10 Best Laptop Backpack In Australia 2024: Reviews & Buying Guide

In the laptop backpack, you can save your laptop and store your other important things while traveling from one location to another without any worries. Best laptop backpacks in Australia are made with high-quality water-resistant fabric to protect the luggage.

Many small and large pockets are there to store your technical equipment like a laptop charger, keyboard, mouse, and headphones.

In the small pockets, you can hold a water bottle. Padded straps and padded back panels provide a comfort zone to travel. Here we will discuss all the qualities, features, and budgets of the best laptop backpacks in Australia. If you are going to buy a backpack for your laptop, then this article is for you, you will get enough information.

Best Laptop Backpack Australia – For Frequent Travelers

Choosing the best backpack is an extremely challenging task. There are many brands with different models, sizes, and qualities of backpacks. Still, we must consider everything, durability, and quality material, to enlist the 10 best backpacks.

Now it’s your choice which is best for you according to your needs. Here we will provide you the information about the 10 best laptop backpacks in Australia with highly exclusive features and important information. We have provided you a comparison table read and choose a backpack for your laptop.

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1. Victorinox Laptop Backpack – Padded Shoulder & Zip Locker

A Victorinox laptop backpack is the best bag for 16-inch laptops. This well-designed backpack is for college, school, and office use. Other smaller pockets are useful to keep your things—one front vertical pocket to keep the smaller things like keys, hands-free, and glasses. 

One medium-sized pocket is designed with a stronger boundary divided into small pockets for the mobile phone, notepads, diaries, and pens. With a double zipper large pocket, you can keep your thin clothes, papers, documents, files, and folders.

There is one large pocket to hold the laptop and tablets. This pocket has an interior pocket with a padded sheet zip locker and a strap. In the other compartment, you can keep a laptop charger, mouse, or keyboard.

Single fabric shoulders hurt the shoulders, but the padded shoulders of the Victorinox laptop backpack give comfort and relaxation during traveling.  You can lose and tighten the straps according to your need. 

Besides, there are two side pockets for quick access to a water bottle or umbrella. You can also keep other smaller things in these pockets. There are two sturdy straps at the top of the backpack, one sturdy strap with the plastic covering for maximum comfort to carry during travel. Other is not padded and without plastic covering.

The padded back panel is for extra relaxation. The overall design of this backpack is breathable and reliable. 

  • It is a good option to carry heavy loads
  • Well designed and easy to carry
  • Padded shoulder
  • No hidden pockets
  • It stretches apart from the bottom sides

2. Kenneth Cole Chelsea Backpack – Tear Resistant & Trolley Strap

When you are going to any place, a laptop backpack helps to carry your laptop. You can also put and manage your other small items in a backpack.

Kenneth Cole’s reaction laptop backpack can fit the laptop with 15-inch screens. A padded tablet pocket protects the screen from starches. Outer side pockets are also divided into small pockets to keep mobile phones or cards. Two-sided water bottle holders are also available; you can keep other things in them also.

The Exterior side is made with stylish chevron-quilted polyester, and the interior side is made with a tear-resistant interior. Easy to repair gold plated coil zipper is made with polyester and nylon.

At the front side, a large pocket for quick and easy access to keep the items and zip around the pocket protects and prevents the items from falling out. A main padded pocket is divided into two to carry the tablet and laptop. Another pocket is to carry essential business documents or magazines.

Shoulder straps are padded for comfort so you can easily move. A trolley strap is also there on the topside to carry your luggage like a suitcase. 

Overall the size of this laptop backpack is 16 x 11 x 7.5 with a 2.15 lbs weight.

  • Highly functional
  • The perfect bag to organize your items
  • Zippers work well
  • Multiple compartments to carry different sizes of items
  • Not excellent quality
  • Tough to handle with luggage

3. Samsonite 86352 Laptop Backpack – Attachment Loops

Samsonite 86352 leviathan laptop backpack is made with high-quality material, and it is well and technically designed to organize and carry the laptop, tablet, and other essential things.

Overall, the bag is made with 1680D polyester. This backpack bag is the perfect choice for 13 to 17.3 laptops. The front pocket is beautifully designed with a two-sided zipper made for all the business documents and other essentials. You can keep your iPad and tablets in this pocket.

One small pocket at the upper side gives you easy access to sunglasses, hands-free, and a pencil. A large padded pocket with a long strap with attachment loops fix the laptop securely in place. Padded material keeps the laptop safe from scratches. Almost all pockets have large capacities to carry and secure the items.

There are small pockets on both sides for the water bottles. You can also hang your pencils and keep other things too. The padded backpack panel at the backside is to carry over the telescopic luggage handles. In this way, you can travel and move freely and easily. The first panel has attachment loops and carabiner loops for quick attachments.

The shoulder straps are also made with padded material for relaxation and comfort during travel. Padded straps do not hurt the shoulder. Besides, it has alternate carry options you can carry at your shoulder or in your hands.

  • Fantastic quality
  • Easy to carry
  • Very flexible for laptops and other items
  • Perfect size
  • Stitches quality is not good

4. Bellroy Classic Backpack – Removable Sternum Strap & Water Resistant

Bellroy laptop backpack has a stylish and classic look with technical and fully functional features. It is made with high-quality fabric and leather that gives you comfort during your travels. This backpack has small pockets and wallets to keep your things organized and safe.

The vertical front pocket is for the small handy items. With quick access to this vertical pocket, you can take and keep anything easily. You can easily close and open the pocket by the key loop. Furthermore, all pockets are water-resistant to protect your technical luggage like cell phones or other important items. 

One large pocket is divided into two by a padded sheet. The front side of the padded sheet section has one pen holder pocket, and the other is for documents without zips. You can carry a water bottle in a large pocket because a strap in the pocket can hold it tightly.

At the top side of the shoulder straps is one small pocket with the zipper to keep the cell phone, glasses, and hands-free. With comfortable padded shoulder straps and removable sternum straps for stability and strength, you will feel comfortable and secure with your items. You can carry and grab your luggage easily in it. 

  • Well designed
  • Material is durable
  • Shoulder straps are comfortable
  • It is very convenient to keep the charger, cables, mouse, etc
  • The sternum strap does not fix the body
  • Too expensive

5. The North Face Borealis Backpack – Buckle Loop & Padded Handles

The North Face Borealis backpack is a super comfy bag for the laptop and other things. The large pocket of the bag has compartments for the different items and another large pocket for the laptop, books, and magazine.

A small pocket with the key loop is to carry small items, cards, glasses, hands-free, and other essentials. The front pocket with outside ribbon style is divided into compartments. You can keep a tablet in this padded pocket for safety. It has an additional secure zipper system too.

A bike light loop is available for high visibility. Also, water bottle pockets are on both left and right sides. You can also keep other things in all small pockets.

Shoulder straps are like the web at the backside of the bag and create 360 degrees of reflectivity so you can carry it easily. Sternum straps are secure for you; you can remove them anytime. These padded straps do not hurt the shoulders. Padded top handles make it easy to carry the bag. The padded back panel and breathable lumbar panel are highly functional features.

  • Good storage compartments
  • Waist strap at the bottom side with buckle loop
  • Padded top handles
  • Internal fabric and manufacturing are average

6. Samsonite GuardIT Laptop Backpack – Adjustable, Padded Straps

This stylish Samsonite laptop backpack is perfect for office and business use. It has smart and specialized features for you. Besides, the polyester mix makes this backpack durable.

The main compartment with a padded portion is to keep the laptop and tablet. The other panel holders and mobile phone small portions help you keep other things organized.

The front vertical pocket allows quick access. Another large pocket is also with two portions to keep scarf, hats, shirts, books, documents, and magazines. Besides, the small pocket keeps the media player, power banks, headphones, and glasses.

Side pockets are for the water bottles. Shoulder straps are also padded and feel comfortable during walking or traveling. This backpack is very adjustable, and you can carry it easily. The top carry handle is padded. Furthermore, it is suitable for 17.3 inches laptops. 

  • Padded straps make you comfortable
  • Lots of different pockets to store and organize things
  • Zipper quality is too good
  • Material quality is not good

7. KROSER Laptop Backpack – Water Resistant & USB Charging Port

KROSER laptop backpack is made with high-quality polyester, which makes it water-resistant. It is environmentally friendly and durable. All pockets are large and provide separate compartments for iPad, computers, clothes, wallets, and power banks.

KROSER laptop backpack is perfect for 17.3-inch laptops. You can organize all important items in this backpack which has a large capacity to store. The front vertical pocket allows quick access, and you can keep and take items easily.

Fabric quality is very durable and water-resistant. Your technical items, cell phones, laptops, keyboards, and mouse will be safe in windy weather. You can go out with this backpack without any worry. With the padded straps having glasses hook, you can hang your glasses easily.

Another wonderful feature is the built-in USB port which is very useful; you can charge your cell phone anytime. The back mesh is padded to close your back tightly. Furthermore, the padded sheet portion for the tablet screen keeps it safe and secure. A sturdy and strong padded handle is also there to carry the backpack for a long time.

A labeled logo at the bottom and zipper pullers of the backpack is made with PU leather. Side pockets are well designed and also zipped. You can keep your cards, keychains, and other small things there. These pockets look fantastic on the backpack.

A wide padded and strong luggage belt at the backside is for fixing the laptop backpack on the trolley or other hand-carry, making your journey easier.

  • Durable and comfortable handle
  • High-quality zipper pullers
  • Well designed
  • Heavyweight and size are quite big
  • The quality of strap braces is easy

8. KROSER Travel Laptop Backpack – Water Resistant

KROSER travel laptop backpack makes your journey more convenient by their large roomy compartment. You can organize your essentials easily. It has many large and small pockets, one main double zipper roomy compartment, 1 for iPad, and the last large padded pocket, which fits up the 17 inches laptop.

There is also a front outside small pocket for the pens, keys, and coins. On both sides, small pockets are made for the water bottle, handsfree, or umbrella.RFID design saves you from electronic pickpocketing where you can hide your important things. This way, you can save your passport, ID card, and credit cards from thieves.

The reflective stripes feature wonderful. It gives you safety in walking, biking, and running. The luggage strap is designed for easy handling, and you can fix your backpack on the suitcase or luggage to make your journey more convenient.

With the external USB port at the side of the bag, you can charge your mobile phone. Attach your power bank to the internal cable of USB, then insert your charging cable into the external USB port to connect your cell phone. KROSER travel backpack is made with high-quality and water-resistant fabric. Rainy water can not damage your electronic device in the bag.

On the top side of the backpack, there is a sturdy handle with a steel cable. With that, you can carry it easily. The padded straps and padded mesh back are breathable and durable. Padded covers do not hurt your back and give comfort even in heavy weight.

With the compression straps at both sides of the backpack, you can set them according to the size that you require.

  • Perfect backpack for business, university, and college use
  • Good-sized pockets
  • Mesh back is durable and breathable
  • The stitching quality is not good

9. Business Travel Backpack – USB Charging, Anti Theft

The high-quality polyester lining gives a stylish and durable look to the backpack. If you feel heavyweight, you can fix the backpack at your luggage trolley by the suitcase and luggage straps. You can use this Best Laptop Backpack Australia for office use, keep your technical items, and for tours and travel.

This backpack has many large compartments to organize things—a separate large compartment with an adjustable strap for the 17-inch laptop or Macbook. There is another zipper compartment; you can use this for thin clothes, cameras, books, magazines, and CDs. The front pockets are for the keys, purse, pens, and glasses.

Furthermore, there is a hidden padded pocket at the backside to save your personal and important documents like passport and ID card. Also, there are side pockets for the umbrella and water bottle; you can use them for other small items too.

Ergonomic multi-panel airflow features provide support by extra padding that gives you maximum comfort for traveling. There is a USB port feature on the outside of the backpack so you can charge your cell phone while walking or traveling.

With custom padded shoulder straps, you can comfortably carry your luggage. You can set the size of the strap according to your needs. The top handle is also foam padded for a long time comfortably carrying.

  • Adjustable straps
  • The Cool performance is very amazing
  • Lockable metal zipper
  • Elastic mesh side pockets
  • Zippers’ quality is cheap
  • Material is not of good quality

10. AmazonBasics Laptop Backpack – Waterproof

AmazonBasics laptop backpacks have multiple compartments to carry magazines, books, clothes, technical items, and many other things. During the trip, with this backpack, you do not need any extra bag to carry your other things because this backpack has a lot of pockets with small and large compartments.

Smaller pockets with zip lockers are for the tablets and pads. The padded shoulder straps are very reliable to carry the bag even with the loaded luggage. It keeps you comfortable while walking. You can adjust the padded shoulders by the straps.

This incredible bag is fit for 15-inch laptops. The padded compartment is for the safety of the laptop and tablet screen. All pockets are zipper locked for the security of all things. You can organize your files and folders, documents, books, etc. 

It is made with high-quality waterproof fabric. It will protect your technical items like mobile phones, laptops in windy and rainy weather. 

A front vertical pocket is there with a key loop for quick access to all small items. Side pockets are there to hold the water bottles, and you can hang the pencils there. 

The Mesh backside of the bag is also padded to provide comfort and relaxation during hiking, walking, and traveling.

At the top of the bag is a sturdy handle; you can handle and carry your bag in a very convenient way with this sturdy handle.

  • Convenient to carry
  • A lot of storage and better quality
  • Affordable


First of all, the durability of the backpack should be good. Strong nylon material, nylon straps, and polyester fabrics all make the laptop backpack extremely durable. Canvas material backpack is also good. You should observe the sewing and thread material. You should prefer the double-stitching around the zipper. Checkout: Best Vlogging Mini Tripod in Australia – For iOS and Android Devices


You should prefer comfort and satisfaction. You should check the shoulder-padded straps and the mesh back panel. Without padding, you do not need to buy this because a single fabric will hurt your shoulders. 

Content protection

The fabric should be water-resistant to protect your essential electronic items like laptops, keyboards, headphones, and mobiles. Nylon and polyester material bags are perfect for content protection.

A padded compartment in the backpack is also very important for the protection of technical devices.


Find the exact size of the backpack for yourself. Check the torso length and hip size before purchasing. You will not be comfortable with the extra large and small-sized backpacks.


Always buy a reasonably priced backpack. Backpack price ranges depend on the brand, fabric material, and size. It would be best if you bought the perfect backpack at an affordable price.


No, not all kinds of backpacks are water-resistant. Every brand uses different fabric materials to make laptop backpacks. However, polyester and nylon materials have a water-resistant ability.

For comfortable travel, you need to organize your luggage decently. The backpack provides a roomy compartment to store all your essentials, including your laptop, and it is easy to handle and carry.

No, every backpack does not have a built-in USB feature. However, it is important if you use your backpack for traveling.

No, every backpack does not have a built-in USB feature. However, it is important if you use your backpack for traveling.

Now you have read all the best laptop backpack Australia reviews. However, a few people find it confusing to choose the best one. So you can follow our recommendations below.

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