How To Clean Outdoor Cushions That Are Not Removable: The Right Way To Do It

How to Clean Outdoor Cushions That Are Not Removable? We all know that first sight has a lasting effect on a person’s mind. The outdoor area of the house is considered as the crucial part. It is the area of swirling colors, whispering leaves, and singing birds.

So we could not avoid or hide this area in home decor. The entry of your house creates a long-lasting impression. People use different things to decorate the outdoor space of the house. In outdoor decoration, cushions are essential. But they get dirty quickly. So how to clean outdoor cushions that are not removable?

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In this guide, we will share the guideline on cleaning outdoor cushions that are not removable. You will get all the details about cleaning and maintaining outdoor cushions. 

What Are Outdoor Areas Of The House?

The area from the main gate to the entry door is considered an outdoor area. The patio is the most comfortable area of any house to spend quality time in the fresh air. It is a comfort zone that causes freshness in your mind. 

The main thing you can use to decorate an outdoor area is furniture and a piece of rug. People use plants to add greenery in outdoor areas to make them more elegant. In addition, people usually place outdoor chairs with multi-color cushions and pillows, which enhance the decor’s beauty and add charm. However, our primary focus here is outdoor cushions and related accessories. 

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Factors Affect The Cleanliness Of Non-Removable Outdoor Cushions

Outdoor cushions seem to be an essential accessory in decorating patios. However, this non-removable cushion is going to be dirty very soon. Unlike indoor cushions, their colors will fade earlier. Sometimes dust, bird feces, animal claws, tree sap, or during Children’s games, especially in their fight, left stubborn and ugly stains on them. If it is not entertained at the spot, the cushion is useless. Let’s discuss some factors which highly affect the cushions.


Unfavorable weather conditions, weighty rain, and storms create massive dirt on outdoor cushions. It not only causes color damage but also destroys the fabric. The mud of rain and dust in storms generate dirty looks on pillows.

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Excessive Sunlight

Anything in excess creates destruction. Sometimes excessive amounts of sunlight cause damage and uncleanable stains on cushions. 

Birds Faeces

Birds’ feces always cause big trouble in outdoor decoration. Everybody faces this issue because we can’t stop birds from flying into our houses. So we could not avoid this factor in outdoor cushion cleanliness.

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Animal Claws

An untrained pet is a big reason for outdoor cushions dirt. Their claws left an invisible spot and stain on the fabric’s surface. Sometimes wandering animals, especially cats, also cause dirty marks on the cushions. 

Tree Sap

Tree sap sometimes creates hard, dirty stains because it is often oily and sticky. So, removing this damp stain is a multipart process.

The above-shared factors are significant reasons for the split cleanliness of cushions in an outdoor environment. Apart from these factors, there are also massive reasons for this, but how do we remove this trouble from our lives? So it is necessary to learn how to clean outdoor cushions to keep outdoor furniture ready and fresh for an extended period.

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Methods To Clean Outdoor Cushions Without Damage

In the case of removable cushions, we can use any simple process for cleaning. Simply by using a washing machine, removing the stain will be easy. It will sometimes be intricate if you cannot remove the cushion cover.

To avoid getting new stains or mud, keep in mind to wash non-removable cushions on any solid or hard surface. Cleaning patio cushions that are permanently attached to the frameworks could be a little more complex than cleaning outdoor cushions that are detachable. Without wasting your precious time, let’s begin.

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Using Cleaning solution

In case of non-removable cushions, covers from patio chairs, use the cleaning option in which you may follow this process wisely. Firstly, vacuum loose stains, debris, and dust. Always focus on the seams and holes which could hold the dirt secretly. In this process, be careful about the decorative accessories of cushions.

After that, use any scrub with a detergent solution. Usually, people use Borax with any detergent in a bucket of water. Dip the scrubber in the solution and scrub the whole surface. Repeat it on the stained area. Then left this for almost five to ten minutes, so the entire solution soaks properly.

Put a shower with a garden pipe on medium pressure. Be sure that pressure rinses the solution entirely. Keep the pressure moderate because over-pressure may damage the fabric. Let the cushions dry entirely. Try to secrete out the water with your hands. Blot the cushions with a towel to soak thoroughly. Try to soak them in sunlight to speed up the drying process.

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Using White Vinegar For Cleanliness

Non Removable cushions are cleaned by a natural possess using vinegar. Add vinegar to warm water and pour this solution into a spray bottle. When you vacuum the surface, spray this solution on the infected area and leave for 10 minutes. You can also use a soft brush to scrub stained points. Now clean with water and settle in the air to dry.

Vinegar is highly acidic in composition, absorbing an unpleasant odor. A tiny droplet of spritz will destroy the smell causing bacteria. Excessive amounts and overuse of spritz often cause discoloration.

Use Scoop Up Method

First, scoop up the left residue with a knife or any hard stainless spoon. Use a dry light color cloth to blot the spot or absorb as much as possible.

Then dip any clean cloth in water and use it to pat the stain from the cushion cover. Try to work it on the outer surface to avoid the stain absorbing deeper. Don’t rub the stain tightly or press it harshly as it spoils more than well. Keep in mind not to use this method on delicate fabric.

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Use Soap For Cleaning

For cleaning non-removable cushions, prepare a solution of mild soap and lukewarm water. Apply it softly on the cover and rub with a brush towards the direction of the fabric thread. Avoid using it tightly against the fabric thread. Next, use warm water to rinse the residue of the soap solution and set the cushion to dry directly in sunlight.

Steam Cleaner Method

This method is favorable in incredibly dark color cushions. You may hire a professional or rent a steam cleaner from a shop. If you face a stubborn stain, use it because steam cleaners use heat to sanitize and deodorize. It may clean the fabric without damaging its bright color.

Next, put it directly into the sunlight or with a fan. With a steam cleaner, you can clean the entire furniture, especially the sofa and chairs. It is a very effective way that gives an original look to the fabric. Even in the case of carpet, you will be amazed.

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Using Baking Soda

You can use baking soda to deodorize the fabric. If your stain left pungent unvarnished even after cleaning, use baking soda. You have to create a mixture by applying equal parts of solute and solvent. Apply this mixture to the affected area and rest for 15 minutes or until the stain is absorbed. After this, rinse the cushion with a clean cloth and dry it under the sun.

There are many deodorizers available in the market as an alternative. Use a good amount of baking soda to avoid discoloration.

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Use Borax As Detergent

You may use a borax solution as a detergent. Mix 1 spoon of Borax, one spoon of detergent, and one liter of warm water; mix it well. Dip a sponge or brush in the solution and rub until the stain removes. Dry it in sunlight or a cooling fan. This method is suitable for waterproof cushions. 

Use Vacuum Cleaner

Using a vacuum cleaner for an unremovable patio cushion is the best option. The vacuum cleaner has a special attachment with fabric strips that accumulate dirt, debris, dust from cushions, pillows, sofa, and carpet. When you use a vacuum cleaner, wipe down the cover quickly. After that, you can use an air freshener or any odorizer on the cushion cover.  

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Cleaning Method According To Nature Of Stain

Sometimes we fight with stubborn spots and stains which exhaust us like ink spots, oily stains, chewing gum, etc. Here we have shared some valuable tips that will help you remove stains by understanding their nature. 

Oily spot

If you face an oily stain, use cornstarch. Wait for 15 minutes and then scratch off. Cornstarch has ingredients to absorb oil without affecting fabric color. Remove residue with a clean cloth.

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Sometimes ink spots become a headache for you. In a small spot, use an ink remover to remove the stain. For heavy stains, use alcohol immediately. Furthermore, for good results, apply the liquid with 90% alcohol, and you can apply it by dabbing with a clean cloth. You may also use diluted vinegar with soap or water.

Chewing Gum

Chewing gum is most dangerous for the fabric of the cushion. It sometimes makes the cushion useless. A simple tip used for removing it without causing any damage is applying ice. Put ice cubes on the gum until it freezes. Then rub off when it is ready to fall.

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Tips To Protect Outdoor Non-Removable Cushions

Here we have shared some tips to protect the non-removable cushions that will help you out in cleaning for the outdoor cushions:

Remove Dust Regularly

You should ensure cleanliness every day, which not only saves your time and money but your precious efforts. Keep a clean dusting cloth to remove dust regularly. 

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Remove little spot immediately

Do not leave the small spot for the next day. Scrub it at the spot because some stains are only removable at the spot only. If we do not pay attention immediately, it will penetrate in depth.

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Use Soft Brush Or Scrub

Always keep fabric quality and type in your consideration. Fabric, i.e., silk & velvet, cannot bear tight and harsh touch. Using a soft brush, clean its thread.

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Cover At Night Or in Hard Weather Condition

Make a polythene cover to protect outdoor cushions in favor of weather conditions and night. It will enhance the life of cushions.

This article is all about cleaning outdoor cushions that are not removable. So know you know how to clean outdoor cushions that are not removable. Cleaning the non-removable outdoor cushions is sometimes a hectic and tiresome task. We tried to cover all the methods in this article and provide you with all the necessary information.

Suppose you try all the methods but cannot get results, you have to buy a new cushion at the end. The reason is that the dirty cushions can ruin the outlook of your patio.

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