8 Best Electric Toothbrush In Australia 2024: White & Healthy Teeth Now

Looking for the Best Electric Toothbrush in Australia? Agreeing with the fact that building plaque, yellow teeth, and cavities are painful and unpleasant, no doubt! But no more worries: I have found the top 8 toothbrushes that are super-efficient to give you shiny, healthy, white, and beautiful teeth instantly!

Picking the right toothbrush can be difficult, especially if you are switching over from a manual one.

Each one has different features and is built for different types of teeth. This makes it confusing to choose. But here you will get complete guidance!

So, here we go:

8 Best Electric Toothbrushes in Australia – Get Shiny and Healthy Teeth Instantly

Picking an electric toothbrush can be difficult and stressful. To make this process easier, here is a quick comparison of the 8 electric toothbrushes.

1. Philips Sonicare Diamond – Fast, Versatile, and Smart

The brush has 5 modes to completely fulfill all of your brushing needs. These modes are Clean mode, Polish, Sensitive, Gum Care, and white. Furthermore, with Diamondclean it leaves you with a refreshing feeling.

It is also an excellent option to keep your gums healthy. It can remove more than 7 times the plaque along your gum line compared to any kind of manual toothbrush. As a result, you get the healthiest smile.

The toothbrush has densely packed bristles that are designed to remove all stains. With the help of these bristles, the brush can make your teeth twice as white in just 7 days as compared to manual brushes.

Sonic Technology!

This brush features Tongue Care technology. This technology has the only tongue cleaner with the strength of Philips Sonicare. Hence, you can easily get rid of the bacteria and bad-breath with each stroke.

To ease your brushing experience further this brush has a Quadpacer that can time and tell you when you have spent the perfect amount of time in each area. Furthermore, it has a smart timer that can signal when you have used up all of your time.


The Sonicare technology in this brush makes it extremely fast. The brush can gently stroke your teeth a whopping 62000 times in one session. Thus, you will get in two minutes what you would have gotten in a month using a manual toothbrush.

All of the features are safe to use for all kinds of teeth conditions. Therefore, it is one of the best electric toothbrushes for braces in Australia.

The handle and the head of the brush have been uniquely shaped to reach the toughest and trickiest of spots to provide you with a thorough clean.

To help you get used to the feel of the electric toothbrush experience, the brush comes with an easy-start feature. This feature gradually increases the brushing power gradually over 14 uses after you first start using it.

Besides, the brush comes with 7 accessories. These include two DiamondClean Handles, two Diamondclean brush heads, two brush heads for cleaning tongues, and one glass Charger.

Other than that, the brush weighs 1.18 Kilograms and comes with two color options which are black and pink.

  • 5 Brushing Modes
  • 62000 strokes per use
  • 7 Additional Accessories
  • Quadpacer
  • 7x plaque removal
  • 2x brighter smile
  • Expensive

2. Oral-B Genius 9000 – 100% Coverage, Effective and Intelligent

A round head!

Unlike most of the toothbrushes out there the Oral-B electric toothbrush series have round brush heads for a more thorough clean.

These heads are designed to surround each tooth and the 3D cleaning action helps the head to adapt to teeth as it moves. As a result, the brush can remove 100 percent more plaque compared to a regular brush.

It can remove stains effectively with the help of polishing. As a result, you can see your teeth get whiter since the first day of use.

Uses improved technology:

Additionally, the brush has Precise Detection technology which enables you to know the area you are brushing. As a result, you can easily adjust your brushing to make sure you don’t miss any of the spots.

It also has a timer that gives you the perfect amount of time to brush your teeth for each area. In addition to this, it also has a pressure sensor to help you take care of your teeth.

The sensor can automatically detect when you are applying too much pressure and slows down or stops the pulsations. As a result, your gums do not get damaged, giving you a healthy smile. It also comes with a sensitive mode to provide safer cleaning to people with sensitive teeth.

Smart charging!

The brush comes with a long-lasting battery and a travel case designed to charge both your phone as well as the toothbrush with the use of only one socket.

Furthermore, it comes with Bluetooth so you can focus more on taking care of your teeth. It can be hooked up to the Oral-B application on any smartphone. The app provides you with live feedback which helps you make your cleaning technique perfect.

The brush has a Multifunctional SmartRing at the center. You can easily see the ring while brushing, which shows you live results from the timer, pressure sensor, and manages the Bluetooth connection. Moreover, you can also light up the ring using the phone application with one of 12 colors.

However, switching between different modes is a bit complicated.

  • SmartRing
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Roundhead
  • Detection technology
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Pressure sensor
  • Ring lighting
  • Switching from one mode to another is complicated

3. Philips Sonicare DiamondClean – Fast, Multifunctional, and Comfortable

The brush has premium bristles that are densely packed to remove all kinds of stains with ease. These bristles can remove 7x more plaque than any manual toothbrush. This gives your gums superior protection and keeps them healthy.

Also, these bristles will make your smile twice as bright in just 7 days when you switch over from a manual toothbrush.

The toothbrush has 5 different brushing modes that give you more control over your brushing. These are Clean mode – used for normal daily cleaning, Polish – for increased brightening, Gum care – for massaging gums, Sensitive- a softer cleaning mode for people with sensitive gums, a White mod- for removing stains.

The neck is angled to help further with removing stains. The unique shape of the handle can get into all the tricky spots easily giving you a thorough clean.

Advanced Sonicare!

The Sonicare technology can pulse water in between your teeth. Furthermore, the powerful vibrations push the toothpaste into the plaque removing bubbles and push them deep into the gaps between the teeth as well as along the gum line.

Simultaneously, your teeth feel 62000 gentle yet effective movements which give you the same cleaning in 2 minutes than a manual brush would give you in one whole month. This technology is also safe to use for everyone, even people with braces, veneers, and fillings.

Furthermore, the brush has an easy-start feature/program which allows you to increase its power gradually. It increases the power over 14 uses when you start using it. Hence, you will have a more comfortable switch over from a manual toothbrush.

Extra accessories!

Additionally, it comes with a USB charging box as well as one glass to hold the brush while traveling for more hygiene. Moreover, the box also has a holder for the head. A full charge will give you two complete weeks of usage.

Although the brush comes with a bunch of impressive features and additional accessories, it is quite expensive.

  • 5 brushing modes
  • Easy start
  • Holding glass included
  • Charging case
  • Sonicare technology
  • 7x Plaque removal
  • Expensive

4. Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 5100 – Protective, Modern, and Portable

Extreme Gum Protection!

The brush has a pressure sensor fit in to monitor the amount of pressure you apply while brushing. To prevent harsh brushing, it makes a pulsating sound when you apply too much pressure on your teeth. Hence, your gums don’t start to hurt and remain healthy.

Furthermore, it has a Quadpacer which tells you when you have brushed in one area for the right amount of time as well as a Smartimer that reminds you when you have brushed for two minutes. This stops you from brushing for too long and damaging your gums.

It is also safe and suitable to use for people with braces, veneers, fillings, and crowns as well as helps in preventing cavities.

Great whiteness!

The brush comes with a White mode which is ideal for easy removal of stains to give you a shiny white smile. Furthermore, the densely packed bristles on the head help in the removal of the stains. It has proven to whiten teeth in one week.

Sonicare Technology!

The Sonicare technology from Phillips oscillates water in between your teeth and each brush-stroke breaks up the plaque leaving you with exceptionally clean teeth.

It also reminds you when it is time to change the brush’s head. Brush heads wear out with time, but it is hard to know when it is time to replace them.

The BrushSync technology can track the amount of time you have been using the brush for. It uses a microchip placed inside, which syncs the head and the handle. When it is time to change your brush, it is indicated by a beep sound and a tiny light at the bottom of the handle

Easy and clean traveling!

It comes with a travel case to keep your toothbrush clean when carrying it around. Whereas, the charging base that comes with the brush keeps it charged when you are on a long trip. One full charge gives you around two weeks of regular brushing.

Although the brush comes with a bunch of features and a case, it is quite expensive and can take a heavy toll on your wallet.

  • Quadpacer
  • Sonicare technology
  • Extra gum care
  • Brighter teeth in one week
  • Head replacement reminder
  • Travel case included
  • Pressure sensor
  • Relatively pricey

5. Colgate ProClinical 250R – Compact, Lightweight, and Quick

The handle of the brush is slim and lightweight, making it easy to control. This makes it distinct from other electric brushes which usually have bulky and heavy bodies. It only weighs 0.71 kilograms, which is very low.

It also has a rechargeable battery fitted in. However, due to the compact size, the battery only lasts around 10 days of regular brushing which is a bit low compared to other electric toothbrushes out there

Thorough Cleaning!

The brush has a fast vibration rate, which goes up to a whopping 30,000 strokes per minute. Furthermore, it has a compact head to easily reach the back teeth. This makes sure all the teeth are left clean.

The bristles on the head have a spiral shape that helps in polishing teeth. Also, the thin tips that sweep along the gum line increase plaque removal by five times. As a result, you will have healthier gums just after four weeks of switching over from a manual toothbrush.

The back of the brush has a cheek and tongue cleaner. This helps in removing bacteria that cause odors.

Also, it has a timer with a quadrant pacer that lets you know when you have brushed for 2 minutes.

Extra accessories.

In addition to these features, the brush comes with a charger and an extra charcoal brush head. It is recommended to change the head every 3 months, thus, you get 6 months of worry-free brushing.

  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Fast
  • Thin bristle tips
  • 5x plaque removal
  • Tongue and cheek cleaner
  • Short battery life

6. Kids Electric Toothbrushes, Automatic Toothbrush – Easy usage, soft and mild

This can motivate them to brush. Your toddler surely will enjoy their brushing moment with this comic toothbrush. You can grab your brush with your child to make brushing more enjoyable.

Also, their ergonomic U-shaped design is unique. The head of the toothbrush frames around the teeth of your child’s mouth. Moreover, it cleans each tooth separately. It manages your toddler’s oral health very well. For this reason, it is perfect for ages 2 to 6 years.

Besides, it has soft bristles that provide better cleaning and is gentle to gums too.

Well, isn’t this great!

Besides, it has one adjustment button which controls 3 working modes, which makes the usage of the brush easier for your toddler. Thus, allowing them to brush alone without worrying about different buttons.

These modes consist of the daily brushing mode good for daily usage, the gum massage mode, for cleaning the gums, and lastly, the strong brush mode for deep teeth cleaning.

Furthermore, the charging base is wireless and IP x 7 waterproof. This makes it easy to wash the brush with water. It also has a UV light to get rid of bacteria and to enrich oral health daily. Additionally, the glowing blue colored light avoids bad breath and gives white teeth to your toddler.

What a health-oriented brush!

It has a built-in fan, for ventilation which allows the brush to auto- dry when on charging. In addition to this, a complete charge can last for at least 15 days.

Moving forward, this product is FDA approved and has shown great results in getting rid of plaque, gum inflammation, and bacteria when used properly.

So, what does the whole package include?

It contains one electric toothbrush for your toddler, one mouth cup, one base charger for charging, and one user manual.

However, the charging point can easily get exposed to water during use. This erodes the prongs, and eventually, you are unable to charge it.

  • Easy to use
  • Exciting for kids
  • Safe usage for gums
  • Effective at removing plaque
  • Extensive battery life
  • The charging base can easily get damaged

7. U-Shape Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush – Innovative, Waterproof, and Wireless

It has a unique design that is made to fit your mouth for 360 ° cleaning. The brush head has a soft gel for deep cleaning without causing any harm to your gums. Furthermore, wireless induction charging means no need for metals making the brush even safer to use.

Fast cleaning!

It uses a motor with magnetic levitation for stronger cleaning power and effectively removes plaque. This gives you whiter teeth as well as is good for your health. Also, it has a sterilization function that automatically sterilizes the brush when you charge it.

The motor vibrates for 30 seconds in one area and then pauses for 1.5 seconds to move to another area. After that, it continues until all areas are covered in a total of two minutes which is the recommended time for brushing teeth.

It has three brushing modes. First, is the whitening mode, which releases an acoustic wave to whiten teeth. The second one is the massage mode, which is ideal for cleaning and taking care of gums. At last, is the regular cleaning mode, which quickly removes stains.

High-quality bristles!

The end of the bristles has a round end to ensure no damage is caused to the teeth. Moreover, they have been placed using strong hair planting technology, hence the bristles will not start falling out.

Additionally, the brush has a memory function that remembers the mode at the time of use and the default mode will be turned on whenever you start using it again.

However, it is soft and thus, is not appropriate for people who prefer a medium-hard or hard brush.

  • IPX7 Waterproofing
  • Rounded bristles
  • Strong hair planting
  • Memory function
  • Wireless induction charging
  • 3 brushing modes
  • Not suitable for people who prefer hard or medium brushes

8. Smartsonic Wireless Rechargeable – Waterproof, Versatile, and Long-Lasting Battery

Versatile cleaning methods!

The five modes mentioned above are a sensitive mode for comfortable cleaning, gum care mode for all oral conditions, polish mode to remove stains on the surface of the teeth, a white mode for removing plaque and whiteness, and a clean mode with strong vibrations for regular cleaning.

All of these modes have different vibration speeds ranging from 24000 strokes per minute to 43000 strokes per minute. In addition to this, to help you with brushing it has a two-minute reminder for the whole process and a 30-second quadrant reminder for a complete brushing experience.

Also, it makes a maximum noise of only 50 decibels which makes it much quieter than other electric toothbrushes.

Long-lasting battery!

The brush has an 800 mAh lithium battery that can last a whole 2 weeks of regular brushing with one complete charge. It only takes 4 hours to charge and can be charged with the wireless charging dock that is included in the package.

Extra Goodies!

The box not only comes with a wireless charging dock but also a travel case so you can store the brush hygienically on the go. Also included are two heads and a headcover. Hence, you will have a backup when it is time to replace the head.

Other than that, the brush is super light, weighing only 0.37 kilograms. However, it vibrates a bit too much, which can be uncomfortable.

  • Lightweight
  • Long-lasting battery
  • 5 cleaning modes
  • Comes with an extra head
  • 5 decibles noise
  • Timer
  • IPX7 waterproofing
  • High vibration

The Right Size and Shape

It is important to find a brush that fits your mouth just right, you do not want one that is too large. In general, large toothbrushes make it harder to reach the smaller areas, for example, behind the back teeth on the top. It is recommended to buy one with a small head with dimensions less than 0.5 x 1 inch.

Comfort is Important!

Furthermore, the handle of the brush should be shaped such that it fits comfortably in your hand and is long enough too.

Bristles – Soft or Hard?

Choosing the bristle stiffness might be confusing for people who are trying out an electric toothbrush for the first time in their lives.

Usually, adults use relatively stiff bristles in manual brushes but for an electric one, it is advised to use soft bristles. The hard bristles can cause damage to the root surfaces and enamel.

Motion – Which One to Go For?

  • Oscillatory

It is recommended by dentists to always look for brushes that have an oscillating motion. This is because it makes the bristles move back and forth for a particular distance which helps in clearing plaque and debris. These brushes usually have a circular head

  • Vibratory

Toothbrushes with vibratory motion are also effective in polishing teeth and removing plaque. But it is important to consider how effective these vibrations are. The brush head should move in such a way that the bristles can access the hard to reach areas of your mouth.

  • Pulsatory

Brushes with pulsating motion are similar to the oscillating ones. Their heads push in & out as it rotates to give you maximum reach. This is a good choice for people who find it hard to reach the inner areas of their mouths while brushing.

  • Rotatory

 Rotatory brushes have a round head similar to the oscillatory ones but they move in a circular motion instead of back and forth. This creates a gentle impact on your teeth whilst removing the plaque with similar effectiveness. This is something you have to look for if you have sensitive teeth.

The Head Speeds

Generally, the higher the speed of the brush the better it is. However, you should not only look for higher speeds but one with different speeds. Most electric toothbrushes have different modes that offer different stroke speeds.

In the beginning, the vibrations from an electric toothbrush can feel uncomfortable, thus, a lower speed setting is recommended when you start using it.

Pressure Sensors- Are They Necessary?

Pressure sensors can be a lot of help for someone who is looking to buy their first electric toothbrush. A pressure sensor can detect how hard you are brushing and lets you know when you go overboard.

If a brush doesn’t have one and you start brushing too harshly, it can result in your gums starting to hurt. A pressure sensor isn’t important for people who already have experience with electric brushes.

Additional Features to Look For

There are some extra features you can look for other than these important ones.

  • Timers

It is quite beneficial to have a 2-minute timer to let you know when you should stop brushing as well as one that gives you alerts for brushing in specific areas.

  • Detection Technology

Some high-end brushes can detect which part of your mouth has been cleaned and which is yet to be, hence, it helps you in getting a thorough and deep clean each time. This is not the most important feature but if you take your teeth hygiene seriously, this helps.

  • A Chargeable Case

Most brushes come with carrying cases but a few come with chargeable ones. Chargeable cases come in handy as they charge the brush on the go. This is not necessary though as most brushes have battery lives that last around two weeks. Thus, you shouldn’t go out of your way to look for a brush that comes with one.

  • Connectivity and Alerts

This feature allows for the brush to be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth and keeps track of your brushing routine as well as gives you tips to help you improve your brushing routine.

Similarly, some brushes come with heads that are connected to the handle with a chip. Hence, it can remind you when it is time to replace the head as it keeps track of how long it has been used.

Maintaining the Toothbrush

Once you invest in an electric toothbrush, you want it to last long. To make sure you use yours to its full potential, we have the most effective tips for you.

  • Daily Maintenance

Rinse your brush daily with water and leave it upright to dry. As a result, the remaining toothpaste and plaque are washed off.  Also, avoid brushing too harshly. This will make your gums hurt as well as causes the bristles to wear out quickly. Consequently, cleaning becomes less effective.

  • Long Term

It is recommended to change the head after three months of use. You can do this earlier if the bristles have worn out. Replacing the head is a simple process. Most heads can be twisted and pulled off, but to be sure, you should go through the manual.

Other than that, you should always charge the brush completely and then use it. This way the battery performs at its peak for a long time.


Most brushes come with a travel case, but if yours doesn’t have one you can just buy a plastic one. However, after you use the brush you should let it dry in the air and not keep it in the case immediately to avoid germs from spreading.

No, they do not cause any kind of damage to the enamel of teeth. However, if you use the brush too harshly you can damage your gums.

In general, the battery lasts around two weeks with one complete charge but can vary from 10 days to 4 weeks depending on its size.

Both perform the cleaning tasks effectively. But electric toothbrushes offer a greater speed and more features that greatly improve your brushing experience.

In all honesty, all of the best electric toothbrushes in Australia are great options and suitable for everyone, but if we had to pick one, it would be the Oral-B 9000. It has all the features that most brushes have with the addition of an app and Bluetooth connection so you can take extra care of your teeth.

Now it is time for you to choose the one that suits you.

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