10 Best Magnetic Window Cleaners In Australia 2024: Effective & Adjustable

Do you love to clean and sweep the windows with the help of the best gear? I think we both are on the same boat. So, let’s explore the best magnetic window cleaners in Australia that are efficient, effective, and flexible enough to meet all your cleaning needs.

Cleaning the mirrors or glass can be a tough job if you do not have house help. Thus, why do you need a house helper, if you have the magnetic version of the cleaners at home?

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Here we go:

Magnetic force at your rescue!

10 Best Magnetic Window Cleaners in Australia

You must be wondering how we can clean windows and other smooth surfaces with the help of magnetic force cleaners. I will keep you updated with the Top Rated Best Magnetic Window Cleaners in Australia that are a must-have.

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Don’t go anywhere!

1. Tyroler Bright Tools Magnetic – Adjustable Magnets, Durable and Efficient

One of the best things about a magnetic cleaner is the ability to clean up both inside and outside the window together. However, the window thickness can determine the effectiveness of the magnetic cleaner.

The Tyroler magnetic window cleaner is a rectangular-shaped cleaner that has a force controller. This helps in adjusting the force according to the thickness of the glass. So, whether your glass is single, double, or triple glazed, you can adjust the force accordingly.

Specifically, it is workable on glass with thickness ranging from 2-40 millimeters or 0.1 – 1.6 inches. Its rectangular shape allows reaching the corners quite easily.

There’s more that adds to the effectiveness:

Furthermore, microfiber cloths are absorbent which allows you to remove the impurities and dirt while also polishing the glass. So, you’ll get a clear glass in no time!

The microfibers give great cleaning efficiency up to 300 washes! You can use it for quite a long time before looking for a replacement.

It also has 4 squeegees on its four sides which allow you to wipe the solution clean and leave no marks behind. Now that’s what I call a complete cleaning solution!

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts:

You will need to spray a cleaning solution on both sides of the glass. Attach it together gently. Since the magnet is strong, if you attach it together suddenly, it might impact the glass.

Furthermore, if you tighten it a lot, it might scuff or scratch the glass. So, you need to make sure that you adjust the magnet just right, so it doesn’t fall off, neither does it restrict you from moving the window cleaner around.

Also, the part that goes on the outside of the window is smaller in width. It also has a string attached to it. So, if it accidentally detaches from the other side’s magnet, it won’t fall off. This is especially suitable for the upper floors of the building. The safety string makes sure you don’t drop it on anyone accidentally!

Also, it is a little on the expensive side. Though it gives good value for money because of its longevity.

  • Adjustable magnet
  • Absorbent microfibers
  • Squeegees
  • Workable for thick glass
  • Secure string
  • You need to make sure that the magnets are not too tight nor too loose.
  • Expensive

2. Australian Made Double Sided – Time-Saver, Replacement Sets and Warrantied

The Australian made magnetic window cleaner is suitable for glass up to 10 millimeters thick. It has a heavy-duty frame that has magnets encased inside. It does not only wipe but also wash the windows without the need for any other cleaner or special cleaning solution. 

Want to know how?

Just soak its sponge in a water and detergent solution and begin the washing! It is as easy as 1,2,3! So, no need to reach over to spray the glass with a window cleaning solution. Just detergent and water are enough!

This makes it an all-in-one solution for your window cleaning issue. It gives easy and hassle-free cleaning!

Also, the part which stays inside has a handle that allows you to maneuver the cleaner quite easily. It also weighs just 750 grams which is not too heavy for maneuvering it single-handedly. The external half also has a cord that saves it from accidental detachment.

Therefore, no worries about detaching it accidentally or dropping it onto someone. So, it is perfect for those who live on higher floors.

There’s more that adds to the cleaning efficiency!

The unit has an arrow imprinted which guides you to move it in the direction which gives the best cleaning. Since it is equipped with rubber blades, it washes as well as cleans in one go!

Also, it gives a streak-free result! Therefore, it leaves the glass crystal clear in one go! Thus, saving you time to do other chores. Cleaning windows has never been this easy!

Another amazing thing is that the package comes with a set of replacement blades and sponges! The manufacturer also gives a 24-month warranty! That is two years’ peace of mind!

However, it works on glass with thicknesses up to 10mm. Any thicker and it won’t work effectively. So, if you have a triple-glazed glass, it won’t work on that. This is the only drawback. Though if you have thinner glasses at home, this gives great value for money at this price.

  • All-in-one solution
  • 2-year warranty
  • Replacement sets
  • Safety cord
  • Easy maneuvering
  • Works on glass up to 10 millimeters, not more.

3. Tyroler Bright Tools The Glider D-3 Durable, Efficient, High Quality Material

The glider magnetic window cleaner is perfect for a glass thickness of 20-28 millimeters. Therefore, you can use it for single as well as double glazed windows!

It is equipped with magnets that are called rare earth. They have a permanent magnetic field and are very powerful.

I know what you might be thinking. How to store it right?

Its strong magnet can stick together and might be difficult to separate. However, it comes with a separator that keeps the two parts apart and assures that you don’t need to make any effort to separate the two when you want to use it for cleaning.

The magnets make it quite durable. Therefore, it will not lose its strength over time.

Another factor makes it long-lasting:

The squeegee is made up of 100 percent natural rubber. It won’t break down and always deliver streak-free results. The plastic exterior is made up of ABS plastic which adds to the durability that it offers.

Therefore, the high-quality materials make it maintenance-free and give a long-lasting solution to cleaning your windows.

High-quality materials and high-quality cleaning!

It also spreads the cleaning solution that you spray onto the glass and wipe it off. Therefore, if you can’t reach the far end of your window from inside, it will do the job of spreading the solution for you!

Furthermore, it quickly and effectively removes grime and dirt that makes you unable to get a clear view outside the building. Now that’s a complete cleaning solution, right?

It is also rectangular shaped which allows you to reach to the corners quite effectively! It is quite lightweight too! Specifically, it is 500 grams which allows you to maneuver it across the glass quite easily.

It also comes with a set of microfiber cloths that allow you to wipe the windows for a crystal-clear cleaning. They dry as well as shine the windows when you are done with the cleaning solution.

Worried that it might fall off?

Stop! You don’t need to worry about it falling off! Especially if you are on the higher floors, this is a valid concern. But it has a 75 inches safety string with a small ring at the end. You can secure this ring to assure that it doesn’t fall off when detached from the interior part.

You need to move it slowly to assure that the magnets do not detach. However, for thinner windows, you can work quickly.

  • Effective cleaning
  • Durable
  • Light weight
  • Microfiber dries and shines
  • Safety string
  • You have to move it slowly to assure that the magnets do not detach, especially for thicker glass.

4. Window Cleaner Tool Double-Sided For 5 : 26MM Thick Glass

Is it fog? Is it smog?  Do your eyes need to get checked? Oh no, it’s just your window that needs a Window Cleaner Tool Double.

We will let you grab your cleaner, not just any, but a Sided Magnetic Glass Cleaner Wiper and while you work on your window, we are going to tell you all the wonderful things about it.

Are you a clean freak?

Well, are you? Then it is not a problem anymore. Trust me when I tell you some most well thought out features of this Cleanser.

First of all, the cleanser has a cross shaft that will rotate when you manually move the handle across the glass.

This means that your window will be scraped and wiped, simultaneously, with a 360 angle movement. That will make sure no dead angles are left smudgy anymore.

Additionally, the universal ball attached to its handle makes its movement very smooth.

Moreover, the turret’s triangular shape will make sure that no sharp corners, bends and edges are left uncleaned. It is a very well calculated shape in 15cm and 16cm.

As a matter of fact, the double sided-design, which is 8cm in proportion, lends a unique quality to the Cleanser. Also, it has strong magnetic dynamism.

Also, there is a knob, which adjusts the magnetic force.

Moreover, the stick and turret make the Cleanser a total of 145cm in length. And, in case, you are wondering, it is available in white color.

Not compromising on quality?

No one should compromise on quality for sure. Because quality simply means safety. So, they made the cleaning brush with ABS plastic. Equally important, rubber adhesives as well.

And not only that, but also a neodymium-iron-boron magnet. Mind you, which is very strong. But, to our utmost relief, it is neutralized and thus, harmless.

Furthermore, that makes the tool sturdy and life long. Not to mention, corrosion and wear resistance.

The cleaning tool consists of a 2.5m long stick. That has a safe anti-case cable.Now, can you imagine all this with a strong magnetic glass cleanser? That only means you are getting your windows sparkling clean without the fear of the brush dropping on you.

All in one:

Are you planning to buy different cleaning tools for your windows and mirrors? Also, you will need to get some more tools for your skylights and tiles.

Well, here’s an all in one solution. This Double-Sided Cleanser Tool will do wonders on all your windows, glass windows. Not to mention, skylights and tiles.

You can also get a cleaner mirror on your vanity to get ready for a perfect look.

The most important feature of this tool is, because of its adjustable magnetic force, all kinds of glass can be treated.

Well, it is, you name it and you have it, kind of thing. Whether its anti-theft glass or simple kitchen glass, to say nothing of, double or triple layered glass, it works just fine on every kind.

Even the tool treats Einschichtglas equally well. Chiefly, it is best for 5-26mm thick glass

Despite all the good features, there seems to be one drawback for some of us. As the asking price might be a bit high for a cleaning tool.

And the turret might be a bit small for large surfaces as it might take longer to clean the glass.

  • Unique design
  • Anti-case cable
  • Quality material
  • Long-lasting & sturdy
  • Easy to use
  • Safety ensured
  • Good for a wide range of glass
  • The stick is not enough long for really big windows
  • The turret is too small for large surfaces

5. Tyroler Bright Tools: For 8-18mm Thick Glass, and Double – Glazed Cleaner

A clean, spotless window of your home reflects you. It shows how much you value not only clean but daylight as well.

No matter the dimensions and texture of the glass in your windows, as long as they are shiny and bright. Well, I am certainly happy with D-2 Magnetic Cleanser and it proved worth its claim, at least with my Double Glazed Windows.

Tyroler tools have given us a new meaning of unique ideas. Have you ever imagined that magnets can play a major role, especially in cleaning tools?

Come on, let’s have a look

Magnets! Most amazing use:

Honestly, I have always taken magnets for kids and later I came to know it’s used in commercial production. Like, assembling big machines, using the Law of Physics.

But, for home appliances! Wow, and just look at the way how it works in The Glider Window Cleaner.

There are two stable magnets each, on both halves of the Glider. They are called Rare Earth Magnets. Because they are the most powerful magnets.

Do you know what exactly that means? Let me enjoy letting you in this secret. It means they are going to stay rooted to their spot, forever. Not only that, but they are never gonna lose their intensity.

The fact makes sure of the performance of the Glider. Whether it’s the cleaning quality or the soundness of the Tool.

Moreover, it is going to save you from embarrassment. How? Well, just imagine, if the magnet’s intensity is lessened and the outer part loses its grip on the glass and falls down. Someone might be right under it and get injured.

On a lighter note, the magnet’s effectiveness is going to save you big bucks on a lawsuit.

Wait, there’s more:

Now, here comes another interesting fact. Okay, the magnets are going to make the Glider glued to the glass on both sides. But what exactly cleans the window?

All you have to do is, just spray the washing liquid on your window, and then place both parts of the Glider on the glass. The magnets will secure the Glider.

Both sides of the Glider are furnished with rubber. It is 100% natural. Hence, it is really strong, sturdy, and durable. It is accustomed to working according to the Squeegee technology.

By the same token, you will always get a streak-free glass. Remember to move the glider in an S shape to get a better result.

As for the finishing touches: the Glider comes with two microfiber cloths as well.

Place the microfiber cloth on both the indoor and outdoor parts of the Glider. This will give a good scrub and dry any remaining moisture, cleaning solution, and grim on the glass.

Safety! A must:

The good thing is, the Glider comes with a safety ring and cord. When you place the outdoor part on your window, make sure you put the safety ring on your finger, in case, it drops.

Moreover, there is a cord attached to it as well. Just remember to keep the cord inside of the window and then close it. This is an added precaution, solely for your own peace of mind.

Another good thing is, we have been provided with a spacer. When you are not using the tool, just place the spacer between the two parts of the Glider and close it. The spacer will keep the two parts of the Tool secure.

The Glider is made of the best plastic material that is ABS plastic. It weighs only 449 gms. Which is, relatively, quite lightweight. It makes it easy to use. Moreover, it doesn’t give you a sore arm.

Because of the magnetic value, not to mention, the ring and cord, the Tool is pretty useful to clean large windows. And you don’t have to hover outside of your window to wipe and endanger yourself.

What’s more, there is absolutely no need for batteries.

You can have the perfect result if you mind a little detail before choosing your glider. As you have the luxury to choose from three different categories according to your windows.

If your windows are 2-8mm single glazed, you should choose the S1 Glider. It comes in black color. You have to get a D-2 Glider, for your 8-18mm Double Glazed windows. And you can identify it with blue color.

Lastly, you need a green D-3 Glider for 20-28mm Double Glazed windows. This particular detail is just to ensure that you get the best results.

The only hiccup you will find in this Tool is that you will have to do some practice to get the hang of it.

  • Lightweight
  • No batteries needed
  • Strong magnetic protection
  • Both sides of the window, get clean simultaneously
  • A ring and cord for safety
  • No stick is available for far reaching wiping.
  • Practice needed

6. Double-Sided Magnetic Glass Wiper : Strong Magnet, Adjustable Force, Efficient

How can the shape of the magnetic cleaner help you clean more effectively? Let me tell you! This double-sided cleaner is shaped like a triangle that helps you reach the corners quite effectively.

The magnets are pretty strong which makes it very effective for a glass of 5 to 30 millimeters. However, don’t use it for glass with a thickness of fewer than 7.5 millimeters. This is because it has a strong magnetic force and the glass might break.

However, for assuring that the magnetic force is just right, it has five adjustable strengths. The first and second gears are perfect for glass within 5 millimeters of thickness. The second and third can cater a glass from 5-25 millimeters. The fourth and fifth gear works on glass with thicknesses up to 25 millimeters.

If the strength is not sufficient to hold and move across the glass, it will fall off. However, not to worry! It has a knotted rope that you can wear on your wrist to keep it from falling all the way down. It can be adjusted according to your hand, so it does not slip off easily.

What does it have other than strong magnets?

Other than strong magnets, its exterior is ABS plastic. It has a water-storing sponge that helps spread the cleaning solution across the window. The sponge is replaceable, so it can be used for quite a long time.

It has cleaning cotton on both sides which adds to the cleaning efficiency. You need to put a glass cleaner solution or detergent on the cotton pads to wash and clean evenly.

Other than that, it is 14.5 by 16 centimeters. The width is 7 cm when both magnets are attached together. However, you need to put a plastic interlayer in between to assure that the magnets do not stick together. If they do, it would be difficult to separate them.

It also has a wiper in the middle which helps get streak-free glass in no time! It will also keep the glass free from scratches. Also, it is soft, therefore, durable. It gives a long-lasting use.

There’s more!

It comes with a replacement set of cleaning cotton, a water storage sponge, and wipers! Therefore, you don’t need to look for replacements for a long time. Now that’s something that is worth investing in, right?

However, it needs practice to complete the steps before starting to clean. However, it comes with an easy to follow instruction manual that guides you well. You will get the hang of it after a few times.

  • Triangular design
  • Strong magnets
  • Adjustable force
  • All-in-one solution
  • Replaceable parts
  • It needs a bit of practice to work quickly. However, once you get the hang of it, it works quite well.

7. Baffect Home Double Side Magnetic Single glazed Cleaning – All-in-one Solution

Strong magnets can be used in a variety of different things. Using it for window cleaning is a solution to the issue of reaching windows that are longer than the arm’s length.

The Baffert dual-sided window cleaner is a very effective tool in cleaning up your single glazed windows. It specifically cleans up windows from 8-15 millimeters in thickness. The strong magnets hold it together to allow you to clean quickly and efficiently.

Strong magnets require precautions too!

While these strong magnets can allow you to clean quite easily, you need to watch your hand and fingers when detaching. This is because if close, they can squish anything that comes in between. You can turn to detach them for cleaning use.

Furthermore, its triangular shape is designed such that it is perfect for reaching difficult corners. Your windows and glass doors will be clean all over in no time! It is also ideal for use in greenhouses as well as car windows. 1,2,3, and the glass is clean!

Also, it has a safety rope that prevents the exterior part from falling down if accidentally detached. It has a buckle that allows you to adjust it on your wrist, so the rope does not slip off.

What else adds to its durability?

The exterior is made up of ABS plastic that allows you to maneuver it quite easily without breaking. This is because it is not supple.

Soak the sponges in water before cleaning. Also, add a cleaning solution to the fiber cloth on both sides. It will help you clean and wash thoroughly. It also has a wiper which wipes it clean together with washing. Therefore, no need to wipe on the glass again and again. Now that’s time efficiency!

Its length and height are 13.5 by 16 centimeters. When together, its width is 7 centimeters. It weighs just 594 grams! Therefore, it allows you to clean quickly and easily.

For detailed instructions, it also has a QR code. Scan it and learn more about how you can use it and effectively clean your glass while staying inside.

However, its magnetic force is not adjustable. Therefore, if you are unsure about the thickness of the glass that you want to clean, or you want to clean a variety of glasses of varying thicknesses, opt for an adjustable model.

  • Durable material
  • Efficient cleaning
  • Time-saving
  • Strong magnet
  • All-in-one solution
  • Magnetic force cannot be adjusted

8. Magnetic Window Double Side Glass Wiper – Inexpensive, Effective, Timesaving

Who doesn’t want to save time? This double-sided glass wiper saves time not only by cleaning both sides of the window/ glass door together, but also washing and wiping the glass clean at the same time! Therefore, washing and wiping in one!

It has a wiper that is used for windshields. The soft make will assure that your glass is protected. No scratches and no strokes. It also gives you a long use.

It is quite durable too! Here’s how:

Its exterior is made up of ABS plastic that is non-supple and gives the durability you need to maneuver it around and use it for multiple times over the years. The elliptical handle also adds to the maneuverability!

The triangular design also adds to the maneuverability. This is because it reduces the friction, therefore, making it easy for you to control it and quickly glide it across the glass. It weighs just 600 grams which allows it to slide across. Therefore, it saves time due to its design too!

There’s more that saves your time!

The water storage sponge soaks up water, so you don’t have to add in the water again and again. Just fill it up once and clean up the glass. Your glass will be sparkly clean in no time!

You can add a cleaning solution to the fiber cloth to effectively clean. Therefore, cleaning, washing, and wiping, give you an all-in-one solution.

Furthermore, don’t be worried about the external part falling down! This is a common concern for those who live on top floors. It has a string attached to it which you wear onto your wrist to protect it from falling. It is 2 meters in length which are sufficient for cleaning a large window or door.

Also, since it is unbranded, it is quite inexpensive. However, don’t doubt its performance! Also, its magnetic force cannot be adjusted.

  • Time-saving
  • Efficient cleaning
  • Triangular design
  • Drop-proof
  • All-in-one solution
  • Magnet force cannot be adjusted
  • It is unbranded, therefore, is priced relatively low

9. KOKITEA Double-sided Window Cleaner : Replacement sponges and wipers

Do you have a large window that the 2-meter secure protective rope can’t cover? No worries! The Kokitea window cleaner comes to the rescue! It has a 2.5-meter secure rope that can be used for larger windows. You can secure it on your hand, therefore, making it drop-proof!

Also, it comes with a design that washes, sponges, as well as wipes in one go! That’s time-saving!

Let’s demonstrate:

Firstly, it has six large sponges that soak up the water required for washing the window. It soaks up enough water, so you don’t have to fill it up again and again. It also increases the cleaning efficiency by 40%. Wow, that’s amazing, right?

Secondly, it has scouring pads that soak up the window cleaner or detergent. it effectively removes the dirt and grime from the glass from both sides! It is equipped with a wiper strip that cleans the glass. It leaves it sparkly clean and dry in no time!

Finally, the internal magnet is strong, and its force can be adjusted accordingly! It has a five-year adjustable system that allows you to adjust the force according to the thickness of the glass. So, you don’t have to adjust it again. Once it sticks together, you can clean all sides quite effectively.

Also, the triangular design allows you to reach the corners and clean the glass quite thoroughly. Its dimensions are 4.9 by 6.3 inches which cover a large area.

For further details on how to use it, you can refer to the manual. It provides detailed instructions on the use, therefore, making you an expert in window cleaning in no time!

There’s a gift included too!

It comes with 4 wiper strips, 30 buckles, and 30 pads for scouring! Now you don’t need to order replacements for a long time! That’s a gift that anyone would like, right?

One precaution is that you adjust the gear to the first level when you are attaching them on either side of the glass. Then, you can adjust the magnetic force accordingly. This will protect your glass from hazards such as shattering and cracking. It is suited for glass thickness ranging from 0.3 to 1 inch.

One issue is that the scouring pads are not secured by a lever. As a result, it can get off and you can lose them too if they fall off.

  • Efficient cleaning
  • Effective triangular design
  • Detailed instructions
  • Replacement sponges and wipers
  • The scouring pads are not secured with a lever, therefore, can fall off if not taken care.

10. Lydai88 Double-sided Window Cleaner : Magnetic Cleaning Tool for High-rise

Do you live in a high rise building? And your apartment has glass walls? And on top of that, you are a clean freak? Now that is a sure predicament you are in.

But here you can have a 12-20mm Magnetic Wiper that will give a squeaky shine to your glass walls.

Here, let me tell you some really interesting facts about it.

Appreciate the enhanced protection:

When you clean or wipe the glass off your window, somehow, it leaves some kind of stain. The upgraded magnetic power ensures the safety of the glass.

In addition to this, the Cleanser comes with 10 pieces of super-soft fiber cloth. Once you take off the magnetic energy, use this super soft fabric to wipe off any remaining moisture or grim.

It simply guarantees the absolute sparkling of your window.

Furthermore, there is a 79-inch protective rope attached to the cleanser. The sole purpose of the rope is to protect and make it easy for you to clean your windows without any hardship.

You can wear the other end of the rope in your wrist and secure it. It will also help you with the cleaning.

To get a satisfying and safe cleaning, just make sure to put both parts of the cleanser from one corner to another slowly. You must avoid placing both outdoor and indoor parts at once.

Clean with a unique style:

The cleanser is shaped in a triangular form. One corner of the cleanser is pointed. The particular design of the tool ensures that every nook and cranny of your double-sided window is wiped thoroughly.

This amazing magnetic cleaning tool has a dimension of 13.4 x 13.4 x 6.7 cm; 561 Grams. The size of it really enhances the effectiveness of the tool. Moreover, the body of the cleanser is made of ABS Plastic, which in itself is a name of quality and durability.

Not only the size of the tool, but the way it is proportionate is unbelievable and practical. Just look at the handle. It sure is fun to get a hand on it and start cleaning your glass window.

Equally important is the water storage sponge. The compartment is designed in a way that it absorbs the water or washing liquid so thoroughly that you won’t have to dip it again and again for a refill. I don’t know about you guys, but blue is my favorite color. So I am sure you are going to enjoy cleaning your windows with it. Are you into blue color as well?

What’s more! You can get your money back within 30 days if your tool does not work to your satisfaction.

The key to keeping it effective for a long, long time, is to keep the plastic block that’s placed in the middle of the tool. Because this is the only thing that keeps the magnetic force in its full strength.

And losing this block means, the cleanser might not work as it should.

  • Added magnetic value
  • Safety rope
  • Money-back guarantee
  • 10 pieces of fiber cloth
  • Unique style
  • Inexpensive
  • Nonstick to reach tall windows
  • No extra block

Just like you want!

You must have gone-through the Best Magnetic Window Cleaners in Australia Reviews in the above section that might have led you somewhere.

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The first priority of the buyer should be to look for its working and cleaning technique. Analyze its method of cleaning whether it cleans indoors or outdoors only or both.

Secondly, figure out, does it offer double-sided cleaning or not.

Thirdly, also read the package content details whether it consists of separate fabrics or cleaning cloths or not.

Fourthly, does it consist of any extra sponges, blades, and microfiber cloths for effective cleaning purposes? These are some of the necessary questions you need to ask before making a purchase.

Last but not the least, do make sure that the magnetic cleaner is suitable and adjustable for the double-glazed window or not.

All of these important points should be kept in mind before you purchase the right gear for cleaning purposes.

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What’s next?

Window Type – A Perfect Fit!

It is a fact that every cleaning gear is suitable for different surfaces, windows, floors, and glass. So, when selecting the magnetic force cleaning brush, sponge, and fabric you need to keep this thing in mind. However, most of the buyers usually buy a cleaning tool that is a perfect fit for every surface.

Therefore, you should also choose the cleaner that can easily and efficiently clean your windows in one go from both sides.

Some of the windows have glaze plus a shiny surface while some have rough surfaces so they should be treated accordingly.

Moreover, you should choose the glider that is suitable according to the thickness of the window to give you a good shine.  Additionally, go for the glider that suits all-glass types.

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Material – How should it be?

It’s good to know about the material of these gears beforehand so that you should be already aware of its features and specifications.

Besides, you have to see their cleaning and final finishing, irrespective of their shape, whether it is a sponge, a rectangular shape, or a block-shaped cleaning tool. However, most of the materials that are used in the making up of these cleaning gears include:

  • Premium quality ABS plastic
  • Neodymium-iron-boron magnet
  • Adhesive rubber
  • 100% natural rubber
  • Natural latex
  • Ferro-boron alnico

To give you a comprehensive cleaning with a single-use, all these materials are included during the manufacturing of the cleaners.

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Magnets – What Do They Have In-store for you?

The most important component of this gear is the use of a magnet while cleaning. You might know the purpose of the magnetic force that helps in thorough cleaning and ensures double-sided cleaning as well.

Isn’t it something new?

Magnetic cleaner for windows is available in different shapes and sizes. These magnetic wipers have an internal locking magnetic system that is powerful and effective.

Thus, it also helps the user to wipe the glass from inside and outside both. Certainly, with just a few swipes you will get a long-lasting shiny plus a clean surface with less effort.

Plus, these tools are easy to use, convenient to handle, and gives you an end-to-end complete cleaning, leaving no dead ends or dirty spots.

Make sure the magnets that you select are:

  • Resistant-free
  • Corrosion-free
  • Trouble-free

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Where to Use Them? – Learn Now!

Choose the cleaning tool that can wipe away the dirt from multiple surfaces like:

  • High-length windows
  • Wide inside and outside windows
  • High-rise windows
  • Single or double-glazed windows
  • Car windows
  • Office or house windows
  • Greenhouses
  • Shower screens
  • Mirror and glass
  • Sliding doors

Tip:  With the help of these gears you can also clean the hard to reach areas that will be safe and convenient at the same time.

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How to Use it? – Understand the Working!

The working of these gears and tools is quite simple.

  • Just take both sides/surfaces of the tool.
  • Attach one side to the inner side of the window and attach the other side to the outer side of the window.
  • Two of the magnets will be attached to one another that will help you in cleaning the window.
  • The inner side and the outer side of the window cleaner will follow the same pattern of movement and cleaning.
  • Both of the window panes will be cleaned, like this.

Flexibility – Knowing is Better!

Every cleaning gear has its way of cleaning and wiping, so choose the tool that is flexible enough to meet all your needs.

Furthermore, you should be aware of the magnetic strength, as it should be strong and offers you an innovative home cleaning tool.

Tip: Do not use a weaker magnetic tool as it will cause difficulty in cleaning, also it might cause falling off of the window cleaner.

Note: Keep these tools away from the children as it is not a toy to play with. Additionally, try to avoid using the sponge that comes with grit.

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Benefits – of a Cleaner Window!

If you want to know about the benefits of window cleaners then you must-read this part of the guide.

Though these cleaning gears make wiping easy because of their wide range of magnetic window cleaning methods, therefore, you can choose anyone from the list above that suits you the most.

Also, with the single cleaners, you can now conveniently wipe-out both sides of the window.

You can clean up the windows, screens, glass, and other surfaces without worrying about injuries or falling down. So, you can clean hard to reach areas just like that.

Tips and Tricks: Double-kind of panes, window cleaners are beneficial for the double pane windows. So do look for the magnetic type of window cleaner for the double panes.

Thickness – Thinness of the Windows

While keeping in view the thickness and thinness of the windows, surfaces, and glass these window cleaners are designed. Moreover, if you want to purchase a magnetic cleaner then you should know about the window-glaze thickness of your home, office, car, building, or shower windows and surfaces.

Thus, thickness varies from window to window, whereas cleaning tools also might vary accordingly. If you want to clean every pane smoothly and painlessly then it is necessary to understand the configuration of the window and the tool.

It is mandatory to buy an accurate size glider that will help you in wiping and cleaning, simultaneously.


You have to be extra careful when dealing with window cleaners, but these window cleaners are easy and safe to be used. Make sure you don’t bend too far while attaching the magnet to the window. However, if the window lays on a higher level then you must handle it with care, sometimes it can be dangerous.

Cleaning a magnet is not a difficult task at all. You can easily wipe the magnet with the help of a soaked cloth, soapy water, or clean fabric. Furthermore, it is always good to clean the magnets after every use as they might not work effectively if left unclean. You can clean it up while removing the dirt, debris, or other material to improve its performance.

No, water does not affect the magnetic field of the magnets. However, it works great when soaked underwater. So, use it freely.

Yes, you can adjust the magnetic force of the window cleaner with the help of the knob or other features. Note that not all window cleaners have this property of changing or controlling the magnetic force, it is present in a few. You can also control the force, according to the type and thickness of the window depending on the glaze.

The rope that is attached to the cleaning tool for safety can help to prevent the fall of the gear. Amazingly, it is an anti-falling rope that is widely used. Thus, this rope feature is not available in all the cleaning tools. However, it will keep the tool safe, secure, and will prevent it from falling when you are cleaning high-rise windows.

We have presented a comprehensive list of magnetic window cleaners for your convenience. The table summarizes the best magnetic window cleaners in Australia. You can pick and choose from the list according to your needs.

If you have a variety of glass thicknesses that need to be cleaned, it is better that you chose a cleaner with adjustable force. However, if you don’t have a lot of surfaces to clean and their thickness is similar, you can look for an inexpensive option of simple magnetic cleaners.

Our top pick is the Tyroler Bright Tools Magnetic Window Cleaner. Firstly its magnet is adjustable and quite powerful too. As a result, you can use it for triple glazed glass as well! That’s impressive, right? It can be used for varying thicknesses such as windows, doors, as well as greenhouses.

However, in the end, it is your call. You can pick and choose the cleaner that is matched to your needs and satisfies the clean freak in you!

Happy cleaning!

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