12 Best Kids Smartwatches In Australia 2024: Perfect Gift For Teens

Everyone wants to manage their time, fitness, and kids’ responsibilities in this busy life. By using the best kids’ smartwatches in Australia, you do not need to take tension.

By wearing a smartwatch, your child will be observed by you, they can call you, and you can track their location and see what they are doing. For children, you can create a safe zone and study mode according to their school schedule.

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Your kids’ smartwatch looks after your kid’s health like it will notify you of how many calories they have burnt. You do not need to go to the doctors for cardiac and illness issues because Kids’ smartwatches have ECG, HVR technology to measure the heart rate. Smartwatches can measure the oxygen level and your blood pulse rate just by wearing them.

Additionally, Unique colors, animated face clocks, and durable bands make kids excited and comfortable. Let’s read the interesting details, features, and reviews about Australia’s best kids’ smartwatches.

Level Up Your Kid’s Tech Game: Australia’s Top Kids Smartwatches of 2023

Here we will discuss why you should choose these best kids smartwatches in Australia. Smartwatches have all digital features like puzzles and mathematical games to divert your kids’ minds to learn and develop. Parents can set their sleep and activity schedule on smartwatches. Kids’ smartwatches will notify on parents’ phones whether your kids have done their tasks or not.

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There are a huge variety of smartwatches in the market, but you should go for top-rated watches. If you are confused about which smartwatch will be perfect for you and your kids, go below. We have created a list of top-rated smartwatches in Australia after testing many watches in the Australian market.

In this comparison table, we have shortlisted smartwatches based on digital features like supported Apps, wireless communication standards, operating system, and item weight. Read and choose your favorite smartwatch.

1. Fitbit Versa 2: 5 Health Matric – Amazon Alexa

This latest version of kids’ digital watch has 20+ exercise and automatic exercise recognition modes that fit your body. As per our best kids watches in Australia Reviews, it is best to detect your health issues easily by smartwatch technology.

You can track steps, distance and manage your time by activating the minute and hourly activity feature. Fitbit Versa 2 offers 5 Health Matric for premium members. You can see your well-being and health stats by the Fitbit app. Install the Fitbit App from Google Play Store and make your life easier. 

This kids’ watch has ECG technology to check the heart rate. You can track your heart rate variability on the go. There are sensors and biosensors in the frame and core to sense the heart rhythms.

HRV detects the body balance between “fight or flight” and “rest or digest”. A low level of HRV reveals that the body is under depression or anxiety. You can track the temperature changes of skin and detect the illness and fever signs.

SpO2 feature can measure the level of oxygen from the blood. You can install the SpO2 face lock app for free to track your kids’ oxygen levels on your phone. Infrared and red sensors on the Fitbit app measure the oxygen in the blood.

You can also check your kid’s breathing rate. Age, weight, fever, gender, and heart rate affect the breathing rate. Electrodermal activity (EDA) detects body changes and stress. You can check stress by placing the palm on the screen. 

This smartwatch takes care of your health by calculating how many calories you burn. You can manage your diet plan. Fitbit app records your menstrual cycle. A workout intensity map is also available to show the heart rate zones. 

Besides, it is helpful for kids at the school level to motivate them to learn and spend their time in productive activities. Animated clock designs and styles with kid-friendly colors attract the kids. It is the best kids smartwatch with GPS, so parents can monitor their kids using Fitbit’s family account.

  • Receive and send Payments
  • Sync wirelessly
  • Amazon Alexa Built-in
  • Phone notifications
  • Connection error on Spotify account
  • Step account error

2. OJOY A1 SmartWatch – Good Battery, GPS, 3G/4G Compatible

In the OJOY A1 smartwatch phone, you can make a two-way voice call to your parents and friends. With the smartwatch mobile app, your kids can send voice messages, pictures, and stickers to you. Everyone can receive all messages through the mobile app.

Parents can track their children with this smartwatch. OJOY A1 is the best kids smartwatch with GPS that can track the locations by wifi and cellular data. You can install the OJOY A1 smartwatch App from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

You can use fast-speed internet on your watch. T-mobiles work well with the OJOY smartwatch. It has a front 2-megapixel camera; your kids can take selfies in different filters and send them to you. This child smart watch Australia is waterproof, and you can use it in 6 feet of water for 30 minutes.

Parents can set the school mode at school time. In this mode, your kids can not use other functions during class and concentrate on their studies.  

This best kids smartwatch in Australia can manage your kids time table and activities by using the calendar and task organizer. Besides, this smartwatch has a reminder system and reminds your kids of every schedule and activity.

  • Good battery 800mAh
  • It supports 3G and 4G
  • GPS works great
  • Dead after 3-month usage
  • Data connecting errors

3. Top Chances SmartWatches – LBS, GPS, Navigation, Anti-Harassment

This smartwatch by Top Chances is designed very stylishly and suitable for kids to use and gift to their friends. In this child smart watch Australia you can find all your favorite features.

You can use LBS Base Station (LBS) for detecting your location. Parents can set SOS family contact numbers, so kids can just receive the call from SOS numbers. Also, kids can press the SOS number button to call their parents.

This smartwatch has a safety zone feature. The fence radius of the top chance smartwatch is 500meter. Your phone will receive a notification if the watch user goes out of range. This feature makes it a safe and best smart watch for kids in Australia.

In the love reward function, you can select the number of hearts and click on the determined button; the result will be sent to the watch, then the watch user can check the data in the App.

If you forgot where your watch is, you can find it easily by sending the command, then the watch will start to ring for a few seconds. You can press any button to stop the ringing. 

Furthermore, you can receive alert messages like SOS reminders and low voltage reminder messages. Besides, you can also set 3 different alarms at 3 different times.

You can also control and on/ off the smartwatch via App. Kids can learn from watching like there are many mathematical games in the watch to play and learn. Watch users can learn and motivate themselves.

It has an LED high-quality flashlight to use in the dark. You can track and see your kids’ location by the camera. It is the best kids smartwatch with GPS that tracks the location within 3 minutes.

  • Large capacity batteries
  • Voice chat
  • Anti-harassment function
  • USB connection
  • Navigation system.
  • Tracker error
  • Sensor issues

4. Tic watch E2 – Waterproof, Customized Face Designs

Tic watch E2 is a high-quality watch and the best fitness partner for watch users. It can detect your swimming activities, swimming styles and record your fitness goals. This kids’ digital watch support accelerometers, gyroscopes, and GPS applications. It can track your location by GPS, and when you are cycling and running, this Tic watch E2 provides independent navigation. You can track your distance, speed, steps, and calories burned. 

This watch is waterproof and swims friendly; it can detect your swim style, Duration, Lap count, pace, and stroke count. You can swim up to 50 meters underwater with Tic watch E2.

 In this watch, there are many customized face designs. You can change any strap and style of display. You can customize your style. Your kids can message you and their friends by messenger app.

Furthermore, you can download your favorite apps and games from Google Play Store. You can install them with Google assistant by voice. You can also receive messages and call notifications by Google assistance on this smartwatch.

It is very comfortable and easy to water. All child smartwatches in Australia have a warranty policy. You can return this within 30 days. However, if you have quality issues, you can return within 12 months.

  • Two days battery life
  • Lightweight
  • Smart app for notification
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Error in Mobvoi support system
  • Cheap sensor

5. Garmin Vivofit Jr – With Task Reminder and Changeable Bands

Vivofit. Jr is a perfect and comfortable smartwatch that is among the top-rated best kids watches Australia. It is a convenient one-band watch; kids can easily wear and take off. 

You can replace your battery after one year. You do not need to charge the watch daily. With this GPS watch, you can track your kids’  location, sleep, steps, and daily activities. You can connect your kid’s smartwatch with your phone also.

You can assign activities and tasks to do and invite your friends to compete and earn rewards as coins. Parents can give the tasks and reminders by smartphone, and kids can see that they have tasks to do. They can set their chores according to their schedule on a smartwatch. In this child smartwatch Australia, you can add and see many kids’ daily activities and tasks.

It is available in different designs and styles. Display animated designs attract the kids. In high resolution and sunlight, your child can easily read the watch’s screen. This kids’ digital watch has functions the same as Android phones.

It is waterproof, and your kids can use this underwater. Kids can swim 50 meters underwater with this watch. You can download different fun and learning games for the kids on this watch. It is the perfect and best kids smartwatch in Australia.

  • 1-year battery life
  • Stretchy bands
  • Chores reminders
  • Interchangeable bands
  • Bad advertisement
  • No sensor

6. 4G GPS Kids Smartwatch Phone – Waterproof GPS Watch & 2 Way Call Camera

It is a 4G fully multifunctional digital watch and the best smartwatch phone for kids. In this watch, you can do 2-way video and voice call to see your kids. Kids can also send voice messages and photos to their friends and parents. This feature makes the talk more interesting and enjoyable.

There are different designs, styles, and colors of the screen you can choose and set for anyone. This kids’ digital Smartwatch has safety features. Parents can set 3 numbers in SOS settings. If your kid is in a difficult situation, they can press the SOS button for a few seconds, and you will receive the call bell. 

You can also check your kid’s location history from the smartwatch app. You can use sim cards and GSM networks. USA smartwatch users can buy sim cards from speed talks and T-Mobiles.

The hand band is made up of silicone. You will feel comfortable after wearing this smartwatch.

There is also a flashlight in this watch; you can use it in the darkness. You can chit-chat and make new friends while spending your time with the smartwatch app.

In this child smartwatch Australia, you can create a safe zone for your kids. With an electric fence alarm feature, you can set the boundary area on the watch. If the watch wearer crosses the boundary area, you will receive the notification. Besides, it has stored route tracks for one month. You can check the history of the past location in your watch.

You can set reminders and alarms in it. Also, you can track your sleep activity, calories burned.

  • Waterproof.
  • Step counter.
  • Heart rate monitoring.
  • Wireless charger.
  • GPS tracker does not work sometimes.
  • No long-time battery.

7. KD Kids Kurio Smart Watch – 20+ Apps and Games

Kurio Smart Watch is specifically made for kids with 20+ apps and games. You can chit-chat and send secret messages to watch. Watch users can apply different filters to take selfies and send them to their friends and family. You can set your favorite pictures as the wallpaper on the watch.

Light effects games are also available to play with your kids. Your kids can play motion-sensor games and win the challenges like Ninja roll and snake games. Besides, it is scratch and splash-resistant.

In this child smart watch Australia, parents can save emergency numbers to call in difficult conditions. Your wristwatch is your DJ. You can play your favorite music, and your Kurio wristwatch will light up as you move.

Kurio smartwatch has a Google Play Store app; you can download any app and game. You can attach a USB cable with a smartwatch for data transfer and charge.

This smartwatch has a thermal strap change feature. The strap can change its color according to the heat of the wrist. It is the best smartwatch for kids in which you can play games with your friends like two-player can play the games on one watch. Besides, you can connect watches via Bluetooth to play games on different watches.

With Kurio kids digital watches, you can set reminders on the alarm feature. Parents can track their kids’ activity by an activity tracker.

  • Splash resistant
  • Interchangeable straps
  • Rechargeable battery
  • App installment problem
  • The alarm feature does not work properly

8. Kidizoom 193810 Smartwatch Dx2 – Pedometer Feature

Kidizoom smartwatch Dx2 is just for kids to use and have fun. In Australia’s top-rated best kids watches, this Kidizoom smartwatch has unique and best styles and face clocks. There are many features like face 55+ analog watch faces and funny pics filters.

Furthermore, the smooth interface touch and the stylish wrist bands are perfectly sized. You kids feel comfortable while wearing them. It has a huge variety of games. Your kids can play the game for their learning.

The dual camera is available in the smartwatch to capture moments like making videos and selfies. You can use amazing filters and frames to make your photos attractive. 

You can manage your time and make it productive by using the alarm and timer reminder feature.

Parental control mode makes your kids more secure and safe. Parents can control the watch system and set the limits to use for their kids. 

This smartwatch has different designs and 20+ backgrounds; you can pick anyone on the watch screen. You can transfer your data by micro USB cable data feature.

It has a pedometer feature where parents can track the steps and activities of their kids. It is the best smartwatch for kids to play motion-controlled games and active challenges by moving and built-in motion sensors. Besides, it has a friendly touch screen and buttons your kids can learn easily.

  • Splash proof
  • Durable band
  • 1-day battery life
  • Voice recorder
  • No call and messages
  • No wifi, cellular data

9. Willowwind Smart Watch for Kids – Long Battery, No Sim Card

Willowwind smartwatch supports 2G, and it’s perfect for kids’ use. This best kid watches in Australia has more features and functions than other watches. Kids can play 14 funny games to enjoy and learn. Puzzle games and mathematical games train kids’ brains.

The MP3 feature makes your time more enjoyable. You can also download songs in memory card storage. You can capture your moments on your watch by taking pictures and videos. There are many filters and effects to apply to your pictures.

Parents can track the kid’s location and route history in this best kids smartwatch in Australia with a GPS feature.

Kids can solve their calculation problems by using a calculator feature. They can easily do subtraction, division, and multiplication.  

This smartwatch makes your kid more punctual and responsible. They can set alarms and reminders for their tasks. Besides, it has a stopwatch, Calendar, and timer, which are more useful features for kids.

Your kid can make 2-way phone calls, but this smartwatch does not support 3G or 4G networks. Kids can make direct calls to their parents by Speed Talk 2G.

Kids can turn on the torch in the darkness. Parents can choose school mode during school timing. In school mode, kids can not play games. This best smartwatch for kids has beautiful wallpapers to make your watch screen more adorable. You can choose any wallpaper for the watch screen.

Willowwind smartwatch can also support 5 languages.

  • Long time battery life
  • Easy to use
  • Voice recorder
  • Works without sim card
  • No Bluetooth
  • No messages

10. Timex iConnect Kids Smart Watch – Weather Updates

iConnect kid’s active quartz smartwatch develops your kid’s healthy habits and is in trend nowadays. You can track your kid’s steps, daily activities, distance, heart rate, and calories burned. 

The iConnect app has customized faces to attract kids. Besides, this best smartwatch for kids has exciting games and leading apps. You can keep your kids engaged in entertaining games like basketball.

It has a lightweight resin 37mm Square case and a 20mm resin strap that fits on your kid’s wrist easily. Parents can connect this watch with their phones with Timex 2 app. It is available for both Android and iOS.

Parents can set daily tasks goals for their kids. You will receive notifications on the smartwatch about task reminders and activities.

You can also get weather updates from this kid’s digital watch. Besides, you can download and listen to music in your free time with the smartwatch app. It is durable, and everyone can use it easily. You can swim in the 50-meter depth underwater with this watch.

  • Waterproof
  • Phone finder
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Sports mode
  • It can not make phone calls
  • Bands are not reliable

Battery time

Always consider a long-time battery life smartwatch. There are many rechargeable smartwatches, but it isn’t very pleasant to recharge them again and again. It would be best if you go for a long-lasting battery smartwatch.


Some smartwatches are not supported for phone calls, GPS and messages. These are the main features. Without GSP, parents can not track their child’s locations. Also, without phone calls and messages, no one can communicate with you. You should always choose a multifunctional smartwatch that can help you in your health, fitness and kids’ chores, etc. 


Before buying, you should check the size and compatibility of bands. Sometimes the size of the bands makes you uncomfortable by tightening the wrist. You should go for flexible and durable bands. Best Baby Monitor in Australia – Portable, Efficient, and Clear Monitoring


Budget is the main thing in buying anything. Do not go for expensive things. First of all, check all prices, then select one which is under your budget. You can buy a multifunction smartwatch at a reasonable price in Australia.


No, every smartwatch does not support GPS. With the GPS feature, parents can track their kids’ activities.

Yes, you can download and listen to your favorite music on a smartwatch.

No, every smartwatch does not support health fitness features. However, it would be best to invest in a smartwatch for kids with health and fitness features.

Yes, the multi-functional smartwatch can work as a phone. You can make calls, voice and text messages. Alarm and calendar features are also included in it.

Yes, we can use an SD card in a smartwatch. In the SD card, all your pictures, videos, recordings, and other data is saved.

Smartwatches can save your time and can make your kid more punctual and regular. Their digital features help in your daily routine. It is a very difficult task to choose among the best kids’ smartwatches in Australia. Here we have discussed all information, detailed reviews, and buying guide. Still, if you find it difficult to choose a watch for your kids, you can follow our recommendations below.

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