9 Best Baby Play Gyms In Australia 2024: Activity Gym Plus Lay & Play Mat

Newborns can sometimes be difficult to control and manage, however, parents usually find problems when dealing with them.

Why not use a children’s mat that supports your child’s brain development while encouraging play and learning? Australia’s best baby play arcade will encourage brain and muscle development while giving you time to relax and play with your baby.

9 Best Baby Play Gyms In Australia – Developmental Activities Mat

I think inexperienced parents need to read this thoroughly.

Let’s find a play gym for your child!

You can learn a lot from our Best Baby Play Gyms In Australia Reviews that will help you to find the best one. I have included the durable version of play gyms that are suitable for all needs and budgets.

1. Skip Hop Vibrant Village Reversible: Multi-Colored & Baby Play Mat 

In search of a double play, stylish, and soft play mat for your kid who can enjoy his/her playtime in it? I think you are seriously in need of a friendly-pattern, PVC-free material, and phthalate-free foam that is none other than Skip Hop.

Do you want a playmat that offers a cushioned-play spot for your kid? Read further:

Yet, it makes it portable as well because it can be easily rolled up and conveniently stored anywhere. Yes, it is waterproof and can be cleaned easily with wipes.

Wipe it, clean it!

You should not forget its size is 218l x 132w; 52w x 86l; 31 square feet. Thus, it is also famous because of its reversible play mat feature that is available in two modern looks.

Get the modern print mat:

The modern and sparkling colors can coordinate with the collection of vibrant village patterns. Plus, it is available in a single sheet option that can be rolled over. Besides, it is safe for babies as well as it can act as a safe floor covering.

Also, if you want to provide the baby with a jumbo-sized play space, then remember that it is made up of an easy, soft, and caring foam. Hence, you can place it anywhere, whether it’s a living room or a kid’s playroom. Remember that it is suitable for baby’s above zero months, however, it can be used even by the elder ones.

This play gym weighs 3.18 kgs that do not require any battery as well as it is a unisex item. Though it can be converted from modern design to a kid-friendly and colorful pattern.

Want something playful and modern that will be loved by your child? Vibrant village and its colorful pattern are all set to entertain your kid.

  • Soft material
  • Amazing design
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Tough
  • Great quality
  • Good size
  • Foam is not thick so it might move along

2. The Play Gym by Lovevery – Activity Gym, Developmental Zone, and Washable 

Want a Lovevery the play gym that will keep your child busy, enhance their cognitive, motor, and visual learning? And will give your kid a whole developmental zone?

For that, you need a Lovevery playing gym that will educate your child from cradle and higher.

Give your child a whole year of learning and playing:

The 100% organic and cotton fabric is used in the making up of these hanging teething toys that are part of the play gym. Plus, this fabric can easily be washed in the machine because it is a certified frustration-free playmat that is portable and weighs 7.6 pounds.

The washable fabric is non-toxic and includes polyester material as well, therefore, it is tested to be safe for baby’s use. Thus, it is the best thing that will let your kid explore and unbox all the learning stages.

Also, the experts designed the gym for a baby’s developing brain. Its foam and frame are manufactured without using phthalates and BPA. Therefore, it is made up of silicone and plastic components.

It is also composed of learning cards, objects, mirror cards, faces, a system of white and black, non-toxic, and water-based finishing. Besides, the playmat consists of different sizes, including the open and closed mat zones like 47l x 50w x 24h; 38w x 43l x24h, respectively.

Perfect for ages above zero months:

The style of the play gym may vary from item to item. Moreover, the features of the play gym include 5 developmental zones, which can convert into a play area, organic plus removable accessories, and the play gym guide.

The organic accessories are safe to use and are sustainable enough. Hence, it is required by the kids to build their focus on learning and fun, so it is a first-year essential for them. No extra tools are required to take it down, whereas, the entire setup requires 2 minutes or so. Also, the wooden legs are constructed for the stability of the gym on any rough surface

As it is designed for the kids and it is the right thing that children want in their early ages. Therefore, it is liked by the people because of its award-winning quality. Furthermore, it is a good activity for exploring colors, sound making, teaching focus, motor skill development, and preventing overstimulation.

  • Simple and pleasant
  • Fantastic mat
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Stronger texture
  • 14 adjustable play cards
  • Expensive than other play mats

3. Skip Hop Silver Lining Cloud – Activity Gym, Sensory Development, Play Mat

For a child to play freely, learn actively, and grow smoothly this baby play mat is considered an essential element that should be present in every household where kids are.

Besides, for infants and as well as toddlers this is the best play mat required for playing. Additionally, to help in the development of the child’s brain it is composed of multiple other activities. These activities include light-up star, bird rattle, musical sheep, cloud squeaker, and a sunshine mirror that is most probably safe for babies.

Amazingly, with the oversized mat, you can give your baby a cushiony effect plus comfort along with sensory development. Thus, it consists of multiple textures that are phthalate and PVC-free.

Interesting right?

This 885 grams of Skip Hop targets unisex, whereas, it is not portable, nor is a dishwasher safe mat. Besides, to operate different activities, it requires 5 LR44 batteries.

What else does it consist of?

It consists of a cloud-shaped and a tummy time pillow that is composed of fun and playful print on one side while the other side is composed of plush minky.

This baby gym is an exceptional playing mat that has a clouds pillow with a silver lining, giving some major dreamy goals. The mat is the best one to go with your interior because of its soft and subtle palette colors as well as patterns.

With the pop bright colors, the play gym stands out from the others as it is also beneficial for the stimulation of a kid’s sight.

However, you can engage your child with the five hanging celestial-themed toys that include music, LED lights, sound, and ultimate comfort.

The sky’s the limit!

You should be well-aware of the size of the play gym that is 36w x 36l x19h; 48h x 91l x 91w; (cm). Neon and the interactive style toys will make your child excited, playful, and a learned toddler.

  • Comfortable
  • Very soft
  • Attractive colors
  • Great features
  • Teether, rattle, and crinkle toys
  • Not washable
  • Not portable

4. Tiny Love Gymini Dynamic – Ultimate Space, Comfortable and Soft 

For newborns and toddlers, a baby gym is supposed to be full of entertainment, a comfort zone, and a school of learning. 

It basically consists of versatile activities that might include different playing and learning options like electronic recording toys, fantastic games, raccoon blanky, rattle dolls, wind chimes, cloud mobile, and picture frames.

Amazingly, these hanging toys have pre-installed music and lights that can stimulate a baby. Hence, which encourages the growth and development of communication, language, and cognition.

Record your voice or messages in the recorder for your baby:

To give your baby enough space to play, hang around, roll around, and sit up the Tiny Love play mat is composed of open arches. Plus, it also allows bonding time and encourages easy access to the toys.

Undoubtedly, it is the best baby gym for growth that also includes a tummy time shape pillow. This 1.2 kg of play mat is not portable, but it comes with various safety warnings for the users. Thus, it also requires 3 LR44 batteries whose battery life is 100 hours, which support the Days Dynamic Gymini style.

Because of its versatile and unique activities, it is a perfect fit for unisex. While its arches can be adapted easily to the baby’s stage and age.

Besides, if you want to encourage the development of gross and fine motor skills since day one then you must need this mat. However, it is suitable for babies under 18 months that consists of wide-range applications and features.

Let your child be creative and imaginative!

So, your child can now explore and play with the 12 activities that will encourage the baby’s development, mental growth, and enable the baby to discover new things.

The dimensions of the playmat are 45h x 110w x90l that can help in developing the baby’s stimulation probably the way you want.

  • Good quality material
  • Adjustable arches
  • Good size
  • Convenient to handle
  • Easy to move
  • Sturdy enough
  • Not considered safe if mishandled

5. Bright Starts 5-in-1 Multiple Activity Gym – Playful & Entertaining

Want to give your child a good playing space, where he/she can learn, grow, and become creative? I think you need a Bright Starts to play gym that also includes a BALL, making it a ball-pit play mat for your kid.

Thus, you can easily roll it up or fold it to create a boundary wall that will secure the infant from falling or toppling over.

Multiple hanging toys that are composed of music, lights, and balls are associated with the arches of the gym. Thus, it will play mostly for 20 minutes or so, giving your child a melodious playing environment, where they can imagine, create, and have fun.

It is suitable for both infants and toddlers, however, it weighs 454 grams and comes with safety warnings as well. Besides, for the longtime functioning of the play mat, it requires 3 D batteries as well.

Do not wash it:

The ball-pit can be adjusted according to the requirements. Moreover, it has space where your child can learn how to toss the ball. With the help of the walls, you can fill the play space with bobbling, bouncy, and bubbly balls, transforming it into a play gym.

Hence, it can also be laid flat, especially for tummy time, so is your kid ready to have the best playtime right in front of your eyes in your living room?

Additionally, these engaging toys, colorful surfaces, crinkle fabrics, tunes, and rattles will definitely help your child to learn more and enjoy till infinity.

Are you ready?

  • Bright colors
  • Safe walls
  • Comfortable
  • Unisex mat
  • Good item
  • Decent size
  • For female child
  • Not dishwasher friendly
  • Not portable

6. Yookidoo 40128 GymotionRobo – Three-In-One 

All children love toys and all parents love seeing their little ones having one. But are you struggling to find something that will provide more than just amusement? Well then, this right here will do the job!

Three Stages In One!

Firstly, you can use this during your child’s first weeks. Simply place your baby underneath its arches. This way, your baby lays down and watches its overhead buggy move side to side. The movement stimulates your child to turn their head, and follow this toy while focusing on it.

Additionally, to get this toy near to your baby’s hand you may extend its length by adding the extra ring. Through this, your baby will try to reach out to their toy. This promotes the coordination of the eye-hand.

At more advanced stages, you can lay down your child parallel to its motion buggy. Now, she/he will begin to trace the movements of the buggy with even more consistency. Uniquely, this has four toys, and you can hang them all (even the mirror!) from its arches or the buggy.

Develop Motor Skills!

Because of the mirror that hangs, the baby will find it thrilling to see their reflection moving in and out of their line of sight. Secondly, for the next stage of this, place your child on its tummy. You can attach its motion track to its play mat. Thus, it will be in your child’s line of sight.

And will encourage him/her to turn their head and develop peripheral vision. It is recommended that you shouldn’t place your child more than two-hundred and fifty mm away from its buggy and track.  Along with this, you also get a pillow that is double-sided and is in the form of a puppy dog.

By playing with this, the child will develop their shoulder and neck muscles, and also their motor skills. This weighs 1.36 kg, and is 50.8 cm long, 2.54cm wide, and has a height of 30.48 cm. And its material is plastic.

Lastly, the third stage is when your child starts to sit. Now, you should follow the instructions in the sheet and make changes. After this, the baby can sit in front of the buggy and track and play around with these characters as they continue to move.

When they operate this buggy through tapping, it teaches them about cause and effect. The graphics and characters can be used to make up fables. This will help with encouraging and promoting creativity and imagination.

This has two modes of ten-minute music (continuous) which helps with relaxation and stimulation. Moreover, this is easy to fold and carry. Thus, you can easily store this in the self-contained case and travel with it. Lastly, this is recommended for children of ages from nine months to two years old.

  • Award-winning
  • Has music
  • Develop muscles
  • Develop motor skills
  • Three stages
  • Easy to store and carry
  • The toys might get damaged easily

7. Fisher-Price Rainforest Music – Multicolor, Ten+ Toys, and Machine Washable Mat

Want a play gym that’s colorful and has many toys? Hate packaging that’s difficult to open? This is one of the best baby gyms for development and will be a great remedy to your problems!

Excite Your Baby!

Your baby will wiggle and kick with the exciting lights, sounds, and music of this gym. Along with this, it has a huge variety of textures, colors, and sounds that will delight and engage your child’s senses. Therefore, this will keep your baby as busy as a bee.

Uniquely, the playmat is very cozy and is machine washable. Thus, you won’t have to tire yourself cleaning this and won’t be worried even if it gets dirty. Additionally, with this, you can play music for up to twenty minutes (remove the toucan) along with baby-activated melodies.

Three Ways To Play!

The first way to play is to let your baby lay and aim for the toys hanging from above. This will get them to raise their hands up. Next, you can also lower these toys and have your baby lay on its tummy. And finally, your child can sit up and play with these toys.

This has sweet details and includes a satiny and soft mat border. That, combined with the large crinkle leaf provides sensory development when your baby plays. Uniquely, this has more than ten toys which also include a mirror.

Moreover, the kicking, and batting your child does, helps them strengthen their muscles and also improves their motor skills. Indeed, with this, your baby will make discoveries, and the key developmental skills improve, and they get introduced to cause and effect.

This requires 2 AA batteries and weighs 3.67 ounces. And this is 30.5 inches long, 32.51 inches wide, and has a height of 27.5 inches, and is made with cotton and plastic.

Furthermore, the battery life is 50 hours long. Lastly, its packaging is very simple to open, and is 100 percent recyclable, and has less packaging waste.

  • More than ten toys
  • Machine Washable mat
  • Three ways to play
  • Easy to open
  • Engages senses
  • Develop Motor skills
  • Multicolor
  • Requires batteries

8. Baby Einstein 5-in-1 Journey – Lightweight, and 5 Settings 

Want to show your child the world? Wondering how you can do that at home? This global-themed play gym will do that and much more!

Easy To Clean!

This comes with a prop pillow, tag-along toys, and a puppet. Additionally, the play mat is machine washable. Therefore, you can clean this very easily without having to tire yourself out. Moreover, its detachable plush toys, mirrors, rattles, and much more takes your baby to an adventurous world.

Uniquely, this weighs only 800 grams, making it a lot lighter than other baby gyms and the battery life is 300 hours. Furthermore, it is 119.38 cm long, 101.6 cm wide, and has a height of 45.72 cm, this is larger than many other play mats. Thus, on this, your baby has a lot of space to play freely.

Five Different Settings!

Your baby can play with this in different settings as they grow. This means you won’t have to throw it away as your child grows older. You can firstly place your newborn on its pillow and watch them in awe as he/she looks at the toys hanging above them.

Next, as the child grows older they can crawl on this and play with its ten colorful balls. You can also fold the sides of this mat and create a ball pit for the baby in your room. Furthermore, by using the ball drop canopy you can develop your child’s motor skills.

Additionally, this can also play global-themed melodies and songs and entertain your baby. However, you need to be careful with certain parts of this as they might be a little heavy for the baby and might hurt it.

  • Twenty minutes of global-themed melodies
  • Five settings
  • Colorful balls
  • Lightweight
  • Large in size
  • Mat is Machine washable
  • Some parts of this are heavy

9. Bright Starts Floors of – 4 Modes and Six Sensory Activity Toys

Want your child to be enchanted by a world of magic? Wish there was a baby gym that’d be suitable even after your baby learns to stand up? Then, stick with me and learn more about this magical gym + dollhouse!

Four Modes!

Uniquely, this baby gym has four different modes. Hence, it will remain useful as your child grows. Firstly, as a newborn, they can lay on their back and watch the unicorn and other toys hanging from above. Next, after he/she gets a little bigger you can lay your baby on its tummy.

Thirdly, once they’re grown enough for it, the baby can sit up and play with the toys. Lastly, your child can play while standing. Additionally, this only weighs 617 g, and is 88.9 cm long, 68.58 cm wide, and has a height of 45.72 cm.

Music And Lights!

With this, you can play music and melodies for twenty-plus minutes. Along with this, its plush unicorn also lights up. Therefore, this will surely entertain your baby. This also features a rainbow prop pillow that you can use for their tummy time.

Furthermore, this requires 2 AA batteries and has six take-along toys! Thus, with these toys, your child will explore textures, pockets, and flaps and will develop motor skills. Indeed, with this, you can even make a wall-hanging dollhouse.

  • Lightweight
  • Prop Pillow
  • Gym and dollhouse
  • Twenty plus minutes of music
  • Lights
  • Four Different Modes
  • Requires Batteries

But, before that, you have to consider some of the major features and properties of the baby gyms that will enhance their learning and playing skills.

You should prefer certain features that will give your child a complete playing habitat, where he/she can:

  • Lay
  • Play
  • Enjoy tummy time
  • Be entertained
  • Comprehend different skills and activities and much more

Furthermore, you should be well-aware of:

  • The material that is used in the making of the gym
  • Is the playmat reversible or not?
  • Does it have other accessories like hanging toys, music, LED lights, and arches?
  • Is it portable or not?
  • Does it require batteries or not?
  • How much playtime do the accessories offer?
  • Is washing safe or not?
  • Is it dangerous for the child while sleeping or not?
  • Does it have flexible arches or not?

All these questions might come to your mind before you purchase this type of item for your child.

So, let’s begin:

Material – Might Differ

The material and composition of the play gyms might differ from one to another, therefore, it is important for you to know about the essential material that is used in these gyms.

They should be made up of PVC and Phthalate-free foam, which will give your kid a cushiony effect. This easy-care foam is suitable for infants and will prevent them from toppling over.

Organic cotton, polyester,  plush, and plastic foam are also used in the gym to transform it into a comfortable and cozy playing space. You should prefer a material that is non-toxic and infant-friendly.

Along with the soft foam, these gyms also include multiple pillows that are composed of funky colors and good textured patterns. They can also engage the child for quite a long time as infants love bright and neon colors.

Many of the gyms come with frustration-free packages that prevent infants from suffocation and frustration. These are easy-to-open play gym mats that can be recycled and cleaned easily with a wipe.

Batteries – Included or Not?

You have to keep in mind that some of the gyms require batteries for the operation of sound and lights, while some do not. Moreover, the hanging toys also might need battery power to produce a sound or music. Besides, choose the batteries that will give you 20 minutes plus play and music time. So, that your child can enjoy to their fullest.

However, if you want to purchase a quiet gym mat, then you do not require a battery.

Portable – Can you Carry it Along?

If you are always on a go and need a portable baby gym then you should look for the portability option in the mat. So, that you can easily carry it, handle it, and take it along wherever you go.

Also, look for the feature that will give you an option of:

  • Easy setup
  • No extra tools required for taking it down
  • And hassle-free folding of the mat and arches without breaking the toys

Nice, right?

Gender-Based Gym – Which One you Want?

No matter if you have a girl or a boy these gyms are mostly unisex, which means they are suitable for every gender. Still, if you want to have a customized design and gender-specific gym, then you have to consult and take guidance from the company’s customer service.

Age Limit – Must-Know!

Every gym has a specific age limit, so you have to choose which one will suit you the most. Their age can vary from zero months to 12 or 16 months.

So, you have to select the best gym for your baby that is according to his/her age.  Besides, make sure that the covering, walls, and mat of the gym are baby-safe and kid-friendly.

For infants, there is an option of rolling walls upwards, so it will prevent your child from falling. If you have an infant at home, then I think this is the must-have.

Weight – Not Too Heavy!

The baby gyms that I have included in the reviews are mostly lightweight and easy to use. However, every item weighs differently, but the majority of them are considered weightless and compact. All you have to do is choose the one that is easy for you to carry.

According to the experts, you should prefer a baby gym that is safe to use, sustainable, and reliable. Plus, they should be waterproof as well, so that the foam should be dry all the time.

Accessories – To Look For

Babies like different hanging toys, dolls, and other things that might help in the development of their mental abilities and cognitive skills.

So, these hanging toys might include:

  • Rattle dolls
  • Crinkle
  • Mirror
  • Wind-chime
  • A picture frame
  • Cloud mobile
  • Raccoon blanky
  • Sensory toys

Make sure that you choose the gym that is safe for your child and give them good learning, plus playing wide space.

Benefits of a Play Gym – Right!

If you do not know about the certain benefits of the baby gym, then I think you need to read this.

There are various benefits and advantages of the baby gym that will keep your baby engaged and let you enjoy your free time.

These gears are good for:

  • Sight improvement
  • Cognition development
  • Muscle strengthening
  • Tactile or active stimulation
  • Hand and eye contraction
  • Stylish playtime
  • Baby crawling

Tip: You should not allow your baby to sleep on the gym mat, as it can be dangerous sometimes.


First of all, you should choose the play gym that is safe to use. Secondly, your child can use it till he gets at least 18 months or so. It can help in developing the sight of your child. Therefore, it can be used from birth.

These gym mats and foams can be easily washed in the machine. But do check the details first before you wash it. Plus, you can also wipe it from the wipes or use a damp cloth that will give your mat a comprehensive cleaning.

Primarily, you should look for some of the incentives related to tummy-time and then look for interactive toys. Choose colorful and bright color toys that will give your child good learning and playing time.

Your child needs a play mat because it will develop their motor skills, prevent your child from getting a flat head, and strengthen their shoulder and neck muscles.

You know which one is my top-pick, let me tell you.  Play gym by Lovevery is I think the best one that is also loved by my child.

Want to know why?

It has all the features and qualities that I wanted for my baby in a play gym. It offers a lifetime warranty to its customers along with some adjustable arches and clips. It is surely one of a kind. Thus, it includes a washable mat, 100% crafted pure foam that is safe for kids and quite comfortable as well.

It does make sense right?

So, what do you want in a gym play? I know, their versatility, high-performance, and multi-colored design will definitely engage the senses of your baby and keep them active as well as smart at their early age.

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