10 Best Kettles In Australia 2024: Boil It, Pour It, Sip It, And Enjoy It!

For many people, having the perfect cup of coffee/tea is an obsession. There is always a perfect amount of milk and a favorite cup. Hence, having the best kettles in Australia will only make the experience more pleasant.

Therefore, we have included only the Top Rated Best Kettles in Australia that are easy to use and clean, durable, quiet, and aesthetically beautiful. Hence, they will not only make perfect tea but turn up the beauty quotient of your kitchen!

But if you want to get the best one on our recommendation, then go for Dualit Classic Kettle because it is quiet, durable, and efficient.

So, here we go:

10 Best Kettles in Australia – Quality with Affordability

Undoubtedly, it is not every day that you go out and buy the best kettles in Australia. Thus, we have added our personal favorite as well as the ones which topped the Best Electric Kettles in Australia Reviews we took from many people.

1. Dualit Classic Kettle – Rapid Boiling Kettle with Brushed Stainless Steel

Moreover, its grip is quite smooth due to the silicon made handle. Likewise, a combination of a silicon material and stainless steel gives it an ingenious outlook.

It consists of a quiet boiling spout, so you won’t get disturbed by the long whistling or beeping sound of the utensil. However, it takes approximately 90 seconds to boil water, the best time to have your tea!

Moreover, the capacity of the appliance is 1.7 liters that operate with the power of 3KW. Moreover, the copper and silver color of the kettle will truly amaze you, as it can easily suit your kitchen or office interior.

Dualit believes in long-lasting property!

However, a replaceable element of 3KW is installed for revolutionary purposes. Moreover, it is designed according to the needs of the people. Plus, it is specifically built to last longer as it is a classic water boiler.

There is a presence of two various measuring windows, while one window allows the user to check or indicate cup level. While the second window indicates the water level in liters.

So, measuring the water level is not a problem anymore!

Similarly, the filter is easily washable, replaced, polished, and unbreakable that’s why it is composed of limescale. However, it should be handled with care.

However, one of the most important features of this kettle is that it is cordless. Nevertheless, it operates with a 360 degrees pivotal rotational base, so the base can rotate in any direction.

Besides, it boils water with safety along with the help of dry safety cut off. Hence, for daily use, this design is perfectly suitable. However, to ensure its quality and material, it is designed with the best engineering techniques.

Moreover, Dualit shares similar features in its other devices like toasters or electronic appliances as well because they are styled according to the latest trends. So, reliability is its leading priority that will never fade with time or style.

Yes, it is a multi-patented device. I think now you can believe in its versatility and classic features.

It consists of a non-drip spout, which means that your kitchen cabinet will stay dry forever. It’s good to keep in mind that the lid might get stiff, which might make filling difficult.

  • Dual windows
  • Quietest kettle
  • High quality
  • Use of s3KW element
  • Limescale filter
  • Cord storage
  • Rapid boiling
  • Opening the lid is difficult when the kettle is hot

2. Breville Smart Kettle – Well-Structured, Controlled Temperature

Firstly, it is made up of stainless steel that is brushed while the silver color makes it even more attractive and stylish.

Certainly, if you are looking for a kettle that has the perfect and accurate temperature setter, then this is the one. Moreover, it has an optimal 5 temperature setting option that can easily prepare the tea or coffee. Hence, it is a BPA free material kettle, which means you won’t find BPA materials in its manufacturing.

Good to know!

Furthermore, it has an easy lid removal option that works smoothly and causes no splashing of water. So, your kitchen counter will no longer look messy or wet.

Also, it keeps water warm within the jug for more than or up to 20 minutes. So, it functions accurately when dealing with a warm function that keeps the water temperature constant within a certain time period.

Secondly, a soft open or cushioned structured lid makes it portable, handy, and convenient while using it. However, there is no danger of burning yourself from a splash of hot water.

What’s more?

This Australian made kettle manufactured by Breville ensures that your tea should taste according to your desires. Moreover, you can get all flavors of tea and coffee with the help of a temperature control option.

It is also staggering efficiently with the hot steam, so now no need to worry about the unavailability of warm water.

A smart kettle makes your tea taste good!

Be smart, use smart!

  • Good heating setting
  • Easy to use
  • Different water windows
  • Rapid boiling
  • Brushed plus stainless steel
  • Good quality tea or coffee
  • Preserve the tastes
  • Expensive as compared to other kettles

3. Russell Hobbs 25113 Eclipse Polished Stainless Steel – Copper Sunset Ombre Electric Kettle

Here we are offering you an amazing kettle with excellent features.

In the first place, it will be perfect for your lifestyle and surely will not be unnoticed. It will add more taste to your brew.

Additionally, with the capacity of a 1.7-liter kettle, It provides a nice pour spout which ensures a smooth flow of water direct from the kettle into the cup.

Do you have a busy routine?

Moreover, if you have a tough routine and are always in a hurry then no need to worry at all. This kettle is made for you as it has a rapid boil zone, which can deliver a boiled cup of water only within 45 seconds. Isn’t it amazing?

Then, it is ideal for your morning rush. What you will have to do is just simply open the lid of the kettle with the help of the push button and fill with the measurements of internal cup 1,2, and 3. Furthermore, the capacity of one cup is 235 ml of water.

Likewise, you will not have to fill more than you desire and can easily save 66 percent of energy. What more can someone desire. It has a water window through which you can easily see the measurement for 2,4 and 6 cups.

Not only this but also the water window will show a sign of delicate illumination when the water boils. And, this illumination brings a beautiful glow into the kitchen. So, you will not have to worry about the energy bill and can comfortably enjoy your brew

Love a clean and undisturbed environment?

Comparatively, it has a unique feature of quiet boil technology which lets you unwind whether it’s a long day or hectic morning, the 75% quieter kettle will allow you to remain in the undisturbed environment. Isn’t it bliss?

Now you do not need any saucepan to boil the water. You can work in a clean environment without creating any mess by splashing water on the kitchen counter. It will comfortably fit in the space of your kitchen.

Besides, it is ideal for right and left-handed users. You can remove and wash the filter without any difficulty to make sure the removal of impurities from the brew.

Are you ready for the exciting experience?

Then no need to waste your precious time. Just give a try to Russell Hobbs’s stainless steel kettle. And, it won’t disappoint you. Also, you can enjoy your regular tea, coffee, or green tea, according to your choice. You can refill it without any trouble. Its power is 3000 watts and its weight is 1.4 kg.

  • Capacity is 1.7 liter
  • Stainless steel
  • Attractive design
  • Saves energy
  • Easy to use
  • Rapid boils
  • It has a water window
  • Not noisy
  • The switch may break if mishandled

4. SUSTEAS Stove Top Whistling Tea – Push Button, Durable, Classy

Do you want a kettle that enriches your kitchen and makes a perfect tea for you? So here it is, The SUSTEAS Stove Top-Whistling Tea Kettle is a traditional yet contemporary tea kettle for all the tea lovers out there.

What makes it distinct from other kettles?

It comprises a special cool handle which is ergonomically designed and makes it easier to use. Furthermore, it consists of a mechanism which is a push-button. This innovation makes pouring the tea a breeze!

Want to know the best part?

In addition to the qualities mentioned above, it makes a whistling sound which makes it perfect to use. The boisterous whistle ensures that even if you are sitting in another room you can hear it when the water boils. Therefore you don’t have to stand near the kettle. Just sit, relax, and let the kettle do its work.

It has an ample capacity that can hold up to a large amount of beverage inside it. On the whole, it is a large kettle with 2.64 Quart and can make tea for your family which is great.

Not impressed yet?

Furthermore, it has an innovative base which boils water really quickly and fast. It is made of 3 layers of embodied base and hence helps in heating water faster. You will have to wait for a short time and your tea or espresso will be prepared in a jiffy providing you a great experience.

What else is the part of the package?

Undoubtedly it has an extremely thick body, expanded item weight, and therefore provides the most excellent quality item.

Looking for a perfect gift for your loved ones?

Here it is then!! It comes along with 1 free premium anti-hot holder, packed in a snappy blessing box, the best present for your loved ones, friends, or your companions!

  • Large capacity
  • Thickened body
  • Cool handle
  • Push button method
  • Ideal whistling sound
  • Encapsulated base
  • 2 year warranty
  • Discoloration of the exterior surface

5. Drew&cole Rediketttle Variable Temperature – Durable, Quick Boil, Elegant

Here we are the Drew&Kole RediKettle which will serve as a complete game-changer in your house.

Want to know how?

The extraordinary and innovative feature of this kettle traps the heat inside it for a longer period of time. As a result, you will be able to have warm water ready to drink at any hour of the day. It specifically keeps the water hot for around four hours. It spares your extra energy, time, and money.

Seem’s not enough?

Indeed it doesn’t stop here. It has the quality of reheating your beverage. This means that you just have to set the temperature again and your drink will be prepared again in a moment or two. Not minutes even.

Furthermore, using the kettle is now easier without the fear of getting your hands burnt. Surely the report is totally cool to touch, in any event, when the inside water is bubbling hot.

Thinking about the capacity it can hold?

So this item has a limit of holding a huge amount of water approximately 1.7L. It considers equal to 6 hot beverages

What’s other than that in the package?

In addition to all the above qualities mentioned it highlights five exact temperature settings. It helps in making your drink without any fail. It has one another unique specification not getting overfilled.

Thinking how?

Now you don’t need to worry, with the inception of this new redpot you will now be aware whether it is underfilled or filled to the top plus with the option that it will not adapt to over boiling. Thereby, the kettle will not be boiled dry or will shoot out boiling water.

It has an easy digital read display. It comes with an intelligent base with variable temperature control and cup counts. Furthermore, it has a one-touch control system that brews your drink according to how you want it.

However, the pouring mechanism can be a bit messier for you. It often makes loud noises while boiling.

  • Warmth lock innovation
  • Can hold huge amount of water
  • Easy to use
  • Save time
  • Energy efficient
  • Energy efficient
  • Doesn’t overfills or underfills
  • Makes noise while boiling
  • Difficult to pour

6. Breville Impressions Electric Kettle – Fantastic Red with Glossy, Ridged Design

Breville can easily accommodate 1.7 liters of liquid or any fluid in its jug. Also, it can boil with the approximate power of 3000 watts.

Now, there’s no need to boil water in a saucepan:

However, its glossy, fine finishing adds more value to it. Thus, it helps in the fast-speed boiling of water without splashing or splitting water here and there.

Moreover, this sparkling red kettle consists of simple, but stylish chrome details, along with an eye-catching ridged texture. Also, the kettle consists of quite a smooth, polished, and well designed outer body.

How about knowing more about its capacity?

It can easily hold up to 6-8 cups of water that makes it suitable for domestic and office use. Moreover, in a flash of a second, you can get the hot boiling water for your tea or coffee.

It means no more delays in your hot coffee, after using this kettle

Additionally, it consists of a rear window that makes it convenient for the users to fill in the tank of the kettle with water. However, it will also lighten-up while boiling because it has a feature of illumination. Hence, it is easy to mark from outside the water level inside the kettle.

What about its cleaning procedure?

The components of the kettle are easily removable that helps the user to clean the utensils of the kettles thoroughly. Plus, the filter that is attached is a limescale filter that can be easily cleaned and washed. Secondly, all the elements that are used in the making of kettles are concealed. That ensures the all-time availability of boiling water.

Moreover, the compact design consists of 360 degrees rotational plus sound base that is neither slippery nor breakable. Thus, it is connected to a cord that can be plugged-in, when in use. However, Breville provides an accurate cord storage option that makes it accessible.

Now you can easily fill the kettle while lifting off the lid. To prevent water splashing and messing up the area around.

Sounds good!

Just pour out the boiling water into your cup with the help of the accurate size pout. And there you go!

Thus, Breville is specifically designed to conceal the heat and prevent it from being evaporated in no-time. However, the volume or capacity of the kettle depends upon the accurate dimensions of the appliance. That makes it handy, reliable, and efficient.

Do keep in mind the model number of the appliance; leaving an impression on your busy life.

  • Fast boiling
  • Concealed heating
  • Glossy appearance
  • Ridged design
  • Removing the lid is easy
  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy
  • Pours carefully
  • Water can smell and taste bad if not cleaned properly

7. Cuisinart Signature Collection Multi-Temp Jug – High Quality, Stainless Steel Kettle

That is made up of stainless steel with stunning features, polished and brushed appliance details.

Moreover, the body of the kettle is composed of a concealed element. Whereas, it can easily tolerate, moderate to high temperatures ranging from 85-100 degrees.

However, you may get various temperature setting options that can be displayed on the LCD installed. Isn’t it amazing?

Cuisinart requires 3KW power along with 220 volts of voltage for boiling water. While providing the capacity of almost 1.7 liters, perhaps, it can offer 6 to 8 cups serving of boiled water.

Furthermore, the limescale filter that is used in the kettle can be easily removed, washed, and cleaned. Moreover, it further ensures trouble-free descaling.

Worried about the guarantee criteria?

Don’t be, because the Cuisinart signature collection offers a 3-years guarantee to its customers.

Additionally, it does have some common features like it contains a cord storage option. Plus, it is also made up of a wide pout that enables easy pouring and prevents splashing.

Meanwhile, the upper lid of the kettle is also easy to remove and use. Whereas, it is made up of high-quality material and offers the option of a one-touch lid. Thus making it more convenient for the user.

Also, it involves beautiful and professional-like finishing that makes it even more attractive. So that it can out-shine amongst the others.

Its premium quality and high-class polishing details increase its value, as well as worth.

Although it is designed while keeping in mind all the essential details, still it should be handled with care. However, the presence of illuminating rare water windows along with modern curves, gives it an epitome of perfection, to be used in a house or office kitchen.

Are you ready to prepare your instant drink?

What are you waiting for; get hold of the productive stainless steel kettle? That is perfectly manufactured to boil water for green tea, coffee, or black tea. All you have to do is set the temperature and enjoy your drink!

Besides, if you want to enjoy and have the complete flavor or taste of your tea. Then you should boil your water as per the instructions given in its manual. So, it’s always better to learn before use.

Also, you can reboil the water if you need to do so. In order, to preserve the therapeutic features and properties of your tea, reboiling is a good option.

Furthermore, this appliance can meet all your kitchen needs, when it comes to boiling water or making your favorite tea. As it is perfectly balanced and can be easily refilled, so, it would not give you any trouble.

  • Stylish
  • Automatic switch-off
  • Operates through different temperatures
  • Saves electricity
  • User-friendly
  • Concealed element
  • Efficient control panel
  • The lid might sometimes not open fully or properly

8. Circulon- 1.5 Quart Sunrise Teakettle – Enamel Exterior, Durable

A kettle is a product that not only keeps your tea hot but it also helps in keeping water warm for a longer period of time.

Excited to know about its unique features?      

Uniquely, it has a bright enamel exterior which helps it to resist stains and makes it an extraordinary product. Moreover, the contemporary design of the teapot handle makes it more attractive for customers to get their hands on it. Not only this but also it holds and keeps warm many cups of water at a time. 6 to be precise. So you just have to sit back and let the kettle do its work.

Just squeeze and pour!!

One other distinct feature you would be amazed to hear about is it’s squeeze and pour ramble switch which is fused directly into the handle and the stainless steel fits firmly.

Moreover, a satisfying whistle can be heard from the teakettle as the water is completely boiled.

Want to know about its durability?

 The stainless steel property of this kettle makes it durable enough to use. You will get a super confident grip because of the sturdy handle.

This product is currently unavailable in the market and the company itself doesn’t know when they will restock it.

  • Contemporary style
  • Keeps water/tea warm for a longer time
  • Stainless steel lid
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Easy to clean
  • Resistant to stains
  • Squeeze and let it flow
  • Durable construction
  • Needs care while washing
  • Leaks when pouring

9. Hario V60 Buono Gooseneck Coffee Kettle – Smart, Durable, Hygienic

Certainly, it is a unique piece!

Surprisingly, this kettle comes with an elegant gooseneck. This makes it different from the usual ones found on the market. Moreover, the glass body gives it a smart finishing touch.

Wouldn’t glass break?

Well, that is not the ONLY material that has been used. The lid is stainless steel. Secondly, the base of the plate is made of polypropylene. Hence, the mix of materials gives it a higher durability quotient than the lot.

Practically, it has a capacity of 800 ml. Even though it can easily take more, for proper boiling of water, you should keep it at 800 ml, nothing more than that.

Did you think the gooseneck was just for making the design elegant?

No. Not at all. Rather, it is for adding precisions and to help with pouring just the right amount of water in the cup.

Looks and functionality, what a combo!

Because of the thin neck, you can control the amount of water that comes out. Unlike other kettles, which pour a lot of water, this keeps the water flow regulated.

Moreover, it comes with an ergonomic handle. As a result, handling it becomes easy. You don’t need to worry about a hot handle. Furthermore, it makes the grip better and the kettle stable.

Lastly, it comes with an instruction manual. Hence, there is no ambiguity left on how to use and operate it.

  • Durable
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Gooseneck design
  • Extra precision
  • Large capacity
  • Rusts after a few uses

10. De’Longhi Brillante Electric Kettle – Beautiful and Auto Shut Off Feature

Let’s know about the features:

In the first place, it is beautifully designed. Surely, it’s nice and innovative design will add glamor to your kitchen. Its 360° swivel base is independent. Therefore, you can easily detach it to use without the cord, according to your convenience.

Want to know the best part?

The best part is it provides safety protection at 3 levels. Firstly, when the water starts boiling it automatically shuts off. Secondly, it will shut off when the body will lift from the base. Thirdly, it also has a function of thermal cut- off.

Looks good with generous capacity:

Moreover, it has a 1.7L generous water capacity. So you can easily boil a lot of water to make afternoon tea. And, it is made of stainless steel.

Feels that’s not enough?

Indeed, it doesn’t stop here. Additionally, it has an indicator at the backside to manage the level of the water. Furthermore, it helps in measuring the accurate amount of water with a transparent water gauge. Similarly, other technical details include power 2000 watts, voltage is 220 volts and its weight is 1.05 kg.

What else does the package include?   

Likewise, the package includes an anti-scale filter that stops the making of scale, which can actually damage the appliance, by minimizing water impurities. Not only this but also you can remove and wash the filter for maintenance and cleaning.

  • Detachable base
  • Cord-free
  • Scale filter can be removed and washed
  • Indicator available for the water level
  • Capacity is 1.7L
  • Power-on light
  • Non Slip feet
  • Cord storage
  • Plastic might break

Material – The Most Vital Part

The material of the kettle matters in more ways than just looks. It determines how the kettle would be conducting the heat, how it would be distributed, and whether it has any effect on its content.

There are a few different materials available in the market when it comes to kettles. For instance, stainless steel, plastic, glass, etc

That being said, because of qualities such as easy cleaning, even heat distribution, and easy handling, stainless steel is the preferred material for kettles.

The glass material would be too heavy to handle and way too expensive for a kettle but would serve a nice look in your kitchen. Moreover, the plastic material is not good for the contents inside of the kettle. As plastic is not a good conductor of heat, so the heat produced by the kettle on applying power wouldn’t heat up the contents evenly.

Capacity – Choose What you Need

The capacity of the kettle is a really important factor you need to consider. Based on how much tea, or whatever you want the kettle for, you want to consume at a time, you need to select the capacity. If at one time you only need four cups of a liquid or beverage, then a 1-liter capacity is going to be enough for you.

However, speaking in general terms, a 1.5-liter kettle capacity is a perfect capacity. Not too low and not too much, but you can definitely choose based on your needs.

High Speed Goes a Long Way, or Should I Say Short?

Another thing you need to consider is the heating speed of the kettle. A low-speed kettle would take ages just to boil a few cups of water. Hence, you need to find o0ne that has a greater level of speed.

This way you won’t have to spend your morning waiting to get that one hot cup of water so you can get that one cup of hot tea and be late for your work.

In the mornings, you want to efficiently manage your time and not be late to work. A high power kettle will be able to provide the best speed.

Noise – We Don’t Want More of it

Many kettles work fine, but they make these unpleasant noises while working and on boiling. And if you’re like us, you wouldn’t want to have all the commotion it creates in the crack of the morning.

So, a kettle that doesn’t make noises is worth spending some extra money on.

Easy to Use:

Among all the other things and features, make sure that you don’t get the kettle that’s really complicated to use. Then you won’t even be able to make use of most of its functions properly.

If you understand the system and features only then will you be able to fully function the kettle? Thus, get the kettle that has an elaborate guide on how to make use of the kettle properly.

Warranty is a Must

Buying an electric kettle is not really easy on the pockets. Thus, when you are looking to buy one, you have to make sure that it has a warranty available on it.

This will ensure that in any unfortunate case, you won’t have to spend more of your precious money.

But wait, there’s more:

After you’ve considered all of the above details, there are a few different perks and features that don’t necessarily need to be available but are a great help if present.

  • Filter: A removable filter makes sure that the contents inside the kettle remain safe from the limescale residue of your kettle. It can be harmful as it contains chemicals.
  • Water level: A visible water level would help you in seeing how much water or liquid is in your kettle.
  • 360-degree Powerbase: a 360-degree power base is one that allows you to rotate the kettle sideways and detach it off its base. This eliminates the use of both hands, as you don’t have to unlock the kettle off the base.
  • Extra lids and jugs: Let’s admit that receiving free things with your purchases is one of the best feelings ever. No technicality here, look if they are available with your preferred kettle. If yes, then great, if not, then it’s no big deal.

Hopefully, you’ll have an easier time selecting the best kettle that fits your needs, now that you have read through our buyer’s guide.


Glass kettles can be heated manually as well, but apart from that, stainless steel has better benefits. For example, it is easier to clean, lighter in weight, and they don’t discolor with time.

When the steam produced from the heat inside the kettle meets a hole in the wider area of the spout of the kettle, it makes the jet of steam unstable. When this jet is passed through the second opening, being unable to escape perfectly, the jet creates pressure inside. This leads to the formation of vortices that creates the sound waves, heard by us like a whistle.

If you have an electric kettle, then it’s most likely that your kettle has a thermostat. What it does is automatically turn off the power supply after reaching a certain temperature that interrupts the circuit. It starts to supply power again and turns on after it’s cooled down. This mechanism prevents your electrical appliances from overheating. Thus, an electric kettle is not likely to blow up.

A kettle has an average lifetime that’s equivalent to 4.4 years, according to research. But this depends on the quality of water in your area.

Do you know where to look when buying the best kettles in Australia? Selected from the best ones out there based on rating and efficiency, we have reviewed the top 10 kettles for you.

If you’re not a fan of technicalities and just tend to buy things based on advice, then you’re wasting your money. Please read our buyer’s guide where we help you select the best one for you. With all the research we have done to ensure perfect matching of your needs and the kettle.

We know the struggle!

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