7 Best Camping Fridge For Australia 2024: With Compact Internal Freezers

Do you have any plans to camp this year? One of Australians’ favorite hobbies is outdoor, natural camping. There are several fantastic camping areas throughout the country where you can go and explore nature.

In many camping locations and during traveling, you must carry essential food items and other important things as camping is becoming popular daily. That’s why a camping refrigerator plays an important role in tough times. This article has detailed information about the 7 best camping fridges in Australia. 

These refrigerators are best for bedrooms, offices, and camps. Few have two temperature zone. You can cold or freeze the items. Even you can warm the food items. All have enough storage to store the items such as drinks, fruits, vegetables, and skin products. With the compact design and style, you can enhance the decor of your kitchen.

All are best for outdoor activities and camping. Advanced technology made these fridges more unique. Now, you need to choose and find which works excellently. Let’s read.

Best Camping Fridge in Australia – Single and Double Door Options

With your help, we have researched, tested, and found Australia’s 7 best portable fridges. We also made a comparison table based on the product name, capacity, color, unique feature, installation type, dimensions, and weight. All these things are essential to know before purchasing. By reading the comparison table, you can get all details about your item.

1. Advwin 22L Mini Fridge – Portable Car Fridge

It is a compact fridge with a huge 22L capacity for storing food, beverages, Insulin, beer, snacks, cosmetics, breast milk, and skincare products. It’s perfect for road trips, boating, camping, dorm rooms, bedrooms, and offices.

Two moveable partitions make it simple to separate objects and efficiently use space. The magnet door is designed to open easily. It is the perfect present for women because it also functions as a personal skin care fridge. With no toxic chemicals or waste energy, effective thermoelectric technology maintains contents warm 65°C or cold 17°C below ambient temperature.

As you know, it is made with ABS material, babies can eat healthy food, and mothers are more at ease with the dual use for both cold and hot with total preservation. Whenever the infant gets hungry, mothers can take out food and feed them. It is best for pregnant mothers, and they can easily eat hot items anytime. It is environment friendly, can use it anywhere.

Both DC and AC power adapters come with this refrigerator. The fridge is readily changed from an indoor 110V (AC) power source to a 12V (DC) power source by putting the item into a 12V (DC) adapter for a car cigarette.

This one of the best camping fridges Australia offers a quieter sound and a more environmentally friendly chilling effect than traditional freezers. It uses less electricity because it has super noise reduction technology that will not irritate you.

  • It works well for hot and cold items
  • Great for one or two persons
  • It has a large capacity
  • Portable and compact
  • The lid can scratch

2. ADVWIN 49L Car Fridge – Portable Camping Refrigerator

You could use this fridge or freezer with a high capacity of 49L to store items at various temperatures, such as kinds of seafood, beverages, ice creams, vegetables, fruits, and meat. It is also best for travel, camping, barbecues, and home parties. The overall design is fabulous and shock-resistant.

The automobile freezer can cool down to a maximum temperature of 95°F in 30 minutes and a minimum temperature of -4°F (-20°C) in about an hour with a strong compressor. And you can select ECO mode for energy conservation or Max mode for quick cooling. 

You can also use the freezer section and the cold storage space. You can easily adjust the car refrigerator’s temperature and mode due to its clear LCD and digital temperature control. Due to the battery protection, your automobile won’t run out of fuel. The room’s 49L enormous size makes it large enough to keep food and beverages cold while traveling.

This best camping fridge freezer Australia has safety handles molded to make moving and carrying it simpler. This compact mini fridge is made with ABS, a robust, long-lasting material. A shock-proof design protects the refrigerator when traveling on broken and rough roads.

Instead of going with the cheapest or most costly fridge, you should choose the one that best fits your needs. All ADVWIN car refrigerators come with a 1-year guarantee and lifelong technical support because the company cherishes every customer’s shopping experience. You can easily replace the fridge if you have seen any fault.

  • You can save energy by changing the ECO mode
  • With a powerful compressor, it has a higher cooling effect
  • It works well
  • The fridge sometimes turns off automatically

3. Mini Fridge Electric Cooler and Warmer – With Automatic Locking Handle

This mini fridge has exclusive uses as you can use it in warm and hot weather. It has heating and cooling options to keep items cool or warm with the flip of a switch. It cools to about 15°C below ambient temperature, maintains the small refrigerator at the ideal cool temperature without becoming overly frosty, and provides the best warming performance at 55–65°C.

This 24-liter car fridge has plenty of room for food and snacks and can hold roughly 30 soda cans or a large 2-liter bottle. A retractable divider is used to make creating and organizing two divisions easier. It has a mirror on the front side with a light that will tell you about the temperature.

Along with a conventional 120V outlet for use at home, this adorable little refrigerator for the car has a 12V outlet you can use in your vehicle for road trips.

This car fridge is useful for travel because it is fashionable, light, portable, and can easily fit into car seats or trunks without adding extra bulk. It is also suitable for one person. Additionally, with the advanced noise reduction technology, it will not disturb your life while working. 

Without a compressor or refrigerant, an electric cooling system dissipates heat well, is 100% freon-free, and has the advantages of low power consumption and a long lifespan. Moreover, it will not cause any pollution. This mini fridge looks super cute and is perfect for a gift. If you want to use it as a gift to give anyone, this one is the best option.

  • It looks attractive and works great
  • It is super convenient to use
  • Two temperature options, warmer and cooler, make your life easier
  • It lacks a manual

4. Koolatron Retro 4L Portable Mini Fridge – Desktop Fridge

This portable mini fridge is the perfect desktop fridge for your home, workplace, or dorm room. It has a capacity of 4 L/4.3 quarts. You may put it into any typical household outlet or use it in your car, boat, or RV because it can operate on 12-volt DC and 240-volt AC. And don’t be fooled by its small size; this lightweight cooler has a removable shelf that will help you arrange the contents and accommodate 6 standard 355 mL/12 oz cans.

Retro rounded refrigerator design, matte black finish, and chrome accents of this one-of-a-kind travel cooler bring a classic look to any space. Energy-efficient thermoelectric technology without CFCs ensures dependable temperature regulation. Keep your beverages cool or securely store products like yogurt, cheese, milk, and cosmetics. 

This tiny personal fridge is the perfect fun and practical gift for students, teens, and collectors, because of its portable design, eye-catching chrome accents, and vintage refrigerator form. It is eco-friendly without dangerous chemicals or wasting energy and keeps the contents cool to 32°F (18°C) below room temperature.

With the twisted door lock handle, you can transport your items easily from one place to another. It will maintain the temperature during transportation. 

The removable shelf of this cooler is top-rack dishwasher safe, and it’s sturdy and stain-resistant inside, that’s why it is simple to clean.

  • It has unlimited uses, and you can keep all your drinks, vegetables, and cosmetics
  • It is the best for the bedroom or travel
  • Easy to carry
  • It is the perfect-sized refrigerator
  • Too small

5. Glacio 65L Portable Camping Fridge – Lockable Double-Door

You can store various foods in their appropriate place due to the transparent egg holder, crisper drawer, and adjustable shelves; moreover, you can remove the shelves as you want. The fridge is ideal for all outdoor trips and is simple to connect to any 12V, 24V, or 240V power point. It is energy-efficient because the 50W compressor uses about the same energy as a standard fan.

When using DC power, the battery features an integrated battery charging protection that stops charging if the voltage drops below 10.2V to safeguard the vehicle battery. So you do not need to worry about battery protection. 

The device has a lock that closes the door during rocky or bumpy travels. The warranty for this item is for one year. 

This best 12v camping fridge in Australia is excellent for storage because of its roomy interior. Additionally, you can keep all kinds of items, such as drinks, vegetables, and cosmetics. With so many advantages, this refrigerator is unquestionably the best option for a dependable cooler for all your adventures in a camper or campervan. If you are one member in your house, it is also suitable for you.

Moreover, the advanced noise reduction technology will not disturb your life while working.

  • It is an environmentally friendly refrigerator
  • It works very well
  • It can cold very quickly
  • It is made with high-quality material
  • It has no LED outside to display the temperature

6. Devanti Mini Bar Fridge – Portable & Energy Saving

The energy-efficient Bar Fridge’s six temperature settings allow you to customize the coolness and freshness you want. This R600a freon-free refrigerant is well-made for sturdiness (including a water pan, extra thick insulation, and PVC door seal gasket). This small bar fridge is also completely environmentally friendly.

With two temperature zones, this fridge makes your life easier than another traditional fridge. With the 48L capacity, you can keep any items, such as drinks, vegetables, and cosmetics. It is free from toxic chemicals, so use it without any worry. It can be open on both sides, left and right, so it is easy to clean and arrange the items. 

Height-adjust feet feature is also too good, and you can adjust the height of the feet as you want. With the door lock handle, you can transport your items easily from one place to another. It will retain the temperature during transportation.

Moreover, it will not cause any pollution. This mini fridge looks fabolous and is perfect for a gift. It is the best option for special events if you want to give anyone something.

  • It is suitable for the intended use
  • Best for outdoor and indoors
  • It has a large capacity
  • It has 6 levels of temperature
  • The cooling feature does not work so well

7. Devanti Mini Bar Fridge Portable – Compact Internal Freezer

The Devanti Mini Bar refrigerator, which has a capacity of 70l, is the ideal size for any workplace, house, or cafe. It also comes with reversible hinges, allowing you to open the door on both sides, depending on how your space is set up.

This energy-efficient bar fridge’s six temperature settings allow you to customize the level of freshness and cooling you want. The interior is constructed of odorless, non-toxic, food-grade PP materials. With a noise level of 20–40dB, the refrigerator makes it simple to maintain a distraction-free environment.

The refrigerator maintains its cooling and efficiency due to a system of extra-thick insulation that successfully stops the leakage of cold air. It has six temperature settings. Due to the vast storage, keep your cosmetics, drinks, and many other items. It is portable, so you can easily use it in your vehicle. It has adjustable height feet, making it easy to adjust.

If you want to travel anywhere, you need to buy it. It is eco-friendly without dangerous chemicals or wasting energy and keeps the contents cool to 32°F (18°C) below room temperature.

  • It is a good and excellent refrigerator
  • It works very well
  • Perfect for home and office
  • It is a great-sized fridge
  • Small storage


The unit’s storage capacity is crucial when selecting the ideal refrigerator for your family. Compact containers work well if all you need to carry is food, but larger containers are required if you also need to transport cold beverages.

Some appliances feature separate compartments, one for cooling food and the other for freezing it. These coolers can store many kinds of food in one place. For camping, you should prefer the large capacity. You can keep and store your food and drinks for days.

Power source

 Most of the greatest camping refrigerators get their power from automobile batteries. Some are also gas-powered. A gas vehicle will be a terrific solution if you want to travel to far-off places. You can enjoy your cooler’s electricity supply without worrying about it. Additionally, solar panel is the most effective way to power. You may use it at home by simply plugging it in.

These devices offer a battery protection mechanism that extends the car battery’s lifespan and disconnects the connection to the refrigerator once a specific voltage is achieved.

Sturdy built

The ideal camping refrigerator is undoubtedly one that is durable. The unit’s strong construction allows it to withstand pressure from challenging and bumpy rides better. Some units have sturdy side handles that make it easier to move them from place to place. Since camping refrigerators are used to store a lot of food, moving them from one location to another might wear you out. The handles aid in stopping all of this.

Battery protection

The most exemplary camping refrigerator available is made to safeguard your battery by cutting off high-voltage power. There are several levels; refrigerators are programmed to shut off at 9.5 volts or more. Likewise, there are choices. Batteries reduce these refrigerators’ potential for damaging batteries with battery protection. You can explore the selection of battery-protected refrigerators.


Analyze the fridge’s construction and the materials used in the manufacturing. By doing so, you may guess how long the refrigerator will last. Remember that the refrigerator must last a range of environmental circumstances, including high temperatures and occasionally harsh weather. Make sure the item you purchase is built to be dependable and resilient to endure.


You can power the battery of the camping fridge with gas, car battery, and solar.

Yes, camping fridges are good to buy. It is an essential item for camping.

An ideal camping fridge can last 18 to 20 years.

Happy shopping!

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