7 Best Breast Pumps In Australia 2024: Portable & Lightweight Choices

A breast pump is a useful tool that keeps your milk supply flowing when you don’t want to breastfeed directly. It increases the output level of milk and helps create a stock of milk for when you’re not at home.

Some nutrients can only be fulfilled by breastfeeding, but it is impossible in certain circumstances. So you surely need the best breast pump in Australia.

Best Breast Pumps In Australia
Best Breast Pumps In Australia

If you need to work at the office and feed your baby at the same time, a breast pump is the only way to help. That’s why we’ve created a complete list of the best breast pumps in Australia to make your search easier. A few years ago, there were few breast pump options, but cordless and rechargeable models are now available.

Best Breast Pump in Australia – Electric and Manual Options

Choosing the right breast pump according to your needs can be a little bit difficult based on its features and battery power. We have made the selection much easier by pointing out the eight best breast pumps in Australia.

These breast pumps are selected based on their portability, working, type, noise level, tubes, battery life, electricity usage, prices, and the pump. These features are found in every product we have mentioned below. A comparison table is also given below to compare the products and select according to your preferences.

1. Medela Breast Pump – Freestyle, USB & Bluetooth

The pump is very compact and easy to carry everywhere you go. The freestyle breast pump comes with an electric design to ensure ease of use.

This advanced breast pump comes with a unique design and a USB chargeable battery that gives you more flexibility no matter wherever you are. This small breast pump comes with 100% pumping performance. It gives more milk in comparatively less time. For this reason, it is called the best electric breast pump in Australia.

This freestyle flex double breast pump increases milk flow stimulation, giving a more comfortable and efficient pumping technique. It has two-phase expression technology that imitates babies’ natural sucking motion. It arrives having a built-in rechargeable battery that you can easily connect with a USB port.

For more support, you can download the MyMedela app to track the pumping progress of your device. It comes with a personal fit breast shield which provides maximum comfort level and milk flow.  It has a built-in overflow protection system that protects the tube and motor of the pump.

  • Very lightweight and easy to carry
  • The best shield maximizes the milk flow
  • You can track the pump on your mobile app
  • Overflow protection systems are very helpful.
  • The battery dies after a little use
  • The Bluetooth option does not connect

2. Spectra Baby USA ‎Spectra S2Plus Breast Pump – Electric, Double/Single

You can use this ultra-advanced pump as a single or double pump with stability of 250mmHg. It comes in a portable layout and has very little weight to carry easily.

The S2 plus premier electric breast pump is very quiet and discreet in performance. It comes with an additional night lamp to easily pump at all times. The flexible design of the pump comes with a touch button and a digital control panel which allows for customized pumping programs. In this way, you can set the speed and rhythm more accurately according to your body type.

You can alter the pump’s suction to both let-down and representation mode. It comes with an additional timer which is very beneficial at night. An ultra-quiet motor is also added, which works at 45 decibels. It comes under the list of best portable breast pumps in Australia.

The Spectra baby added features like backflow protection to keep the milk away from harmful bacteria. The duct has a locked pumping system that keeps the tube dry by avoiding air succession in between pumping. This pump is clinically tested before selling, and it has proved to give 100% hygiene-friendly milk.

  • You can customize features according to your needs
  • You can adjust the suction of the pump in different modes
  • It has a very quiet working motor
  • Not available in the perfect size
  • The pump does not work sometimes

3. Bellababy Breast Feeding Pumps – Pain-Free, Strong Suction

It comes with four different massage modes that stimulate the breasts gently. The sucking technique used is the same as a child with a constant frequency.

It comes with a continuous sucking technology to suck as fast as possible. It comes with adjustable suction levels from 1 to 9 so that moms can choose the most relaxed suction power. The motor in the pump is of high quality to reduce the noise level at night. This feature is very helpful when the baby is sleeping, and you need to use the pump.

A diverse emergency power bank is also given; whenever you are hiking, and your phone battery is low, the breast pump can be a short power bank to charge your phone. A USB charging cable is also given to charge the pump; the pump can also recharge by power bank, laptop, etc. The storage bag adapters are very convenient to store the milk for emergency use.

The high-definition screen display also shows the working mode, level of suction, previously set time and battery time, etc. The touch panel can be used through a single click by one finger. It is the best wearable breast pump in Australia.

  • A wide range of suction levels is for a better experience
  • High-quality motors to reduce the noise level
  • The additional power bank gives extra battery time
  • The storage bags are very helpful in emergencies
  • Material is not very sturdy
  • The pump is not good enough

4. Spectra S1 Plus Breast Pump – Rechargeable Battery, Ultra Quiet

This pump comes with a let-down mode and a completely adjustable program to adjust according to your body. It comes with a closed system to prevent milk backflow making it hygiene-friendly for your baby.

The pump is extremely quiet and works without disturbing when your baby sleeps. It has an in-built night light to use without disturbance and a timer that shuts off automatically. It has a 30 minutes auto shut-off procedure for more safe usage. That’s why it is called the best automatic breast pump in Australia.

It is loaded with all the accessories for double pumping, BPA material making it easier for moms. The pump arrives with an influential and flexible suction option that you can select according to the body type. It also gives massaging mode, which is very helpful in giving relaxation.

If you ever forget to turn it off at night, it comes with an automatic turn-off function which saves battery life and improves performance. It comes with a built-in rechargeable battery that you should charge for six hours before usage.

  • The auto shut-off function is very useful at night
  • Works without making any noise
  • Adjustable suction features are very helpful
  • The closed system to prevent backflow is also great
  • The backflow protector does not work properly
  • The battery runs very fast

5. Philips Avent Manual Breast Pump – Lightweight, Manual

It comes with stimulation technology to sit comfortably, and the pump can increase the milk flow. This manual breast pump is available in a few simple parts which are very easy to assemble and clean.

This manual breast pump is very lightweight and compact to carry everywhere easily. It comes with a unique design, so your milk flows directly to the bottles even when you’re sitting straight. It means that it provides maximum comfort level in usage while having relaxed pumping.

This pump comes with a built-in soft massage cushion that gently stimulates the breast for a more smooth milk flow. The pumping technique is designed to mimic the sucking technique of a baby. It is very easy to use, and you can take it everywhere and even store the milk for later use. It is the best manual breast pump in Australia.

The pumping technique is very advanced. It works even when you are sitting straight. It comes with a natural bottle and nipple to feel comfortable for a more natural touch.

  • The parts are very easy to assemble and use
  • Soft cushioning for massage
  • The cushion stimulates the milk flow usefully
  • The vacuum does not work
  • A little slow

6. Medela Breast Milk Storage Solutions Set – With Storage Tubes and Bags

Medela Breast Milk Storage Solutions Set is the best breast pump in Australia because it has proven to be the perfect solution to breast pumping. It is a complete system that allows you to store, use and protect your breast milk through the best product.

The whole system is made up of BPA material which allows moms to store as much as possible. This material is very safe to use as it ensures safety with protection. The milk bottles have labeling lids and a pump with a milk bag for long-term storage.

The storage bags are available with lids and labels so that you can take them everywhere outside. You can mention the dates on the label so that you can refer to which bottle to use first when you are not at home. Extra containers are in the pack so that you can store milk faster.

The Medela is a complete system with six milk bottles, six lids, six containers, 20 pumps and saves bags, an organizer tray, and a breast milk storage guideline magnet for additional information.

  • Labeling lids are available so that you can store them for a longer time
  • A complete hygiene-friendly set
  • BPA material
  • The plastic material is not of premium quality
  • The lid of the bottle is loose

7. Haakaa New Mum Breast Pump – Starter Pack, Nursing Pad

This pumping solution is certified and highly recommended by lactation specialists. It is giving by far the safest and hygienic solutions.

The packing comes in a complete drop-proof design which is very safe to use. The original Haakaa breast pumping solutions are, in a sense, safer for both mom and the child. The design fits perfectly for all sizes and ages.

The material is super soft and comfortable for all types of skin, especially sensitive skin. Even when sitting straight, you can use the pump, giving you the ease of use. The material is 100% Nanosilver silicone, ensuring maximum safety and health care. It is the best affordable breast pump in Australia.

The pump’s ergonomic design doesn’t leave marks on the body and ensures ventilation around the mouth and nose. The U-shaped design imitates the natural breathing process through the nose. It has a specially designed polymer dry lining to prevent milk away from the skin.

The design of the Haakaa Starter Pack Breast Pump is very slim and lightweight. Each pad is separately packed to ensure maximum hygiene protection and ease of use. It is advised to sterilize your pump by putting it in boiling water for two minutes.

  • The ultra-dry lining keeps your skin always dry
  • Material is very soft, especially for sensitive skin
  • Very lightweight and drop-proof design
  • Easy to use and clean
  • It works a little slow
  • The perfect size is not available

Manual or electric

There are two categories of breast pumps such as manual and electric. Manual pumps are very useful to use when traveling and not at home. It requires too much work for only one-time use. Electric breast pumps are used as plug-in or rechargeable units. They are much cheaper than the other types. Rechargeable pumps are much better than any other pump; although it costs much, they can last longer than your usual products.

Tubes or without tubes

Usually, rechargeable pumps have two subcategories with or without tubes. Traditional style pumps have tubes plugged in the machine to create suction and retrieve milk. The pumps without tubes are much easier to use, but they have a chance to spill the milk all over the skin and clothes. 


If you are out in public or traveling, a good breast pump can be a product that you can rely on. If you are working outside your home, you have to check if you can take your breast pump. You should make sure that the pump is portable friendly or if you can keep it in your bag.


While buying a good breast pump, it is necessary to check if the pump is working smoothly without making any noise. This factor is very important when using the pump at night when the baby is sleeping. Noiseless working is also very important when sitting in public, and it can prevent embarrassment.

Ease of use

While buying a breast pump, it is very important to consider using the pump. Many mothers have to use the pump while working daily household chores. A handy and easy-to-use pump may be a good choice in such cases.


The prices of breast pumps can vary according to the type of pump and the brand you are buying. But there are many options that you can select from. Many expensive brands and hospital-grade pumps are available so that you can rent them for a specific time. Most doctors recommend it because it will be the right choice if you are not planning to use it for a longer time.


Using a breast pump depends upon your breastfeeding routine and the baby’s daily need. If you cannot take care of your baby for 24 hours, you should use a breast pump immediately. Breast pumps are ideal for working mothers who cannot be with their children all day long.

Electric pumps are uniquely designed to clean only those parts by removing them which are exposed to your skin or breast milk. According to the specialists, you should sterilize breast pumps after every use because they can be harmful if not cleaned properly.

There is nothing like a perfect breast pump for a mom. It also depends upon the skin type and the material that suits you. The type and the choice of breast pump become clear until you use it a few times. So there is no way to know which is the best before trying.

Most of the doctors share their opinions about using breast pumps. It is said that using too much breast pump for more milk supply can lead to blocked milk ducts and can increase the risk of breast infection. Breast pumps should be used according to the baby’s needs and requirements.


That brings us to the end of our discussion as we have presented the eight best breast pumps in Australia and how they work.  Choosing the right breast pump has been a concern of moms all around the globe. We have made some useful suggestions below so you can consider these options.

  • Double Electric Breast Feeding Pump is the top pick among many worldwide users. This breast pump is famous for its convenience and ease of use.
  • Spectra S1 Plus Breast Pump is also very famous because of its high-end technology and performance.
  • Haakaa New Breast Pump is also a useful option to consider if you are running low on your budget. It is a breast pump that provides high-quality performance at a lower price.

We have provided our best solutions for any pumping problem with our best breast pumps in Australia. Hope you find the best breast pump according to your needs.

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