibration Damping

Chicco baby comfort digital electronic scale is very useful to detect the weight of a baby, and then according to the weight, parents can care for their babies. You can also measure small pets’ weight. Designed ergonomically and compact for comfortable and safe use.

This one of the Best Digital Baby Scales Australia has a lot of exclusive functions. It is very precise and always detects the accurate weight even when observing the small variations. The large LCD fits in the Chicco baby comfort digital electric scale to help you read the digits easily. 

It is designed with a sophisticated vibration damping system. With a sophisticated program, you can detect the weight accurately even when the baby moves.

Hold function also available. You do not need to memorize the weight. By the hold function, you can hold the weight data for a few moments. 

The Tare function is extremely amazing. You can use a towel or any blanket during the measurement. It will not detect the towel or blanket’s weight. It has an automatic off feature. After 30 seconds of inactivity, the scale will shut down automatically.

  • Easy to use and clean
  • Good shape for baby to lay
  • Measure the accurate weight
  • It gives unpredictable reading sometimes

7. iPouch Digital Baby Scale – Hold Function, 20 KG Capacity

You can measure babies’ and pets’ weight, and this digital scale help in gaining the kid’s weight. Babies will not slip off; you can detect the weight easily.

Now you do not need to go to the clinic to measure the weight of your kids. You can detect the more precise and accurate weight with this digital baby/ pet scale. If the baby moves away while detecting the weight, you can press the button hold, and your measurement will stay for a few moments. You can check it again. 

There is a large and clear LCD with a sensor strain gauge. You can read the digits from any angle. If you do not want to lay your baby on the scale without clothes, blankets, and a towel, then it’s okay. You can measure the weight with clothes, a towel, or a blanket because it will not detect their weight; that’s why it is more convenient.

Heavyweights can damage the scale. This digital scale will give you an overload indication if the weight is heavy. Always use the digital scale according to the instructions manual.  

You do not need to turn it off and on after and before the use. It has an automatic system. After a few seconds of inactivity, it can turn itself off automatically.

  • A large surface area for the wriggly babies
  • It works efficiently
  • You can measure the weight in different units such as oz, lb, and kg
  • It does not give accurate measurements
  • It gives the different weight values

8. Leogreen Baby Weight Scale – USB Charging, Tape Measure

It has a USB charging and saving power feature, making it more convenient and lasts longer. 

Scale and tray are removable, but you can install them at any time. You can install the swivel lock with the scale. Without the tray, adults and children can use it, but it is not useful for the toddler/ puppy/ cats and dogs. 

This digital scale has four high-precision sensors for reliable and accurate measurement. Besides, this digital scale has the Hold function in which you can save the current weight measurement for few times and compare them with previous measurements to estimate the growth process.

Tare function makes this scale more convenient because you can monitor the baby’s weight with their blanket and other clothes. Leogreen baby weight scale will not measure the blanket and other clothes’ weight.

Free tape measurement is available. When your pets and babies are growing in height, then you can use the tape. Leo green baby weight scale has a large LCD with a backlight to read the numbers more clearly from any angle and distance, even in a dark place.

It is in a rounded curve and concave design; you do not worry about your kids slipping off the tray. The nonslip base gives the strength and grip to hold the surface. You can measure the weight in any three different units such as oz, lb, and kg.

  • 2 AAA batteries
  • Convenient to use
  • Great quality
  • Highly accurate
  • Everyone can use it for measuring weight
  • Cheap quality

9. AccuMed Baby Scale – Blue Backlight, Height Track

You can observe and detect the weight and height of your baby to know their feeding requirements and how much you need to nourish them.

It is designed with a unique curved style for the safety of the babies. Your baby and pet can lay on it easily without any fear. The large LCD with a clear and bright screen ensures visible readings. You can read the measurements easily from the distance and any angle.

Tare function also helps to take accurate readings because the AccuMed baby scale does not count the blanket, towel, or other cloths’ weight. 

It is a multi-functional scale. You can use it for babies, adults, and pets. Hold function makes this scale more convenient to use. You can read the measurements even your baby is not on the scale. By pressing the hold button, measurement data shows on display. 

The collapsible tray and scale are removable; that’s why you can use them to measure adult’s weights, and it is easy to clean. You can get the reading in two units, such as lbs and kg.

  • Do not occupy more space
  • Accurate and user-friendly
  • Easy to use
  • It does not give accurate values sometimes
  • The tray is on the short on the sides


Digital scales always give accurate measurements, but not all of them. So before buying, you should note the return for your security. If it does not work, you can return or replace it without any hesitation.


Before buying, you should check all the features. If they are not working well, then do not go for it. You should check another one. 


Design and style is also an important factor. Before buying, check the design to see if it is comfortable and safe for babies; they will not slip off the scale, then buy it. If it is not well designed, you do not need to buy it, go for another one.


You should not exceed your budget limit. Always buy at a reasonable price. You do not need to buy expensive digital baby scales. Search for the one with optimal features in less amount. 


Yes, with time, digital baby scales lose their accuracy due to regular use.

No, mostly, it is available in digital baby scales but not in all scales.

Leogreen is useful for everyone because you can easily remove the tray from the scale, and everyone can measure their weight.

The Leogreen baby scale has a USB charging function.

  • The Chicco Baby Comfort Digital Electronic Scale is our top pick because of its awesome features at a reasonable price.
  • For parents who are tight on budget but want to have the best budget digital scale, the Everfit Digital Baby Weight Scale will be a suitable choice.
  • If budget is not a problem and you want all high-end features on the digital scale, go for the Hatch Baby Grow Smart Scale.

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