10 Best Golf Rangefinders In Australia 2024: Reviews & Buying

Golf is becoming people’s favorite sport day by day. But to play golf, you need to use the best golf rangefinder. Golf distance meter will help you improve your golf skills. Here are the top 10 golf rangefinders in Australia.

Golf range finders have amazing features; you can measure the distance and get precise and accurate measurements. With the 6x magnification power, you can see the clear image on display. With the METER button, you can change the yards into meters. Portable and lightweight make it more convenient to use, and you can carry it easily.

All have incredible features, but it isn’t easy to find which one is perfect for you, so here we will provide you with all the information about the best golf range finder, and you can search out your best one. To get more info, you must read the full article. Let’s read.

Best Golf Range Finders in Australia – With Slope Adjustment and Flag Locking

When you see the variety of items, choosing is a difficult task. So here you will get the solution to your problems. We have researched, inspected, and found the 10 best golf rangefinders in Australia for you.

For your understanding and easiness, we have made the comparison table based on the color, material, sport, dimensions, and item weight. So, do not worry; you do not need to waste your time. By reading this, you can choose the perfect item.

1. WOSPORTS Golf Rangefinder: 650 Yards Laser Distance Finder with Slope

WOSPORTS Golf Rangefinder is a  budget-friendly choice with various features and a reasonable price. This golf range finder is best because you can use it as a hunting range finder and a golf range finder. It has a 5 to 800 yards range with a fast focus. It has advanced technology and a premium, multilayered, ultra-clear lens to focus on objects. Besides, it has 250 yards to flatlock if you use the M2, M3, then flagpole locking up to 180 yards.

Wossports golf rangefinder has a unique design; you do not need to worry about the battery cover because the overall design covers it easily. Water-resistant features make it more convenient for users; you can use it in bad weather conditions. When the user shoots the target, it will deliver the vibration for a short time.

It does not matter whether an object is near or far; you will get a precise and accurate measurement. A MODE button is available on the golf range finder’s upper side. Click the button for a short time to change the yard into meters. M1 is the first mode; if you want to measure the distance use the short press and long press for scan targets. Do not worry about power off because it will power off automatically after 10 seconds if not in use.

  • It can measure accurate distance
  • It will give the perfect image
  • Easy to carry and use
  • Low battery timing

2. Nikon Coolshot 20 GII Golf Laser Rangefinder – Compact & 6X Magnification

Nikon Coolshot has a compact and ergonomic design. With this pocketable and lightweight rangefinder, you will feel easy, and it is the perfect choice for those who travel from one place to another. It requires tiny space; you can easily carry it in your small bag, even in hand. It has 6x optical monoculars for a clear and bright image.

The eyepiece can focus on the diopter to see the full and clear image. Even you can see the image with sunglasses and eyeglasses. It is the perfect golf rangefinder for quick and multiple measurements. It will automatically show the distance to the first or closest target. Besides, it guarantees the measurement displayed is the pin and not any objects in the background without the need to wait for a secondary indicator, such as a LED and vibration.

Almost any object in sight can be ranged using the COOLSHOT 20 GII rangefinder. It includes trees, lakes, doglegs, hills, bunkers, golf carts, and the flagstick. No reflectors or satellites are required to measure the distance between the object.

Additionally, you can carry it anywhere within your bag and in your hand. The most exciting thing is that golf rangefinders are rechargeable and have the best battery life.

  • It is well-designed and lightweight
  • It provides accurate values
  • Battery timing is longer
  • It works well
  • It gives inconsistent results

3. Gogogo Sport Vpro Laser Rangefinder for Golf – High-Precision & Continuous Scan

This highly cost-effective rangefinder has all the golfing, bowhunting, and hunting features. It gives high and accurate, and precise values. The advanced technology and high-class features make it unique compared to other rangefinders. New features such as angle range compensation and continuous range finder are also present.

There are flagpole-locking and pin-seeking vibration features in this best laser rangefinder. The flagpole function works well and supports a more than 150-yard distance and 250 yards when the flag is unfolded. When the flagpole locks, it will vibrate. You can also measure the speed easily. It has 6x magnification power so that you can see a clear image. Its measuring range is 5 to 650 yards with high precision. 

Moreover, the multicoated optics lens will decrease the reflected lights, improve light transmission, and make it brighter. The diopter is available and adjustable for your eye focus. You can use it without the manual. All buttons are available. The most amazing feature is that it is rechargeable, and you can replace the battery easily. It is very lightweight you can also carry it in traveling. It comes with a battery leash and solid case.

  • It is portable
  • It has lightweight and easy to carry
  • Precise and accurate measurements
  • Light plastic
  • Cheap quality

4. Jiehome Slope Golf Rangefinder: Flag-Lock Vibration & Pin Sensor Slope ON/Off

This range finder has unique qualities for using it in golfing. Its modern design helps in perfection while playing golf. It can measure distance. You will feel comfortable while using it because it is a lightweight device. This character will help you to carry it at any place. Its magnification power can improve the image of the object. Its LCD is also beneficial for displaying accurate images. It can give you a picture with perfect and natural colors. The reason is its multi-coating which helps in color differentiation.

The other quality that matter is the long-distance focus. You can focus your target from a large distance. It will focus on the target and provide the actual yards toward your target or flag in golfing. This quality makes it suitable to use in tournaments.

If you choose golf as your profession, then this is the best choice to use this rangefinder golf. Its ability to measure a slope compensated distance from uphills or downhills is outstanding. You can use it in any weather condition and play outdoor. Besides, you can attack your target confidently while using this rangefinder. It will satisfy you in your work. Its battery timing, distance measuring quality, and magnification are all good for your satisfaction.

  • Beneficial to playing golf
  • It can measure accurate distance
  • It will give the perfect image
  • It can lose it its focus ahead to a specific distance
  • Its battery timing is not so good

5. Blue Tees Golf Series 2 Laser Rangefinder for Golf: Distance Finder & Non-Slope

This rangefinder with a modern design with precision in measuring distance and clearing images is the best. The handheld design makes it more convenient for use. It has a high magnification power that makes it effective for working.

You can see the clean and clear image. Besides, you can use it outdoors at any site you want. You can focus on your target easily. The rangefinder helps in measuring the exact distance. You can shoot at the exact target. Furthermore, you can shoot confidently by using this rangefinder.

A natural color image will be available through this rangefinder. You can see the clear image from a large distance. You can use it while playing golf. Furthermore, you will enjoy and feel satisfied using this rangefinder while playing golf.

The main unique feature is the vibration pulses. These vibration pulses indicate the focus on your target. It can perfectly measure the distance, and then it will vibrate. You can easily find the target. You will locate your target in any location, including wooded areas, wild areas, and golf.

It will assist you in hunting, archery, and golf. It has a better design that equally works in all types of weather conditions. The laser light locates your target quickly. You can choose it in any condition and can perform your hunting and other functions.

  • Locate the target at a large distance
  • Easy to carry and use
  • It will work in all forms of weather conditions
  • Cannot accurately lock the target
  • Not work ahead to a specific range

6. MiLESEEY Golf Rangefinder – With Slope On/Off & 660 Yards Range

It is a professional rangefinder that is widely used for playing golf. It will help you to find and locate your target. You can use it for hunting, bow hunting, and golfing. It will be a perfect rangefinder for all these acts.

It also has a pulse vibration quality that is effective in discovering targets. You can confidently shoot your target. You will safely and comfortably use it while hunting. It will provide you with clean and colored images.

It can accurately measure the exact distance. Besides, it can measure the distance at any angle. You will also find high magnification through this rangefinder. Its modern design also helps to use it easily. You just have to press the button, and then you can find the accurate distance reading.

It is the most effective rangefinder for outdoor activities that can work in all weather situations. It will be functional in all conditions, including the rain. You will find your target even in the rain. It will not disturb your intention and provide you with effective hunting.

The main thing is its design and portable feature. It is a lightweight device. A non-slip material is used in its covering. All these functions make it suitable to carry with you. It also contains a bag you can pack and efficiently handle.

  • Accurately measure the distance
  • Efficient in all weather conditions
  • Easy to handle and can be carried at any required place
  • Lost precision after a pointed distance
  • You need to change the battery again and again

7. Bushnell Pro XE Golf Laser Rangefinder – Pin Seeker & Visual JOLT Technology

It is a uniquely designed best golf rangefinder for the money to use in hunting, bowhunting, and golf. It has the power to precisely locate the target. Having high magnification power makes it unique. You can observe the same thing on which you want to attack. 

It gives an accurate distance measurement. Furthermore, it will provide the exact and natural colors as the targeted things. It will furnish you with the precise distance from uphill or downhill. Besides, it can perform in severe environmental conditions. Like you can hunt even in the rain and give you perfect measurements.

It is more efficient for playing golf. So it has high demands for tournaments. If you love to play golf, it will be a reasonable rangefinder. The golf laser rangefinder is competitive in finding the target. You can easily find your target and can shoot it confidently. You will be satisfied by its modern characteristics.

Long distances measuring quality can be observed and enjoyed in it. You can watch the comprehensive and evident reading in it. So this is a fantastic rangefinder for all golfers. It is very fast in its working. You can measure and find distance exactly within minutes.

The optics will provide you with the exact focus. You can fix the optics to observe the accurate results. You can also see the natural thing because of its coating.

  • Show accurate readings of measurements
  • Focus on your target very well
  • Used for multiple functions like hunting and golfing
  • Lightweight, easy to handle
  • The battery life is too short
  • Cannot focus above a distance limit

8. TecTecTec ULT-S Golf Rangefinder – With Stabilization & Hyper Read Technology

This rangefinder has unique features which are suitable for hunting and golfing. It has a laser light to provide a bright image of your target. It also has a good magnification power that helps in a pure and clear image appearance. Furthermore, it will give you a clear scene from a large distance. You can easily find the distance measurement by this rangefinder.

Modern technology will provide an optimum focus on the target. The optics help you to move and focus on a particular point. It is beneficial for hunting. You can choose it while playing golf because it can measure the exact distance toward your target.

The attractive main character is the presence of a multicolored coating. It will furnish a sharp and bright picture of your target. You can focus and shoot your target confidently. It will enhance your capability to hunt.

You can handle it easily because it is lightweight. In any tournament, you can legally use it. It is fair to use in playing golf. You will play well by using this rangefinder. This rangefinder can achieve all outdoor targets and tasks. It will work equally in all conditions. It is resistant to dust and also suitable to use in the rain. So it’s not dependent on weather conditions. You can simply achieve your goals related to your desires.

  • It is good in measurements
  • Suitable to use both in hunting and golfing
  • Work in all weather conditions
  • Provide a clear image
  • The battery needs charging after a short time
  • You can lose focus at a large distance

9. Wellray LC600AG Golf Rangefinder – With Slope Adjusted & Flag Locking

A modern rangefinder with pulse vibration technology is effective for working in hunting and golf. It has a high magnification power. It will provide you with a clear and good variety of images. You can observe the quality of view shown by this rangefinder.

It can detect the accurate distance to your target. This distance helps you to achieve hunting goals. Suppose you love to play golf. It will give you effective target achievement. It is good to use in hunting and golfing.

You can measure the distance from all angles. It will also assist you in assessing any slope. This best golf rangefinder with slope is beneficial for you from any site. Its scanning property is also valuable for you. All these are the main features that are important and make it unique for use in any purpose.

It is an accurate measuring rangefinder that will give you fast results. Besides, it has a compact design that can be carried anywhere. You can use it effortlessly.

It is valuable because it is effective to use in bad weather. It will give you accurate results in all conditions. Furthermore, it will provide you with favorable images and readings to hit your target. All these functions make it attractive to get it.

  • Optics are present to work on focusing
  • Dust resistant
  • Provide a clean image
  • Help to achieve the target
  • Distance measurements are not precise
  • The battery life is too short

10. BOBLOV 1000Yards Slope Golf Rangefinder – 400Yards Flag Locking Golf Distance Finder

This rangefinder professionally has a distinct value in golf. It is available with all qualities, including magnification, clear images, and focusing on the target. Furthermore, it can measure the exact distance and provide a perfect target for you—the magnification property assists in a clear and clean image.

It has two different modes, including slop mode and scanning mode. Both are equally productive to give perfection in hunting. It can measure the distance from any angle and uphills and downhills. If you are a golf lover, it will be beneficial for you to use while playing.

It has a compact design. It has a battery you can charge several times to use this device repeatedly. Besides, it is also beneficial to use it for a long time. Because this is rechargeable, there is no need to change the battery, which saves you money.

The design is more attractive, which is improved for the customer. The visual presentation is also responsible for a better impression. It is practical to give you the confidence to hit your target and attain your requirements.

It is sensitive to work in outdoor weather conditions. Besides, it cannot be used in high light and is also affected by rain and fog. These weather conditions affect the measurements. You can not see a clear and perfect image in these weather conditions.

  • Effective to use in hunting and golfing
  • A rechargeable battery provides long working hours
  • Reasonable for achieving the target
  • It cannot work in varying conditions of weather
  • Lost its focus on long distances


The golfing distance of the flagstick and measurements should be accurate. Check the accuracy feature of the golf range finder before purchasing. The best accuracy range is +1 yard. If you feel it gives the wrong measurement, then do not go for it.


The display is an essential feature of the golf range finders. With the best display, you can easily see a clear image and read the values. When playing in sunny conditions, a good display will be of good feature to you in locking onto the flag and locating another place.


Before buying, should you know that the golf ranger finder comes with a protective case? If yes, then check the quality of the protective case. After the use, you should keep the rangefinder in it. Sometimes, lightweight products look nice, but the material quality is poor and easily breakable; after that, check whether it has water or moisture-resistant feature or not. If yes, then you must go for it. You can use it in bad weather conditions.

Battery life

Battery life is also an essential feature. It would be best to prefer the CR2 batteries but all CR2 batteries are not rechargeable. You should take extra batteries in traveling. If the battery life of rangefinders is less, do not go for it. 


Every golf rangefinder has different ranges that give accurate and precise readings. All have a specific range. Some gold rangefinders have more than 1000 yards range. You should choose the golf range finder carefully.


Yes, a button is available on the rangefinder; you can change the yard to meters.

Not each lightweight rangefinder is not good. Sometimes the poor quality of the material makes it lightweight, which is not durable for you.

Best golf range finders have a protective case, lanyard, best magnification power, and water resistance.

Yes, you can also use a few golf rangefinders for hunting.

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